BoxyCharm October 2018 Confirmed SPOILER!

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We now have more confirmation on the PUR X Boxycharm Face Palette thanks to Yosef!

The October box will include:

PUR X Boxycharm Face Palette

PUR X Boxycharm Face Palette

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

KAT VON D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – multiple shade variations

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the September box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I am in a trade and buy BoxyCharm group on Facebook, and I swear most of those girls bought the lux box to make a profit. Looks like some of them have more than one lux box, posting multiples of the primer, glow oil, etc. Like is this your job? They also sell stuff for more than the retail value in some cases. I am pretty bothered by it.

    • I don’t know many people who’ll pay more than retail for cosmetics. Most of the stuff on eBay is deeply discounted from the retail price, because it’s been received in beauty boxes. I actually like this, because sometimes I sell something I got in a box that I don’t want on eBay and it pays for my box. Other times, I really like something I got in a box, but it’s so pricey at the stores to repurchase, so I buy it from a beauty box subscriber who’s selling it on eBay – usually for 50% off retail.

      I know some people are bothered by subscribers making money on eBay and other sales sites from subscription boxes, but take it from someone who lives in Canada – we like it. There’s a lot of boxes we can’t get here – and some of us are willing to pay more to get one. I am all for free enterprise. And a lot of these gals could be out of work and/or SAHMs trying to find ways to pay the bills. I think it’s great.

      • Yes but the part you missed was above retail price. People sell the H&H lipstick for $20 when it will sell for $17 or $15 on Ebay.

        • Exactly. They often do the same on Boxy FB pages. The H&H is a great example. People were definitely selling that for more than it was on the H&H site. I think it’s kind of messed up when you sell one item ABOVE retail cost so you basically get your box free. However…if people are willing to pay it instead of doing some quick and easy research, I guess that’s on the buyer. Also in those FB groups I see many people sell every single item they get month after month and often have 2 of everything. So the only reason they’re subscribing at all is to make a hefty profit. As for doing this with multiple Luxe boxes, that is really low. Absolutely no consideration for others.

      • She did she posted ” but take it from someone who lives in Canada – we like it. There’s a lot of boxes we can’t get here – and some of us are willing to pay more to get one.” That means they ARE paying above retail price

    • I guess these women never heard of giving or donating to others! They are only driven by profit. So they chose to would buy multiples and deny others a chance to get the Lux Box. I did recd the Boxyluxe but at least half of my items was gifted to a co-workers daughter who has cancer, is on a fixed budget and loves makeup.

      • I can see you get an item it’s not at all your tastes ( palettes eyelashes that sort of thing would be very common) but when I see someone selling something they obviously got from BC at retail value, I think it’s greedy you didn’t pay retail to get it, the regular box is 21 dollars for 5 items, that works out to about 4.50/item and people with multiple of an item are exploiting the system. It’s sickening to see that people got more than one BL when so many people were left out.

        I cancelled BC because it’s gotten repeative, I don’t support KVD and the Luxe thing was a mess. It’s sad cause the value is fantastic but it’s gotten so greedy that I just can’t anymore.

  2. I wish I could skip a month of Boxycharm without canceling my membership. I’m getting so many palette’s & other makeup products that I just don’t use enough.

    • i agree

    • One thing I’ve done is set aside the things that I know I won’t use & will use them as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

      • I agree! Instead of complaining, I take those products that I can’t or know I won’t use and put them in a box for future gifting. I’ve given several products from my Boxycharm box to others as gifts and no one has complained. They all loved the products!

    • Agreed

    • I’ve used the products I won’t use from my subscription box as last minute gifts and I’ve donated some to my local women’s shelter.

      • Hi Sarah
        I subscribe to many subscription boxes. What I do is I have a drawer with like sectional containers from the dollar store. Anything that I may not be interested in I put in this drawer. When it’s someone’s birthday or a holiday. I go to the dollar store for the really nice gift boxes that they have, add some tissue paper, and give a little of this , and a little of that. I promise you the recipient freaks out every time. So don’t be discouraged. You are going to be able to make a family member, coworker, your beautician or manicurist so happy.

    • I don’t mind the palettes so much…if they’d change it up. They’re always eye palettes. Be nice to get a skin one. Maybe a conceal one. I liked the lip palette we got a cpl months ago. A bronzing palette with no shimmer. It’d be nice to see them go beyond the eyes

  3. Did anyone receive the Becca highlighter for referring someone? What shade did you get

  4. @crisspy on insta has a short video demonstrating this palette

    • Thank you! I just went and watched it and the palette is beautiful!!

  5. Ugh, kind of getting frustrated that Boxycharm sends so many eyeshadow palettes and lip products. I wish they would switch it up more with concealers, lip balms, foundations, setting powders, etc. I LOVED when they put in the bum-bum cream and false eyelashes. Just want more variety :/

    • concealer and foundation is way too personal a product for boxy to distribute!
      imagine the complaints when people receive colors that do not match.
      I love the palettes (except for that neon LL palette because it was super powdery) I would love more mascara and “different things”

  6. So Yosef said on the boxycharm beauties Facebook page today that if we are on the waitlist as of today we will get the December Luxe. For those not on it, he did recommend getting on the waitlist or they may end up selling out … I.e. don’t wait till the day before. We should start getting Luxe sneakpeaks in October if I understood correctly!

    • Also, for folks not getting emails..try changing your email address before the billing date. I switched to gmail and then added the email address to my favorites on my phone and now I get emails and alerts for emails. 🙂

    • How do u get on waitlist?

      • On your boxycharm account, go into account preferences and then edit your subscription. You should have an option to get on the waitlist.

    • I just logged into my account and was given the option immediately to upgrade to Luxe. I upgraded, and it said there was nothing more I needed to do!

  7. Still my favorite sub box! Love the palette colors. Hoping to get a dark maroonish shade for the KVD but if not i’ll try whatever color I am sent. The lip shade from Smashbox I got in last months box was soooo beautiful!

  8. This palette looks pretty. It should help make up for getting a KVD lippie I will never use since I won’t ever support her again.

    • Agreed. I’m a little disappointed in boxycharm for giving us a KVD product after they posted a video saying that some offensive comment by Laura Lee slipped through their radar and they don’t support that sort of thing. KVD has rather publicly posted offensive things in the past, and you can easily find such instances when it comes to her.

      • I thought the KVD was just the bonus for new subs? That’s what it says up top.

  9. Wow…some of you complain so much about …well, EVERYTHING! If you don’t like warm-toned palettes, that’s fine and it’s totally your preference..but how hard is it to just give it to someone who may love it??? Make it your good deed of the day, month…year!!! BC is actually awesome..WE’RE GETTING 5-6 decent to great PRODUCTS IN 1 BOX FOR $21 a month!! and some of you have the nerve to complain???? SMDH. a bunch of NEGATIVE NANCY’S!!! Swap products, give them away or just cancel your subscription. I personally love BC and I may not have received

    • AGREED.

    • Look at you complaining about the complainers. Give it a rest, negative Nancy. 😂😂😂

    • Exactly smh so ungrateful

    • Totally! I love my boxycharm. First I can not afford to buy a lot of these things, second I am trying things I never would have. I have an 18 year old and 8 year old who love to help themselves to anything I may not like. I can not believe the hate.

  10. i got my boxy luxe today was hoping for the juice beauty serum and I got the moisturizer instead, i guess i can still use it but i was running low on serum, oh well, as for the other items i got the voilet voss lip in a light mauvey pink, not that i will wear it maybe someone wants to trade for a purple that they got?i have never traded anything i got in boxes so i dont know that works.

    • Grace J Mock, I missed out on the lux e box and really wanted to Juice Beauty moisturizer. Would you be interested in selling it?

      • I don’t know if I would sell it but would be more than willing to trade for things.

      • Perfect season for that moisturizer. I got two boxes when BeautyFix had in April box. I skipped August after 15 months if Boxycharm. I wasn’t picking up palettes enough or at all but this looks like I will. I still use ClGabbus twice a week.

        • Ugh Gabby’s palette…. I live Boxycharm and happy to be back if I can get in.

    • i got the purple i would be interested in a trade for the pink.

  11. Excited for all the spoilers this month. Boxycharm always does amazing with my $21 . While the august was probably my least favorite, I’m sure others enjoyed it.

    What doesn’t excite me is the amount of complaining over a $21 box. I think once people get to the point of product overload their expectations become unrealistic. …at that point just unsub.
    Nothing but complaining lately. Your aware when you sign up for a subsciption it’s not hand picked items for you. Make up is sold at sephoria,ulta and many drug stores that you can hand pick. I didn’t realize the beauty world had so many grumpy complainers.

    • Amen!

  12. I love that KVD lippie formula! I also love when boxes send out different color variations, because that means I might be able to swap for others besides the one I get in my box!

  13. i pray decembers boyluxe is going to be as good or better than the one we missed out on

    • Me too! I’m not excited about any of these spoilers and would consider cancelling, at least for October, except I don’t want to be back to the end of the waitlist. I was so bummed about missing the first Luxe box – I’m going to be so sad if the December one isn’t just as good!

      • There hasn’t been a waitlist in quite a while. I canceled with 0 fomo from being in makeup overload and still got emails to rejoin to get the luxebox upgrade.

  14. i must say this palette looks pretty good im just trying to figure out why we get so many brown and blue eyeshadows.. i love getting pops of color! just not blue.. any other shade but a blue shade.. theres been blue in the last 4 months.. no more blue anything please

  15. Did anyone else get the email that they were going to get the December BoxyLuxe so long as they stayed active? Wondering how much of a mass email that was or if I was truly luck to get it. @[email protected]

    • I think a lot of folks are getting them. They make it sound as if you are officially guaranteed but I am still hesitant to believe it because they only say it on one line in the email buried at the bottom. Could be PR damage control or legitimate.

      • Yeah I think it’s a little suspect. Most of the email only confirms you’re on the waitlist and then near the end says if you stay subscribed you’ll get the Dec box. Which is it? They sent the same type of mixed message on the original waitlist email. I think you may be right about damage control. I’ve seen a lot of comments all over social media by people who have unsubscribed lately for various reasons. My guess is that email is convincing enough to keep people from unsubscribing, but ambiguous enough to cover themselves if we don’t end up actually receiving the Dec box. I really hate that kind of shady business practice. If BC/BL wasn’t such a great value I would’ve already canceled after the Luxe fiasco. I’m also really liking the October spoilers so I guess I will just have to look past the murky and possibly misleading info and assurances regarding Luxe. At least until I see what actually happens in December.

        • Girl, same. It just took me by surprise to see that email after how much of a hassle it was for MANY of us to even log onto the site that day. Either way, really hope I do get it because it’s just so affordable to me. I’ve already saved tons just by switching to BC. ;D If looking back on past boxes tells me anything is that it gets better, so I’m just trying to stay positive and fingers crossed December’s box is the bee’s knees.

    • I didn’t even get the original BoxyLuxe email, and I’ve been subbed for over a year!

    • I got it. Got a similar one from Ipsy about the plus bag. Still crossing my fingers though lol!

  16. Oh. I received an email to sign up for BL today. Here’s it is for those interested.

    ” As a Charmer, you have first access to the December BoxyLuxe (it’s going to be amazing!).Upgrade Your Box

    Log in to your account and under account preferences you will see an “Upgrade” button under the “My Subscription(s)” section. Click it.The Waitlist.

    Once you upgrade your box, you will be at the front of the line for the December BoxyLuxe. You will not be charged until you are officially taken off the waitlist.

    HURRY! The spots are filling up quick.”

  17. Love the swatches from the palette! Also loving IT cosmetics. Pls no horrid color lippies…

    Received my Sept box today! It was lovely(except for the lip product!). Got: PV palette, 3 brushes, girlactick duo, Angel primer & a dark purple Lorac twisty lippie… BOO! just in time for Halloween perhaps, horrible color… another clearanced lippie *sigh. CMon BC >_<

    • I got everything you did except my lip product was the Grande liquid lip in a beautiful red. My favorite color Lol!

    • I received that purple lippie too (I’m assuming you mean the shade “aubergine?”). I did some experimenting, and discovered that it sheers out into a very nice midtone berry. A little dab of gloss, and it’s really pretty 🙂

  18. Good stuff, I have to many subscriptions. I’m cancelling 3 of my 6 subscriptions for next month.
    Next month I hope I get Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. Keeping Boxycharm and regular Ipsy Glam Bag also hopeful Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

  19. The video he posted on Snapchat was cut off halfway through, but they posted another video on Instagram swatching all of them.

  20. I am so happy with every box that BoxyCharm puts out! I love the KVD Lippie. I have one already, but in a color that isn’t right for me. I do love the formula though and I really am not worried about her beliefs or politics. Everyone has the right to choose as a parent and I wouldn’t want anyone else telling me how to raise my child. I normally wouldn’t comment on things like that, because I don’t want to start a problem. I understand others beliefs and wishes as well, because they have the right to choose also! These are beauty products and I am not going to be voting a beauty influencer into office of the President any time soon lol so it’s really not that big of a deal to me. But, everyone has their own right to like and dislike products. With that being said, I am really going to enjoy this box from what I see so far. Keep it up BoxyCharm!!!

    • Agree!!!

    • Honestly, I will be longer purchase or use anything KVD. Normally I would not give a darn about parenting choices or political views. However, working in healthcare has educated me as to the dangers of not vaccinating. The issue I have is that by being a loud and proud anti-vaxxer, she can promote the wrong message to the public. This is exactly what Jenny McCarthy did. It is socially irresponsible and impacts the herd immunity. Therefore, those with a compromised immune system, an allergy, and those too young to get vaccines, are now at risk. My issue is when you choose to endanger others, I no longer support you.

      • My daughter came up positive for tuberculosis before kindergarten and had to take a horrible medication bevause of people like her. I also seen what she did this last time with the concealer. Shame on her!

    • She’s racist. Im not saying you should boycott her but it sounds like you might not know that little tidbit.

      • Who isnt racist ? Seems to me you sneeze the wrong way and your racist . As long as she puts out a good product I could care less what her political views are . Its make up nothing else

        • I’m not racist. And I don’t get accused of being racist either. If people are telling you you’re racist, maybe you are. If you have no problem with racism, that says a lot about you. You’ve revealed quite a lot about yourself in your posts here, my dear.

        • Also, racism and vaccine herd immunity are not political views. They’re only political to those they don’t personally effect. If your child could die because of her racist or anti vaccine rantings, it would feel like a personal attack.

          I cancelled boxy after years with them. Was hoping they’d use their platform more responsibly.

        • She’s extremely anti semetic, and the man she married has
          past white supremacists ties. As a Jewish woman, I choose not to support her at all. Why should I, given that she has made her views on Jewish people known?

    • She’s making decisions for other people’s children, though. Not all kids can be immunized and count on herd immunity for protection. I know someone who survived childhood polio, and he honestly takes the anti-vax movement personally. I don’t want to see these diseases become prevalent again…

  21. October is looking pretty great so far! Love the palette so much! I’m really hoping they don’t spring more lip variants on us. I like KVD’s iiquid lip but the only one I’ve tried was a color MUCH too young and daring for me! I’d love to get a mauve or berry shade. As for not getting a full size in the mascara, normally I would be upset because mascara is the one makeup product I must have at all times (sparse, straight, blonde lashes = invisible)! But I’ve tried this one and it doesn’t do much for me. Maybe there will be another mascara variant! 😄

  22. Is the IT mascara only gonna be a sample size?

    • No it will be full-size he said, usually boxycharm is always full size.

  23. Im excited for this box!!

  24. BEAUTIFUL palette!!! LOVE love love!!

    So very glad I stayed with BC for all those nude and brown palettes I couldn’t use. Last month’s and this one are very useable!!!

    I do hope the ” Nude eye” look is going away. I don’t think it looks great.

    • I agree! Maybe I’m old, but I remember when all the reddish, orangey eye shadows were off limits because they make you look sick!

      • Not anymore…those are hot colors for fall. I’ve been wearing a lot of bright colors on eyes and nude lip. But Red lipstick I love so I have to tone down my eye when I wear Red. Guess what color is also a hit this fall? Brown lipstick. And Glossy lips are coming back too.

        • I hope glossy lips come back. I hate the mate lip anything. I would rather reapply than have the dry feeling of matte on my lips all day.

    • Hi BB
      If your looking for a really nice pallet with color I picked up a beautiful one at the ulta store yesterday. It’s called Desert Oasis by bh Cosmetics. OMG I feel in love with it the second that I saw it. The cost is 22.00 and it has 14 eyeshadows & 5 highlights. The packaging is really beautiful too.
      Have a great day

      • The desert pallet is awesome from BH

  25. Wow, pretty.

  26. Not complaining about the spoilers, they look great. I just wish I go my box before the next months spoilers were coming out. Was supposed to come yesterday, hopefully today. -_-

  27. Love the colors especially the green and blue ones! I am so happy it’s not warm nudes/browns.

    • Me too! I don’t mind shimmery pops of color, what gets me mad is an entire palette with shimmery eyeshadows and no mattes. I think we deserve a better picture with swatches of all colors though.

      • Keep in mind you can also use the bronzers, blush, and highlight in the palette as eyeshadows, too

  28. I was not that into this but everyone’s positive comments have suddenly made me ok with it! At least there is a variety and several products in one. Always happy with a full size quality mascara plus other products for $21! Hoping luxe is amazing in December and then need a break from major makeup overload!

  29. Wow! That palette looks amazing. I love the fall eye shadows. This will be great for travel. So excited. Also, who can have too many mascaras? I love getting things that I use often so as to actually get lots of use of them. I personally like kat von d makeup. I’ve only used her lippies like once though as a trial but I use her foundation and powders all the time, so no hate from me. I was also VERY pleased with my boxyluxe this month. everything I received I’ve been using everyday and am totally loving the way they perform. LOVE BOXY!!!!

  30. I wish they would stop including the pallette every month. I didn’t care for last months. This one is even less wearable in my opinion. I’ll have to wait to see what else is in the box, I’m trying to hold out to get off the waitlist for luxe

    • :O

  31. I canceled last night I’ve never gotten a PUR palette that I like. That one looks ok; but I’m still ok with not getting it.

    • I’m cancelling. No more pur products for me. I’ll wait and see what November is and maybe subscribe again.

      • @sara I have loved the pur pallets.. but the have been complimentary to my skin tone and hair color!

        Now to hope I get a lip color I can actually use!

        • Yes, I actually use the Pur Sculptor Pallette everyday! I use the gold and medium brown as eyeshadow when I have to work a 6 AM shift (Usually use the Alamar Pallette ❤️)! I use the medium brown under my chin and cheeks everyday. I LOVE the smell! Not sure if this palette will replace the Alamar as my preferred palette, but it looks promising. I actually cancelled my daughter’s Boxy after seeing the Laura Lee Palette, and was going to subscribe her to Allure instead, but I may go back to boxy for her now.

  32. This is SO pretty!! I cannot wait for October. I’m loving the late summer/early fall feel of the September box. Looking forward to next month, too. Every time we get a new palette I think, “I really don’t need it,” but who can stop themselves??

  33. Love that it’s a face palette with colors that I’ll likely use every one. This box looks fantastic. Received my Luxe Box earlier in the week, and it is all stuff that I use and am thrilled with it, too. The Laura Lee palette was the worst thing I’ve ever received, and that’s just my opinion, so no hating on me for my individual preferences. All is good now!

    • I agree 100% the laura lee palette was the worse pallete I’ve ever received from boxy or any other sub box . Loved this though , super.happy to.get the.pretty vulgar pallete .

    • The Laura Lee palette had me excited (prior to finding out she was a body shaming racist, anyway) but then when I actually used it it was such garbage. The quality of that was horrible. I’ve used $3 palettes that kick that one’s butt.

  34. I love it this box!’

  35. The Laura Lee palette was pretty. But, I’m really loving the colors & shine on this Pur palette. Between these 3 items in the spoiler, I’m happy. Anything else beyond that is icing on the cake.

  36. I cant wait for Oct. I actually loved this months box as well. I forgot all the problems i had trying to get the Luxe and didnt care i was waitlisted till dec. in my eyes boxy is killing it again.

  37. Oooh are those foundations and blushes? I thought it was an all-eyeshadow palette. And I love that chartreuse green shade.

    • I’m guessing the shades on the left are blush/highlighter/contour.

  38. I get two boxes and got two purple lipsticks this month. Who wears purple lipstick? Please god no more purple. I hope its Lolita I can’t find mine anywhere.

    • You’d be surprised at how many people wear purple lipstick. I wear purple colors in my clothes a lot and wear purple lipstick when I do. I get tons of compliments each and every time I wear my purple lipsticks too everywhere I go. To each its own though but I love it and I’m glad I got another purple lipstick this month. Better that than a concealer nude or my skin tan color!

    • LOL all I wear is purple and blue lipstick would have loved that shade, but I am still waiting on my luxe box. Hoping I don’t get another mauve or puke brown.

    • I get two boxes and ended up with the Hank and Henry lippies. So…I have 2 extra…lol.. Wanna trade?

      • Did you get the LG blush in both boxes as well? It’s a great product but I was sooo hoping for the Girlactik!

      • Hi, I got the Luxe box and a Violet and Vose liquid lip. Its a pretty berry color. I really wanted the Hank and Henry I will trade with you if you are interested

    • Is one of them from Lorac? I saw an unboxing video where the girl got it and I loved it! I get two boxes as well and got the Hank&Henry in the pink shade (Petal Pusher) in both. Perhaps we could trade?

      • 2 Danielles with 2 H&H’s in the same shade wanting to trade you! 😄 😄😄
        That’s so funny to me because when I was a kid Danielle was not a popular name at all. I was the only one in my whole town and everyone called me Daniel. Hopefully Danielle S is younger than me and didn’t have to deal with that!

  39. Box looks great so far. I just truly hope I don’t get another matte nude lip. It just looks ashy, dusty and dead. Mattes are great for vivid colors…berries and reds. I’ve given every nude matte I’ve ever gotten to my daughter who just likes to play. The matte nude lip trend really ended in 2016. I hope boxycharm realizes this soon.

  40. Pretty excited for this box. Really hoping for a wearable color in the Kat Von D lippie!

    • I’m just hoping we really get a cat Von D lippy and they don’t variant at the last minute for another red grande lips that I’m pretty sure has been in the charmers section for about six months

      • This palette looks pretty. It should help make up for getting a KVD lippie I will never use since I won’t ever support her again.

  41. Totally excited about this box!! It seem’s forever though till we get it Lol.

  42. Super likey!

  43. I’ve been wanting a green gold metallic like that ! Nice 🙂

  44. Yay this box is awesome so far. Hoping they redeem them selves from the past couple months lol

  45. ugh. Why are boxes still using Kat Von D products?

    • Honestly, all Boxycharm is is a way for brands to get rid of either old stock or stuff that’s not selling well. Everything I see in Boxycharm boxes have all appeared in TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They can’t really be picky about the products because it’s always very random and their main concern is giving people brands they’ve heard of.

  46. Nice, was expecting another boring face palette but these colors are fun.

  47. Can’t wait, so pretty!

  48. Looks pretty! I wish they would’ve swapped all the colors though to get a better idea of the colors in the palette. Excited to receive this box. Everything is a hit so far

  49. Now, THAT palette is GORGEOUS! Sorry Laura Lee’s palette was CUTE but THIS palette from Pur is something I’d use EVERYTHING in it. Whatever else comes after these 3 products is icing on the cake for me.

  50. oh wow, it is such a beautiful palette. I love the colors.
    Yesterday I used Laura Lee palette and it is fantastic.

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