Reminder – FabFitFun Summer Edit Sale Open To All Subscribers at Noon ET!

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The new FabFitFun Edit sale starts July 12th at noon ET for ALL subscribers! (If you aren’t familiar, this is basically like Add-Ons, except these items aren’t shipping with your FabFitFun Box.)

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The sale will feature beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle items at 30% to 70% off.
  • July 16 at 11:59 p.m. PT: Sale closes.
  • Don’t forget that Edits are just like Add-Ons and you’ll be auto-billed for everything at the end of the sale. Billing begins the morning of July 17.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still access this sale if you subscribe. Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! (Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!)

Let us know what goodies you snag from the sale!

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  1. When do the items purchased through the 2018 summer edit sale ship?

    • Wondering the same thing. Does anyone know?

  2. Has anyone tried the Grown Alchemist Shampoo/Conditioner or the lotion? I’ve got all 3 in my cart, but now I can’t decide to keep them or not. I can’t seem to find any reviews online for them.

  3. Just wondering, but are the prices so discounted because the items are about to expire? I subscribed for the summer box and spent about $140 on add-ons, all skincare. When I received my box, I remember most didn’t have expiration dates and half the items didn’t come boxed and a few not even sealed.

    Now I currently have almost $200 (also skincare) in my cart for the edit sale and am wondering if these are fresh or about to expire. In which case all my quantities of three will drop down to one or two.

    • Bump. Would also like to know the answer to this!

  4. Does anyone have the Nectar blue light blocking glasses? Any thoughts on the quality, fit or if you feel like they help? I couldn’t find any unbiased reviews online. Thanks, ladies!

  5. I had a cart full of products, then my Post- Summer Editor’s box arrived. Here’s what I actually ended up getting and it’s really unbelievable:

    1) Foreo Fofo.- Same as in the Summer box
    2) Yumi Kim Navy blue train case- Same as in the Summer box
    3) Living Proof Full Thickening Cream- full size
    4) Korres’ Japanese Rose Shower/ Bath Gel- full size
    5) Ahava Dead Sea Water Hand cream- the extra large size that was in a prior box
    6) Spongelle Papaya Yuzu Body Wash Infused Buffer ( the regular flower sponge)
    7) Makeup Drop Silicone Makeup Applicator ( supposed to be special cause ” sparkles” as promoted.
    8) Dr. Brandt Luminizing Primer- full size
    9) Purlisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer
    10) MILLY waterproof swim or cosmetic pouch- lavender ” Haute Mess”
    11) Tagalongs pouch which contains a rain poncho, hair ties and pins, cell phone accessories, and several other ” be prepared” type products- it’s really neat and also tiny.

    NO “ISH” products, no off brand anything.


    • Awesome!

      • Thank you, Debbie. Today’s my birthday, so it arriving on the big and truly terrifying 6-0 was a lovely surprise. I’m going to send them a big ” thank you”!

    • PS- As far as I know, the box is still available if you use LIZ’S LINK!!
      They included more products than shown, obviously, which I think is superb, and shipped using reg. Fed Ex.
      I got my box 2 days after I contacted them about the packing list not showing the Foreo.

      For those with the Foreo who like it like I do the entire Foreo family ( it’s great for light facial massage with moisturizers and stem cell products), the battery that comes in the device is iffy. I changed my first Foreo Fofo’s out to a Duracell as soon as it arrived.

    • How did you get 11 products in the editors box? I got 8 which I thought was all we were supposed to have?

      • Lauren, the Milly bag, Living Proof and MYTAGALONGS Emergency Kit were the $100 mystery bundle for new subscribers if they used the code “STARS” and ordered July 4th weekend. The other 8 items are exactly what Liz said people would receive.

  6. I’m really torn and want to order the poncho. Any subscribers have feedback from theirs? Love it, or feel like wearing a blanket? Thanks in advance!

    • I like it OK but if you have the one from Rachel Zoe’s BOS, the black and cream one, it’s much prettier on, IMO.

      Also, this same cape is sold on Amazon without the brand label for less than $15. I have 2 of them, one in blue shades, the other in purples. I chose the FFF one by BB Dakota in black because it reverses to Gray, thus 2 colors.

      • Thank you! Appreciate the info!

    • I would love to know that too…

      • I love my poncho. I wore it all winter and it held up quite well. It’s warm enough but it isn’t overly thick so that you will get hot.

  7. Does anyone know which box I’ll get if i subscribed now?

    • I’d say it’s the Post- Summer Editor’s box which I just described the contents above. 🙂 A really SUPER FULL, name brand box of products. Every single item was full size.

      Congrats on being a new Fab Fit ” Funner”! It truly is a fun box full of things most of us will use to the bottom of the tube/ bottle, etc.

  8. I was able to get the 2 great things I wanted within 5 min so I’m good for the rest of this sale 😊 dr. Brandt cream and the Murad eye cream

  9. Does anyone have the Nectar blue light blocking glasses? If so, what do you think of them? Do they fit well? Do you feel like it helps reduce eye strain?

  10. Question – as I gave my Cover FX Blurring Primer, from another box, to my friend now I am in need of a new primer.
    Does anyone have an opinion about the Cover FX Blurring Primer (which is tinted) vs the Illuminating one – which I don’t believe is? I do have and use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer-Illuminating, which my daughter bought for me, although many times I use a primer first, and a bit of the tinted moisturizer and then foundation in areas that need a tad more coverage.

    Anyone have an opinion?

    Also – which of the hair products are best? I know it’s a personal choice. I have thick (lots) longer hair, but the older I get the drier it is. NO dry shampoo needed here…

    Thanks in advance!

    • I’ve been using Cover FX primers for years & it’s about the only one I will pay $40 to purchase. I’ve tried several primer samples that are always in Sephora bags, etc & I really like the feel of the Cover FX ones. They aren’t as greasy (for lack of a better word) than others. The tint in the blurring primer isn’t that dark either. I think the $14 is worth it!

    • I LOVE the cover fx illuminating primer! I have dry skin and it is my very favorite primer of all time! I feel like it also helps keep my skin clear and stops breakouts. I also have the blurring primer and use it on occasion but it’s nothing special for my skin type, although I know some people who love it. For me the illuminating primer is a must have and easily worth the full price.

      • Megan and Crystal, Thank you for your input. I actually was hoping for a tint, and then illuminating. I of course regret giving away my one that came in another box not too long ago, however I thought that I had more primer left than I had! I too had tried many various primers from the different boxes or gifts with orders from Nordtrom etc, and oddly enough I have a little teeny tiny bit left – I hope they ship quickly!!

        I liked the little tinted one from Benefit, however these are at a much better price point. In fact I chose to get the Glam bundle, because it has the illuminating primer in it, and if I deduct the $14 that I was ready to spend and I then get the smokey eyeshadow set plus a lip topper to give as a gift for another $14! Can’t beat that price, especially since my friend really wants the smokey eyeshadow set (she saw my nude set, which I was gifted, lol), and that shadow kit is selling for $19 on its own too, so again that $28 bundle price is a deal. I bought the blurring primer one as well.. OK, I say I bought these, however they’re in my cart without any intention of taking them out. Here’s HOPING that they stay in my cart after my mystery issues from the first day!

        Thanks again for the input ladies!

    • Both primers are excellent. Personally, I like the blurring one. For hair products, living proof is a phenomenal brand. It’s usually pricey, so if you can get anything (in shower style is my favorite) at fff pricing, it is so worth it. I have dry hair, too, and would not recommend one of the hair masks, since there are few reviews of the ones offered; instead, just use extra virgin olive oil on your hair. It works better than coconut or organ oil, in my opinion.

    • I’m not sure what your skin type is, but I have recently been using the CoverFX blurring primer, and I’ve noticed some lines after a couple of hours because this is a slightly powdery formula compared to most primers. I’m not finding it’s as moisture- holding as Laura Mercier’s primers are.
      I don’t think the Blurring Primer contains as much of a silicone type product. I do think some other primers have more “slip” produced by silicone which are labeled ” illuminating” or ” candlelight” ( Laura Mercier has or did have a Candlelight primer in addition to the Radiance one). If a person is prone to break outs, the silicone based primers may make the problem worse.

      What does this mean for fine lines that may form as makeup settles during the day? It means that mixing moisturizer with a foundation will likely work better for someone with fine smile lines. I can’t find many good tinted moisturizers on the market at present because of the youthful market overall, I think.

      I do think the CoverFX Blurring Primer is a very good light tinted primer! If it works for you, use it. 🙂

    • If you are having gray hair yet, which might be professionally colored, gray hair will be more coarse and wiry. I am having good results with Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner and their 5 in 1 styling product. My only reservation is that I think the formulations have changed since it was bought out by one of the drugstore shampoo/ beauty brands ( Unilever).

      I ALSO love the Alterna Caviar Anti- Aging line of hair care, although there are not as many anti-frizz properties. IF you don’t have or cover any graying hair yet, I slightly like the Alterna Caviar line and the great dry oil sprays they have for a shiny finish on dry hair better than Living Proof, as LP is under the Unilever umbrella and I prefer hair care that’s not subject to changes using cheaper ingredients. ( One huge example- Original Pantene was FAB until it became Pantene after it was acquired by Proctor and Gamble years ago).

  11. Is anyone doing the mystery bundle? I can’t decide on whether to get it or not!

    • I was wondering the same. It’s my first edit sale, not sure if these mystery bundles are worth it?

      • Have no idea, however I have purchased one from Popsugar, when they were still monthly, and it wasn’t bad..I got to give some decent gifts. I’m buying one, and will either keep it unopened and wrap and gift as such, OR cave at one point and open and divide to gift. I have no clue, but it’s my first FFF Mystery Box, so it may not be fantastic, but I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not a total bust either. As a general rule, I don’t purchase mystery boxes, so here’s hoping!

        • Thanks, Barbara, I think I am going to get one too. I ll keep my fingers crossed that we will all get a nice bundle! So true, there is always the option to use as gift as well.

          • I got a mystery bundle with the summer box and it was awful. There was this hideous straw hat that was to large to be a fedora but not quite big enough to be a sun hat, lavender cuticle cream that had come in a 2017 fff box, and some skin peel that I ca t use in my sensitivite skin. Did not feel worth it at al to me. Its just leftovers. I think you are better off buying what you want especially since it’s kind of pricey.

          • I ended up getting so many other things that I decided in order to save some money not to get the mystery bundle.
            I got pretty much everything I wanted and some. There really isn’t a need to upgrade to get the early access, in the end there wasn’t one thing that wasn’t available later on and I only checked every so often.

    • Mine have been totally worth it, but others have felt otherwise.. I’d go for it if you have $25 to more or less ” waste” if you don’t like what you get and aren’t a product swap person, as I’m not.

  12. is there minimum purchase for free shipping? it usually says in the banner somewhere but cant seem to see it today

    • $25.

  13. there’s definitely some interesting stuff – I know the holidays are a long way off but I’m actually grabbing a few non beauty items for my parents – some of the travel bottles and luggage tags will make really cute stocking stuffers

  14. I’m glad I got the blurring primers … I may try to skimp down again.. I said cleanser and primers… not other stuff

  15. I’m shocked that I haven’t added one thing to my cart!

    • Same here.

  16. I dumped a lot of stuff this morning, but I still need to unload at least $100 worth. 🙁

  17. let the cart purging begin!

  18. I have to stop looking. Instead of whittling down my cart, I keep adding.😕

    • TK – OH do I ever know what you mean and BEST OF LUCK!!!!!

      Just when I think that I have added everything that I want for myself, including upcoming gifts, someone comments about how wonderful an item is to own or to gift, and there I am thinking, “Gosh, would THAT be a nice gift to add with THIS for XYZ’s birthday?” I made a list well before this sale even started, and it has everyone’s name (I HOPE) on it that I plan to give a little or big gift to for their birthdays, special upcoming events, and for holiday gifts as well. Each time I find 1-4 items that I feel truly fits one person (some are just ‘thinking of you’ birthday/holiday folks, so a nice hand lotion + the scrub for $10 total is it), I then write down the items & cost next to each name. I have been able to knock out about 75%+- of my gifts this round – and that includes gifts for work folks, a few extras for hostess gifts or for an unexpected something or another. Since I haven’t found gifts for everyone on my list, I keep checking reviews, posts on here from previous announcements or boxes, just to see that I haven’t missed anything. So, I seem to be adding and NOT subtracting. But geez – even for myself, $5-$20 for something that would easily be $10-$80+- is WONDERFUL…because some of the items I HAVE purchased at full retail price before. Sigh – what to DO, what to do???

  19. patiently waiting! hopefully the purlisse watermelon mask are still available 🙂

    • They are as of now! There’s also a bundle with some in it. Good luck!

    • Last I looked they were not, but they’ve been going in and out the whole time. I bet they’ll be easy to snag with some refreshing!

      • I found that by switching the filter from default to another category and then back to default, VOILA items reappeared as available! I have found a number of items for myself as I didn’t order anything really for add-ons the last couple of times. I have also picked up what I hope will be nice gifts for upcoming birthdays and then the holidays too! Not too much seems to be sold out, unless I’m not seeing the same screen as others..?

        I’m happy with what I have picked out, but I can’t help but question if my gift choices are going to be ‘right’ or only in my mind. grrrr

    • I got the watermelon masks from singlesswag, if u order the petite and use FIREWORK promo it’s only 17.50!

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