Our Subscription Box Favorites for July! (NSFW)

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UPDATE – FYI this list includes one item that is not safe for viewing at work. We’ll make sure to identify if this happens in future posts. 

We’ve started a new monthly post highlighting our favorite discoveries from subscription boxes! Here are our favorite items from the past month:

Haley’s Favorite:

Golden Tote Floral Asymmetrical dress

The Item: Face the Sun Dress

The Cost: $45

From: Golden Tote 

Why I love it: It’s a stretch knit material so it’s very comfortable and easy to wear, and the print and colors are so pretty! I also like the modest neckline and longer short sleeves. The defined waist is flattering, too. It has an asymmetrical hemline, which isn’t always my taste but in this case, it just works. 

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Jessica’s Favorite:

Club Tub Bath Bomb

The Item: Club Tub Bath Bomb

The Cost: Box exclusive — buy the Birthday Box for $40 + shipping

From: Bath Sorbet Timehop Birthday Box

Why I love it: I love bath bombs, but I thought I had seen it all until I received my Bath Sorbet Birthday Box. Y’all, this bath bomb LIGHTS UP LIKE A REAL NIGHTCLUB! IN MY BATHTUB. I still can’t handle how amazing that experience was. The LED light show was only the cherry on top of an amazing bath art masterpiece, which is probably my favorite part of using a bath bomb! I don’t think there will be a better bath bomb that can top this, but I will spend the rest of my days searching nonetheless.

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Ragan’s Favorite:

The Item: Pomelo Paradis by Atelier Cologne (9 mL)

The Cost: Estimated Value $22.50 (buy 30 mL for $75)

From: Luxury Scent Box (Coupon: Use code LUXURYSB to save 35% off your first month!)

Why I love it: I’m not usually into fruity scents but this one is fruity without being too sweet, and the grapefruit is a bit sharper and/or more distinguishable than the lime, bergamot, and mandarin you usually find in citrus-based fragrances. I have reached for this almost every single day before work, even though I have literally dozens of perfumes to choose from. It also seems appropriate for summer.

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Marne’s Favorite:

S-Hande Octopi with box

The Item: S-Hande Octopi

From: Heart + Honey (Coupon: Use code MSA10 to save 10% off any subscription!)

Why I love it: Look at it! Have you ever seen such a cute little adult toy?! 

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Lacey’s Favorite:

Hot Wheels Loop Launcher Se

Hot Wheels Loop Launcher Se

Hot Wheels Loop Launcher Se

The Item: Hot Wheels Loop Launcher Set 

The Cost: Listed Value $9.99

From: Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Box

Why I love it: It’s the summer of Hot Wheels at our house! The neighborhood kids have been coming by every couple of days to play and build elaborate track setups on our front porch, shooting cars off of our stairs and into the yard. They definitely love this loop launcher the most right now, which is a lot easier to get cars to go around than the other loop that has zero assistance. 😉 I really love how this subscription has helped us build this track collection over time, and it’s clear how much kids of all ages really love playing with it, too. Physics in action!

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Nich’s Favorite:

The Item: A Little Red Bottle Of Emergency Stain Rescue, 4oz.

The Cost: $8.99

From: Trendy Memo (Coupon: Use code 10MSA to 10% off new subscriptions)

Why I love it: This USA made professional-grade stain remover is powerful and effective. I used it to get a stubborn stain off my carpet, and it worked like magic. It has no peroxide, chlorine bleach, or phosphates. The stain remover works on carpets, apparel, and furniture.

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Laine’s Favorite:

The Item: Mermaid Necklace

The Cost: Estimated Retail Value – $16 (based on similar item)

From: Willow Lane

Why I love it: When I was four, I informed my mom that I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up – and I’m still wondering why I didn’t move forward with that as an occupation! I absolutely love the beach, and this necklace keeps that vibe so close to my heart all the time. Silver is my metal of choice for jewelry, so it fits right in with my other pieces, and the super-dainty size allows me to wear it every day; either by itself or layered with another necklace.

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Anna’s Favorite:

The Item: Daily Harvest Cinnamon Protein + Banana Activated Breakfast Cup

The Cost: $7.49 (as part of the 12 cup box, or less with larger boxes)

From: Daily Harvest (Coupon: Use code ADDICTION to get 3 free cups with a 9, 12, or 24-cup plan!)

Why I love it: You probably know Daily Harvest makes smoothies, but did you know they do other foods, too? This “activated” breakfast is a delectable combination of oats, pea protein, chickpeas (yes, chickpeas, my new favorite breakfast food), cacao nibs, and other goodness, which, when heated up with some almond milk, basically transforms into a warm hug in a bowl. It took barely any time to make, filled me up, and made me feel like a super healthy cool girl eating her fancy superfoods. 

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Brandi’s Favorite:

The Item: Tin Feather Velvet Lipstick in Velour

The Cost: Retail Value $15.81 (currently on sale for $7.87!!!)

From: Motherhood Survival Box

Why I love it: This is a handmade, organic, and vegan matte lipstick. The name Velvet is fitting as it felt so soft and luxurious on my lips! This gives me just a subtle hint of color and is incredibly moisturizing. I love that it smells like shea butter and they say it’s safe enough to kiss your babies with! This has definitely become my new go-to lipstick to swipe on whenever I head out the door!

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Colette’s Favorite:

The Item: Indio Arrowhead Necklace

The Cost: Estimated Value $64.99

From: My Meraki Box

Why I love it: I haven’t taken this chic necklace off! It’s not something I’ve ever seen before or thought of wearing, and it’s the perfect little “edge” for my preppy style. It goes with everything, draws tons of compliments, and frankly, is just a welcome new addition to my [extensive] jewelry collection! It’s hard to take me totally by surprise with a piece of jewelry, but I am obsessed with this quartz and silver arrowhead! 

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Abby’s Favorite:

The Item: The Cookie Department: Snap Back Spiced Ginger Cookie, 3oz

The Cost: Buy a 12 pack for $34.95

From: SnackSack (Coupon: Use coupon code MY15 to save 15% on the lifetime of your subscription!)

Why I love it: This ginger cookie was such an unexpected treat for me, so soft and delicately spiced with cayenne – what’s not to love! I am usually partial to chocolate chip, but the memory of this cookie has me pinning ginger molasses cookie recipes late at night.

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Buckle’s Favorite:

The Item: Smell Raiser

The Cost: $12

From: Barkbox (Coupon: Get a free extra month when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription (SUBADDICTION) or $10 Barkshop credit (ADDICTION) any new BarkBox Subscription. Barkshop credit code emailed 3-5 business days after purchase with coupon code SUBADDICTION or ADDICTION)

Why he loves it: He played with this toy for about 5 minutes on set – he still loves it to this day!

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Eric’s Favorite:

The Items: Jimi Hendrix – Axis: Bold As Love, Jim James – Eternally Even, The Pauses – A Cautionary Tale

The Cost: VNYL’s subscription costs $39 a month

From: VNYL

Why I love it: This was the best 3-album selection I’ve received from VNYL!

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What do you think of our favorites for July? And what were your favorite discoveries?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. All I know is this thread just sold me an octopus

    • Lmao. Same.

  2. LIz, why don’t you usually list your favorite? You review the best boxes!

  3. @Claire, I find it sad that this day and age someone would make such a big deal about a sex toy. To be fair I had no clue it was a sex toy until I read the full review, even though Marne stated it was, I still couldn’t figure out what or how. It’s not like it was some giant phalis or something. I first thought it was a webcam or some sort of back massager. Also her review was tastefully written, it brought me to the website to see what it was. If you are unable to tolerate this sort of forum you know how to exit. Nobody forced you to read this.

  4. Well if Marne is often included in this type of post and her subscription box favorites tend to be some sort of adult toy, you don’t have to read these postings. Don’t click on them or scroll right past her name. The picture of the toy in question didn’t look pornographic, just a little weird.

    I don’t have any pets so I quickly scrolled through Buckles’ spot (sorry, Buckles!)

  5. Loving ALL these reviews!!! I only take showers but after seeing that bath bomb I might have to start taking baths.

  6. I think Mr. Kitty (and all of Ragan’s cats) should get to pick a favorite item.

    • About 9 times out of 10, my favorite item for the month is chosen solely on which item results in the best pictures of my cats.

  7. The transition from Marne’s favorite item to a Hot Wheels play set cracked me up. There is literally something for everyone here on MSA. I can see why Colette is obsessed with that necklace. It’s so cool!

    • There are boxes for everyone for sure!!

  8. Buckles is too cute.

  9. If Marne is going to consistently pick adult toys as her favorite item can these fav item posts be marked nsfw? I have no interest in her sex life and stopped Reading the fav posts because of the last quartz adolt toy that caught me by surprise in one of the prior posts in this series. Seriously.

    • That thing is a sex toy? 🤨 I can’t figure out how it would be used. I thought it was a piggy bank….🤷‍♀️

      • LOL, I couldn’t with that toy…it would be like that pink video game character going down on you…Kirby i think his name was…I’ll pass lmao.

    • She’s not talking about her sex life and it doesn’t even look like a sex toy. She’s entitled to her opinion as much as anyone else, and she’s comfortable with her body which is awesome!

      • Sure, and I’m entitled to be informed that the post is about sex toys so I also have the right to live my life by my choosing. I did not say don’t post it, I said I had the to know so I don’t have to read about it.

        • Your request for NSFW is fine, although I think it may have been better suited in a private email to MSA instead of in a comment thread. However, your snarky comment in the next sentence about Marne was NOT cool IMO.

        • Don’t read it then…

        • I am wondering what makes you feel you are entitled to be informed. I think you can wish and request to be informed, but to say you are entitled to something from a blog that you neither own or directly pay for? On what basis are you entitled to that?

          • Very well said Beth! 👏👏👏👏

    • The website wasnt created specifically for your interest only.

    • I thought you stopped reading these posts.

      • Rofl. I care and I too thought it was a piggy bank.🤣

        • I thought it was a pencil sharpener!

    • There is nothing nsfw in her post. You are seriously overreacting.

    • And also, I’d like to request that Buckles choose something besides a dog toy once in a while. So predictable. Geesh.


        • 😂 😂😂

      • Dogs trigger me. I don’t want to see Buckles anymore! I need a cute dog warning.

        • This thread cracks me up. I bet you could use that toy as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table and no one would know what it was. I thought it was some sort of camera.

          • I thought it was a camera too!

        • I need a cute dog warning too…so I can make sure I’m not missing a single one!! Dogs trigger me with a warm, tingly, heart-bursting feeling of awwwwwww. MORE BUCKLES PLEASE! BRING ON THE BUCKLES! Lol.

    • To have a job where you can look at blogs…

      I’m not sure why you would be surprised by sex-health related posts but perhaps you could consider reading blogs not intended for grown adults? 🤷‍♀️

    • If Marne doesn’t want to try out the next sex toy I will volunteer!

    • I love reading all the posts to see what I’m missing out on! The post is about favorites. I’m glad Marne is open about her favorite! You go girl! ( Marne)!!

      • Honestly, I actually just went to the H+H website and bought the other (similar) suction toy from a previous box and another interesting thing to try out because I saw this and somehow missed out on the original review. So I agree! LOL.

    • It’s not like this one is giant phallic shaped object. It didn’t go into great detail, just don’t read the box review posts. There’s a huge audience here who subscribe to all sorts of things. No need to try to censor or shame others.

    • What are you looking at? I just looked back at the posts. Marne’s favorite picks:
      June -sunglasses
      May- Record
      April – Crystal
      March – Goddess Kit
      Feb –Chocolate
      Jan – Lipstick

      And even if you she HAD picked an adult toys for every month. It is her prerogative.

      • I’m so glad you checked this out! Claire, you owe Marne an apology for telling an untruth about her, at the very least.

    • I purchased the Heart + Hearth box that the Octopus toy was featured in solely due to Marne’s awesome review on it that month. The toy IS fantastic & wholly worthy of being featured as a favorite.
      I’d be really disappointed if anything/ -one caused any reviewer to unnecessarily feel uncomfortable about discussing sexual health as openly and honestly as Marne does. I love all her reviews & look forward to them

      • Amen…I also purchased the Heart + Honey box due solely to Marne’s awesome reviews. I can honestly say that unless I had read Marne’s review of the box (which I did) or own that exact adult toy (which I do) that I never would have guessed that the picture in the above post was an adult toy! I agree with the other commenters that it looks more like a pencil sharpener, camera or coin bank…There is nothing NSFW here in this post…nothing!! I applaud Marne for being comfortable with her body and for providing A+ reviews!! Maybe if more women felt comfortable with their sexuality there wouldn’t be so many uptight women….???

        • Add this old broad to the list who subs to Heart + Honey because of Marnie’s tasteful and fun reviews. It’s a great box for women of all ages. Each adult human is a sexual being and there’s no place for shaming over a box as nice, tasteful and fun as Heart + Honey in 2018.

          AND, that Octopus is just as amazing as Marnie said. Although I do keep mine in the ” toy drawer”, not on display like she cheekily suggested. LOL.

    • Grow up claire

  10. Liz, what was your favorite? I usually end up getting whatever your fave is 🙂

  11. I love buckles being included in the faves 🙂

    • Kc, I agree and love to see Buckles. To give equal time to the felines, maybe Ragan can ask her cats what their monthly favorites are too!

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