Play! By Sephora Luxe Box – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the Play! Luxe Box thanks to MissPuff!

The Box: Play! Luxe Box

The Cost: $25 (one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription)

The Products:

Source: MissPuff

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Are you getting the Play! Luxe box? What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’ll be returning. Havent even opened yet but after these reviews dr on5 want too.

  2. Ummmm😞…so do you “collect” these “collectable ” cards as you would with baseball and/or Pokemon cards..🤔?

    • Love Pokemon! Much prefer to spend the money on some pokecoins to this random assortment of tiny things. The collectible nature of the cards is ridiculous. I bought this before any reviews or anyone knew what was in it and it’s a definite regret. I have it but haven’t even opened it. So disappointed.

  3. Anybody know when volume 2 will be coming out?!

  4. My box was delivered in record time! I liked the samples well enough although, there isn’t anything I’m super excited about. They can keep the cards, what is the point of them? They must be included to make the manufacturers happy. I can’t see myself using the bag, so I’m gifting it. I have to agree that $15 should have been the cost. For $25 we can get a Beautyfix or Allure box with a lot more bang for our buck. Still, I do love that the samples were new to me and Iblove trytnrw oroducts, so overall I’m satisfied.

  5. So I received my box today (actually, it was delivered to a neighbor but thankfully she brought it over to me) and I’m even more disappointed now that I see it. The la mer is only .10 (most eye cream samples are .17) and the sk-II is soooooo tiny for a face cream, like single use tiny. The rest of the sizes are average. I realize how pricey this stuff is, but they have done the la mer as free GWP before, they just sell out quickly.

    • I have mine sitting here still in the box it shipped in. I’m afraid to open it bc I don’t want to get upset with myself for being suckered in again.

  6. Typically I don’t complain about the many boxes that I subscribe to but this has to be the worst luxe box they have ever offered.

    Just got my box today and am disappointed. Although the brands are good, the particular products they sent are … meh. At first I thought the bag was cute…until I kept smelling a bad odor and realized it was the pink bag. It smells so bad it will likely go to the garbage unless I return the bag and contents to Sephora for a refund.

    FOMO made me buy before seeing the spoilers!

  7. I posted a comment but it does not appear to show up. I’ll repeat it. I received my box on Wed. At first I was disappointed, but when I returned later to read the card info. and identify the products I was quite satisfied. Nobody can expect Sephora to include deluxe samples of higher end products as it would be cost prohibitive. All the items are new to me and will give them all a try. I like the bag which has a suggested RV of $15, so you are left with $10 for six samples which I think is fair. I also received three free samples plus a Foundation Sample Bag which I was able to add. The sample bag includes several foundation samples plus a small beauty blender. Overall I am happy with everything and will enjoy using products I would not normally try.

    • Yeah, that was kind of a plus being able to add samples, rewards bazaar items, and beauty offer items.

      I grabbed some of all of the above and got a nice little boxful for my $25

  8. Just got it in the mail. I estimate the value is $91.18.
    Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara $6.40
    Guerlain L’Or Radiance Primer $12.33
    YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain #1 (I think it’s 2mL in size) $12
    SK-II RNA Power Radical New Age Cream $6.81
    Atelier Cologne Iris Rebelle $10.63
    La Mer The Eye Concentrate $43

  9. I received my box yesterday (Wed.). At first I was disappointed, being used to bigger sized samples, but when I came back later, read the cards and identified each product I concluded that it was a good deal for luxury items. So I think it is a matter of exploring unknown territory and giving them a try. Nobody really thinks Sephora can send deluxe samples of higher end brands for $25. The bag itself is quite attractive and has an approximate retail value of $15. If I take the price off for this then we’re paying $10 for the six samples: so worked out this way it is a good deal. Plus I got three free samples plus a sample foundation bag which includes several foundation samples and mini beauty blender. Overall I feel I got my money’s worth.

  10. I hope we can return as that’s what I’ll be doing as well. This is very disappointing indeed.

  11. Question for those who think all recent samples are too small-

    Does Sephora dictate to these manufacturers what size these samples should be, or is it totally up to which ever company offers them what they are willing to charge to reseller beauty box sub companies?

    Personally I think this whole “sample sized” promotion has gotten out of hand- fueled in part by consumers who feel entitled to heavily discounted try me samples.

    All these little containers and packaging costs money- and most if not all beauty companies offer trial sizes at substantial more money.

    We are getting what we pay for! Add in shipping and handling charges and what do you honestly expect?

    Returns are offered by every company I deal with- so buy the full size and if you dislike it- return it. Easy to do.

    I don’t earn your paycheck, so spend your cash as you please- but for many consumers these boxes offer a variety to try out without commitment or the hassle of returns.

    The onslaught on negativity that can sometimes overtake these posts are discouraging. It becomes a hinderance to those of us who want to read positive or helpful opinions or to be able to ask another poster for input if you have a focused question.

    Sephora will sell thousands of these kits- they will certainly make a profit from them- but they aren’t a non profit so good for them.

    When I can score a good deal in my mind I jump on it. So will many others regardless of the opinions of others.

    • Thank you, Trisha! The negativity surrounding all the Sephora Play! boxes has gotten out of hand.

  12. I think I need to quit buying these. They sucker me in every single time and every time I’m disappointed. I already have so many mascaras that I haven’t used and I’ll never ever wear that lip color, so I paid $25 for the skin care samples and the bag. It had better be one hell of a bag and the samples had better be completely full. I might just return the damn thing. I’m so disappointed… with myself. I could have just saved the money I spent on this, used my full $50 gift card, kicked in an extra $25 and bought the Natasha Denona palette for $75. Such a bummer.

  13. I am so disappointed. I love Sephora, I am Rouge, I got the box before this one and was disappointed. I decided the Luxe box for 25$ would make up for it…..nope! In no way was this a special box!
    I can’t believe they would pass this super lame box on thier faithful loyal customers.
    So disappointed..

  14. I am not surprised this is so bad. Sephora makes no effort anymore at all. They are overpriced and under value.

  15. Has anyone used the La Mer eye cream? Does it work?

  16. I Bought 2 -UHG ! Please can someone explain what math they used to get $110 value ? Funny they didn’t show the “value “ on 2 items . I’m more excited about the free samples I got with my order and the KVD sinner perfume I spent 100points on.

    • Well, as someone mentioned below… they probably added at least $20 in value for the collectible cards. 😉

  17. Oh, God, this is disappointing. I hate liquid lipsticks, couldn’t care less for insanely overpriced La Mer or SK-II stuff that’s no different from any other cream under the sun, dislike the Guerlain primer which just sits on top of your skin like a sticky mess. Four out. The perfume I’d give away, and the mascara would try. So, one item out of six, and even then I have 10 full-sized mascaras in line. Oh, right, the cards and the bag!

    Thank you, but no, thank you. I got it right after launch…

    • On a separate grammar snob note, thank you for writing “couldn’t care less.”

  18. I’m glad I didn’t buy. I got the La Mer set from Nordstrom which has the eyecream and the rest of the items have been GWPs at some point. Not a bad box but for those of us who are on product overload…not impressive.

  19. So disappointing, When this arrives tomorrow I’m returning it – I will never order a Luxe box again.

  20. Regarding the product repeats from Sephora overall, what would be smart is if they put repeats in boxes numbered for new subscribers. Lower chance of disappointment! It wouldn’t be that hard to index what was in previous box numbers to ensure a fair amount of variety.

  21. I tried to cancel my order but the samples had already shipped, which must be a speed record for Sephora. After reading so many bad comments, I don’t want it now. I’m going to try to think of it as a mini Net a Porter sample box, I guess. I love their boxes and mostly, they have these brands of samples too.

  22. I’ve gotten that SKII cream sample before (also in a $25 value pack) and it is absolutely ridiculously tiny, like less volume than most sample packets. On the outside it looks like a regular jar but the inside is half of a sphere, if that makes sense, like a pod, which you can kind of see in the picture. Probably my biggest disappointment from Sephora. The single use I got out of it didn’t seem all that special either. I think the bag is the most appealing thing in this box.

    • I agree. That jar is pretty miniscule. I’m typically not one to say anything negative about sample sizes, but I do feel a bit of disappointment when a sample is packaged like a “deluxe” sample, but it only contains enough product as a packet sample (or even less!… I’m looking at you Dr. Brandt exfoliator (the one in the blue tube) for which 5 out of 7 tubes I had only had enough for one use 🙁 ). I’ve used this sample before, and I actually was able to get either two or three uses out of it, so there’s that. But having said all that, I’m still excited for the box. 🙂

      • Just to clarify (as if anyone cares (ha! 😀 )), with those Dr. Brandt samples I was *barely* able to get one use of most of them. Fortunately, my wet skin made the product stretch a bit further. hehe

      • The Dermstore had a full size Dr. Brandt scrub one month in the sub box along with a great bunch of other products. If you’re looking for more bang for your buck check out their Beautyfix box subscription.

  23. I like it, $15 would’ve been a better price, there are really tiny. I haven’t tried anything in the box and the perfume sample is pretty big, so I’m happy, despite the fact that I got a bigger La Mer size in Nordstrom GWP. I’m not disappointed, who uses the bags anyway…?


    • My favorite subs are: Beautyfix (from Dermstore). Look Fantastic and Glossybox. If I had to cancel subscriptions I would at least keep these three. They contain better brands and /beautyfix gives me all the skincare I would need for a month or so. If you get the LF box it is $16 a month (12 month sub) shipping from the UK, otherwise it’s $19 I believe.

  25. “Collectible cards”????
    Can I trade them as one would with baseball cards??

    • They “might” be worth money, in the future.
      Very, very, very distant future.

    • Lol! You read my mind. Is amazing how vocabulary is changing (in order to increase sales) in this smartphone era. SMH.

      When I started reading this blog I used to imagine Liz’s voice (friendly and trustworthy). Now, most of the times I read a review I feel like watching an informecial or qvc. The review I do enjoy and look forward to it the Facetory (the 7 lux one. Not sure of the reviewers name)

    • Yeah my first thought was “I don’t think they know what the word ‘collectible’ means…”

  26. Pass for me but I also can see someone getting excited for this grab too. Maybe next time

  27. Collectible cards? 🤣 😂

    I guess they ran out of sizzle and needed filler.

  28. Oh, God, this is disappointing. I hate liquid lipsticks, couldn’t care less for insanely overpriced La Mer or SK-II stuff that’s no different from any other cream under the sun, dislike the Guerlain primer which just sits on top of your skin like a sticky mess. Four out. The perfume I’d give away, and the mascara would try. So, one item out of six, and even then I have 10 full-sized mascaras in line. Oh, right, the cards and the bag!

    Thank you, but no, thank you. I have ordered yesterday 3 minutes after launch, it still hasn’t been shipped (I am Rouge with 2 day Flash), so maybe it’ll get cancelled. There’s always hope.

  29. I was sure I would buy this as I love Sephora, but now I am glad I waited. I am not using primer in the summer, non-waterproof mascara is a no-go, and I am not a fan of liquid matte lippies. I like the other items, but already have a sample of the SK-II cream I have yet to use. Hopefully Vol. 2 is more suited for me.

  30. Ugghh….more mascara! At least they didn’t include an eye pencil! But the red lip stain is there – sigh… even the “bag” is unusable.

    The only reason to buy this box is to try out a La Mer product and not spend a fortune. But I don’t want to try La Mer that badly – so pass.

  31. You know… this is like the same as those pink ones awhile back BUT those sold out instantly and I was a swap site celeb for a full week because I picked up one of each. Usually Ill get sassy if a box repeats but these were good products and Im glad that people that missed out on those last ones can get some of these. Plus the bag is why I ordered it, holy crap its cute! Im happy 🙂

  32. My box is coming today and I can’t wait to see the contents. At $25 I don’t think you can lose and probably be pleasantly surprised by the items!

  33. No problem with this play box except why red lipstick every friggin time. I have big uneven lips and can’t pull it off. I have a dozen of red lipsticks from different boxes. Don’t get me wrong i’m totally jealous of a person who can pull off a red lip. I think it’s a beautiful classic look. Just not for me I look like Ronald McDonald.

  34. I’m excited to get this. These are products I’ve not tried from brands I don’t really purchase.

    • Me too!!

  35. I snagged one, too. Gave up on regular Play!, maybe this will restore my faith.

  36. Uff. Thank God I pass. This is a joke for $25

  37. I guess I am in the minority here but I am excited for this. Small samples or not, the value is there

  38. It looks like I might be out on my own here, but I ordered yesterday and am super excited to get mine! This is my first time getting one of these types of boxes. I’ve never tried any of the products and haven’t tried most of the brands in general either aside from maybe a foil packet or two. I’m also really pumped for the bag as well as I’ve been wanting a wrap bag like that and I love anything pink and shiny 😉 I’m not surprised the samples are tiny since it’s luxe products – crazy to think that TINY La Mer eye cream is “worth” $43 but for $25 total for the box, I’ll take it!

    • Not at all. I’m right there with you. I ordered the box and am expecting it tomorrow. RV aside, I’m quite content with this box.
      Yes, the price went up $5, but C’MON people. Let’s be realistic, that Guerlain primer is NICE!!!! (yes, it is a repeat from the earlier Luxe boxes), SK-II cream will complement the eye cream we received from the Beauty Remedy box, La Mer is always a big deal and will be coveted when placed up for swap,bag is cute and different than the rest we’ve received, Artelier perfume just like any perfume is up to personal preference (the size will probably be the same travel size spray that retails for $25, and the lippie and mascara are just a bonus to make you feel fancy. Buying this is no different than getting a Sephora Favorites kits that you really only bought for like 2 out of the 5+ items.

      • That primer is not much better than hour glass or Laura mercier..I still have mine from the first luxe box and never use actually makes my foundation darker which is weird…I’m glad I passed on this one…

  39. This is an easy pass for me. That is an absurd price for those tiny samples, regardless of how high-end they might be. Sephora’s boxes have been going downhill for a while now, I am hoping they improve.

    • 👏👏 Totally agree. I’m happy for those who ordered and like this box but it’s an easy pass for me.

  40. Wow really disappointing for a $25 bag. I’m really tired of all the eye creams and moisturizers in bags too, I went through my ‘collection’ the other day and boxes send out waaaay too many eye creams and moisturizers. I have a big tub full of just those from boxes over the last three years. I’ve hardly made a dent in them. It’s just too many and not noticing a drastic change with any of them, so I stick with my Simple moisturizer from the drug store lol.

    • Lol you should use all the samples instead of buying store brands. I started to and have made a dent in my haul and now I just want more eye cream samples so I never have to pay full price 🙂

  41. Wow these sizes are pathetic. I know they are super pricey but in the past they usually have at least one that is a good size.

    • Seriously, totally agree

    I was expecting actual effort from Sephora.
    This is The Beauty Remedy Edition box that came in that super cute pink hard shell case.
    I’ve been a part of Play! for going on two years, been Rogue for three. This is disappointing to say the least. Be creative, show effort, PLEASE.
    We’re being given the same samples, over and over. They change the name and expect us to hype it up but it ends up being a disappointment. The Play! team, really needs to get their act together. Don’t slap a new name (“luxe”) and up the price and expect US to love it. I’m here to try new things. Cut the BS.

    (Serious Eye Roll)

    • To be fair, many of us missed out on that previous box because it sold out and then they canceled orders on top of it. And during the uproar at the time, they said they were working on bringing the box back so people would have a chance again. Now, I’m not sure what took so long and I agree that they should have communicated that up front in case people were worried about getting duplicates if they had managed to get it previously…

      • I agree with you as well LB, but one thing Sephora doesn’t do regarding Play bags, is communicate. They could have easily stated that they have brought it back and here it is. But, until this very post today, I was under the impression that this was a brand new/different bag.
        I am only disappointed because Play bags are a great and reasonable way to try new item and discover new favorites. However, Sephora consistently “rebrands” Play bags that are just repeats and disappointments. Not to mention the Play Smarts “line” that was not communicated as to frequency and launch dates.

    • I totally agree and wish I could cancel my order. It’s already shipped though. 🙁

      • Can you just return it for store credit?

      • Decline the shipment

  43. It’s “ok”, but can’t say I’m terrible excited about it. The combo of brands are about the same as past boxes and I actually don’t get on with La Mer, which is a big chunk of the value. I also just got the Iris Rebelle as a 100 point point perk and don’t like it. I absolutely love the L’or primer though, so I’m happy to have more. And I look forward to trying the YSL stain and Armani mascara.

  44. In my opinion Sephora overall has gone downhill! I cancelled the play several months ago. Sephora used to be my go to for beauty… Now I shop at Ulta & switched my subscription to boxycharm. Everything that I have seen recently on here… Makes me happy that I made the right decision!

    • Exactly!

    • Completely agree! Ive given up ordering from Sephora online. Nordstrom and Neimans do a much better job with free samples and GWP.

  45. Pass

  46. “Collectible set of cards”

    This made me laugh.

    • I agree! I hope they don’t plan on adding that to the total value of the box. XD

    • Collect them or trade them! Value $20 lol

      • Lmao it’s the beauty lovers edition of Pokémon

    • I feel like the resources spent on the cards could be used towards other products… plus, less waste. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • In a precious box they called them Beauty Tarot Cards as though that would make them more collectible.

      • Previous not precious box. Thank you autocorrect.

  47. What size is the Armani mascara?

  48. Meh, glad I didn’t order.

    • Me too, those samples look teeny.

    • Easy pass.

    • Me too, I was waiting for the spoilers. So glad I didn’t order

      • I bought two and I’m quite thrilled. While I also have boxes of various samples I can’t say I’ve ever received a la Mer or skii or Ysl or guerlin one before so I’m super excited to get to try some things that are a bit above and beyond what my typical subs send me. Yes they could have put a full size in and the cards are laughable but the pink bag and the brands alone are well worth the few extra dollars for the chance to actually get to try some of these brands without subscribing to something like a Sisley box. I’m excited!

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