BoxyLuxe September 2018 CONFIRMED SPOILER

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We have the first confirmed spoiler for the September BoxyLuxe box!

Each box will include:

tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette – $45

In case you missed the previous spoilers, all subscribers (For both regular Boxycharm and Boxy Luxe) will receive:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the August box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe in September.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. (This upgrade option will be available soon.)

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  1. I just got an email saying the second boxyluxe spoiler is Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Moisturizer or Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Celluar

  2. For those who.are a little confused, if you have signed up for that boxylux email list then you will receive an email on September 1st est saying that you have access to upgrade your box. You will be billed twice on the same day. They’ll take the normal $21 boxy few then $28.99 for the LUX. If you signed up for the email you have 2 days early access to get the box. If your card doesn’t go through they’ll try again but only on that day. You will not receive 2 boxes. Instead you will receive the 3 best/main items that come in the regular boxy box plus 8 other items. They will all be in that big box so no you won’t get 2 different boxes just the 1 big one. Boxy LUX will be avaliable for September and then regular $21 boxy will be the only thing avaliable for October and November then LUX will be billed to you again for December if you are still subscribed. I’m super excited for December. Really good makeup comes out around christmas.

  3. I was under the impression we were getting our regular box and getting Luxe items on top of that. For $50 total, I’m expecting some really impressive items. The 1st spoiler being a tarte palette that should be in the regular box does not impress me. I have $50 boxes I got $200-300 worth of nice products.
    IDK, I just expect more. It seems very unorganized which I’m not impressed with either.

    • I was under the same impression!!! 100% agree with your comment

    • Is the Tarte Palette going to be in the regular box as well, or only offered in the boxyluxe upgrade box?

    • I found the jawdrop box when i was looking for a box with luxury items it just launched and is supposed to have name brand full sized stuff in it. I just ordered mine. the stuff in these pictures for luxe aren’t even big brands….I’m not getting luxe

  4. I already have the Park Avenue pallet, so I can give this one to a really good friend of mine. Looking forward to all the brands coming our way.

  5. I received the email stating we can upgrade on the 1st also. Our regular payment is usually taken out middle of the night on the 1st so are we being billed separately if we get the chance to upgrade? I was kind of hoping we would know if we’re able to get the luxe box before regular payment is taken out.
    I hope billing is being delayed for September 1st until upgrades are made. If the system takes; $21 from everyone for the regular box (but not everyone is receiving the regular box) and then some are additionally charged for the upgrade that seems like difficult system processing and the system could make errors sending the wrong box to some. Would just make more sense to so charge for two different products.

    Idk…..we are a few weeks away and there’s so much unknown. With them pushing the limited quantities but not knowing if you can upgrade til billing is frustrating.

    • They are taking out the 21 first. They want to make sure everyone is an active subscriber and if you don’t get your payment to go through then you can’t upgrade. They said there is a window you are allowed to get your payment fixed if it didn’t go through. After that window closes and they send out the emails to upgrade then it will be too late to do so if your payment fails.

  6. 👑🖤👑So happy about the spoiler I’ve been wanting the Park Avenue princess pallet forever!👑🖤👑
    💟I know they are saying “lmtd qunaty” but they say that so everyone will run to sign up before any spoilers or reviews because of FOMO.💟Remember they said the waitlist was “temporarily” lifted but it’s been over 5 or 6 months I believe since there was a wait list🤔🤔
    🛍💸Regardless…I definitely will be signing up🛍💸

    • I don’t think they say limited to make people run to get it. The LE box sold out quickly and was truly sold out. (granted, part of that is because they didn’t limit how many one person could buy so it sold out quicker than it should have) But, he has said if you don’t get in before Sept sells out that you will def get the next Luxe box, in December.

  7. They just sent an email that sign in on September 1. They emphasized that only limited quality is available and there will be 11 products

    • Yes I saw that about 11 products as well, even though they’ve been saying 10 on their live videos.

    • I didn’t receive this email, or any other emails about the Boxyluxe box. I do receive shipment notifications from them and emails for referrals. Not sure if I should be worried about this? I have been subscribed for a couple of years. Is there anybody else who has not received any emails?

  8. I just received an email about the release date. September 1st. Which makes me a bit confused since they stated that it would be a charge on top of the current sub price. Especially since the box gets billed the first (mines always done middle of the night) so are they not billing the first because they don’t know who will be upgrading? Or for those who have prepaid cards for subs, put the extra in and hope you make the cut for the first round of luxe?

    • They are billing twice for the months that have the Luxe box. You have to be a current subscriber to get the Luxe box. They will bill, an normal, for the regular Boxy. Then they will bill for the Luxe added cost. That way if your payment doesn’t go through for the regular box, you cannot get the luxe box. Prepaid subs will just be billed the $28.99 Luxe box fee, on the months that have it. Hope that made sense!

  9. Just got an email that September 1st the Boxyluxe box will be available.

  10. FYI on instagram they stated it will be 10 items in the Boxyluxe – with 3 items the same as the regular box and 7 new items.

  11. I’m in for Boxy Luxe. I’ve wanted the Park Avenue Princess palette since last year. And even if it turns out to be not that great, I’ll set it up on my counter and admire how pretty the compact is. Lol.

    I’m really wanting to see a spoiler that isn’t makeup. I am looking forward to knowing what other items they will be including.

    The anticipation emails are killing me. And they all say there are limited quantities of the Luxe boxes so it’s making me anxious that I might not even get one. I hope they planned for a big response for these boxes and that many people won’t jump on subscribing right away.

  12. Liz do you know if the payment dates will be the same? I am assuming the upgrade option will be coming before the September box bills so if we hit upgrade will we be billed then or on the 1st as usual? All I really need to know is if I upgrade is my husband going to be pissed in August or September? 🤪

    • Same! Omg, if we could split the payment up I might not have to suffer a lecture 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😇

      • The lecture will be coming sister! I added an item on my FabFitFun so that I would be billed this month and not on the first of next to try and distract from the charges hitting at once but I’ll still get 2 “conversations with an eye roll”! 🤣. At least you are not alone in this problem!

  13. Liz I am very confused as to how this new box works? Will we still get the little box plus the lux? Are we paying 21.00 plus 49.00 and how does this all ship. I’m sorry to bother you I’m sure you are extremely busy but this has me very confused. Thank you in Advance.

    • No it’s only the larger box for luxe and it is quarterly. You get billed $49.99 once every 3 months and will receive the three spoilers for that months box plus the luxe items. So not the same box as the regular sub (only for the luxe quarterly box). Every non luxe month you will be getting the same box as everyone. Hopefully this is clear. They have a live video on insta about it but that was the gist of what I heard.

      • I super don’t like that we won’t be getting every item in the regular box. I was hoping that rumor was false. What we like those items better? I think it makes much more sense to give us extra luxe products in addition to the regular box, not instead.

        • I agree a 100%!

        • I feel the same. It’s disappointing and really doesn’t make much sense customer service-wise.

        • I think if we are paying $21 for the regular box that we should get all the items in that box. Why be charged $21 if we are only getting the three, that should not be allowed, the regular box should then drop in price if that is the case. But then $28.99 for 10-11 more items that only BoxyLuxe has. This billing to product ratio makes no sense is not fair what so ever.

        • Me too!

    • Every month you pay $21 for Boxycharm. Every time the quarter hits for BoxyLuxe, you would pay $28.99 ON TOP OF the $21 you paid. You basically pay $50 4 times a year for the Luxe.

  14. Naaaah! I don’t need that tart palette, I think I wont upgrade to luxe

  15. Why are they now saying if we upgrade we only get 3 products from the original box when they originally said we’d be gettong everything in it plus more?

    • WHAT?! I need to check instagram, I thought Luxe subscribers were going to get everything?! That’s really disappointing. I’m glad I checked the comments, thank you!

      • No problem. Im so confused and dont even know if I’m wanting to upgrade now because I’m big on someone keeping their word.

  16. I was one of the few that was able to get the limited edition box and I only used a few things out of it. It was a beautifully curated box, but a lot of the things didn’t complement my deep skin tone. With that in mind and the first spoiler released is for a Tarte (is no one else getting Manna Kadar vibes with Tarte being in EVERY subscription lately?) product that I will immediately put up for swap; not certain if I’ll take the plunge. I need to see the skincare offerings. Skincare to me makes a box worth it and so far, a lot of the skincare items Boxy has introduced have been hits for me. Plus I can always use more brushes.

    • I see what you’re saying about Tarte and Manna Kadar, but Tarte is so much better quality that I don’t mind getting it everywhere.

    • Tarte has terrible customer service. I turned them into the BBB, still not resolution. They are terrible.

      • Wow. What could a strong, well-known and established makeup company do to you that you turned them into the BBB??

        • I was wondering the same thing

  17. I keep asking and I wonder if anyone really knows when we sign io for the damn box?

    • Amen….just announce the sign-up date already…!!

      • They just announced on IG that it is now not until September….they need to get their act together.

      • September 1, 2018

  18. Finally something I’m excited about! The other items look awful, and I didn’t get a single item I can use from my August box. But I have had my eyes on this palette for months!

  19. I would love this (even Luxe) but I don’t want the August box.

    • I hear you! August was not my jam even though I got lucky with getting the mascara. Probably my least fave other than that glow galaxy holographic month I skipped!

      • That was my favorite and most disappointed month. I loved the idea (I love colors!), but since I got the least holographic variation I darn near cancelled then and there. I hate variations.

    • I was able to use the Bang Beauty chocolate eyeliner as a brow pomade, not too warm in color, and it stays put all day long. Works really, really well. I’m actually thrilled with it!

  20. The tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette is LUXE only.

    The other items are in both and also The Girlactik Skin Glow Duo and Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten are a variant. One or the other will be in all boxes along with the eye palette.

  21. The contour pallette is for Luxe only.

    The blush or the highlighter are for both regular and Luxe – this is a variant item so you will get one or the other.

    The eyeshadow pallette is for both regular and Luxe.

  22. This is a Luxe spoiler, guys.

  23. I am super confused. What are the spoilers for boxyluxe vs boxycharm? Is the tarte palette the only luxe spoiler as of now? Thanks!

  24. I like regular version better. So far lux does not appeal to me

  25. Am I clear this is the luxe version? The blush and the contour is for the luxe and all get the shadow palette?

    • It looks like the Tarte contour palette is for the Luxe box, the Girlactik & Laura Geller is a variable for the regular box, and everyone is getting the Pretty Vulgar palette.

      • Thank you. Although the blushes & contour palette are pretty, neither will suit my deep toned skin. The August palette actually gave me an amazing purple smoked eye but I’m kinda meh about another neutral palette since I already have two in constant rotation. Can’t wait to see what skin care item is in either box .. so far at least 2 items cover the box for me. Here hoping …

        • Hey Tanya, how’d you manage that with those colors? I would imagine you had to use a neutrals palette in conjunction.

          • Pink in crease. Darker blue on lid, purple on outer corner. Then a layer of purple over the blue which went violet on me. The pink (light dusting) barely peeked through inner corner and a bit above my crease. I threw on the Harrington lashes and went out the door to my Friday night stop. People kept saying where you going tonight?? Lol I caught myself staring AT myself in the mirror in front of me. I know shocking but great on my deep toned skin, had me thinking “you still got something special girl!!!”

          • PS. No neutral. But used shadow primer and not concealer as I often do on my lid. I saw the pink on Marnies arm and I thought I would try even though we are light years apart in coloring. Also, I knew I would use the dark blue and purple, the shocker was pink.

          • I’d also recommend trying a little yellow above the pink and blend a bit. It will give you amazing “sunset” eyes.

        • The palettes and makeup items I can’t use will be going into gifts for my nieces. I have also been lucky that each box I’ve gotten so far at least half the items work for me, so between the giftable items and the items I can use each box has been worth the price. Here’s hoping September’s box is good. This month’s wasn’t horrible, the colors in the palette are pretty. I was actually more disappointed with the color lipstick I got and I’m trying to swap that. Good luck to us. I’m hoping for a good skin care item.

  26. I am really not sure about Boxy Luxe after the August box and all the misinformation. The August box wasnt the best and they keep issuing Luxe announcements that are contradictory. It seems really disorganized. I wasnt around for the LE box fiasco but this doesnt seem to be rolling out much better. I was very excited to begin with but I hate it when companies dont have their own information straight and drag things out in such a random way. People are more confused now than they were to begin with. Frustrated with BC

    • Agreed. This has been extremely confusing and all the “stay tuned” emails are driving me crazy. They offer no information other than more info is coming. And honestly, a Tarte contour palette doesn’t seem that luxe to me. I like Tarte, but it doesn’t scream luxe like I was expecting. They need better spoilers if they are going to get a lot of us to subscribe to the new box.

      • Right??

  27. I am really not sure about Boxy Luxe after the August box and all the misinformation. The August box wasnt the best and they keep issuing Luxe announcements that are contradictory. It seems really disorganized. I wasnt around for the LE box fiasco but this doesnt seem to be rolling out much better. I was very excited to begin with but I hate it when companies dont have their own information straight and drag things out in such a random way. People are more confused now than they were to begin with. Frustrated with BC

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