POPSUGAR Must Have Box Fall 2018 SPOILER #3 + Add-Ons Available!

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We have the third spoiler for the Fall 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box!

Each box will include:

Tarte Tight & Bright Multi-Mask – $40

Check out all the benefits of this mask here!

And in case you missed the previous spoilers, this box will also include:

The bracelet is malleable and easily adjustable to fit any wrist/arm.

Jules Smith Jane Cuff – Retail Value $90

(Subscribers will be able to pick the metal color: gold, rose gold or silver!)

Accessorize your favorite Fall sweater with an eye-catching bold cuff. The glamorous cuff is flawlessly smooth and also adjustable, allowing you to wear it on your arm or on your wrist.  It also features a geometric design that’s easy to slip on or flip over for a simpler look to complement every outfit.

Here it is on:

It’s kind of both bold and minimalist – I’m digging it!

Soia & Kyo Larisa Scarf – Suggested Retail Value $75

Wrap yourself inside this ultrasoft scarf. Both sides feature a stylish geometric pattern and soft gray and rose hues to complement all your on-trend Fall outfits. The luxurious accessory is a generous size, making it easy to wear not only as a scarf, but also as a shawl or cape, or even a travel blanket. We love that the dusty rose hue suits so many different tastes and skin tones.

This is one of my favorite POPSUGAR spoiler items ever! This scarf is so soft, feels so luxe, and I actually thought the retail price would be well over $100 when I first saw it. Plus, while I have a large scarf collection thanks to subscription boxes, I have nothing like this – it is so unique!

The flip side of the scarf has more blush pink tones. Here is a closer look at the material and subtle fringe on the ends:

(70% Viscose, 30% Polyester)

The scarf measures 24″ x 72″. I’ll hold it up to give you a better sense of scale:

And here is the reverse side:

Here it is on:

With the geometric print and the way this scarf drapes, it’s so easy to wear.

It’s long and warm enough to also function as a shawl.

A cape, or even a more “blazer-y” look:

UPDATE: Several readers requested seeing the scarf modeled on someone who is a different height, and Anna helped us out!

For reference, I’m 5’7″, and Anna is 5’3″:

Thanks, Anna!

Also, a quick update from POPSUGAR about petite sizes:

There are many ways to wear the scarf and that the product was tested on many petite editors here at POPSUGAR, including Lisa Sugar, and they are obsessed with it.

What do you think of the latest Fall POPSUGAR Must Have spoiler? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA15 to save $15 off of your first box! (Regularly $75 a box. Your first box will be the Fall box.)

And all subscribers are able to buy Add-Ons now! Here are the Add-On options:

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Written by MSA


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  1. Has any subscribers been billed yet? Thank you

    • Hi! I was billed a few days ago.

      • Ok thank you! Will email them

  2. Does anyone know if you buy now if you can still have your choice of “metal”??

    • You still can edit!

      • Wait, you can if you are a current subscriber. Not sure about new subscriptions

        • Thanks Becca 🙂

        • I just signed up for the first time and I was able to choose my cuff and add-ons (if I wanted any…I didn’t)

  3. Okay, when are we going to see another spoiler or two? I’m so anxious to see the rest of this box. I love the cuff, think the mask looks good & don’t care at all for the scarf. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a travel mug & a candle or something pumpkin!

  4. Another box of stuff I already have and don’t need more of -_- Is it still possible to cancel and not get this box? I wasn’t charged yet but the FAQ says you should cancel by August 1st…

    • I just canceled today. It looks like I won’t get the Fall box now according to my subscription page in the account. I’m hoping that is the case anyway. So, I’d give it a try.

  5. I cancelled after the first 2 spoilers and I’m not having any regrets. I have enough masks to last me 5 years. I’ve even tried giving masks away and none of my family or friends want them. I guess no one has time for them. I would prefer cleansers or toners because I use them daily.

    • I actually use masks all the time, there are more people I know that also use them. I’ve also been donating some of mine to moms at Fisher House it’s a place where military spouses, moms etc stay when they’ve got loved ones in the hospital on post where I live.

    • I love masks. Every one I know who has good skin uses a mask at least every other day. In fact, I love having enough for my husband and eleven yr old to use too. But ….. I have no interest in this mask 😕 and wish we were getting something more original. This is a $75 box 😔. I wish they really tried to stand out. Hopefully the rest of the box is mind blowing.

  6. I’m on the fence about cancelling. I went along for the ride with their new format, without question I supported the summer box and got it…which was so-so for me. I was one of those few people who still enjoyed and kept the monthly sub from 2013 on and never cancelled. However, a recent customer service interaction about no discounts for loyal customers, and seeing constant $15 off fall box promos for new customers, when there has been no discount for even subbing for a year etc is rubbing me the wrong way. I know all companies run promos to get new subscribers, but what they’re failing at is keeping those who have been loyal supporters happy. I see no reason not to cancel my subscription and sign up with a new email and get the new discount every time I can, and pass on boxes in the meantime. If they can’t offer me even a partial discount like new subs (and let’s be honest I do this with other boxes and sub, get the discount, cancel, and resub later or never buy from again), why remain in a subscription? By remaining subscribed, I boost their subscriber numbers, but if they don’t care, I can unsubscribe and milk for discounts until they offer a yearly deal. I just feel a certain way when companies that arguably aren’t doing as well anymore try to ignore current subscribers by hustling for new ones.

    • If you get an annual subscription, you get a discount. It’s $20 or $30 off.

  7. So far this bag looks great to me. Much better than FFF so far. I like both but I am liking the quality and curation on this box more.

  8. Such an easy pass, I feel like this sub has been stagnate the past couple of years…just blah.

  9. What I found shady about this is back in April I went to subscribe and was told the summer box was sold out so I’d be signing up for the fall box. I don’t know how they could expect someone to pay for a box they wouldn’t be receiving for another 5 months and not even a single spoiler. I decline to sign up then but saw tons of people saying when they signed up in June/July they received the summer box because magically they found “more boxes”..it seemed shady and like they wanted you to feel the hype so they encouraged you to sign up for fall in April because there was a good chance even the fall could sell out! But the. It turned around and ended up summer was available..I don’t like that manipulation 🙅

    • This happens every. single. time. It’s shady af. I’ve complained about it for years.

  10. I am so sad that this box is not available to Canadians. I love the spoilers. Please Popsugar, reconsider shipping to Canada.

    • Do you have anyone here that can buy and ship to you. It maybe easier to have someone unbox and repackage etc and get it that way until they do deliver to Canada.

  11. If I sign up tomorrow will I still be able to choose my bracelet color?

  12. I like this offering much more than the Fall FFF, glad I canceled. But it’s nice to hear people loving one or the other. Not sure I can fit this into my budget but if it is still available and if I can, I would love it. I have dry skin and my teenage son and daughter both have oily zones, so I just would divvy up the multi-task.
    And I know this is completely out of left field but have you listened to (Garrett) Borns? He is terrific if you are into that kind of music. (: Think the guy version of Lana del Rey.

  13. The Tarte mask seems interesting and I am open to giving it a try. I love the scarf and the cuff is nice also. So in my mind this box is a win. I am excited to see what else is in the box.

  14. I like all 3 spoilers so far. How many items come in this box? Will the whole thing be spoiled before it sells out?

    • I’m hoping for the answers to those questions, too!

      I do really like the spoilers so far, but am hoping to see more!

  15. Love Tarte A+ — I can wait to have this box !

  16. I’m so loving this. I can understand why some people are underwhelmed, but I’m so happy. Two classic, tasteful accessories that I will be able to use quite a bit and a nice skin care product. Right now the rest of the box doesn’t even matter, I’m getting my $80 worth of quality goodies I’ll actually use.

  17. No fomo at the moment. SO glad i cancelled this sub. I wouldn’t even swap for any of the spoilers so far

  18. Caved. Really wanted that scarf.

  19. Eh…. very underwhelming. Tarte is one of my favorite brands, but my skin is far too dry for that (especially once it becomes fall and winter, when it gets even more dry….) And I already have a mask overload from all my other boxes.

    I may have to cancel. It’s just tough because I do love the scarf. But the other two items are such a snooze to me, and are definitely items I won’t use.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone. I like the scarf, but is it enough to justify the other things I won’t use?

      • I cancelled today. The site actually said cancellation should be done before 8/1, so I was glad I hadn’t already been charged!

    • Allure had an article about this mask that says:
      Dry skin types need not fret — there’s also jojoba, sweet almond, and avocado oil in this side to nourish your newly cleared pores.

      The other chamber contains the Gold Hydrating & Firming mask. This gel is ideal for all the delicate areas of your face, particularly around the eyes, for plumping and firming (think of it like getting your cheeks pinched, but in a glam way, not like by an old auntie). This mask also cools and calms any redness or inflammation with chamomile extract. Also, yes, this side also includes Amazonian clay. The clay is an extra boost for clarity and circulation without being drying on account of the hyaluronic acid.

  20. No FOMO here, glad I canceled after Summer box fiasco..

    • same. so boring.

    • I also canceled after the hugely underwhelming (to me) summer box. Nothing impressive in this box either. Glad others like this, though.

      • Ditto

  21. For me personally, all 3 items seem like such repeats. I loved the limited edition boxes and monthly before, and have been a member since 2014. Today I canceled. It was fun while It lasted. Buy Popsugar.

  22. I’m going to cancel my FFF fall box and get the PS one instead. I’ll use more items from PS than FFF.

    • I just did the same thing. lol

    • Me too

    • Same here.

    • In uour team))

  23. This box is amazing! So glad I am getting it. I can’t wait.

    • I agree, I can’t wait to see the rest of it!

  24. This box looks great I’m a bit sad that I spent all my $ on FFF annual. But I could use this box so much more than the FFF one!

    • I hear ya. I was actually relieved when my fff annual was over since I had collected so much stuff that I didn’t need. Happy these items are more consistent with their past LE boxes like they advertised the quarterly would be.

  25. I’ve never got Popsugar before but the first spoiler encouraged me to sign up. Spoilers #2 and #3 are also AMAZING! Add ons are meh, but oh well. I am so much more excited for this box than FFF!

  26. My skin is too dry for this item, put mine on swap.

  27. So far I’m happy with the box. Have been wanting to try a mask that has 2 different sides for my combo skin, plus this is the first mask in a while that I have received in a box that does not contain lavender, citrus (lemon, orange), rose oil – all stuff that irritates my skin.

  28. Possibly the best PS box to date!!! Yessssss

  29. If anyone is going to get this box and doesn’t want the scarf, I’d love to swap for it.

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