Play! By Sephora July 2018 FULL SPOILERS Boxes #236

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We have the full spoilers for the July Play! By Sephora box #236 thanks to Jenny!

(You can check out the video reveal of all July products here!)

Box #236 will include:


Box #202 will include:

Box #186 will include:

Box #178 will include:

Box #581 will include:

Box #228 will include:

Box #210 will include:

Box #160 will include:

Box #152 will include:

Box #194 will include:

And in case you missed it, all subscribers will receive one of these four skincare items:

And, for July, ALL subscribers will receive:

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Paaarty – 1.5 g Value $7.77

What do you think of the spoilers? 

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. Is there any place I can buy other people’s samples if they don’t want them or swap them out?

  2. Three tarte products, one if which is my daily favorite (blush) and drunk elephant? I feel like I got the jackpot! This was my best sephora play ever!

  3. The box shipped timely and the items arrived in good shape. The samples are tiny but that’s what they are: samples. I can’t take that against the sub. That’s what they advertised, and that’s what they delivered.

    My first play box had been generally a good experience, however, i still cancelled. Someone wrote there are no bad play boxes this month, and I agree — but there are play boxes that are better than others. Do i have box envy? Heck yes, embarrassing as it is to admit it.

    I learned that subs that have wide variations are not for me. I’m subscribed to Pusheen box and despite it’s shortcomings, the value (or lack of) the box is the same for everybody.

    A good experience still and I commend Sephora for that. Will keep on looking for the right beauty sub for me.

    • I wish I had a better relationship with Sephora…but I dont. I have never ever ever received the samples I request when I order from them, their customer service have been always been rude to me….but I love their selection of products. So what do you do?!!! My first Play box….and Im going to cancel. I think I will try one of the other lower price subs. I didnt expect anything grand….and I sure didnt get it! But it just definitely didnt seem to be worth anything near $10. Maybe other months are better….who knows. I love my FFF and I also love my beautyfix boxes. One of my items was in a packet as well…not what I expected!

  4. I got my box today and the Caudelie Essence product seems to have shattered during shipment and there is glass all over the inside of my bag and on my products. Thankfully I didnt reach my hand in and cut myself!! Did anyone else have this happen to them with their bag?? Of course it happened to the product I was most looking forward too!!

    On a related note… does anyone any experience getting items replaced with Sephora’s customer service for Play! items!? I really want the Caudelie Essence!!

    • Hey girl, take a photo and attach with an email. My guess is they will replace your whole box. Also, Im pretty sure Im getting that caudalie product too, and you may have it. Look me up on facebook. Ann McDonald, Loveland, CO

    • I had my boxes stolen by Neighbors when I first moved Sephora promptly replace them all with no questions asked greatest customer care service ever!

    • If they are out of your box, they usually give you a few points. If the box is really messed up, they might refund you and give you some points. I’ve never had broken glass from them. So glad you didn’t cut yourself!

  5. I so want 178!

  6. I canceled both Sephora and Ipsy because I’m tired of the teeny tiny samples. After getting my first fabfitfun box, I did the math and realized the $10 monthly subs were costing more than if I did a year of FFF. I also kept Boxycharm and Allure, though Allure might be getting kicked to the curb too. I prefer boxes with full size items and wish there were more makeup themed boxes like that. Any suggestions on boxes I should check out?

    • Have you looked into Lola Beauty Box? I’ve heard they’re owned by Boxycharm, and they’re very similar to Boxycharm, but feature different brands. MSA currently reviews them, so it might be worth checking out their reviews to see if they’re what you’re looking for. 🙂

  7. Box 160 the brigeo is a foil packet!

    • I cannot believe one of the samples – the Brigio is a small foil pack!!

  8. So unhappy with box 236. I think it’s the worst. I resubscribed hoping I would receive an amazing skin product-drunk elephant, algenist, kora or the farmacy. No such luck. I guess the box is worth $10, I’m just so frustrated each month with box envy. I guess this isn’t the sub for me. Already cancelled.

    • I know what you mean. Seeing what I didn’t get is disappointing. But will I stop looking at the full spoilers… never!

  9. Uggggh, I guess I was too lucky last month, so now I’m stuck with the worst box. 🙁

    • 😂 My thoughts exactly! 2 straight months of the best boxes then this box. My luck ran out, too lol Still happy to try out the new stuff.

  10. Im confused… my orded number says that i will be getting bag #160… then it changed to bag #265 and then on the app it went back to bag #160… kow its saying that the bag i was originally supposed to get is sold out… wow so confusing.

    • Mine said sold out too for 160. Then i found out the brigeo is a foil packet

  11. Got a feeling that what jodi posted was the right one. A lot of people (whose supposed to have a different box) seem to be seeing the 152 box on the app, email etc

    • Yep, that is exactly what the online peek showed me I would get. Ughh, like I said before #236 is the worst box. I was really hoping everyone was right when they said what I saw meant nothing.😥

      • Feels like it is the worst box, and people are just being gracious by not commenting on it 🙁

        • I got that one twice. I ordered three boxes and got #236 on two. I do like the tarte cleanser but I have quite a few of them. I got the Josie Maran in my ipsy this month.

        • I wouldn’t be too upset with 236, that Caudalie essence had amazing reviews, i got mine yesterday, and have never had a skincare item work so well so fast, i was in shock. I usually have combination but very oily skin, and i live in florida. I usually can’t go an hour without powdering my oily shine, then by the end of a long day my makeup gets cakey because of it. I used this, did my makeup and was busy cleaning, mopping and sweeping, doing dishes and standing over a hot oven, hours later I looked in the mirror and was soooo stunned, no shine or oil whatsoever. I didn’t use powder all night, woke up this morning, usually I am an oil slick in the morning. I looked in the mirror and nothing, no oil or shine, just glowing lovely skin…This instantly improved my skin. I am getting the full size asap…So hopefully there is a silver lining in your box after all 🙂

          • Even though it is the worst of the bunch, it does have it’s silver lining for me personally. It included a cleanser, toner(sort of?), and mousturizer. The bonus item I didn’t care for much since they’re all in foil packs anyway. The tarte lippie will wash me out horribly, at least the sugar balm will have some use. However, it’s almost the 20th and I don’t even have any shipping info, even the labels being made at least. At this rate I won’t be able to receive the box at the timeframe that they set me up to expect. If I were to quit the sub it would be for that and not the box’s contents

  12. Aren’t contents of box #236 and #210 exactly the same?

    • 210 has the Rahua texturizer, 236 has the Rahua Omega 9 mask!

      • Right, got it!

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