The Summer 2018 Beauty Report Box – Coming Soon + Full Spoilers!

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The Summer Beauty Report Box from New Beauty is launching on the 25th! Thanks, Jamie, for the heads up!

The Box: Beauty Report Box (not available yet.)

The Cost: $59.95

The Products: (FYI – these retail values are from me, not Beauty Report and may not be accurate.)

Are you grabbing a box when it launches? Want to see it reviewed?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received my box today but the Nectifirm was missing. It’s supposed value was $133. (Certainly not worth $400 for the box if that item is not included.) Curious if anyone else received a box with missing items?

    • The full size has that value not the one you get in the box! I sold mine on eBay for $30 cause I won’t use it😊

  2. I keep getting an error message. Something about cookies but don’t see where to fix it! Can someone please help?

  3. Check your email for early access to purchase this box now. I just bought one!

    • Could you share the link? It wouldn’t let me sign up for early notice 🙁

  4. It’s now available to order.
    Now they are saying it’s valued at over $400, although I don’t see how that could possibly be the case.
    Oh, well, it’s not like I am rushing to order in any case. 🙂

  5. Oh yay! This is a great box, I loved mine last time. There are a couple gems in here that make it worth it even though there are a few items that will be given away to friends.

  6. is anyone else having problems signing up for the early notice e-mail? hoping it just isn’t active yet and not an issue on my side.

    • Having a problem as well. I’m sure MSA will remind us 🙂

      • thank you danielle and jackie for confirming. i was all on edge thinking it was something on my end. like, NO! DON’T YOU GET IN THE WAY OF MY BOX! rawr! hopefully it will be fixed soon! 🙂

    • I was concerned that was just me — thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

    • Also having a problem…it keeps telling me to enable cookies on my browser.

      • Hi KarenR, I saw you just posted your comment, and I wasn’t sure if you saw that MSA posted that the box is now available for sale! It was just posted today, so you should see it on the 1st page of MSA. 🙂

  7. I was so excited at the prospect of the Sunday Riley toner, lookslike it could be perfect…. but it has a wheat byproduct ingredient! And that will make me itchy. So I think I’ll sit this box out, even though there’s some other nice stuff.

    • It has worse than that – it’s an alcohol-based toner with irritating plant oils.

  8. SO EXCITED!! Guess I’m not gonna take advantage of that 30$ FabFitFun deal now I need this!! I’m loving this selection this year I can actually see myself using a lot of this stuff and that’s awesome and amazing! Lovin the value as well. Must set a reminder for the 25th!!!

  9. Is there anyone who has NOT tried the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask by now??

    • me 🙂 lol

  10. Does anyone know what size the bum bum cream will be?

  11. I’ve been waiting for the Beauty Awards box to come out and I’m pretty bummed. It’s just too much drug store items and I’m so sick of the Grande and scar sheets they keep giving out. Only products I’m interested in is the Revision, which I have already and like, but looks like it’s only sample and the PCA Skin product, which is only sample size too. I was interested in the Sunday Riley until I saw the second ingredient was Alcohol Denat. I usually buy 2 to 3 of these boxes but this one is a easy pass. I hope the Beauty Report box will be better…

    • This IS the beauty report BOX….RE-READ!!!😂😂😂

  12. I should be able to pass on this one. When I add up the value of what I would definitely use, it’s under $60, whew, what with the fabfitfun add ons coming up, add the edits on their way. No more easy, little decisions in the sub box world!! Everything requires planning and fore thought, at least for me.

    • This is the Beauty report BOX…RE-READ!😂😂😂

  13. It seems there’s a lot of confusion about the price this box is always this price. It’s a great selection and I will be buying one maybe two. The RV is over $240, this isn’t the normal beauty test tube this is their once a year beauty choice awards box.

    • As I recall, the RV was over $300 for both the $30 boxes.

    • I just checked, the RV of the spring Beauty Report box was close to $400 (or even with that overpriced meal kit let’s say it was $350).

      The RV of the Beauty Report Sampling Box from December was $318.

  14. This box looks great, can’t wait for the 25th!

  15. finally! yes!!!! of course i have to get myself a couple of these! <3

    • I hear ya!!

  16. Is anyone going to see that the grande lip plumper is clear this time? The last few colors orange and lilac were just nightmares for my skin tone. But finally I think they heard us and went with clear. Wahoo.

    I’m on the fence for $60 though, I dont “need” anything. But ha as if that has stopped me before. That hydra luxe is gonna be regretted in winter if I dont buy the box. I get so dry and i think I’ll head if I dont get the box.

    • tell me about it. i have almost a dozen of those grande lips from these boxes and new beauty testube. you know how many i use/keep? zero. terrible formula and colors. i’m hyped to get the clear!!!

      • I actually got a color I totally love from them it’s like a deep berry and looks like it would be to bold but because their formula is so gel like it goes on with the exact amount of color I need I reach for it daily then end up adding so fenty beauty hyper glitz lipstick in sci fly and it’s slammin! Love it and their formula is great I mean the grande lips that is! Lol can’t remember the name of the color though

        • i think i’m just jaded because i always end up with terrible colors. the browns and bright reds and that lilac. i’d be happy to get a pinkish or berryish color. like the laritzy in this months testtube. really pretty color, but the smell was terrible and the formula was odd. it stayed like crazy on the outline of my lips, but didn’t last a few minutes on the rest. i’m happy to try the clear grande lips, just to see how it works without worrying about the color. i’m kinda spoiled on too faced plumper though, i like the burn! 😀

    • I feel your pain, I don’t Need anything, but it’s such a good deal. But, great deals come around all the time, just have to remind myself that 🙂

  17. Amika, Kate Somerville, Bum Bum, and Sunday Riley… Yes Please!

    • Yes girl!! I feel ya

  18. This is the box I wait for all year! (only the July box though, the other ones are less my taste) I love this box! It’s great stuff for me and tons of Christmas presents too! 😍 Come on July 25th!! 🎉 AND the lions share of these items are cruelty free too!! 💗🐰

  19. Does this box ship to Canada?

    • No, it doesn’t.

  20. Anybody know if this sales out? I dont get paid til the 27th and want to get this box!

    • No usually

      • Not

  21. I watched an unboxing of their last boz and wow it was crazy good! But this one doesn’t to seem habe as much but i think im gonna give it a try!

    • I agree it doesn’t seem to have as much to me to but I promise the selection is way better and once u get the box it’s alot

  22. Both the Sunday Riley toner and Kate Somerville spot treatment I already use and pay full price for at Sephora! I NEED THIS BOX!

    • Can you tell me more about why you like the Sunday Riley? Seems to have mixed reviews…

  23. I want this! I would love to find someone to do a small box split with who wants the tanner and the dry shampoo.

    • Meeee!

  24. This year’s box sucks which is good for my wallet. No fomo.

    • Why u say this?? Please elaborate

  25. I love the Biosilk! It’s my go-to hair product, it’s great for my natural curls, takes the frizziness without feeling heavy or greasy. It’s also great for when I straighten my hair, creates incredible shine.

    Just a note though, the scent is incredibly strong.

  26. I might be completely wrong or on the wrong season but didn’t one of these boxes ‘say’ full size and we got sent alot of deluxe and some full size and everyone was upset and alot of us returned them? Will this happen again?

  27. Is this the correct price? I purchased the last box for $29.99. I love this box but not for $59.99.

    • This is a different box. This $60 one is ‘Beauty Choice Awards’ that comes out once a year, and the $29 one is ‘Beauty Report’ that is released a few times a year – Same company…. *When you click on the link above it says “Awards Box” – this post may be labeled wrong…

      • Oh, that makes perfect sense that it’s simply a different box from what I was thinking of! Thanks for your insight 😊

      • The limited edition beauty report box by new beauty review-Spring 18
        was sold for $29.99. This one is Summer-18 beauty report box by New Beauty. They’ve doubled their price from April to July. I won’t buy it at $59.95, though I would have at their old price

        • It’s not the Beauty Report box. If you click on the link in the post, it says The Awards box.

  28. Too many hair items for me.

  29. That is some amazing stuff! I’m so excited to get this. Sunday Riley, kate Somerville and st tropez do it for me! Everything else sounds great. Anyone know what time this is for sale on the 25th?

    • i’m in PA and i usually have had them go on at about 9am or a little after. so between 9 and 10pm, if memory serves.

      • that would be am, not pm. sorry about the typo!

      • How do you place an order on the 25th? Can you do it here or is there a link? I tried to get the box new sent to me and even enabled cookies for this website but I seem to have gotten an error message. I is there a website address I can order this from?

  30. I am trying to cut back on unnecessary purchases but I use and purchase the Kate Somerville treatment and Sunday Riley toner regularly so those two items alone are make this box worth the price to me. If it ships to Alaska I’ll probably buy this one.

    • My exact thoughts. I was relieved to not be that interested since I’m trying to cut back and only buy necessities for awhile but I absolutely would use the spot treatment and toner so everything else is free anyways. And I might find something else I like. Ugh. Vicious circle….

  31. For $3 an item I will definitely be grabbing this, there are only a couple things that I wouldn’t pay $3 for on a clearance shelf. It’s kind of a big commitment, but I know I love the dry shampoo from birchbox, and that almost covers half the box. I’d be super happy to try the Bum Bum cream Paul Mitchell, and at that point, the rest is bonus!

    • Oh that’s a great way to look at it!

  32. I regret not getting this the last time. However, $60 is a lot. But you get 20 products.

  33. I looked back to last year and the box was the same price and the value was $375-$400. The spring one this year was half the price for almost as high a value. I missed the spring box, so I’ll probably get this one.

  34. This is a bummer that it doubled in price. This has always been a wow factor for me in the past. Looks like too many repeats from Allure Thrill boxes and I only see one item I haven’t tried. Maybe I have been buying too many boxes now?LOL.

    • Too many drugstore items this time. What a strange occasion to double the price.

      • They didn’t double the price this box is only sold once a year.

        • I didn’t know it was the Awards box when I posted that.

  35. Yeay! I’ve been waiting for this.

  36. So, just adding up the full size product values, not even the other stuff, the value is $221. Is that typical for these boxes? I’m super interested in this…

  37. Good stuff, but i dont *need* anything and dont feel like spending $60. For some reason, $30 on random beauty products is ok…but not $60.
    Maybe i feel like if i run into CVS, i spend $30 on the 2 or 3 things i need anyway so i like getting boxes like beauty fix bc you get more bang for your buck….like treating yourself to a marshals run without putting in any of the work….but id be pretty upset with myself if i ran into CVS or marshalls and spent $60 just on random makeup stuff. Its totally worth it, just easier to pass up.

    • Yep, that’s how I justified my past purchases as well. 🙂
      Not because I actually *needed* anything in there, but because $30 is nothing for such a big box of goodies. 😉

    • The new beauty thrills…I’ll take it!! Lol

      • Yes!!! Reminds me sooo much of that box!!! And id be on board if i didnt still have leftoveres from the 2 or 3 allure boxes i got over a yr ago 🤣

  38. I’m mad! These boxes are usually $39.99 not $60!!

    • I got his box last year and paid $59.99. They came out with another smaller box this past year that was $29.99. Good value but too many hair products for me. I still can’t pass up.

    • The last two boxes were $29.95 with free shipping.

      • They labeled this wrong.. This is the once per year “Beauty Choice AWARDS” box, not the regular Beauty Report Box for $30

        • I’ll survive without it. 🙂

          For a Beauty Awards box this one just isn’t impressive.

    • The spring box was $29.95 I think. I was waiting for this, but not for 60 bucks! I will wait and see if it goes on sale. 😄

      • This is different . This is the 1 time per year ‘Beauty Choice AWARDS’ box… but same company that does ‘Beauty Report’ box.

  39. It’s been a long time since a sub box has caught my interest. Does these boxes sell out fast? I would like to get one.

    • the last couple sold out in a day I thought may buy more than 1 and can’t blame people cause it is a steal well adding 30 more bucks breaks my heart yes they sell fast from reviews here last time

      • I never had a problem getting one I usually but within a day or 2 though

  40. of’course I am grabbing it.

  41. Although I don’t think I’ll buy this one. There are only a couple of items I am interested in, would be easier to swap for them.

  42. Woah, they doubled the price?!?! Does anyone know what’s caused the price hike? I was thinking this box looked awesome, but these have always been $29.95 in the past. These products look good, but not necessarily better than usual. So why charge TWICE as much?

    • Oh, I didn’t even pay attention to that!

      Well, that’s peculiar, because if anything, compared to what they offered in the past this is an inferior box (IMO).

    • That’s what I was thinking. I would be impressed if it was $30 but not for $60, yikes

    • This is a different box. This $60 one is ‘Beauty Choice Awards’ that comes out once a year (I bought this Awards box for $60 at the same time last year), and the $29 one is ‘Beauty Report’ that is released a few times a year – Same company…. *When you click on the link above it says “Awards Box” – this post may be labeled wrong…

      • I don’t really care what they call it. This box has a lower value than the quarterly boxes, and it is twice the price! They can brand it however they want and it doesn’t change the facts. This would be a great box for $30. But for double that? I’m really on the fence. There are one or two products I’d really like to try, but $60 is a lot of money for me.

  43. Oh, wow, this was quick! I thought we’d have to wait till Fall now for the next one.

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