BoxyCharm Subscribers – Check Your Email For Bonus Item!

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FYI –  If you’re a BoxyCharm subscriber that bought the Limited Edition Box – check your email! (Thanks for the heads up, Cathleen!)

BoxyCharm is sending a bonus item to Charmers that received the Becca Primer in both the Limited Edition Box and the August box:

If you sign up now, the August box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the full spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Am I the only one who hated the primer? I gave mine away after giving it two tries.

  2. Man, some people will complain about anything. It’s not a “bonus item”. It’s a replacement because they didn’t think to check ahead of time. Wouldn’t you be annoyed if you bought the LE box and got that primer, disliked it, and then got it again a few months later? ONLY the people who got that once specific primer are getting the replacement item.

    So many people are pitching fits over getting eyelashes. It’s a beauty box. They send beauty items. If it’s THAT big of a deal to get eyelashes, then don’t subscribe to beauty boxes. This isn’t a personalized makeup service you pay $$$ for, it’s a 21 dollar box that thousands of people get. They can’t make everyone happy every single month.

  3. Are they talking about the box many didn’t get because they let people buy 9 so they could sell on ebay or put the whole thing up to swap? That box?

  4. Does anyone know what the extra item will be that they are sending to make up for the double product mix-up?

  5. Wish they would’ve not given the Becca primer to those who got the LE box and saved those for us who didn’t get it. I was really wanting the primer but am getting lashes instead.

    • Same

    • I agree. I didn’t get the LE Box because it sold out. I was hoping to get the Becca primer in this month’s box. Instead, I received an email revealing I’ll be receiving the eyelashes. They sent eyelashes in the June box. I don’t wear false eyelashes so I am very disappointed.

      • I got the becca primer, but it’s one I can’t use. I needed to black tube and got purple. Illumination is not my friend. So even if you did get the becca in your box it could have been the wrong one like mine is. And it’s a mini size too. Half ounce. And we just got a primer a few months ago also. This whole box was completely ridiculous.

    • Same here too and on all fronts, including the lashes.
      I referred my mother 2 1/2 weeks ago and her July box arrived within a week. She just got charged for her August box a few days ago and oddly enough it came in 2 days ago… Not to mention she got a BECCA Primer.
      I’ve been subbed for close to 2 years, got charged for the August box in July, still haven’t received it and got the lashes…
      Something just doesn’t seem right…. I don’t want to cancel because I do enjoy most months but I can’t help but feel like I’m getting the screw over. Why are there so many variations and why are the price differences so much? Why is a new subscriber getting her box, which happens to be better, days before I get mine especially when I was charged weeks ago. Maybe I’m expecting too much…
      Fabfitfun is on a downhill slope too.
      At least in my opinion.

  6. Worst box ever! I received the lashes, gel eyeliner, smashbox punked matte lipstick (it is gray) party animal eye pallet (horrid colors), Adessee nail treatment (have gotten it in the past) and Wander eye masks (also already have). So bummed! This box is for a teen, I am 52

    • It isn’t just for teens (although I’m sure teens like it). I am 28 and can wear everything they’ve ever sent. You don’t have to be a teenager to wear bright colors or false lashes. But if they’ve sent you duplicate items, it’s worth contacting them and letting them know.

    • Enidcandles I am close to your age and finally tried boxy for the past 3 months. I used the bum bum and brushes from June, love the mascara and brow from July and am expecting August today. I know I am getting primer which is just ok. So far I haven’t been able to use any of the palettes or lip products they sent, nor do I use false lashes. BUT I’m okay with the 3 months for $59 given the items I am using. I wish I were getting the September palette but I cancelled. All that to say, the box does skew younger but I found value in it and may jump back in for the pretty vulgar palette.

  7. What about the nail oil? I guess it’s been long enough but we got that last year lol

    • I was wondering the same thing, i already received the ncla so rich and i didn’t like it then and don’t want it now. I’m getting the lashes but i wear glasses lol and i have alreaady sampled the baggage claim masks through ipsy(not boxys fault) and they are just ok.

  8. Just received my box! Earlier than usual too, yay!! I have the Lashes in Knockout, the Laura Lee palette, Bang beauty eyeliner in Chocolate, 3 Wander beauty eye masks, Smashbox lip product in So Jelly and an Adesse sweet almond cuticle oil… Its not my favorite box but, I’ll use all the products, at some point. I might gift the eyeshadow.

  9. I’m usually pretty forgiving towards Boxy because it’s such a great deal, but this actually annoys me a lot. So now, not only do I not get the Becca primer that I wanted, but am instead stuck with more fake lashes, the people who are getting the item I want are also getting a bonus item. Meanwhile I and everyone else stuck with lashes or mascara they don’t want gets nothing?
    The fact that it’s apparently only for those who bought the LE makes it a bit better, I guess. But overall I can’t say I’m too thrilled about this decision. If stuff like this is going to happen with these large variations, then boxy really needs to consider going back to the old model where only the small items varied.

  10. I received the email revealing that I will be getting the Becca Primer…but nothing else about getting an extra item in my box this month. I also did NOT get to buy the Limited Edition box, so I don’t believe I will be getting anything extra.

    And yes, it was said that we ALL would be getting 6 items this month, so I don’t think any of us should be all that upset.

    • I yhink sending an extra itsm zeperately because some.people have received the item already. I thought they were gifting go everuone also…. have a great day

  11. I was just wondering if we are not receiving points anymore. I haven’t received any since May. Has anyone else had this issue?

    • I’ve been getting all my points. I’d contact BC and let them know!

    • I haven’t been receiving my points from my monthly boxes either. I read a few comments from people stating that boxy quit giving out points for your monthly boxes and that they only give you points for the reviews?? I wonder if this is true. I’ve emailed them but I have a heard back yet from Boxycharm

      • This is true, goes back to June I want to say.

    • That is correct. You only receive points for reviews and referrals. Points also went back to the original 50 points per item. I’d be happy to send the email from boxycharm support to Liz. The only thing that is inaccurate in it is the fact that they temporarily raised points to 100 after they stopped giving points for your monthly box. They dropped the points back down in July to the original 50 which is not noted in the email but another MSA individual confirmed it after she emailed support too.

      • That was me. I emailed them and was told the only way to earn charms now is through referrals and reviews. No More charms just for being a subscriber. Also the charms for reviews have gone back down to 50. The 100 per was some kind of promotion to get us reviewing and now that we are they dropped it back to 50.

        • Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  12. Just opened my box and I got the Beccca. Is it supposed to be 5 or 6 items? I received the becca, the palette, bang eyeliner, cuticle polish, a lipstick AND 3 wander eye patches.

    • 6 items this month!

    • Carey: you received Variation #2 and yes, there supposed to be 6 items. That’s the box I will be getting too (on Saturday)…so are you happy with it?

      • I’m good with it. Though I am kinda easy to please. lol I’ve been trying to get into the metallic lippies and this one has promise so that’s a win. The eyeliner is brown by the way if that hasn’t been mentioned. 🙂

  13. I got the email from them saying I could see what was in my box and it’s the primer that I got in the limited edition box so I’m excited they sent me this email since I was just going to post the primer for swap anyway!

  14. I find this to be unfair due to we dont get to chose the variations in the current box this month nor is it fair since the limited edition box sold out in minute’s and most of the current subscribers were unable to get the Limited Edition box…..but its ok to reward ones that wer’nt even monthly subscribers to get an extra bonus gift?? Makes no sense to me….what are your thoughts??

    • I agree with you Kathy. What are they thinking? Really? I’m speechless

    • Exactly, how is the fair? I got lashes 3 times and this new set coming, I don’t get bonus items!

      • So true! This is my second pair of lashes, and I don’t even use lashes!! I would have loved a bonus item! Also, I got Adessa nail oil instead of the ones I saw in the spoilers. I would have loved the lollipop nail oil because I heard it was scented!! A little disappointed this month!! Last month was awesome for me though, so I guess sometimes you have great boxes, and sometimes its a bust!! 🙂

        • Sheila! Don’t worry aboiut the cuticle oil, the smell is a little sweet but nothing to write home about! Mine will go up for swap though since I have FOUR more of this brand of cuiticle oil. lol

          My swap link is attached I think. I’ll be listing Allure stuff too since that came today as well.

    • I don’t agree that it is “unfair.” I legitimately purchased the LE box and am now getting the primer that I was already given in the LE box, so Boxy is generously giving us one item to make up for that repeat. It is nice customer service.

    • I think it’s nice they’re trying to make up for a repeat item. It’s not necessarily a “reward”.

  15. This makes it even more painful that I really wanted the Becca primer and am pretty sure I’m getting the Tarte mascara. I could have had the item I really wanted and a bonus item?! Ugh.

    • I wanted the variation you got and ONLY that one so badly I didn’t sub this month! lol I have like 2 -3 unopened Becca deluxe samples.

  16. I received the email, but I’m also getting the Becca primer. I think it’s great they’re being pro active!!

  17. You would only receive the email if you’re receiving the Becca First Light primer (purple tube) in your August box. I had received the email from Boxy that let you click through to see what item they had chosen for you, and that was the item included. Hope this helps.

    • It’s not only that you’re getting that primer. It’s if you’re getting it AND bought the LE box, last year. It’s good CS to do this. Granted, they should have checked that prior to assigning variations, in the first place. Better late than never I guess

  18. I did not get it either.

  19. I didn’t get an email from them 😢

    • Were you getting the Becca Primer? I’d assume if you got the lashes or the Tarte mascara, you wouldn’t get the primer or the e-mail 🙁

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