FabFitFun Fall 2018 Box Add-Ons Schedule + $10 in Add-On Credit with Annual Upgrade!

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The FabFitFun Fall box Add-Ons are coming soon!

Now through July 22nd, if you are a current FabFitFun subscriber and you upgrade to a Select (annual) subscription, you’ll get $10 in bonus credit to spend on Add-Ons for your next box!

Credit will appear in your account in 48-72 hours. Offer ends July 22, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Credit only valid for the Fall Add-Ons season.

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • August 6th – Add-Ons are available for annual subscribers
  • August 9th – Add-Ons are available for everyone
  • Also – expect the first spoiler the first week of August!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter).

If you sign up now, your first box will be the Editor’s Box. Check out our review of the Editor’s Box to see what you’ll receive!

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

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  1. Can I use the $15 I got from referral to get the annual subscription? Or only works in add-ons

  2. If anyone had the 8 Other Reasons Gold hoop earring up for swap or sale on the site, please let me know!!

  3. Am I the only one who doesn’t care about add-ons and just wants to know when I will get spoilers????

    • Week of August 1st according to their IG I believe

      • Yay!!! Guess I need to follow them on IG to stay up to date. Thanks for sharing!!

    • No. I want them too! Speaking of add-ones, I don’t know if anyone else purchased any of the 10 degrees cooler face oil but the no. 3 is amazing. First ingredient is Marula oil not the blue oil but this combinatiation is fantastic for my combo skin. I love all the skin care information I have gleaned from sub boxes. Here! Here! For the spoilers and this website and commenters.

  4. I just wish they would fix their server issues. The constant crashing on fabfitfun wasn’t fun.

  5. Does anyone know what happens to the $10 add on credit if we decide to save it for the next (winter) box? I wonder if I’ll have $20 credit for the winter box since I’ve been receiving $10 credit for every box!

  6. I “only” spent $35 on the edit sale & even that’s too much for stuff I really don’t need. The Avene Clearance Expert moisturizer was a great buy for me, though as it’s a product I use frequently. The hair tie bracelet was nice, too (I’ve seen someone else’s), and I had wanted one, but the rest were “impulse buys”. I’m going to have to choose between buying on edit sales or buying add-ons or be extremely frugal during both and resist the urge to add that cute something to my cart that I don’t really need.

    • I looked at that Avène … good to hear good things about this cleanser.

  7. I get why people would be “over it” but in all honesty I’m young, and I saved a lot on some stuff I wouldn’t buy full price. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m an annual subscriber and I mean, I didn’t pay for shipping. I got my mom the cover fax primer and I have it. It was a great deal. From 38, it got dropped down to 14, so some things are worth it.

    • Fx*

      • Yes worth it on some things. I’m not young but spend a fortune on my eye shade palette addiction!! Not to mention other subs… and various other “needful” items. Having said that, the growing frequency of the sales feels like market saturation on its sub population. More like Sephora and Ulta and not a subscription service and fine if it grows their market. None of of us are forced to buy but making a comment in the change is marketing.

    • I totally stock up too. And overspend BUT I NEED everything! 😊☺️

  8. As a seasonal member, how do you skip or opt out of a certain season’s box that just doesn’t have enough stuff you like to justify the price tag? Do you have to contact C.S. or what? Thanks.

    • You can just cancel your sub on your account page. It’s easy to cancel and re-sub through that!

  9. Wow, have they even shipped out the stuff from the edit sale? This was my first edit sale, do they usually do things like this? If sales are this often than I won’t spend very much at the next one. Most of money went towards Murad products and armotherapy stuff. Will the add ons be things from the edit sale or new things? No matter what they are, I’m not spending more. Guess they didn’t do as well as they expected at the edit sale?

  10. Aarrgghh, already?! The only add-on/edit sale I was good during was my very first one and that was because I was super clueless and thought sold out items meant they were sold out. These sales seem to create the perfect FOMO storm for me…

    On the other hand, having 8 of these sales a year may help wear me build up a tolerance against them, lol. I found it easier to drop the stuff that had no excuse to be in my cart because I kept thinking of all the stuff I bought during the last sale.

    • Or thinking that you can get it during another sale!

      • Yes, I’m starting to recognize which products are likely to show up again – I no longer feel the need to hoard Spongelles!

  11. I love FFF and have been with them since their 3rd box I believe. As an annual subscriber, I’m a bit upset at seeing so many get discounts. Not to where it bothers me but it just leaves me narrowing my eyes a bit. 😀

  12. Ehhhh maybe. I’d like to see what the add ons will be. I’m a little sour with FFF atm. I got the Tarte pro glow on summer bix it arrived broken. And they said they would send a replacement in two weeks but then got emails saying how delayed it was and received the replacement today and that was also broken! The palette literally was only wrapped in paper. They gave me 10$ in credits and I’m just calling it a loss. I probably won’t orer any palette add ons because they always come broken lol

  13. I just hope they finally fix their tech issues. All that crashing is such a time waster.

    Also, anyone know when Fall Box spoilers are coming?

  14. Ugh, no thanks. I have more than enough of everything except money lol.

    • Lol me too!!

  15. I’ve been dancing around FFF for a while (primarily for the add ons), but have never made the plunge. Can someone please tell me how it works? It seems like if I sign up now my 1st box will be the Editor’s box, but would my 2nd box be the Summer or Fall box? Also, when would I upgrade to select if I wanted to? Would it be once my account is created, or do I have to wait until the Editor’s box is shipped? And, if I upgrade to an annual am I charged right away (thus, I would be charged for both my 1st box and an annual before ever getting my 1st box?), and would the Editor’s, Summer, or Fall box be my 1st box in my annual if I upgraded? Sorry for all the questions, as I’m sure it’s all quite simple, but there’s always been all of these questions rattling around in my head!

    • 1. Your first box will be the one available. Not sure what which one that is. If none are available then it should be the Fall box.
      2. If you sign up for Annual you are charged up front and the only boxes that count toward memberships are seasonal boxes not editor boxes or those special addition like the Pinterest one. So I think if you sign up for Annual now and the editors box is still available they may charge you for that box then the annual fee in addition. Maybe you might want to ask them.
      3. You can sign up as Seasonal to start and if you like it switch to Annual. The $10 deal is appealing if you plan on spending some money on Add-ons.

      If you go with Annual you get early access to Add-ons.

    • I think I can help you. Liz states above that if you subscribe now, your first box will be the Editor’s box, so your second box would be Fall. You can sign up as select from the get-go, I believe, but if not, you can upgrade right away and you will be charged right away (179.99). So in that scenario, yes, you’d pay for 5 boxes up front before getting your first box. Not really worth the add-on credit when putting it that way, right?! Lol, I signed up and got an Editor’s box first, then I upgraded, probably the next week, to annual when they did this same promo last year. I’m still subscribing so it’s worth it to me.

    • Good questions! Don’t apologize, it is confusing.

      Your 2nd box would be the Fall box. You would get to pick a few items for the editors box, and then would be charged for the fall box (most likely before you get the editor’s box in the mail, tbh).
      If you want to upgrade to select I’d make a decision either when you sign up, or when you start to see spoilers for the Fall box.

      Yes, you would be charged the full amount when you upgrade to select (or annual, they are the same thing).

      It is definitely a nice box and worth the $50 price tag, but for me seasonally works best because I don’t always like the items spoiled and am likely to skip. If you don’t have a ton of sub box items taking up space – the annual/select option is a good one.

    • If you sign up for annual, the Fall box will be your first. You will have prepaid for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Other boxes like Editors can be purchased under the Shop in your account when available. Signing up as Annual from the beginning isn’t considered upgrading. You would immediately be eligible for annual benefits like early access, and you will be able to select your choices of more items in the Fall box.

      If you sign up for seasonal, your first box is the current box (right now that’s Summer Editors). You will then be billed for each seasonal box individually. If you upgrade, you are immediately charged for the next four seasonal boxes (F, W, Sp, Sum)… not Editors or special edition boxes.

    • Thank you everyone so much for your replies! I truly appreciate you all taking the time to explain the sign up process to me. 🙂

      Just one more question…. I saw where it was stated that I could skip a box if I’m a seasonal member, but as a select member would I be able to skip boxes too?

      I think to start I’m really leaning toward starting off as a seasonal member to get my feet wet, then will upgrade to select for early access if the add-ons continue to intrigue me & I start to feel add-on envy if I continue to miss out on items I wanted. 🙂

      • You cannot skip boxes as an annual member. I think the only way to “skip” as a seasonal is to un and resubscribe. I know a lot of people get angry that select members get additional perks like earlier access or additional choice selections, but I think that’s a way to give back for paying up front and not skipping…

      • To be honest, the really popular items can be hard to get even as an annual because people will add the maximum amount of everything they are even remotely interested in at the beginning of the sale and slowly whittle their carts down. But if you have time and patience, you can usually get everything you want eventually. I’ve never been up during it, but I’ve heard a lot of stuff gets dropped in the very last hour of the sale.

        • I am a seaonal member…I never hate on the perks of the annual members. I just want to bring attention to the fact as far as add on go…I never have a problem getting what I want. I just stalk the site until someone drops what I need!! The only thing I could t get was the bag closure thing and the bum bum cream…other than that I’m fine with being seasonal.

  16. Well, well, well. What do we have here? Add-ons. I have spent $0 on Edit Sale, so let’s hope these are not much better, because I honestly need nothing.

  17. Nice to put these dates on my calendar and its so soon! I didn’t buy anything at the edit sale because I was too late for the few things I really wanted, which sold out. I’m hoping they will be available again at the next add-on sale.

  18. Where’s my comment? I didn’t put anything in it that should be flagged. So annoying

    • That’s been happening to me a lot lately! Just today commented on the allure box, nothing negative at all, and it disappeared. Glad to know it’s not just me!

    • your comment is right down there below comment 8. 2 minutes before this one. they don’t always post right away depending on how many people are commenting.

  19. I can’t believe that I just bought another Summer Editors box this morning-now this!! I keep saying I’m getting all these FabFitFun products for gifts. At this rate, I need to start making a lot more friends. Lol.

    • Hahaha! You shouldn’t have any problems making friends if you give them gifts like these!! Just make sure to enjoy your new friends!

  20. A spoiler for the fall box would’ve been nice. Gosh they just love sucking the money right out of our accounts. I thought these add-on sales were something special that only happens four times a year? If it happens every other month than why the rush to be first? I guess I just don’t understand. I never shop black Friday either.

    • I agree, I’d love to be able to see a spoiler lol

    • I believe FFF spoiler-ed an “add-on” in a recent video post, a Summer Rose throw/blanket – I guess that’s all we get for spoilers 🙁

  21. Already?? I just spent way more than I wanted to on the Edit sale. I need to have more self control. It’s too easy to load that cart!!!

  22. I hope these add-ons are better since it’s a seasonal box. Last add-on were a little disappointing, which is best for my bank account. I only spent ~$70 (I can’t remember) and that is the lowest I have spent yet.

    I love Add-on time. The system crashing annoying but it’s fun.

    • Out of your original $2300? That is good. I spent $11 plus shipping. I got a hat.

  23. What happens if you upgrade to an annual membership and decide to cancel before it is over? Do you have to let your membership period run out?

    • Yes, no refunds.

  24. Am I crazy? Or is FFF just hooking us to buy gobs of beauty products every month? We can’t possibly use them this often. I enjoyed the add-ons for a while. Then I saw the edit sale, and wondered how it would be different from add-ons. But now I know— it’s the same thing! It’s just a way to take a quarterly box and have it do monthly damage to my wallet!! I am always still interested in looking, but it feels less special or urgent bc I know that if I miss something, all I have to do is wait a week or two and there will be another FFF sale…..

    • Very true. I’m a bit miffed as I upgraded to get early access to the Summer Edit sale, but I wish I had waited and got the credit as the sale wasn’t as good this time. I tried to hold out, but those deals seemed rare and I didn’t want to wait until Black Friday. Darn the FOMO.

      • Contact their customer service, they might give you the $10 add ons credit.

      • Same, I upgraded the Saturday before the edit sale started. So annoyed this credit is now offered.

    • I agree. It’s a smart way for them to make money. I’m still trying to figure out how I’ve spent so much on things i dont need.

    • I needed that and I think you might be corrrecf … I am good on supplies and was so hoping for a spoiler for fall box! Since they ship Summer Edit sale items so close to billing for Fall box, wonder if I still get my goodies if I opt out for fall box ??

      • Can you opt out of boxes now?

    • I definitely spent less on the last Edit Sale than I have ever spent with add-ons. If the items weren’t the best fit for me, I figured I can wait a month.

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