Allure Beauty Box Coupon – Free La Mer with Your First Box!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

Allure Beauty Box is offering a La Mer bonus for new subscribers! Use this link to save $5 off your first box and new subscribers will also receive a deluxe sample of La Mer Moisturizing Cream:

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the September box. Every September 2018 box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 and get the free La Mer, too! (Regularly $15 a box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Are we allowed to do two subs for this box? I was just wondering, but I guess I could just get another sub in my boyfriends name to get the La Mer.

  2. Hi girls. Any of you received the Kat Von D liquid lipstick? I called them today and they told me it was sent on August 3rd, but I never got it in the mail, and it’s more than over a month.

    • I got KVD liquid lipstick yesterday

    • I had to call about my Luna oil that I never received, and they said it was shipped on the 3rd of August. I just got it two days ago. Idk why their systems are so outdated with the shipping, but they always seem to get whatever it is out to us eventually. Hope that helps.

  3. Slightly off topic, but to all the people who want the LaMer sample: has anyone compared it to Nivea Creme? I’ve read that a ton of people on the dupe postings say Nivea Creme is a cheap dupe for LaMer. I’ve only gotten a tiny sample of LaMer before, so I couldn’t really tell. The 0.5 ml LaMer mini at Sephora sells for $85.00. The small purse size tin of Nivea was only $0.99 at Target, and I’ve found it to be a pretty thick cream but it does absorb well. Just wondering if any of the LaMer users have found Nivea or any other brand to be comparable or similar? My budget does not allow for LaMer.

    • Not sure if it was a typo but, it isn’t .5 ml, it’s 15 ml or half an oz for $85 at Sephora.

      • Typo: SIZE: 0.5 oz/ 15 mL. Thanks, eagle eyes!

    • I have actually purchased an entire LaMer skincare set I the past, and I didn’t think it was worth the money. The moisturizer was almost indistinguishable from Nivea cream. I bought LaMer for the name, and was disappointed. No miracles to be found.

  4. Has anyone been charged for the September box yet?

    • I was charged when I signed up on Monday.

    • Not yet. I am not sure why, but every month varies on when they charge and ship out the boxes.

  5. I havnt received my august box till now 😕😑😶

  6. Why are my comments being censored? I am not attacking anybody, I should be allowed to say what I am saying.

  7. Why is the link not working for me??? Tried on my phone and on my computer… Help anyone?

    • Hi Christy,

      So sorry the link isn’t working for you. We’ve had other readers report Allure links not working because they have ad-blockers installed. Not sure if that is the case with you, but if you do have an ad-blocker, I recommend temporarily pausing your ad-blocker to use the link. Hope that helps!

  8. I can’t use any of the products but I’ll put them up for swap to get something I really need. So no worries!

  9. Man I hope I get the pink lipstick instead of the red!

    • Me too!

    • Me too! If I get the red I probably sell it.

  10. Does anybody have a problem with the billing address not matching the mailing address? There’s no field to add the billing address on their website, I was just wondering if anyone had a problem with it when they try to charge the credit card?

    • The first page you fill out is billing address if your shipping address is different there’s a checkbox for that.

      • It’s after you hit continue

        • I initially paid with PayPal at sign-up but later when I went to look at my account page, I noticed that I don’t have any payment method listed/saved. So I put my cc info but there’s no billing info field anywhere, just a mailing info field. So I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️

          • You can always email them that’s what I did when I moved, it takes a couple of days to get a response. [email protected]
            Their phone number is ‭(800) 274-1603‬

  11. The La Mer is not a good product, but I subscribed for the Drunk Elephant.

    • It definitely didn’t work for me. I received a free sample of this creme several years ago – probably the exact sample Allure is offering. I stopped using it after a couple of days because I broke out like crazy. When I went looking for something to fix the damage from using La Mer, a very un-surprised Khiels (I think) representative explained that La Mer has a lot of mineral oil in it. Sure enough, it’s the second ingredient listed, so that was likely the cause of my breakout. I was in my mid-20s at the time, so maybe my slightly drier 41 year old skin would react differently to it. But given that I know a bit more about the ingredients now plus the fact that I’m still somewhat acne prone, and wouldn’t want to chance it.

      • It’s not just that, it also contains irritating ingredients (lime extract, eucalyptus leaf oil, preservative Kathon CG, fragrance, alcohol denat.), plus jar packaging.

        I find myself wishing the free gift was literally almost anything else.

    • La Mer is an extremely expensive moisturizer. I want one. I got 5.00 off my first box. La Mer is like an 85.00 item. Just saying

      • Expensive doesn’t mean good, especially in skincare.

        • maybe i’m just getting old. I brought my mom a jar of la mer and i kept the samples it came with. My mom is 54 and i’m 30.. .. it makes my skin sooo silky smooth i was like wow… and my mom say the same thing. She’s one of those really frugal people but she will spend money on this cream.

          I am personally using mostly keihl’s brand items along with the SK-II essence. I am going to switch out the kiehl’s cream for the la mer once my samples are done and i’m going to buy myself a jar =D

          • Oh, I am not frugal at all, but when such an expensive product contains so many bad ingredients, obviously expensive doesn’t mean quality skincare.

          • i never said you are frugal. I said my mom was. Skincare is only as good as its effects, so far it has worked well for me. My skin hasn’t been this soft since i was 10 O.o. Anyways, too bad it didn’t work for you, wish you luck on your search for what works for you!

          • I didn’t say it didn’t work for me – I’ll simply never use something so poorly formulated.

            And thank you, I’ve got my skincare routine figured out.

    • I’m thinking of re-subscribing just for September to get the La Mer & Drunk Elephant. La Mer has always worked great for my skin, so much so that I’ve been doing a weekly at-home facial with all La Mer products for a couple of years, and my skin always looks & feels like I came from a spa afterward (even the next morning!). I’d love to use their products daily, but because of how expensive their products are I prefer to use them weekly. But like with all products, I can totally understand how it could also not work for others since our skin chemistry is so unique. I’m guessing that sample is the .17oz jar, and 6 uses (used 2x/day for 3 days sounds about right, although ymmv), and since I only use it weekly it’ll last me a while. In fact, I love getting these little moisturizer samples from them, because I have yet had to ever purchase one for myself!

      • Those 2 products prompted me to re-sub for September, too! Everything else is a bonus – totally worth $10…

        • That’s exactly what I was thinking too! They’re both totally worth it to me for $10. 🙂

      • You should read about them on Beautypedia.

        • I’m not too worried about it, because everything I’ve tried from the line has shown great results for my skin, and I’ve never experienced any irritation from their products. In fact, my skin always feels incredibly nourished (yay chemicals!.. jk! 🙂 ), hydrated & calm when I use them, but I totally understand & respect how others would want to avoid certain ingredients (whether it’s by choice or necessity) that are included in their products.

      • Just curious Luna. How do you think La Mer compares to a luxury green brand like Ayuna?

        • I still haven’t gotten around to trying my Ayuna products, but I have used the full Mahalo line together, and whenever I get any of their products they immediately get incorporated into my routine… well once I finish what I’m currently using (currently, I’m using their Vitality Elixir serum, The Petal mask, and their Circadian Balance… an LE aromatherapy oil). For me, I feel like I get the same results as when I use La Mer when I use the full line together. And it’s funny you ask this question, because I have actually said that Mahalo is the green beauty version of La Mer for me! However, if I had to pick one line to stick to out of the two, I’d definitely stick with Mahalo, because while they don’t offer a full skincare routine in their regular line up (an eye cream, 2nd cleanse cleanser, face mist, toner (I loved the one they included in their last LE set), and eye serum would be awesome!), their products are so beautiful & effective on their own, whereas I have tried La Mer products on their own, and while they get the job done (like their cleansing gel or toner), I don’t notice anything spectacular happening, with the exception of a few of their products. But, as mentioned earlier, when they’re used together I do notice & feel the difference.

          • Good to know about Mahalo products. I have not tried but heard great things about. I am scaling back on Boxes because I am thinking of the African Botanics moisturizer but now I see Mahalo has a trial of three items with the Vitality serum being one of them. So many introductions to new products. I was gifted LaMer moisturizer (haven’t opened) from the Nordstrom sale. Some of my issues are what brand should be used with what brand when I only have one product. Oh, well, Sunday Riley and I will keep our program together for another month or so. So far, so good.

          • I know what you mean about it being hard to find the perfect pairing of complementary products from different brands. What’s especially hard is to not discount a product recently introduced to your routine because you had a reaction to it. While there’s a chance the reaction could be from that product, it could also actually be a perfectly fine product for you, but just not co-mingled with a particular product you’re currently using.

            Re: Mahalo, this is driving me nuts, but there’s a green beauty site (which I can’t remember right now) that is currently selling a sampler set that includes virtually all, if not all, of Mahalo’s products for $35. And what’s cool about it is that if you purchase a full size product from the set the $35 goes toward that product! I believe it’s a running offer on that site since I’ve seen it around here & there. If I remember the site, I’ll find you & let you know which one it is. 🙂

  12. This is like the 3rd month out of the last 4 months that there is not a single product I want. I’m finally going to bite the bullet and cancel, but I can’t figure out how. I’m not seeing any cancel buttons anywhere. How do I cancel this???

    • Email them, I canceled and signed up through Amazon because I can cancel and resubscribe easily.

    • You have to call Allure to cancel.

    • I think you have to email.

    • Email or call. Calling is more reliable.

    • This is my least favorite in a while, but I generally like this and Beautyfix more often than not. And the Drunk Elephant (or MAC) pays for the box. But call them, and they’ll cancel.

  13. I resubbed because they sent me an email giving me $5 off and sending me a $90 makeup gift. I was going to get the Sept box anyways so score! Besides I’d rather stay with Allure than Boxy right now….

    • I got the same email! Super curious as to what the $90 gift will be.

      • I subbed after getting that same email and I got exactly what was in the picture, 5 items, a brush, a mascara, a highlighter Cargo, lip pencil and eyeshadow. Came very soon after my first box separately, in a manilla mailer.

      • Did you all just click the link and signed up as if you’re a new subscriber?

        • yes, it was in the email that Allure sent to get prior customers back…..I think the link said : I’m In , that was how I got the 5 beauty products worth $90 +

      • I got it too and it was a tiny sample of moisturizer, bright lip pencil, highlighter stick, loose tannish brown shadow and a deluxe sized mascara. Not worth $98 to me but if you were gonna get the box anyway then it definitely sweetens the pot.

    • I wanted to come back for September and October boxes too and the email sweetened the deal! I have received several of the items pictured in previous boxes while I was subscribed to Allure and they are some of my favorites. I love the mascara, the cargo highlighter stick, and the brush. And since my toddler got into the mascara and highlighter shortly after I got them, I am pleased to finally replace them.

      • Hi Mon do Allure send the email to all customers when they cancel? Because they didn’t send me one… i was just wonderjng because I always get rold something different with custimer service.

        • No, I don’t think so. I have had accounts under 2 different emails and I only got the special offer email to resubscribe for one of the closed accounts.

  14. I got my Bow and Arrow lipstick in the mail today! Took forever, but that’s Allure for you. They always pull through in the end though.

    • I finally got mine, too! I had forgotten about it!

      • I still haven’t received my Bow& Arrow yet!! They said it would be 3-4 weeks when I emailed them the same day MSA posted about contacting them to get it.

        • I contacted them that same day. You will probably get it this week (hopefully!).

    • What month was the bow And arrow for?

  15. Fyi- my email said the La Mer is a 3 day sample. So you know what size to expect 😉.

    • Darn it! I’ve wanted to try it for YEARS, so I signed up even though I won’t use 2-3 items (I don’t wear lashes and if I get the hair oil it won’t work on my baby fine hair.). I don’t think a few days will be enough time to really judge it. Oh well. MAC lipstick is the best so I guess that makes it worthwhile.

      • I have fine, curly, waist length hair. I use oil on the ends which makes my hair look more healthy without weighing it down. Takes forever to finish a container

      • if you have a Cosmetics Company Store in an outlet mall anywhere near you, they may have la mer samples and CHEAP. i paid only $10 to get 5 minis (a la mer eye cream and an estee lauder advanced night repair in the same size ulta sells for $16 among others) recently.

    • Oh wow 3 days? That’s disappointing

    • In that case I guess I’ll just go to Nordstrom and ask for a sample.

  16. That link is for magazine subscription.

    • The one at the bottom that says use this link.

      • The first one at the top works and gives you the same deal.

        • Yeah I just assumed they’d want both links to be for the box.

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