Bonne Maman Advent 2018 Calendar – Available Now!

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It’s that time again!

Jam time! The 2018 Bonne Maman Advent Calendar is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, HeatherK!)

The Box: Bonne Maman 2018 Advent Calendar

The Cost: $29.99

The Products: Bonne Maman LIMITED EDITION Advent Calendar features our classic flavors in addition to new, holiday exclusives including Raspberry & Lychee, Strawberry & Red Currant, Pineapple & Passion Fruit, Orange & Cinnamon and Morello Cherry. (Each jar is 1 oz each.)

Are you going to grab an advent calendar?

Check out Sara’s review of last year’s Bonne Maman Advent Calendar to see what you can expect!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So sad I did not get one of these this year! I started trying in October, but they were already sold out. Thinking about it today because I sure wish I was counting down the days to Christmas with a different jam on my toast every morning 😢

  2. I loved this advent calendar last year. My roommate and I delighted in the surprise each day. It’s currebtly sold out on Amazon and Yummy Bazaar. 🙁

    • I ended up canceling my order on Amazon and purchased from world market with a discount code. They may end up getting more!

      • Me, too! I just ordered 3, one to keep and two to gift. It was so delicious last year & I can’t wait to try all the flavors!

  3. Yummy bazaar has it available. Got mine today.

  4. Amazon is saying it will ship Oct 15th

    • But the cost is OVER $116???

  5. FYI, I received an email from Bonne Maman letting me know their advent calendars were in stock and to head over to Amazon to purchase. I checked yesterday and they were available I checked again this morning and they are out already. I ordered mine September 3rd and never received them. I will be super peeved if they full fill the orders placed yesterday before mine.

  6. I was able to buy one on amazon today for $29.99! It says it will ship October 11th

  7. I went to Bonne Maman’s website and they are not selling their advent calendars yet. What’s on their page is a sold out message for 2017 and a sign up for 2018 alerts. Go with the real vendor.

    • Their website says the 2018 advent calendar is sold out (there’s a little bar over the picture that says “sold out”). I ordered from Amazon in August and received their 2018 calendar but Amazon is saying it’s sold out, too, other than from 3rd party sellers.

      • I checked their site and it says the 2017 calendar is sold out and the 2018 hasn’t been released yet.

    • I think the issue is that the Amazon seller neglected to adjust the shipping day to reflect when Bonne Maman’s actually planned on releasing their box. Which irritated me because I was it said mine shipped just to find out that it never did.

      • I’m wondering if they are making more of these after the first run sold old. I ordered my calendar Aug 22 from Amazon on pre-order. It said it would be released in October so I was really surprised when I received it Aug 28! It’s definitely the 2018 calendar. Expiration date of the jams is March, 2019.

  8. I’ve contacted both Amazon and bonne mamma about the calendars having been bought up by a third party seller and selling for $79.99 and voiced my complaint. I just did it so I haven’t heard back yet.

  9. I’ve contacted both Amazon and bonne mamma about the calendars having been bought up by a third party seller and selling for $79.99 and voiced my complaint. I just did it so I haven’t heard back yet.

  10. I’m so annoyed I order on the day this was posted while they were in stock, but then I got an email from Amazon saying the delivery date was unavailable. It looks like a third party seller bought them all and is reselling them for $79. Amazon should put a limit on stuff like this, it’s insane it sold out in 1 day, just because someone is being greedy.

    • I ordered two the day MSA posted and mine should be here tomorrrow. I picked no rush shipping. Did you get a confirmation email?

    • That’s what happened to me last year. I spent a day thinking about whether I wanted to order this calendar or not and in that day it sold out. 3rd parties sellers were asking around $50, IIRC, which was bad enough. $79 is ridiculous. Bonne Maman needs to make more of these calendars.

      • And put a limit on the amount that can be purchased per account.

    • Yeah, so mine said it shipped and never actually did. The box hasn’t even been released yet. I bet we see our boxes in October.

  11. All sold out. I’m so sad. I think my son would love this.

  12. ah, have they already sold out? Amazon has marked them as unavailable 🙁

    • Must be. I was able to snag two yesterday. Maybe they will have more made. I’d keep checking.

    • Sold out. Boooo

  13. Isn’t this jam made in Canada? Why is it then, I have to buy this advent calendar in America and then bring it back into Canada???

    The saddest part about this is that it’s probably cheaper if I do (even AFTER spending the 30% mark-up for the exchange).

    It’s like buying Molson’s and Labatt’s beer at Walmart USA for half the price of what it’s sold for in Canada.

    Now that my rant is over – I’ll probably be buying this regardless! LOL!

    • It says it’s made in France.

  14. Advent time already😄

  15. I ordered two, one for me and one for my dad.

  16. It looks like this is only available from Amazon. Bummer, I’m trying to ban them from my life. Don’t like or appreciate their ways of doing business. I know, they often have The. Best. Prices. But they also have lots of copyright infringement among their sellers, which puts to question their integrity as a company. But, that’s me. Integrity matters in my life.

    • For years I’ve been trying to ban or at least limit Amazon from my life because I’ve had a few situations with them that were incredibly frustrating and they have zero customer service or appreciation for their customers when something goes wrong. Let’s just say they drop shipped the wrong thing to my sister-in-law 2 days before Christmas and expected her to go to UPS to return it back to them before they would even refund me AND they were unable to honor my original order so they left me without gifts for my nieces days before Christmas without any compensation or care. They could have at least sent one of their couriers to pick up their own mistake shipment!! It’s surprising how difficult it is to cut them out though! And I’m sure they know it which is why they don’t care about customer service…

      • Never in 15+ years have I had product issues that Amazon couldn’t make right and I’m a high-volume buyer. I have had issues with a few third-party vendors that sell in their marketplace but never items fulfilled directly from Amazon’s warehouses. I just never buy from third-parties which is probably where 99.9% of any counterfeit problems occur. Prime is the best value ever.

        • I hear I’m the outlier but it must be genetic because my dad has had an issue too. I’ve had 3 “major” issues in the almost 20 years I’ve been buying from Amazon but, again, I do not buy often in the past 3 years since the third strike was my last. I never buy from outside vendors. Only direct from Amazon. And the incident I explained above (the third strike) was all direct through Amazon with their “customer service” (or lack thereof). The biggest warning sign is that it takes you 5 minutes to even find a spot on the website to contact them and there is no phone number I could find….

      • Weird. I got delivery of an incorrect item one time and amazon sent UPS to pick it up the next day and initiated the replacement order. No issues at all. The item was sold and shipped by amazon so maybe your issue was a third party seller but their customer service has always gone above and beyond for me. They’ve added months to my prime when an item that should’ve been two day shipping wasn’t. No complaints here.

        • Nope. All through Amazon directly. I don’t buy from 3rd party unless Amazon ships it anyways. The only thing I can figure is that I’m not a priority since I’m not Prime but I’m certainly not going to pay for Prime if they aren’t going to treat me well and make it worth it so it’s a catch 22…

          • We all have our preferences, I’d go out of my way to avoid shopping at Walmart. Unfortunately occasionally it’s the only place that has something needed within time constraints. I’ve been an Amazon Prime customer for years and place several orders a week through Amazon and have used their chat and email customer service feature and they’re always helpful.

    • This may possibly be available from World Market. They sold it last year.

  17. I already got it for my daughter and stashed it away.

  18. I am intrigued. There are 24 flavors three have strawberry but none have grape. Lol

  19. MSA – can you please add details on availability and shipping for the Advent Calendars? I love reading what’s available but so few of them will ship internationally it gets a little frustrating!!

    • If you click the link MSA provided it gives you all that information.

  20. Am I going to grab an advent calendar, yes 4 of them all Bonne Maman. This time all for me😂

  21. Of all the calendars I won from you last year, this is one I will most definitely be purchasing this year. I plan to get several for gifts!!!

    There are a few others too- definitely Charlotte Tilbury and LookFantastic.

    • Ok just saw Look Fantastic 2018 I can live without that one!!

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