FYI – Allure + Kat Von D Box Mirror Instead of Lipstick Update

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Allure x Kat Von D box

Some readers have let us know that they signed up for the Kat Von D Allure Beauty Box on or after June 11th (for the second version of the box), but they still received the mirror instead of the liquid lipstick pictured below:

We’ve let Allure know about this, and their customer care team is now fully aware of the issue. If you subscribed to Allure on or after June 11th and received the mirror instead of the liquid lipstick, please contact Allure customer care ([email protected]) so they can send you the liquid lipstick.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hi girls. Any of you received the Kat Von D liquid lipstick? I called them today and they told me it was sent on August 3rd, but I never got it in the mail, and it’s more than over a month.

  2. Does anybody want to trade their mirror for the liquid lipstick?

  3. Did anyone actually receive the liquid lipstick? I called the same day that Liz released this update. After some confusion on the rep’s end, she said that I’d receive it in 3-4 weeks. I still haven’t received it. I ordered after the liquid lipstick was announced (the same day).

    I’m super frustrated. I just want what I was told would be in the box… that’s it.

    • It finally came, the bow n arrow liquid lipstick arrived yesterday.

    • i just received my lipgloss saturday! and ive been seeing people post they have received theirs so anyday every body should be getting theirs. if not by this week i would call again.

    • I did receive the liquid lipstick. I contacted Allure the same day the update was realized and got the lipstick today. The only thing is that the shade looks completely different from the picture too dark for my taste.

  4. Yup – they’re not going to honor it for me, even after I sent a copy showing that I signed up specifically after the lipstick was offered.

    “Dear Subscriber:

    Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.

    There were two variations of the June box. Some boxes included the Kat Von D liquid lipstick, while others included the Kat Von D compact mirror. These items were chosen at random when the boxes were assembled. Your box included the compact mirror. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience caused.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence. “

    • So sorry about this. If you are OK with me sharing your info with my contact at Allure, can you please forward me this email? ([email protected])

      • What was the shade of the liquid lipstick? I contacted Allure and they sent me a liquid lipstick. The shade is so dark I don’t think I would use it. The shade does not look like the one on the advertisement.

  5. I think it comes down to what CS rep you get. I said I got the mirror but would really love the liquid lip and they said I’d get it in a few weeks (I sent my email to them early last week and they responded promptly the next day). Hope it all works out.

  6. I emailed them 6 days ago and they won’t even respond to my email. 🙁

  7. I received my reply from Allure this morning.
    They promised me to send out liquid lipstick.
    Let’s see if it shows up in few weeks as they mentioned or not.

    • They said they would send me it out to today I received some weird mini stellar primer sample

  8. I emailed Allure right after I read this post. I stated the date I paid and that I didn’t get the liquid lip. Today I got an email apologizing and that they have ordered it and I should have it within two to three weeks. No problem with customer service at all. Now the wait begins to see if it actually arrives.

  9. FYI I subscribed on the 16th through amazon and allure is still sending me the lipstick. I included a copy of my payment receipt when I emailed them, and they didn’t request anything else.

  10. I emailed customer service and just received a response today basically saying too bad they weren’t sending lipsticks to anyone. I immediately cancelled my subscription when I got the wrong box, and am so dissatisfied with their customer service.

  11. I just got a response from customer service and they are not sending me the liquid lipstick even though I ordered on June 11th. They said they are not affiliated with MSA and that any information on this site is not provided by Allure. It seemed very rude, which sounds typical, and I am glad I cancelled my subscription.

    Hopefully others get in touch with a different customer service rep and have better luck than I did!

    • Hi Katie.

      So sorry about this. Do you mind forwarding me that email? ([email protected]) Seems like there is a communication disconnect.

      • Sure! Just sent it.

      • Sent you mine too. Definitely NOT getting the liquid lipstick like it seemed promised would happen

        • Hi! I got the liquid lipstick in my box, do you want to trade your mirror for It??

      • I received the same response. I will also forward it to you.

    • I received the same negative email. Should I also email you Liz? TIA

      • You may want to try again. I just got another email from them saying that they are sending me the lipstick. Thanks for taking care of this, Liz!

  12. Thank you for the update. I’ve emailed them. Hopefully they’ll send it out. I cancelled my box after I received the mirror and heard everyone’s feedback about horrible customer service.

  13. Hey girls, I want to know if I subscribe to Allure by Amazon Will I get the same box from Allure website? Or can those vary? I want to subscribe by amazon but I’m not sure if I will receive the same products?

    • I love the Amazon subscription because it always arrives earlier than the one shipped by Allure.
      Yes, the boxes have always been the same ( within the variation colors put in all boxes that month).

      There was ONE anomaly and it was the March 2018 box with the teeny MUFE foundation shade sample. Amazon could not personalize this, so Allure shipped them boxes from 2016…. It was not good at all, and I ended up with 2 of the right March 2018 boxes because I complained.
      That’s been the ONLY difference, and I get one box straight from Allure and one from Amazon.

      I DO get most of the shade variations by getting both boxes. ( e.g., the colors of the lip/ multitask pencil this month. One box had the dark pink earthy shade, one box has a red red one).

      • Hi Mandy. Thank you for answering. Do you have any trouble with the two accounts? Because I’ve read that they cancel your account is you have two with the same address.

        • No trouble at all with one of the accounts being through Allure and the other shipping out from Amazon.
          The box contents are the specified contents for the month’s box, March was the only one which hasn’t been, and it was due to the foundation ” personalization”.

        • That’s not necessarily true because I just got off the phone with them and straight up told her I had 2 and she didn’t cancel mine

          • Thank you for the advices. I just subscribed by Amazon. I really wanted a second box from July.

  14. Thank you for heads up!

    I emailed them yesterday but have just talked to one of their rep on a phone as well.
    She was so upset and had an obvious attitude when I mentioned about this kvd box issue and what I saw on My Subscription Addiction forum.

    However after short hold, she back to me with same attitude and told me that even I shouldn’t complain about the variation, they will ship me a liquid lipstick.

    I bet she has been through tons of calling regarding this subject yesterday and today.

    • Their CS has an attitude in general when you talk to them. I don’t know why I keep stopping and resubbing this box, but yes, CS is always a nightmare. They did send out an email to all subscribers letting them know they have heard the feedback on their CS and they are working on improving it, so hopefully that will be a thing of the past.

    • Sounds embellished to me. Just saying.

  15. I emailed Allure Customer Service about this issue last week and they replied saying the following: “There were two versions of the box and subscribers either received the mirror or the lipstick at random.  If you received the mirror then you would have been one of the accounts chosen for that product. We are unable to send the lipstick.”.

    I got so pissed off about their reply that I emailed then back to cancel my suscription and they only offered the 4 montes for 10$ deal but said nothing else regarding the KVD product issue.

    I will contact them again this time around and I HOPE I get the product I should have gotten since the beggining, I am incredible underwhelmed with how this handled this issue the first time I contacted them though!

    • Same here, I contacted them a few weeks ago complaining about the mirror instead of the lip gloss & they said the same exact thing that they said to you. How ridiculous.

    • Hi! I got the liquid lipstick in my box, do you want to trade your mirror for It??

  16. I have not received my June box at all. I was billed on 6/8. I got shipping notification 6/18 and it never left the facility or was received by USPS. I have sent about 10 emails and I keep getting told “sorry about the delay” and they will notify me when when my box ships and to allow for 2-3 weeks for this to happen. My last contact was 7/8 and still nothing.

    • I called today after seeing here they ran out of June. I was told that my order on 7/6 is unable to be fulfilled and they will be refunding me on my next bank statement. I guess they would have never communicated this with me.

  17. Thank you!! I am so happy to see this. The reason i signed up was the liquid lip and never received it. I emailed them, hopefully they actually respond. I hope I don’t have to stay subscribed until they ship it, I can’t do that and stay in my budget 🙁 I have been waiting until they actually ship my July box to cancel.

    • My subscription was canceled when I called yesterday and requested the liquid lipstick. She sent it out while I was on the phone.

      • **Cancelled

        • oh good, thank you 🙂

    • Hi! I got the liquid lipstick in my box, do you want to trade your mirror for It??

  18. I never got the free gift for a new subscription. I can’t even remember what it was supposed to be.

    • I did, it was saint or sinner perfume sample. I received dinner & didn’t like the smell in the bottle. I tried it on anyway& ended up enjoying it

  19. Hi!!
    I subscribed to the allure box, i was so thrill to try a new box and all thanks to you.. The box arrived at my house got my products however i did not received the lipstick, i got the mirror.. I emailed allure of course I was confused and wanted to make sure i was not shorted an item or if I had read wrong.. i took a picture of what i received and of course i attached a screen shot of what you guys posted of the spoilers and they email me back saying it was either the lipstick (OR) the mirror that subscribers were going to get.. of course that was not what the spoilers showed or said and since they did not want to solve my issue.. or rather they did not want to honor what i was supposed to get I cancelled my subscription. I see no point of me getting and subscribing to a beauty box that does not send what they are supposed to send.. I feel as if I got cheated on! 😫

    • Welcome to the world of beauty boxes! Seriously even the best ones this happens and it’s so frustrating! Just seems wrong!!!

    • Hi! I got the liquid lipstick in my box, do you want to trade your mirror for It??

  20. Did anyone else receive this email? This was a much needed surprise this evening 🤗

    A Special Gift Just For You

    Thanks for being a loyal Beauty Box member!

    Bauble Bar Earring Image

    Have we told you lately how much you rock? To thank you for being a loyal member, we’re sending you a gift from BaubleBar.

    • I did!

      I’m excited. I love earrings.

    • Yes and I hope it is the earrings they pictured they are cool. Surprised since they sent me a gift about 6 months ago.

    • I didn’t get that email, But I’m not exactly “Loyal” to them. We have only been together for a month, and I’m planning on breaking it off….Plus I’ve already been cheating on them with Sephora.

    • I did, too, but I don’t have pierced ears. 🙁

    • Crystal,

      When did you get that email? I feel like I remember seeing an email that said something about Bauble Bar but I might have deleted it 😢

    • Pretty sure the gift is a $ off coupon for BaubleBar. It’s also in the August boxes I think, or maybe July. Saw it in a spoiler.

    • O wow no?! And was it from allure?

  21. I ordered this box and they tried to send it out but put the wrong address. Got sent back outwhen it was returned but didn’t correct the error–post office threw it away. Thankfully Allure is refunding my money…and I cancelled. Oh well.

  22. It didn’t impact me but I am glad to know they are correcting the error.

  23. I just resubscribed to Allure and im debating of i should unsubcribe again. I gave up a few subscriptuons until the fall & winter season, but now im wondering if september will be better…

  24. Thanks for the update, Liz. I wasn’t going to try to get the lipstick but now I will.

  25. I recall that this box sold out pretty quick. There was a glitch with my card so I wasn’t supposed to get the June box. I called customer service, fixed the issue and he got me the June box. It was almost July and I was only charged $10. Got the mirror, but I wanted the mirror.

  26. Thank you. I heard people saying thisnhad basically been a scam to get more people to sub and they werent honoring what they advertised so i didn’t want to bother with their screw up. I just cancelled. Maybe I’ll return if they actually make it right as these boxes are looking better and better!

    • Scam…..😂😂😂

  27. Thanks for the update! I was disappointed to receive the mirror instead of the lipstick even though I subscribed after the 11th. Hopefully Allure will respond to my email and send a replacement.

    • Just got off the phone with allure customer service and she was super nice and sent me a refund ans is sending me a new box with rhe liogloss! But we shall see how long it will take to get here!

    • Hi! I got the liquid lipstick in my box, do you want to trade your mirror for It?

  28. I hope this is true, I subscribed after July 11, and I received the mirror. As soon as I received the box I called them and they refused to send me the liquid lipstick, they said it was optional to receive the lipstick or the mirror.

    • I called and they tried to tell me they had no control over who got what. But i explained that they stated after the 11th subscribers would be receiving the lipstick. I also referenced this post specifically and then after a long hold i was told that they were sending me the lipstick. Hooray! Good luck!

      • Thank you Helen for the advice. I called them and the girl told me they will send me the liquid lipstick, it will take at least two weeks, pretty good news!!

        • I contacted them as well and she explained that it was supposed to be either or but they would send it to me anyways and it would be here in a few weeks.

    • Hi! I got the liquid lipstick, do you want to trade your mirror for It??

  29. I rcvd the Tata Harper mask in my box but I didn’t get the lip so off to contact them.

  30. Thanks Liz! I wasn’t one of those people, but still… thanks for watchin out for us.

  31. I got 2 boxes after the sign up the second one i was charged for and received and idk why? I called them last month to make sure all was canceled but 1 box and of course i guess they didnt and they both came with the mirror so i will be calling them!

  32. I was sad that I did not get this box. I had to get a new bank card. When I tried to put in my new info, I couldn’t get in to my account. So, I started a new one. But they canceled it, stating I could not have more than one account, but sent me a verification email. I’m really disappointed😞

    • Really? I get three allure boxes. I just use different accounts

      • Michelle how do you do to don’t get canceled the other accounts? Please tell me. Thank you

        • I had 2 subs from them for a long time (~7 months) before cancelling the extra one. Same address and no issues.

      • I used a different email, but same address, so they didn’t accept my second account. Do you use different credit card and address as well?

        • Use a different email address, a different credit card, and under a different name… after several attempts this finally worked for me a while back, I just created a new email for my 2nd box, used a different credit card, and my husbands name under the account, and it worked 😬

    • I was told by Allure Customer Service Rep, that the system will automatically refund if the same name is used twice. It can be the same address and payment method. She told me to use a different name or add an extra letter to my name and it would go through. I had 3 subs under different names, until this Kat Von D disaster.

  33. I subscribed on the 11th and got the mirror. I had already swapped to get the mirror because I assumed I’d get the lipstick and was disappointed. I just emailed them. Fingers crossed they send it to me even though I have since cancelled due to this mix up and how long it took to get my box (in addition to other customer services issues I had read about).

    I did get lucky and received my free gift (Tata Harper mask) in the box as well so there was no additional waiting for that. If anyone gets a response from customer service about the lipstick, let me know!

  34. I signed up on June 22 and I did not receive box at all.

    • Me either. I emailed them and they cancelled it, and didn’t tell me.

    • I would call to find out what happened. Late morning or midafternoon Eastern time works for me.

  35. That’s awesome! I signed up on amazon, so I wonder if they will still hold that deal up. Off to email them now.

    Thanks so much Liz!

  36. I’m an ongoing subscriber (so I was signed up before the 11th) but I still wish they would send me the liquid lipstick instead of the mirror. LOL.

    • Same!

      • Me 3!

    • Agreed. We got an $8 mirror and new subs got a $20 lipstick. Not very happy about that vast difference. Why should I stay subscribed when I can get a better box if I sub later?

      • Not all new subs, unfortunately I subscribed before the 11th. 🙁

        • Look at it this way – you still got it cheaper, and a new sub gift, and a CHANCE at much better than the subscribers (which apparently CS is still honoring for some.) Subscribing to this box when it’s so easy to jump on and off is pretty pointless – less than pointless, they penalize you for it compared to new subscribers pretty badly.

      • Hi! Do you want to trade your mirror for the liquid lipstick?

    • Ongoing, and when I cancelled after June instead of being offered 4 at $10 they just said “k, thanx bye” – I’ve been with them almost a year. Gotta love customer service variability. From now on if there’s a box I want I’ll grab it for $10 and then cancel. Forget being a subscriber.

    • Hi! I got the liquid lipstick, do you want to trade your mirror for It??

  37. I also did not get the new subscriber gift of the perfume/or mascara. Going to contact them just thought i was SOL so good to know they are making it right

    • It was awhile ago, but when I signed up with a new gift offer the gift shipped separately….and much later than the box. I think it took a good month or two.

      • It must really take a while. I signed up in April and still haven’t received one. I love the Allure box and that additional gift doesn’t matter to me, but anyone really hoping for that should exercise patience. 🙂

        • I received a cargo liquid lipstick from allure last week. I’ve got no idea how long ago that promo was. It was a nice surprise!

          • The free gifts I’ve received just showed up randomly. It’s a nice surprise.

          • Really? I resubbed in May and never got the new sub gift. I would LOVE a Cargo product! Hopefully mine is in the mail!

    • The new subscriber mascara came within my KvD box.

      • I received Tata Harper. It was in my Kat von D box also!

      • I got a mirror and called their customer service to complain and they said they’d send me a new box with the liquid lipstick and the subscriber gift that I was supposed to get (i think it was perfume or more eyeliner or something). I have yet to receive anything, I’m still waiting on my July box to see if it will be in that one.
        But wait a sec, I got a Tatcha Indigo body butter thingy in my box…was that supposed to be my new subscriber gift?
        I’m already ready to cancel this subscription – August looks boring and my experience with their customer service team hasn’t been great so far.

        • Yeah, the Tatcha was your new sub gift

      • I got a sinner perfume in oneof my boxes

    • I got my new subscriber gift, but it was just a Cargo lip gloss. Was disappointed, but after all…that was NOT why I subscribed.

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