BoxyCharm September 2018 SPOILER #2!

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We have the latest spoilers for the September Boxycharm box thanks to Boxy Baddies!

All subscribers (For both regular and Boxy Luxe) will receive one of the following:

Girlactik Skin Glow Duo


Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

PRETTY VULGAR Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette – Retail Value $35

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the August box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Can i get the boxyluxe if my fist box was in august?

  2. September Boxycharm is looking really sweet. i like Girlactick products. the liquid lip color in a brownish color that I received in one of the past boxes was one that i kept inside my go to beauty purse bag. it didnt dry out my lips and this Glo powder looks so smooth

    I hope to receive this one however, I have heard and seen Laura Geller blushes and the colors look pigmented. I am ready to sign up for the LE luxy box. on Instagram it provides you with up to date information.

    I cant believe how fast time goes and how much I have given to Boxycharm Member since 2016 with out No regrets.

    🙂 and I want to give a shout out to Liz from My subscription addiction you always keep me up to date with the spoilers. Thank you a million.

  3. Not even going to get into the Luxe debate, but hoping I get the glow duo.

    Hoping I can sign up for the Luxe box in time. but hoping it’s not as tragic as the LE box was. That was a total waste of money for me.

  4. Has anyone ever gotten a response from customer service? I’ve emailed, fb messaged, ig dm, commented on posts and videos. Literally not gotten a single response. I’m about to cancel.

    • Yes I have. I wrote them Monday and they responded to me the next day.

    • they lost my box it took me writing the ceo on instagram to get a response

    • Yes, I’ve written them several times and they always reply. Their customer service has been very good, but since the Luxe Box debacle they have gotten behind because everyone has been emailing, including people who aren’t customers. I FINALLY heard back about my disappointment re not getting luxe, and the email was personalized, apologetic and really made me feel like they cared. They also gave me 1,000 points. Anyone who complained about the Laura Lee palette had a choice of another palette or 1,000 charms.

  5. I love LG blushes. So pigmented!

  6. Well I hope I get the Girlactik Skin Glow Duo, but I probably won’t. For some reason every time I hope for something I never get it.

    • If I get it and you don’t I’ll trade you.

    • If you didn’t get it I did and would love to trace for the blush❤️

  7. Excited for the palette! Meh for the LG products. I’ve had the blushes so many times in sub boxes. They’re nothing special. The Girlactic isn’t something I would use, but I would try it out. Definitely better than the August box already. No clown makeup with brown eyeliner and brown lipstick – thick melted chocolate on your lips. Not a good look at all

    • Seriously! I totally canceled after this month’s box. I’m getting too many of the same makeup types and not enough variety. I have 3 lipgloss products of the same color, and too many blushes and gel eyeliner that I dislike. And those eyelashes this month…yuck. Super disappointed. Surprisingly, the brown lipstick looks good on me. But I’d probably not even try it if it wasn’t smashbox.

    • Well that’s what your going to see this winter is more Brown lipstick. It’s the new go to shade. That’s why the beauty boxes send them. They are on top of the trends, most of them. I was reading beauty trends and when I saw that brown lipstick was going to be a trend 2018-2019, I thought of all you girls lol. Try it, you might like it. I love brown lipstick. Also besides brown there’s a very dark, almost black color. Now that one might be to much for even me.

    • I concur on the August box! It was my first upset with Boxycharm.

  8. So hoping for the Girlactik!! Girlactik is such an amazing, underrated brand and they don’t get as much recognition as they should!!! Their products are on the pricey side, but once you try them, you’ll see why. They’re just SO GOOD!

    • Me to I don’t really use blush but I think the Girlactik would be very nice

  9. I’m excited about this spoiler. I’ve heard really good things about the Laura Geller blushes (and I’m on a blush kick) and the Girlactik one looks like just the kind of color I’d be into, so I’d be reasonable happy with either.

  10. I have a feeling then if I got Luxe I would get blush because first spoiler for luxe was a highlight contour so who knows just how this is gonna go
    .I love the glo GIRLACTIK SKIN GLOW DUO product . It also depends on colors too some are the wrong shades

  11. Yippee

    Not a fan of Laura Geller products, and I DON’T USE HIGHLIGHTERS!!

  12. I’m not really here for these variations, especially not when I’m about to pay 50.00 for a box, and I have no chance of customizing. Blah

  13. That Laura Gellar blush is my holy grail blush! I hope I get it. But if I dont don’t, I still have a back-up sample size to use 😁

  14. I hope I get the Laura Geller blush.

  15. I really can’t stand the variations it almost makes me want to unsubscribe and I’ve been with them for 2yrs! I love boxycharm I just always end up with the variation I wouldn’t want! Oh well, we’ll see what happens with this luxe box!

  16. What happened to that “other” pallette spoiler? Was that a bl spoiler that had to be removed?

    • Nevermind, I found it.

  17. I got really excited thinking it was a setting powder, boo. I really wish boxes would feature those more – white powder works on all skin tones.

    Both look like nice blushes though, so I can’t complain.

    • I would love to see a white setting powder too!!! That’s straight up one of my go to things cuz you use a little of that and it makes your skin look amazing !

  18. Anyone have bets which shades they’ll send out? I hope nothing as bright as the blush from July. I put a little on, and my boyfriend said it looked like I had scarlet fever. Hopefully they pick universally flattering shades.

    • I found that blush applies beautifully with the stippling duo fiber powder Luxie brush from June. It gives it a sheer enough application & you can build it 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip! I need makeup experts in my life haha

        • I use flat top brushes for my blush and light hand flat top for my highlighter and even for my contour. I’m pretty heavy handed though.. but I wear a lot of makeup too.

    • Lmao!! I love men’s reactions! I told mine about contouring and now he’ll squint his eyes and say my contour looks like mud on my face! Better than leaving the house like that I suppose!

    • If I accidentally apply too much of that bright blush, I buff it out with a goat hair brush. It works really well to soften and blur bright stuff like that. Just don’t apply the blush with a natural bristle brush! Actual clown.

    • Lmao that pretty vulgar blush was TERRIBLE

  19. 2nd spoiler and a variation already? So glad I canceled! I’m sure ppl will want to swap that palette anyway 😉

  20. if you look under the email where boxy notified you when your august box shipped there should be an link to join the “interest list” then I got an email a few minutes later saying Congrats! You now qualify for BoxyLuxe. Look and see.

    • I think this is going to be another limited edition box situation with people complaining they couldn’t get it.

    • I tried this and didnt get the email saying im qualified for the boxyluxe =(

      • Try some of the other links =(

    • I got an email after clicking the link that said I’m now qualified for Boxyluxe. I’m also getting an email for every spoiler they put out. However, I think that the emails saying we’re qualified just means that we are able to upgrade, not that we’re pre-registered in any type of way. I’m sure we’ll have to do the same mad dash for the Luxe boxes as everyone else 😒

  21. Getting more and more excited for this next box!!! What great spoilers

  22. I have a drawer full of blushes but am always looking for a new color. I already own that LG blush. I’ll be really sad if I get it.

  23. I would love to get the Laura Gellar blush. I love all Laura Gellar products. I got an email saying I was eligible for the Boxyluxe and instructions would follow in another email. I’m all in!

    • I’m willing to trade if you get the GL and i get the LG

    • I’m right there with you! I can’t wait to see that email with the link to the luxe box 😉😊😉 I really want this Laura Gellar blush tooooo 😍😍😍

  24. I am happy with the options and either one sounds good to me. the baked blush by LG are really great blushes and I think the color will be great for fall as well as the eyeshadow palette. I am looking forward to the Sept box. can’t wait to see what else will be in this box.

  25. To me it seems like the September them is “bland”. I guess this palette is to please anyone that wasn’t happy with the over the top colors in August’s box. I’m hoping a hero skincare item will be added. I’m not too thrilled with the products so far. It just seems OKAY, nothing special.

    • Agreed. I was one of the very happy ones about August’s Box and this is like the complete opposite of that one! But I’m happy to see Boxycharm catering to all of their subscribers preferences.. as long as they keep including bolder options in future boxes I will stay subscribed 🙂

      • lol thats what I said… since there were so many complaints about the bright colors lately we’re going to get nudes forever =p

    • To be honest I like this palette coming up. I wasn’t crazy about Augusts palette but I can still work with it to achieve some looks with the help of my many, many other palettes lol. But the September palette seems more “fall” to me so I’m excited to try it out and see what I can do with it. I’m also REALLY hoping to snag a Luxe box cuz I want that Tarte Park Ave palette sooo badly lol!!

  26. I want the Laura Geller blush i dont have very much blush and need more

  27. I’m curious to see how these blushes will stand up against the past blushes I’ve gotten from Boxy. The Pretty Vulgar blush has been my favorite so far.

    • Agree!

    • Mine too! The color and the packaging were great!

  28. The Laura G blush is amazing for olive skin too- I love it

  29. Laura Geller blush is the best , I have loved it since I first got it in a box . I purchased more after that.

  30. Liz
    When do we sign up for the Luxe box?

    • There’s a announcement post if you search for Boxycharm on the MSA site top left spy glass. The post has a link to sign up for notifications.

  31. Yes cant wait til Sept knew aug was just a crazy month lol. Ill take either of these items. Love the eye pallette as well. 😄

  32. I’m praying for the Laura Geller blush!!! They’re my absolute favorite, I love them!

    • Me, too!

  33. Boxycharm really helped me to compare brands and formulas and even learn the value of the right brush. I learned as much from Boxycharm about makeup as I did about skincare from BeauryFix. It’s a been a fun leaning curve. Love you always and hope to get in on the luxe box. You know I got you until October but I am ready for some Christmas LE eyeshadow palettes. Apparently the 17 I have is not enough … lol. It’s your fault Boxy, I’m such a palette I’m about ready to depot and put together shadows how I like.

    • I just had a depotting session and made myself a beautiful blush palette. I already made a eyeshadow one .

  34. I resubbed last week to make sure I was eligible to get the Boxy Luxe. Now how do I sign up for the Luxe box? Lol

  35. I don’t like that there are so many different variations, considering they never take into consistent that profile survey you do on their website or the reviews you submit. If you are going to do variations then at least try to match the profile otherwise it leaves people disappointed and upset.

    • *consideration (autocorrect)

    • They haven’t started using the profile yet. They said they are working on using them in the immediate future. I think they should have focused on that before putting out boxyluxe but that’s just my opinion.

  36. 🌻🌼Awesome spoiler! Both are great choices! I just bought a Laura Gellar blush in 🍉Fruit Punch🍉and it is absolutely stunning! It’s definitely a blush that will last ALL day!🌼🌻
    🌹I’ve never tried the brand Girlactik but it looks nice🌹

  37. I feel like the ones upgrading to the Luxe, will get the Skin Glow duo product and the others get the blush. I’m sick of the variants. I think I might unsubscribe soon.

    • I’m sick of the variants too!! Do t mind when they are smaller items but now they are giving variants on the bigger items. Of course I always seem to get the one I don’t want.

      • Yep, I got the lashes and other people got the Becca Primer. I mean really is that fair? I don’t think it is and I hate lashes. I do like Boxy more than anything else though!

  38. Those spoilers ! I love both but I’m hoping for the girlactik duo. I don’t get it ! So now if we upgrade for the boxyluxe we will be getting two boxes for September the regular subscription and the boxyluxe. Also we are getting 3 products which are the same in both boxes ? Someone clarify my confusion !

    • You will be getting 1 big box with the boxylux items plus the spoiled items of the regular box. You won’t be getting necessarily ALL the regular items, but you will get the main 3 that are spoiled beforehand.

    • No, you get one box…a much bigger box. The Sept. Luxe box will have 10 products in it.

      3 of those products will be the first 3 Boxycharm spoilers. We will Not be getting the rest of the box like they said we would. They changed it to only 3 of the products in the charm box. The rest will be different products. I have no idea how many of them they will do spoilers on.

      NOTE: if you get the Luxe box and don’t want it again, make sure to cancel the Luxe part of your subscription Before the Dec. Luxe box comes out. Once you sign up for Luxe, it will auto bill for it just like it is for our charm box now.

      • Boxyluxe only get the first 3 products…why. I thought luxe get the regular box plus the extra products. So confusing.

        • Yes, now it’s only the first 3 spoilers for Boxycharm that we get. Yosef said we would get All of the reg. box with 3-5 extra products in the Luxe box. A day or 2 later, he came back and changed it to only the first 3 products.

          I have a bit of an issue with this. First of all…it’s 2 separate billings…one for the charm box, one for the luxe box. That means we are paying for ALL of the products in the charm box and legally are entitled to get all of the products we paid for. Then we pay for the luxe extras, which should be extra products in addition to the reg. box. We are going to lose out on a lot of products…at least 2-3 products every time the luxe box comes out. If Sept. had been the month they added the BumBum Cream, we would Not have gotten it, which would have ticked me off since I had never tried it. The full size is so expensive that I wouldn’t have ordered it online without at least being able to smell it and try it. I’m not a happy camper over this one.

          • I sent an email and the response I got basically said they hadn’t hammered out all the details yet. Seems they are very unorganized especially this late in the game. I honestly don’t think they truly know yet. There’s been a lot of misinformation or changes in information.

          • I agree! PaYing full price for bc box but will only get 1st 3 items at $21. Than paying another 28$ for the 7 luxe items (bc website confirmed you will get a total 10 items total in bl box). Basically you’re trading bc items for bl items. Bc box has been sending 6 items quite regularly, so this means with bl sub ur really only getting 4 more items & paying alittle more than double the price… not really appealing if you look at this way. But I guess ur getting 4 bigger & supposedly better (“luxe”) items. I’m looking fwd to subbing to the bl box tho, bc as a company will have to go big if they want ppl to stay on bl sub & to attract future bl subs! I’ll try the bl box for a few months before deciding if bl is worth it.

      • 🍉🍒🤔When do we get to sign up for the Luxe box?🤔🍒🍉

    • From what I read, I think it’s first 3 items revealed from regular bc box and at least 5* new exclusives in bL box (*Yosef said will be a total of 8-10 items in bL box). For examle: 1) Vintage birdcage palette, 2) girLactik or Laura Gellar, 3) Has not been revealed yet, 4-8) new items exclusive to bL subscribers only.

      • I’m hoping the Hank & Henry is in the regular BoxyCharm. I’ve been looking forward to it and am worried I won’t be able to upgrade. I’m sure it will get sold out quick.

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