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Pet Treater Dog Subscription Box Review + Coupon – August 2018


Pet Treater August 2018 Box

Pet Treater is a subscription box for dogs. Select from small (up to 20 pounds), medium (21-50 pounds), and large (51+ pounds).

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Large Dog Size, $24.99 a month, box. My dog Nyx, a Rottweiler, is about 87 pounds right now.

Pet Treater August 2018 Review

About Pet Treater

The Subscription Box: Pet Treater

The Cost: $24.99 per month on a month-to-month plan, with better deals for longer subscriptions. Tennessee residents will have to pay 9.5% sales tax. One-time boxes are also available for $34.99.

The Products: Treats, toys, and helpful items for dog owners (leashes, poop bags, grooming supplies, etc.).

Ships to: U.S. (free)

Good to know: Pet Treater now offers a cat subscription option. And with coupon code CATPACK50, get your first box for $6.50!

Pet Treater August 2018 Review

There’s not a traditional information card with this subscription so there’s not always a stated theme, but you will occasionally see some commonalities running throughout the box contents. This month, I honestly wasn’t sure, but then Nyx doesn’t care about themes:

Pet Treater August 2018 Booklet Front

Pet Treater August 2018 Booklet Back

There isn’t a traditional information card with this subscription, but you usually get a picture of a dog.

Pet Treater August 2018 Jiminy 1

Pet Treater August 2018 Jiminy 2

Pet Treater August 2018 Charlee 1

Pet Treater August 2018 Charlee 2

There were advertisements for some of the items in the box, as well.

Pet Treater August 2018 Frisbee

Bow Wow Pet Light-Up Frisbee Toy for Dogs – Retail Value $12.10

The orange one is vanilla-scented, unlike the green, strawberry-scented one I linked to, but it is otherwise the same item. Bow Wow pet apparently is a private label producer that makes toys and lets you customize the labeling and such. Anyway, if you kind of knock this, the middle starts flashing. Nyx doesn’t understand Frisbees so she wanted to chew on this. (Actually, Frisbee is a trademarked name and probably should not be printed on this item.)

Pet Treater August 2018 Beef Treats

Travis Brorsen’s Greatest American Dog Treats (beef), 0.5 oz – Buy 2.5 oz for $14.95

Haha, I think I took a picture of the back of this package by mistake. (I’ve passed it along to a coworker so I can’t retake the photo.) Anyway, this is a preservative-free lean beef dog treat. If your dog has issues with grains, this should still be safe for him or her to consume. I would call this a jerky style or dehydrated treat.

Pet Treater August 2018 Bear Crunch

Charlee Bear Bear Crunch in Bacon and Blueberry, 0.5 oz – Buy 8 oz for $5.99

These are free of grains as well as soy and they are small enough that even a smaller-sized dog could enjoy them. These have peas, chickpeas, and potato flour as the starches (needed for a baked treat) but they do also have actual dehydrated pork, bacon fat, and blueberries, which I appreciate since some dog toys list flavors on the package that aren’t present as anything but added flavors. However, this brand is truthful about labeling! I’ve seen these treats at Petco in this same style of packaging so I don’t think they’re old.

Pet Treater August 2018 Apple Treats

Healthy Dogma Grannie’s Apple Recipe Crisps, 5 oz – Retail Value $4.95

All right, well, the marketing for this product is a little deceptive. It keeps saying “100% real fruit” but then the ingredients list includes FOUR different grains (rye flour, rice flour, barley flakes, oatmeal) in addition to applesauce, apple pieces, natural apple flavor, and then honey, flax, and cinnamon. It is free of animal proteins, though, so it will work for dogs with protein sensitivities. These are made in the USA with no additives or artificial fillers.

Pet Treater August 2018 Pink Toy

Pet Projekt Cozmo – Retail Value $14.99

This did not come with any kind of tag or label so I think it might’ve been part of a multi-toy pack that got separated. The word “cozmo” was in raised letters on one of the rubber projections, and I recognized the font and figured out the brand (I am a dog toy detective!). Anyway, this is 100% natural rubber so Nyx isn’t thrilled with it unless I put some peanut butter down on the surface, so she has to work between the projections to get to it.

Pet Treater August 2018 Coozy

Pet Treater Insulated Beverage Container

I guess this is the “for your human” item this month. This is clearly one of those “your logo here” products that they got mass-produced (Pet Treater Cat Pack had a different design of the same item, this month, review coming soon). I prefer not to drink anything straight from a can so I will pass this along to someone else who will get some use out of it.

Pet Treater August 2018 Jiminy Treats

Jiminy’s Peas and Sweet Potato Recipe, 0.5 oz

This flavor isn’t on the Jiminy’s site yet, I think it is new. The main protein is cricket and although that sounds kind of gross, (1) I have seen Nyx straight up eat moths from the glass outside our front door and (2) cricket counts as a “novel” protein that does not aggravate Nyx’s IBD. I wish there was cricket kibble to try, actually. It is SO HARD finding food she can eat. Anyway, Nyx appreciated this very much.

Pet Treater August 2018 Tray

Silicone Mold – Retail Value $2.19

This might be a wholesale-only price. There are a lot of items like this online, but this was the best match for what I actually received. This came with a recipe (see below) but it is pretty versatile and can be used for baking dog treats, molding chocolates (don’t give them to dogs of course), making small soaps, resin crafts, ice cubes, etc.

Pet Treater August 2018 Recipe

This did come with a dog treat recipe, though. This is one of those thin magnets so if you want to keep track of it, you can just stick it on the fridge.

Pet Treater August 2018 Nyx 1

Pet Treater August 2018 Nyx 2 Pet Treater August 2018 Nyx 3

Pet Treater August 2018 Nyx 4

Pet Treater August 2018 Toy After

Here is the Frisbee toy after Nyx had it for 30 seconds.  Yes, I know it is not a chew toy, but you try telling Nyx how she is supposed to do something…

Verdict: There were 8 items in the August 2018 Pet Treater box, for an average value of about $3.12. I couldn’t find everything online (some closeouts, some new to market items, one custom item, etc.) so I didn’t try to calculate a total value. I was much happier with the treats this month than last month as they are all currently in production, in similar packaging, or, as was the case with the cricket treats, are totally new to the market. I sort of missed getting a large plush, but the toys were size-appropriate for an 80+ pound dog, and that is important (a lot of dog subscriptions send toys suitable for a 50-pound dog but not a much larger one).

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your subscription would start with the September box.

Coupon – Use coupon code PT-5OFF to save $5.00 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: At $24.99 for the box, you are paying about $3.12 per item.

Check out all our Pet Treater reviews and lots of other great boxes for dogs in the Pet Subscription Box Directory!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of the August 2018 Pet Treater box? Do you subscribe to any dog or cat boxes?

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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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Comments (4)

  1. My 3 month old bernese puppy LOVES those Charlee Bear treats! They are what we toss in his crate when we want him to go in and sometimes he’s so excited that he jumps in to get them.

    A question about this sub – do they offer the ability to change the dog size range monthly? I’d love to get the puppy a subscription, but he’s 30 pounds now and will be double that size in probably only 2-3 months, so I’m not sure if I should just wait, or if I can subscribe now and change as he grows. Thanks!

    • I actually don’t have an account for this one, someone at MSA “HQ” pays for it. But I do have the account for the Pet Treater Cat Pack and making changes to that one is not easy. To even change your credit card number, you have to email them and wait for a few days and then they will send you a link. So, you’re probably better off either waiting or just signing up for the bigger size now. Or, you could try Pupbox, which is specifically for puppies and changes based on a puppy’s age.

  2. My dogs destroy toys as well and I have found that if you take the destructible toys and only let them play with it outside, they are less likely to chew on it.

  3. The picture with the crazy eyes when you give her a treat, oh my god- I laughed out loud. 🙂

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