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5th Avenue Style Subscription Box Review – July 2018

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5th Avenue Style is an accessories subscription box based out of New York City that specializes in luxury fashion items at a deep discount. Their motto is “Effortless Elegance” – and they boast that their company is made up of a team of highly professional stylists and fashion veterans. In the monthly subscription box, you are guaranteed 4-5 branded luxury accessories items with a minimum value of $250.

When you sign up for this box, or any of the variations (e.g. other subscription boxes, their membership club, or limited edition boxes) you will complete a short questionnaire indicating things like what colors you love, which you avoid, your preferred accessories, style, and metal color – and some sizing info where applicable (for instance, with rings).

There are several subscriptions available from 5th Avenue Style including:

  • SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ($98/month or 3 months for $279): Includes 4-5 luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $250.
  • DELUXE SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ($159 or 3 months for $447): Features 4-5 branded luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $350.
  • LIBERTY CAPSULE SUBSCRIPTION ($249 every 2 months): Liberty Capsule is a bi-monthly subscription that features 2-3 pieces of high-quality clothing and 1-2 accessory pieces.
  • QUARTERLY VIP SUBSCRIPTION BOX ($390 every 3 months): Features 4-5 items of brand name jewelry and accessories including popular European designers and seasonal items. This box has $900+ Retail Value.
  • QUARTERLY DRESS FOR SUCCESS BOX ($490 every 3 months): Features a branded handbag, 4-5 items of brand name jewelry and accessories along with upscale beauty and skin care products. This box has $950+ Retail Value.

This review is for the 5th Avenue Style Monthly Subscription, $98 a month, box.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About 5th Avenue Style

The Subscription Box: 5th Ave Style Monthly Subscription Box

The Cost: $98 + free US shipping

The Products: 4-5 branded luxury accessories items with a minimum value of $250

Ships to: Worldwide! “Anywhere where ladies desire upscale accessories.” Standard shipping is free in the contiguous 48 states. International shipping is $35.

Good to Know: 5th Avenue Style is notorious for slow shipping. For perspective, this box was ordered on July 10. They try to ship within 15 business days from the date of the order for their regular subscription box. This means my box should have shipped on or before July 31, however it shipped on September 1. Their quarterly boxes can be delayed by months, rather than weeks, but you do always get your box in the end!

5th Avenue Style July 2018 Review

5th Avenue Style has you fill out a survey when you subscribe to this box. You describe your metal preference, any colors you like or dislike, and your preferred accessories. There is also a section to leave a note to 5th Avenue. From what I have learned from the forum and people who have subscribed, the more details you give,  the better your chances of the box is just to your liking. Here is what I said in my note to 5th Avenue:

I have very fat wrists that makes fitting bracelets difficult. I prefer necklaces I can throw over my head rather than clasping. I love dangly earrings. I prefer bags that can fit a wallet, an iPhone, and a makeup bag vs really small bags. I don’t use clutches (too scared of losing them!). I wear prescription glasses 90% of the time.

Also, after my recent box, I emailed them with more feedback.

Now let’s see the box they put together based on all of that information!

Here is the invoice detailing my items.

Evocateur Alexandria Earrings – Retail Value $148

The extra month of waiting is totally worth it when I open up my box and find these. I have been a fan of Evocateur pieces for at least a few years, as they are always stunning works of art. Evocateur was also a 2018 finalist in the Jewelers Choice Awards and have won awards in 2015, 2016, and 2017. These earrings feature a 1-inch disc designed to evoke the rich culture of ancient Alexandria, Egypt, and they are finished with 22k gold leaf with 14k gold plated ear wires. These are so comfortable—I am wearing them now and it barely registers that I have them on. I appreciate that they’re not too heavy, and I love that they are versatile enough that I can dress them up or just rock them while wearing a dress and cardigan with my hair in a bun. This matches my profile perfectly, as I said that I love dangly earrings.  I am really happy to finally have an Evocateur piece to own and cherish!

Les Georgettes Gold Pendant Necklace

Les Georgettes Gold Pendant Necklace – Estimated Value $59

Les Georgettes! This French brand is a popular inclusion in 5th Avenue Style, and I am always happy to receive a new piece. This necklace features a gold pendant that measures 0.63 inches and the color backing can be removed, switched out, or flipped. This pendant is on a 21-inch gold finished box chain, and while it does have a hook and eye clasp it is long enough that I can just toss it over my neck.

This is another perfect match from my profile, where I said I prefer necklaces I can put on without fiddling with a clasp.

The leather circle is mermaid blue on one side and aqua on the other, which goes great with my everyday style. I also really like how this necklace looks with no leather backing, but if I wear it that way I will be scared of losing the leather!

ArtZen Freshwater Pearl, Amethyst, and Hematite Necklace

ArtZen Freshwater Pearl, Amethyst, and Hematite Necklace

When I pulled this necklace out of the box I was originally unsure of how I felt about it. I don’t typically reach for jewelry like this, as the homemade jewelry aesthetic has never been my personal style. Once I put this on, however, I knew I absolutely loved it. I wear some type of black dress at least three days a week, and this long style necklace with the hematite seed beads with the freshwater pearl and amethyst really creates a look that fits with my personal style. Again, I love that I can just toss this over my head, and I love that it hits right in the middle of my chest to break up the standard all-black background. Purple is my favorite color, and I love the way the amethyst plays with the classy pearls and the shiny hematite.

Alta Vintage Antique Rhodium Bangle

Alta Vintage is similar to ArtZen in that there is basically no helpful information about the brand online. It can be a bit irritating, but ultimately it’s not that big of a deal to me. I absolutely LOVE that this bracelet fits me! Most of the bangle is a silver colored braided cord and at either end is a ball adorned with crystals. I don’t normally wear bracelets due to the fit issue, so I am not sure if I am supposed to wear these with the balls on the inside of my wrist or outside?

Here it is modeled both ways. It’s comfortable both ways too—maybe this is supposed to be a multiple wear kind of bracelet?

Skincode Essentials Lifting Moisture Mask, 2.6 oz

Bonus! Skincode Essentials Lifting Moisture Mask, 2.6 oz – Retail Value $40

As an apology for the delay, 5th Avenue Style also included this full-size face mask from Skincode, a Swiss brand. I love face masks, and this one goes on clear and only needs to be worn for 10 minutes. It has both Vitamin E and C, and I found the mask to be gentle and soothing while plumping up my skin with as much moisture as it could take.

The Verdict: I was a little concerned when I saw my box, as I knew it wouldn’t be big enough to fit a purse. Who needs a new purse, however, when you get a pair of Evocateur earrings! I really appreciate that every single item in this box matched with my style profile and the comments I left. Everything fit perfectly, and I am so excited to up my accessory game to be a more stylish Jessica. Value-wise, this box promises to have a value of at least $250, and the Les Georgettes and earrings alone add up to $207, and I think that bracelet and other necklace easily pushes the total value over $250. Obviously, the elephant in the room is the shipping issue. Let’s be frank—it is an issue and a frustrating one at that. Ultimately, however, a stellar box was delivered to me, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next one, even though it’s going to be a bit of a wait.

The Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Because of the variation, it’s unlikely that you would get the same items that I’m showing here. The value should be similar and is promised to at least be $250.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $98 + free shipping, which means that each of the 4 items in the box (not including the bonus) has an average cost of $24.50. 

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What do you think of this month’s 5th Avenue Style

Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t go on pizza and when I’m not studying for law school I’m relaxing at home with my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like!

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  1. Are there any reviews of the higher value subs? I’d love to see one before committing.

  2. I just bought my first boxes which were the Summer and Mystery box. I sent an email inquiring about them and received a quick response that they should be shipping soon. I think one of the reasons shipping is slower is they really make an effort to customize per client request. I was pleasantly surprised when 5th Ave explained that for my mystery box I was interested in home items and taking a little longer to complete. I can hardly wait for my boxes to arrive.

  3. Wow~! I actually like the smaller disc style of the Evocateur earrings better than the two inch teardrop style (which is beautiful, too, but I would never wear.) And to get Evocateur and Les Georgette’s in the same box is great!

    I wasn’t sure about the Art-Zen necklace from the photo, but seeing it laid out it is stunning. It reminds me of pieces I have been tempted to buy from Na Hoku with freshwater pearls and natural stones. I’d guess an RV of at least $65 for that one.

    The cuff bracelet is in a style I look for and love – I think it’s meant to wear with the balls on top, but no reason it can’t be worn the other way, too! I actually own one in a simpler/similar style (twist band and metal balls) that has magnets in the balls and was made to deliberately be worn with the balls against the wrist for supposed medical benefits. (I found it helped a little with joint pain, but that might have been a placebo effect.) I’ve seen similar designs in the plated style range from $5 knock offs to $300 designer pieces. RV around $45 maybe for the Alta Vintage version?

    A great box – even without a bag. I need to pick up another 5th Ave bag soon – I may wait for this years holiday box. (Regretting skipping over the Mustears/Evocateur box that was recently offered, as that’s a combo I would love! But I’d finally just received last years completed holiday box, lol, so have a new Coach purse from that.)

    Shipping is so slow, but if they can only optimize two out of three things (speed, value, quality) I guess I’d rather sacrifice the speed.

    • Thanks for your help with guesstimating values! I agree with you on the value, Quality, and speed analogy!

  4. I waited for my box sooooooo long, but when I finally got it, it was sooooo good.
    5th Ave, please improve your shipping and I will get every single box of yours!

  5. Is there an RV on the bracelet?

  6. Before anyone subs to this, know that they aren’t responding to several msa readers’ emails about previous orders, as stated on previous posts. I would like confirmation that they’re even in business at this point.

    • Hi Kyn!
      I have been reading the comments on previous posts. 5th Avenue has been replying to my (personal, unaffiliated with MSA) emails over the past two weeks, though there was about a two week gap where I was waiting for a response. They are still in business, but they are definitely a bit behind.

      • Thank you for letting me know! I’ll email them again.

        • No one answers their phone either. A guy answered there ONE time and told me it was the wrong number. There is also no outgoing message on their 800 number saying 5th avenue style and no way to leave them a voicemail and no one ever answers. I never got an answer as to why any of this happened.

          I finally got my box. It was nice enough, but it was definitely suspect about the phone and email thing and not a great way to spend $270 into a void for 2+ months having no idea if the place was even in business. I really thought I was getting ripped off. I would still caution people to be careful. If they don’t even have an outgoing message at this point…..

          • Dear Christina,
            As we explained to you in our e-mail at that time, you dialed the wrong number.
            Our 800 number works perfectly fine, and we collect messages there but prefer to communicate by e-mail to keep a proper paper trail.
            Thank you,
            5th Avenue Style Team

          • My concern was that I dialed the number displayed on the website (I dialed it numerous times – I double checked it on my phone display against the computer) and there was no outgoing message identifying it as you. Someone also picked it up once and said it was not 5th Avenue Style – the same number displayed on the website. It wasn’t a wrong number.

            Again, I’m not really sure what’s going on here with the phone number, the emails not being answered and the late shipments, but it clearly isn’t just me and it’s clear something isn’t right. I think buyers should be fully aware because I wasn’t. I did like the box when it finally arrived however.

    • Dear Kyn,
      We are replying to clients’ e-mails. Unfortunately, in some cases, they end up in spam folders. Lately, we started to ask clients to confirm the receipt of our messages.
      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

      • Thanks! I’ll send another email this afternoon.

      • Hi Jennifer,
        I’ve left a few messages through the contact page on the website about my box, but have not received any response. Is there a email I can directly reach for customer support?

        • Dear Ellen,
          Please e-mail us at info at 5avenuestyle dot com.
          Sorry, we are not allowed to use any links here.
          Thank you,
          5th Avenue Style Team

      • Hi Jennifer,
        Can I still buy the summer box?

        • Dear Raquel,
          Sorry, we are sold out of these boxes.
          Thank you,
          5th Avenue Style Team

      • I have sent you an email about the spring box I ordered in January. When can I expect a response?

        • 9 months and no box ?

  7. Great review of a stunning box. Seriously- Evocateur and Les Georgettes in one box!! Whoo-Hoo!! That is my dream box. I may have to break down and finally subscribe.

    You mention that after your previous box, you sent them more info. Would you mind sharing what that was since that led to this perfection?

    • Hi Beth! I know after I recieved my les Georgette’s bracelet I let them know how much I loved the brand, and I think at some point I mentioned I would love to try evocateur as well. Sorry I don’t remember specifically!

  8. Hello again, Jessica! Those Evocateur earrings are gorgeous. Thanks so much for another great review!

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