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Boxycharm Overview and Tutorial – July 2018

BoxyCharm is a popular full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. (Check out our full review of the May 2018 Boxycharm box to learn more about each of the items this month.)

Today, I’ll be showing you how I used some of the items in my July BoxyCharm box! I’d love if you shared what products and techniques worked for you in the comments as well! What items were your favorites? Which products have you been reaching for all month? Let’s talk about all things June BoxyCharm.

But first, here are the box basics:

About BoxCharm

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: The US and Canada

In July’s box, I received the following:

This month’s theme is “Roadtrippen”, which as a stay at home mom of an active one-year-old, I desperately need! With that said, let’s jump right into this month’s box and see what look we can create!

As usual, I started with a freshly washed and moisturized face.

Let’s start with the dr. brandt eye de-puffing gel. This is not a first for Boxycharm, they have sent many products from this brand before and most of them I use daily. I’m always excited to add to my skincare collection, and this product has tons of great claims. This eye de-puffing gel claims to reduce the appearance of bags, puffiness, redness and dark circles. Its promise is to give you a well-rested look and who doesn’t need that?

To get started I used a Q-tip to place a small dot under each eye, focusing on my dark circles. It’s a pretty thick Gel with a light peach color. The instructions say to pat it directly onto bags and dark circles trying not to make any facial expressions until the product is dry. It took less than two minutes to completely dry down, then I felt my under eye area starting to tighten and firm up. It almost felt like my face was twitching lol. I really wish I could give you guys a full and honest review, however, that is hard to do after just one use (check out what Liz thinks about this product here!). However, I can definitely feel it working. I have read many different reviews both good and bad when it comes to this product, so after further use, I’m truly hoping for some positive results.

I’m always excited to try new brow products and this one from Chella cosmetics is no exception. I received the Chella Eyebrow Cream in the color Tantalizing Taupe. I thought the color would be way too light, but surprisingly it blended pretty well. The eyebrow cream comes with a mini precision angled brush on one end and a mini pot on the other end that holds the product. I quickly noticed that a little goes a long way. I simply dipped the brush into the cream and wiped away any excess on the side of the cap. The formula is crazy easy to apply and instantly blends into your brow hairs.

In this photo, I only completed my left brow, so you can see the difference.

What I love about this product the most is how natural it looks and feels. I truly believe that having your brows done can make a huge difference, even if you don’t put on a drop of makeup. We don’t always have time to put on a full glam look so the little things matter. This awesome product comes in six different colors to flatter everyone and it claims to last all day and throughout the night. I can see this being my new go-to eyebrow product.

It’s super fun to step outside the box with fun shades, however, I think we can all take a deep breath of relief when we received the warm-cool shades of the Crown Brush Fuego Eyeshadow Palette. I absolutely love their brushes and can’t wait to try an Eyeshadow Palette from this brand. This month we have four shimmer shades that really compliment the six other matte shades. These stunning earth tone shades will look awesome on anyone! I love the classy sleek black and gold packing, not to mention how big the pans are. These shades do not have names so I’ll do my best to describe them. (I will be going from left to right) Let’s begin with a medium sized fluffy brush. I took this brush and added the top row fourth color as our transition shade. This matte shade has a hue of a dark orange color.

Next, using a smaller brush, let’s add the third color on the bottom row right into our crease building depth into this look.

Here are the two matte shades together.

Then I took my finger and patted the first color on the bottom row on my entire lid. Although there is tons of fallout, this shimmering shade is simply stunning.

Then using a medium fluffy brush I took the fourth color on the bottom row and added that into the outer corners of my eye look. The matte shades are blending well together, however, I did notice that some had stronger pigmentation than others.

Finally, to complete this look I took the first color in the top row and with a tiny brush added this shimmer yellow under my brow bone. After blending out the harsh edges and lines I threw on some black eyeliner and now we’re ready to move onto lashes!

This is my first time hearing of Wander Beauty. The packaging of ruby red and gold is very appealing to my eye. The Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara has a medium sized brush with a slight bend to the shape. I used two coats and I loved how quickly it dried between coats without clumping up on me. It’s important to wait for each coat to dry before adding another, it prevents you from having clumpy lashes. My favorite thing about this product is the brush. Have you ever used a mascara with an oversized brush and end up getting it everywhere but on your lashes? I don’t think you will have that problem with this product. So far I think is pretty good quality.

After adding foundation, I’m ready for our final product. It’s from Note Cosmetics and since I don’t wear blush I’m worried how this product will look on me. I received this NOTE Cosmetics Blush in the color Desert Rose and it’s a beautiful light pinkish-orange shade. This blush has many ingredients that you don’t often see in blush. For one it’s vegan and cruelty-free which I’m a huge fan of. Not only does it contain Argon oils but It’s also infused with botanicals to help it wear better on your skin. It’s the perfect compact size to pop into any makeup bag or small purse and comes with its own brush applicator. With all this in mind, let’s pop it on my cheeks. First, I love how sheer and buildable it is. I’m not too sure if I like this particular shade on me but it’s very easy and comfortable to wear. It’s so sheer it’s almost hard to see in photos.

Here is the final look with a bit of lip gloss! I hope you like this simple everyday makeup look.

Verdict: I thought this month’s products were very easy to use and practical for everyday wear. What I love about Boxycharm is how you always get a nice mixture of both makeup and skin care. Although we have so much fun with makeup we can’t forget to take care of our skin. I would love to know what your favorite product was this month!

Check out all of our BoxyCharm reviews and the Beauty Subscription Box Directory!

What’s your favorite item from the July Boxycharm Box? What do you think about the entire look? Too bold or just right?


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Written by Desiree Queen

Desiree Queen

I am addicted to subscription boxes for so many reasons. For one I simply love the element of surprise that each month brings, whether its beauty, skin care or anything else. I love the opportunity of trying out new products every month without having to commit to the full purchase. My favorite boxes are Boxycharm, Popsugar, and any Mommy and baby boxes. I am a brand new mother and I love trying out new things for my baby and I love how they always have something special for mommy!

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Comments (56)

  1. You look stunning with the Boxy Charm items.

  2. Thank you for the thorough review and awesome tutorial. I haven’t touched my box yet but will do now. I am now excited to use everything as you have demonstrated.

  3. Great job! You made such a beautiful & universal look with the products!

  4. Anyone want to swap? I have the palette and looking for the spray! You may email me! Adp219 @gmail!!


  5. Anybody else having trouble with the Boxycharm website acting buggy and real slow?

  6. Such a amazing review pretty lady…Your whole look is gorgeous….loving it all…. ❤

  7. If anyone hasn’t the spray and wants to swap! I’ll trade this months palette plus the color pop palette and some samples!! I have so many products and want to try the spray regardless of it’s bad reviews so PLEASE email me jennifersparber33 at gmail😊😊😊😊

    • I’ll trade. Emailing you now…

  8. Did anyone get the Farmacy mask? Seems like I havent heard anyone get that variant…

  9. You look absolutely gorgeous and I actually really like the blush color on you. I love watching what you do with this box every month and it always gives me some inspiration. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks that means sooo much to me 😌

  10. You’re beautiful and I loved your review.

    • Thank you!

  11. I’m not wild about the Note blush. It’s a bit orange for me and the old-lady-perfume scent is off-putting.

    The staying power, however is phenomenal. I dabbed some on the inside of my wrist and it stayed put until I scrubbed it off with a wipe.

    • Funny you mentioned that because I had to use two makeup wipes lol

  12. What a great review!!! You look absolutely beautiful!!

    • Awe thanks!

  13. As usual, I enjoyed your review. As others have said, you are always thorough and I love to see the products in use. I received the same box you received. I wasn’t excited about the palette or blush from the spoilers but, thanks to your photos and one YouTube try-on video, I have decided to keep them. The colors are much prettier than I originally thought and seem to apply true-to-color (have you ever had a shadow look completely different on your eye than in the pan? yeah).

    I disagree with you about the blush though. True, it looks subtle (but as one person mentioned you may be able to lay down more color with a blush brush), but the color itself looks beautiful on you. You have a soft glow on your cheeks in your final photo. I’ll also mention that it pairs nicely with the eye colors. You’ve said that you rarely wear blush so perhaps this is the ideal color for you. Let’s face it – you have great cheekbones. The Note blush makes your cheeks looks like they have a natural flush.

  14. I am shocked at how great the brow gel is .I have tried brows gels and color sticks ,but I am 1 of those who never need gel or color my brows are natural but I always get asked how I do them gel or color nope nothing just tweeze .
    The gel is perfect for for brows and You did a Gorgeous finished look.
    Thanks for the How to Pics it does help those of us who need a little guidance.Thanks

    • You must have a pretty good shape to your brows naturally if all you have to do is tweeze them and your getting compliments!

  15. Great tutorial and you look gorgeous!

    • Thank you!

  16. Awesome review, and OMG! You’re naturally gorgeous and your end result with the products is SO SO beautiful.

    • Thank you so much!

  17. Love your detailed review!

    • Thanks!

  18. I really like your tutorials. I think your writing style really pulls me in. And your looks are always beautiful and still seem like they are possible to pull off.

    • Thanks, that’s exactly what I want because I’m also learning as I go along I’m no makeup pro by any means. Lol

  19. The reason the Dr. Brandt eye de-puffing gel is getting negative reviews and why you didn’t see an immediate change, is because the directions to apply it are not being followed.

    You first apply your moisturizer. Then place a small dot of Dr. Brandt on your finger tip and warm/swirl it around against your fingers. Then tap it onto the under eye. Let it dry completely before applying foundation and/or concealer.

    If you do it this way, you can see and feel the effects immediately as it dries. I love this product. It works great when following the directions. I have both dark circles and under eye puffiness and this makes a very quick change in both.

    • Thanks I’ll keep that in mind next time. I plan on using it daily to get the most out of this product.

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE your tutorials and especially your writing style! Well done!

    • Thanks!

  21. I love your review. I never use anything from my boxes but the brushes, haircare and skincare. It’s worth it to me. I have fomo, so that’s why I get the boxes.

    • Thanks me too I hate to miss out

  22. I am loving the Dr Brandt! It really works. I noticed right away BUT that said I think it works the day you use, I don’t think it is a long term fix. The blush is just beautiful. I really really like it. Not too impressed with the mascara and I have the Tarte spray and Chella up for swap.

    My 2nd box was sent to Fed Ex on the 6th and not due to be delivered until the 19th, which is crazy! I can’t wait to see if I got the same things or the variation box.

    • Wow! Why are they shipping so late???

  23. I loved this honest review! It is so helpful, and add me to those who say you look amazing! I am hoping you do these every month 😀

    • I’m so happy to hear you enjoy them

  24. Dez, you nailed the review of the box again. Great and thorough review. I didn’t get the pallet but I wanted to swap my Tarte spritz for it. I was on the fence about the baggage gel and Blush and you’ve help me make up mind mind on Swapping /keeping those too. Keep it up 😊😊

    • Thanks! How did you like the spray? I thought I would get it but I lucked out

      • I’m swapping it. I have other sprays/mists/water and I really don’t know what all the hype is about. This just isn’t a step worth adding to my already tedious routine.

  25. Great tutorial and you look amazing!

    • Thanks!

  26. Wonderful review. The blush is buildable, but you need to use a powder brush to see actual results.

    • Yeah that tiny brush is kinda hard to build it up

  27. I love that you did a tutorial because I was wondering whether that blush would show up on my skin and whether that eyebrow cream is really a taupe color. Based off of your overview, I did the right thing putting the palette, blush and eyebrow cream up for swapping.

    • Agreed. I was wondering about that Blush and it’s going up for swap. Great and thorough review.

    • I’m glad .

  28. That look is great on you! Thanks for trying it out. I got the same box!

    • Thanks

  29. I did not get that palate! I got the Tarte “Ready, Set, Radiant” skin mist! (Retails $25 at both Ulta and Sephora) I really like it. The little tag on it says you can use it as a setting spray, a luminizing spray, or prior to makeup application (not a primer, but a pre-primer?) It’s a big bottle at 2.5 Ozs and I REALLY like it! Thankful to not get another palate!

    • Also, you look incredible! I was pretty excited about the eyebrow gel too! I like that I don’t have to carry around two items (the gel and the applicator) for my purse make-up bag 🙂

      • I feel like that eyebrow pen is not taupe…it’s pretty dark. (Even though it’s marked taupe) I just starting using taupes on my brows even though my hair is dark, it just matches my complexion better.

    • I hear you!! I unfortunately got the pallet. I am so sad. I am not even goi g to open it. I love the colors but I have so many I would need 3 lifetimes to use it all!! Darn it I wanted the spray…okay I’m done throwing a fit lol

    • I was kinda hoping for the Tarte mist

  30. Great tutorial Desiree! You look gorgeous!

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