Allure Beauty Box August 2018 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL spoilers for the August 2018 Allure Beauty Box!

The August 2018 box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

FYI – if you sign up now, your first box will be the July box:

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  1. My July box arrived today. I was billed July 11, have a continuous subscription, and live in Texas. Mine seems to be one of the earliest to ship this month, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t have tracking yet.

    • I usually receive mine 6-7 days after being charged. I talked to a customer service rep and she said because the June box was so huge, it pushed everything back.

      They also send the boxes out in 3 batches, so it will be later.

    • I also live in Texas and won’t be getting mine until the 26th. Granted Texas is big and you might be on the other side of it (I live in the far west of TX. 3 hrs to the NM border) so that could be it.

      • Its just Texas- i am central and mine usually shows up on the 22nd.

    • I am celebrating receiving my June Box YESTERDAY! Never received a tracking #.

      Is it too early to start looking for my July Box? Lol 😝

    • You got better than i did. I signed up months ago, received one box one month then nothing. No hi bye nothing. And to be honest i dont beg anyone to take my money every month. There are too many subscription boxes out there, most are better and cheaper……

    • Also got mines today was billed on the 11th and live in NY. My first box and I see they move slowly.

  2. I am just now getting my tracking number last night, but not after I had to call, and say I was going to cancel my order…allure your really messing up a lot of peoples time , and you also need to update your computer, we can’t get any information from where we sign in on our accounts….update please…your a big outfit and it needs to show…womanup allure..

    • I haven’t received any news yet and your right there is no info available when logging into there site! Why not have an app?? Your site is useless

    • omg so happy it’s not just me- that site is whack!

    • Did anyone else get am almost empty lip balm in their july box? Mine is. 😢 Everything else was great though!! Worth the wait I guess and makes up for the upcoming aug box.

      • Yes! So little in it, it’s already empty after a week. I’ll have to cut the tube if I want the last of it. This is not the 1st time Allure has advertised a full size product but sent a sample. I was looking forward to this product so I could have something I wouldn’t get upset if it got lost while on vacation. The other 2 full sized items are such awful colored pencils, I can’t even give them away.

      • Yes! Mine felt really empty. Fortunately (or not so fortunately) I can’t use those types of lip balms anyway since something about them irritates my lips 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I’m really liking the Sunday Riley and Olay whips! Haven’t tried anything else yet but fingers crossed 🤞

      • Funny, I thought the same of my lip balm as well.

        • Me too. Nearly empty. It was prob the thing I was looking forward to the most (besides the SR)

        • same :/

      • The lipbalm is not full~It seems that the product is all at the end of the tube where the opening is~

  3. Nice size shampoo and conditioner! And the Laneige and Caudalie are great products even if we have already gotten them via other boxes and/or Sephora Favorites. The black eyeliner and highlighter will be gifted. All in all, it’s a good box even if it’s not exciting.

  4. Everyone who doesn’t want to deal with Allure’s terrible service, but still get the Allure Beauty Box:
    Just order it through Amazon.
    You can just do a search on Amazon for “Allure beauty box subscription”
    Then you can sign up for it and easily manage it via your Amazon account. They will have a tracking number for you within a couple days. It’s backed by Amazon’s customer service. You get that box within a week usually.
    Seriously check that out!

  5. I FINALLY got a shipping e-mail today!!! Wow this would have been my 3rd box if my KatVonD box wouldn’t have been “lost” in the mail. When I called customer service they said they were totally sold out of the KVD box for June and they would only be able to give me a refund. Now it looks like I won’t be getting Julys box till August lol😣😑
    I really like the contents of these boxes for it just sucks that they seem to have such trouble with customer service and delivery issues.😞
    Hopefully I actually GET a box this month.😦

    • You should buy it through Amazon. You can track it and it ships out fast. I havent had any issues (knock on wood) since i switch to ordering through them.

    • If you want to get the box without having to deal with the terrible and unreliable service from allure, just sign up for it through Amazon. Seriously, they had my June box to me before Allure replied to my email. Just search on Amazon for Allure beauty box subscription. You can manage it via your Amazon account.

    • Funny my Kat Von D magically disappeared as well and couldn’t be replaced due to sell out Yet I never received tracking either

      • The only things to ever disappear from my mail are my beauty orders. Doesn’t matter which company (Allure, ipsy, Sephora, etc). I’ve even reported them missing and THEN had them show up like “Oh, we found it.”. I think some postal workers skim.

        • For sure they do. I’m lucky so far, but there are areas around here that the Patch seems to be reporting that the cops catch postal workers with serious thefts. Checks, gift cards, and packages. Delivery services need to step up their LP with cameras or something.

  6. what is the holdup with Allure taking all month to ship out the July box. They have one job to do, and they can’t even do that right. I don’t know how long I will be with this box. It’s the 20th and there is nothing in my USPS informed delivery coming from them. Not happy with this subscription at all. The Macys sub is looking pretty good to me right now

    • I feel the same. I find it utterly ridiculous that they can’t get their act together enough to bill and ship to us on the same days each month. It’s like, are you going to send the box you charged me for Allure? Cause I’m not sure at this point.

    • Yessssssssssssss…. Today is the 20th, I haven’t seen received any tracking information from USPS yet. And I leave for vacation soon! WTH! They should ship out at the same exact time each month like everybody else. 😒

      • and can you believe people ordering thru amazon are getting their boxes and there is not even a tracking number on yet for us. What the heck are they doing? Why even have a subscription box if you don’t want to sent them out. I think after mine ships I’m going to cancel and do it thru Amazon, only if I like the upcoming box….it seems easier to cancel whenever

        • I can’t seem to even cancel!! Maybe I’ll just update my card with an account I don’t put any money in…

          • I’ve only been able to cancel if I called the number on my bank statement. They are so hard to cancel. Nothing on the website.

    • My informed delivery says my label was created. That’s about it though.

    • I received a Shipping notification on the 17th and the tracking still shows no movement. It’s ridiculous! I don’t know what is going on.

      • Kim, they created a shipping label but haven’t actually shipped it yet. Mine is the same right now, I’m guessing they will actually start moving on Monday.

      • I got the same tracking email on the 17th & received my box yesterday (Arkansas), even though tracking never moved beyond “label created”. Maybe y’all’s will show up tomorrow. Good luck! It’s worth the wait – great box! Too bad August is so lackluster.

    • I really like Macy’s Box, it comes early. And there is never spoilers leaked , always a surprise.

      • The bags Macy’s sends out are pretty nice too, but the sample sizes are always so dang small! If they brought their price down to $10 instead of $15 monthly I would be more into it. I live extremely far away from a Macy’s so that $5 coupon they include does me no good and really, asking me to spend more to save that $5 isn’t a savings in the end. Drop the price to $10 a month and we can talk Macy’s 😉

        • Totally agree!

        • They don’t do previews/sneak peeks or a discount on your 1st month.

        • You can use the coupon online also, if that helps.

    • It will say “one stop mailing” in usps informed delivery…just a heads up 🙂

  7. I just got an email today saying that I’m getting a thank you gift from Bauble Bar for being a “loyal subscriber.” It looks to be some pretty gold earrings. Anyone else get this email?

    • Nope, but I just got off the phone with them and they are sending me a free gift box which he said was another full size box. I was gonna cancel and they got me to stay with that lol.

    • Not yet, but there’s supposed to be some kind of Bauble Bar coupon in the July box.

    • I received the same email. I think, though, that it may refer to the gift card coupon code in the July box for Bauble Bar. I wish it were for those cute earrings.

    • I received the email also, and I do believe that you will actually get some item from Bauble Bar, as opposed to just a promo code. I have subscribed to this box for a couple years now, and every once in a while they send additional boxes/gifts. Last year, I received the same email, but it was from Marc Jacobs, and they sent me 2 full size Marc Jacobs lip glosses in addition to my regular box. It came about a week after I received the email.

      • I found this kind of exciting. I’m weird that way though and others might find this less than likeable and would prefer the $$ off at baublebar so they can pick their own item. I can just give mine to my daughter if I don’t like it. Usually I hate stuff like this so it’s a huge switch in opinion for me. I’m normally completely the opposite opinion just so everyone knows.

      • I agree it is a separate gift from Bauble. I received the Marc Jacobs last year also in a full size lipstick and mascara set. Now that was really really cool!

        • Year before, I got a Marc Jacobs full size mascara and eyeliner.

          Brown eyeliner is not my favorite, but at least it wasn’t black.

      • Yep. Twice when my box was late I got the Marc Jacobs lippies and a set of nice cosmetic bags. They each came in a separate shipment. I just got notice that I’ll be getting my box on Monday. Usually I get billed around the 11th, e-mail notification around the 14th and the box within 10 days of that, so mines on time this month

      • I got a $20 bauble bar gift code to use on their site I guess. It doesn’t say “with purchase” or anything else.

    • Yep, I got the same email yesterday! It the second time they’ve gifted me.

      • Now I’m gonna cry of I don’t get it lol

        • You always make me laugh, Jamie. Thanks for that! 😂 I do hope you get it though.

          • I perform here daily 😂😂😂

    • Yes! I’m getting the bauble gift too! So totally cool of Allure!
      And to all of those complaining, really?! This month’s box is bomb! And next month as well and to the one that thinks Allure has only one job to do are you serious? Allure is huge and does much more than these boxes which personally I’m grateful to have especially being I’m not even a magazine subscriber.

    • Me too. I truely love that about Allure. They are the only box that has done that for years. I am their biggest fan. They had a bunch of bumps in road for the years too but for the last year or so they have been super, for me anyway. My box is late but I know it will get here and I can’t wait. Thanks Allure for the bonus earrings..So excited.

      • My box has been late twice and each time they sent me a gift (Marc Jacobs lippie set and really nice set of two cosmetic bags). You’re right, Allure is the only company I know that does this, Boxycharm also has good customer service when it comes to replacing broken items and once Ipsy sent me a replacement and I didn’t even have to show proof of the damaged product. But Allure is the only one who actually gives you something EXTRA

    • I didn’t get that email but I did get earrings in my box, they’re very cute! I also got a random Cargo lipgloss from them recently, no explanation, didn’t refer anyone. It was a horrible color so I tossed it but the gesture was appreciated. haha

    • Yep, and I got the earrings in my box. (not that I like them, but it’s the thought that counts)

  8. I signed up cos of last months but wow! what a step down!

  9. I don’t really like getting shampoos and conditioners in a box. The Laneige and Caudalie are nice additions. Don’t need another highlighter or black eyeliner. All in all, it is a nice mix of products and worth the price.

  10. has anyone got their allure box july yet? I haven’t even got a tracking number yet, and it should be here already….

    • Same here. I called 2 days ago and they said they were still in the warehouse.

    • I called the other day and they told me they are being packed in the warehouse and will ship out soon. Still no tracking email. I also have informed delivery from USPS and no package from them has shown up yet.

    • Haven’t gotten mine yet either and just looked to see if they sent it out. Still not mailed out. This time last month I already had the box. 😤

    • I was billed on July 11, and I haven’t heard anything about my July box.

    • I signed up thru Amazon on 7/09, and it arrived yesterday. Love! Didn’t like what was coming for August so I canceled directly under my subs page. Got a confirmation email right away. Easy-peasy. I wish every sub was thru Amazon. *sigh*

      • there were issues with my debit card no fault of mine with Allure site so sub was put on hold.
        I really wanted July. so I did Amazon also and it shipped next day I get notices and through Allure nothing .
        Through Amazon I hope it is the same box everyone else gets and I saw spoilers Aug and cancelled
        so if Sept is better will pick it right back up and Allure site I never know what is going on never get emails etc so Amazon hope it doesn’t fail me.

    • I received shipping notification on the 17th and it left the facility today.

    • I got a tracking number 2 days ago. On it’s way.

    • I have been checking too, although this is disappointing that the month is half over and still no box, I am put a little at ease that I am not the only one experiencing the wait. There should be more consistency on when to expect the box. Its a little something that I look forward to.

    • Same here! This month I was billed on the 11th, but have not heard anything.

    • Which courier delivers Allure? UPS?

      • USPS, it shows as one stop mailing Glendale Heights IL.

        • Thanks! While I’m nervous as this is my first box and hearing so much horror stories about Allure, at least if something goes down it eliminates the courier as usps is reliable where i live. Not much of a silver lining but it takes one thing off the worry list. I’m just mentally preparing to duke it out with allure’s CS lol

        • I used to live in Glendale Heights! Right on North ave. And President! We were just there on Sunday for the fest and fireworks!🎪☄

      • Mine always comes in my mailbox through usps i assume.

    • I was charged on the 11th and I still dont have any tracking details or a notice from USPS informed delivery! I’m really getting upset bc I see other people have gotten theirs from Amazon and have tracking #s already and were charged the same day I was. I’m calling to cancel

    • Mine shipped out on the 17th but it said transferring to usps like 2 days ago, but I haven’t gotten any updates that usps got it yet so I’m a little worried now. I mean should it really be taking so long to transfer it??

      • Mine is still showing in Reno and hasn’t moved since the 18th 🙁

      • I received the shipment notification on the 17th, it’s now showing delivery by the 26th. At least I didn’t get all of my boxes
        At once and have to wait a month for the next? I guess?

  11. I have suffered from dry lips forever until I got some Hanalei in an ipsy bag. I had some of Lanaige at the same time so I could actually do a comparison. There are very few things I will pay that much for one product but the Hanalei lip treatment is definitely one of them. I keep it on my night stand. It does last all night. I used the Lanaige during the day. It doesn’t last as long as the Hanalei.

    • I got Hanalei in a Birchbox a couple month’s ago. Absolutely amazing! Definitely a must! I just saw that they came out with a rose tinted one as well! Can’t wait to get one of those! $20 I believe it is….but TOTALLY worth it!💟🦄💟

    • I havent tried the Hanalei lip stuff but I used to be a medicated Blistex ointment only girl in the winter. I would use Burts Bees jn the summer. Now that I am using a lot of liquid matte lippies I need to moisturize at night. I started with a sample of an indie lip balm or actually a Slumber Salve by Notoriously Morbid. They have been reviewed once or twice here but I don’t know if the slumber salve was. This past winter I did not even need to get my normal Medicated Blistex, the Slumber Salve is great and has a variety of flavors and a container can last at least two months with nightly use. It looks a bit like vaseline, which is a product I could never use it caused as my lips to dry out and bubbled up in reaction rather than be soothed. I highly recommend the Slumber Salve by Notoriously Morbid. I use it during the day if I am not wearing lip color. They also have a lip balm. Prices are quite reasonable. They are cruelty free and some are vegan.

      • Thank you for the info and advice. I’v never been happier with a lip product in all my 40+ years. Some do not like the Hanalei lip treatment because it does have lanolin in it. That comes from sheep so it’s not vegan. Just an FYI.

  12. If anyone wants to get rid of your eyeliners, i’m Your girl!

  13. I called to cancel because of these spoilers, and they offered me a “free makeup box picked by the editors of Allure.” Anyone know what’s in it? I didn’t cancel–August isn’t great, but it’s not terrible either, and the mystery box is intriguing.

    • It’s probably a leftover box from a prior month.

    • I emailed to canceled and they offered me 4 months for $10. I’ll see how the next 4 months go….

      • yes, I too canceled and they offered me 10.00 for 4 months….I think everyone is getting fed up with the way they handle everything…

    • Is it better to call instead of email? I do not like August box either, I am so over shampoo/conditioners.

  14. I am most excited about the Caudalie because that is my HG daily moisturizer before applying makeup. I am just about to run out too. So glad I don’t have to buy more just yet.

  15. This box is kind of a let down. The highlighter is what I am most looking forward to. I just really hope it is a good one that I will be able to use. I really don’t need another Eyeko eyeliner. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really good eyeliner but Ipsy sends them all the time. I have at least 4 of them. I don’t know, I’ll use everything in this box, I’m just not that excited about it. It’s alright Allure, I know you can’t hit it out of the park every single month, and I’ve been pretty happy with you. 💕

    • I am cancelling for August. I was getting way out of control with beauty subs and I had to pick two plus FabFitFun. So i stayed with BoxyCharm bc thats my absolute fav!! I am not really too excited about Aug Allure, but I would of stayed with them if it wasnt budget issues bc they have been great boxes and I cannot complain at all!! I will most likey resubscribe in sept after FFF bills me for the fall 📦 box. I dont understand how everyone just complains about these lol??? These subs are meant to help us find NEW things at a very cheap price!! I am just a grateful person I guess, bc I wouldn’t be able to afford the products that I now have a ton of, if I was to buy them outright!! But i guess everyone is different and possibly spoiled right?? Just to clarify, I’m not directing what I’m saying towards you. I agree with your comment.

  16. I think the box looks OK, I’ve seen worse. I prefer the Eyeko liquid liner applicator over the Kat Von D b/c I can easily adjust the thickness of the line. I only wish it was brown, instead of black. Besides that, the last spoiler stated there will be 7 items + 2 bonus items. Does anyone know what the 2 bonus items will be???

    • Go back and look at that page. I thought the same thing but they were referring to the July box which had 7 items and 2 extras. It isn’t for the August box.

      • I looked back and oops! you are correct. Thanks for pointing that out.

  17. I have loved the last two boxes and July looks great, but August looks like a cancel for me.

    • agreed

  18. June and July blew this box outta the water so disappointed I and really looking at GoodBeing and picking for August it seems I might not get August though if I sign up so not sure.

  19. ugh. i’m probably going to cancel. i pay over 16 dollars for this box and it just isn’t worth it this time. usually i’m more than happy and feel the value, but august, for me, wouldn’t be useful. i also wonder how crappy that highlighter will be? i just received a liquid lip from new beauty in that brand and it’s terrible. the color is okay, but it tastes really bad and wear isn’t great. well, at least july’s box will be good. 🙂

  20. For anyone wondering about subscribing through Amazon, it’s so much easier than dealing with Allure’s customer service. I’ve been with Allure over 2 years and after they failed to send the July box, I cancelled and subscribed with Amazon. Here’s what’s better: Instant order and cancel, faster shipping and a flat $15 charge for me – with Allure it was $16 and some change. I can’t believe how quickly it shipped! Now my Birchbox is MIA, usually it’s the first box I receive every month.

  21. Canceling. The only thing that interests me is the Laneige and its tiny.

  22. Honestly I wasn’t happy with the eyeliner since I got it in Ipsy and it’s not great and since there’s hair stuff which is a no from me. But I’ve been wanting to try that lip sleeping mask for sooo long. I heard it’s great. That and the highlighter are worth it for me

    • It’s not worth the hype IMO. It actually doesn’t stay on very long and just feels like a gloss. It’s not moisturizing and actually chaps my lips.

    • I’ll have to agree that the lip mask didn’t live up to the hype for me either. It didn’t make my lips worse, but it didn’t really help them either. I had terrible perma-dry lips this winter and tried every lip balm I could get my hands on. Funny enough the only one that really helped was one I picked up from a casino gift shop from the brand medicine of the people. I only got it because it had my favorite, a buffalo, on it.

      • Try burst bees honey lip balm. My lips get so dry in the winter, they bleed. That lip balm is the only thing that works for me. It also helps my mom get rid of lip sores. Plus, it is natural. It is my HG hands down.

        • Burt’s Bees*

        • Have you tride Slumber Salve from Notoriously Morbid? I was a medicated Blistex ointment only girl in the winter until I tried the Lunker Salve. It works great, lasts a couple months, reasonably priced. Is cruelty free, some are vegan, and it is an indie brand. I recommend it.

      • Believe it or not, Vaseline is the only thing that works for me. I hate it because it’s a petrochemical and not natural, but the all natural lip balms actually make my lips more chapped and they would peel constantly. I’ve tried eos, Burt’s, CO Bigelow, and Sugar, among some others. There is something in them all that I’m allergic to. My derm says to stay with the Vaseline because it’s the least irritating of them all. Go figure.

        • I’ve had a similar issue. Have you tried the one from Shea moisture? It’s sold at Ulta and at some Target stores. I like the one in the pink tube. It’s baseline based but has African shea butter too so it’s not as gross as plain Vaseline. The regular lip balms, I’ve been told, can have ingredients that dry your lips out over time and with use, but this particular one doesn’t.

        • Jave you ever tried Carmex. I get really dry chapped lips also. I found that carmex helps alot. It comes in a variety of lip flavors and containers but it works best for me year around. Some matte lipsticks helps to dry my lips further and i cant take it. So i use carmex to keep t hm em hydrated and moisturized. It is also medicated. I hop that i could help. Also aquaphor in a tube helps also the travel size, they also have a lip care that helps moisturize throughout the year

          • Carmex contains drying agents so it’s actually one of the worst products to put onto your lips. It essentially is addictive because it dries out your lips, you feel like you need more, you feel relief when you apply, but then it redries out your lips, the cycle continues.

        • I use Blistex Lip Medex at night. It’s probably based in Vaseline, but it works well.

          I use regular Blistex during the day. I rarely(never) wear lipstick to work.

  23. I decided to cancel for August (very easy with Amazon). I received July and I liked everything but the bright eye liner, which goes to my more adventurous sister-in-law. Eye liner for two month in a row. If the lip mask was the full size (versus either eye liner or highlight), I might have stayed.

    • You already got your July box? I’m so jealous! Lol

  24. As someone who wears winged eyeliner very frequently, I enjoy receiving black liners in boxes. I can’t remember the last time I had to actually purchase an eyeliner or mascara! So that’s a plus for me. Definitely excited for the lip mask, mine can always use extra tlc. The highlighter I’m willing to give a chance to..I love highlighters as long as they’re not glittery. The only miss here is the shampoo/conditioner because I’m trying to strip my hair if it’s color and protein just seals the dye in. I’ll keep it though for the future.

  25. It’s time to get creative. I’m going to try using the eyeliner for nail art. And I will play around with using highlighters, glitter shadows and eyeliner to decorate Christmas ornaments. and gift tags.

    • Since eyeliner is water based it will work on your nails the same way a regular crayola marker will. It will write on paper, but the ink will spread bc it’s not really meant for that. The other makeup items will show up on paper, but won’t stay on there. It barely stays on our faces, where it’s supposed to lol.

      • I’ll have to experiment with adhesives and sealants, but I think I can make it work.

        • Thats pretty awesome 🙂

          Its always worth a shot with all of the products that get stocked up from subscription boxes.

          I usually hold a “no-lose” makeup giveaway for a few friends on Facebook. Its always a blast 🙂

          Good luck in your creative endeavors ! 🙂 <3

      • Speaking of Crayola, they’ve branched out into cosmetic pencils. I guess they enjoyed the collaboration with Clinique.

        I haven’t ordered any yet, but I was amused.

        • Don’t order the Crayola makeup! It’s horrible! It’s like the kiddie makeup Claire’s used to sell, but worse bc it’s supposed to be for adults and it’s selling for high end prices!

          It’s been reviewed by many YouTube ppl and they all had the same experience. It’s just awful quality stuff.

  26. August’s box is ok, but I’m kinda disappointed. Allure has a way of sending out a great box and sucking me back in when I think about canceling (they also offer me 4 month at $10 every time I try to cancel, just a little FYIZ 😉😉). My last $10 box is July, so I’ll see how I feel. I canceled Ipsy and this month was a great month (of course 🙄)…….

    • Girl, I feel your pain…Story of my life.

    • I get 2 ipsys, they sent 3 of the same items in both. 2 first aid beauty face cleansers, which i wasnt mad about because then its closer to full size lol. 2 Pacifica blush duos, they suck :-(, and 2 Elizabeth mott tapered blending brushes, they are $16 a piece though. I gave away the extra blush, but i decided to keep the brushes and face cleansers.

      My other items sucked. A mini of the liquid eyeko liner, as pictured here, except the allure is full size. A city color eyeshadow, an ofra eyeshadow (which im actually using as a highlighter, its not too bad), and a naturelab tokyo hair mist.

      I really wanted the lorac gel pencil( i even review and say that I hate liquid eyeliners), the smashbox concealer, the micellar water makeup wipes, and the laura mercier setting powder…i havent seen many ppl getting the setting powder.

      Im thinking of cancelling 😤

      • The Pacifica blush makes better eyeshadow. I mean who wants blush that has a shimmer to it? I opened that and thought “for the love of God, why?” Lol. It’s real pretty on the eyes though. I got the same OFRA, funny, my first thought when I saw it was “oooh, pretty new highlighter!” Have you looked at the Ipsy August glam bag reveal spoilers thread? I wrote a comment in there about some hacks to improve your glam bag, you might find it helpful.

        • I like blush with shimmer.

          Probably why I’m not a fan of highlighters.

    • If it makes you feel better my ipsy bag this month was the worst I’ve ever gotten

      • I gave up on Ipsy months ago.

    • Jackie C: Can you cancel in the middle of the 4 for $10 deal or you have to complete it and then cancel? They sucked me back in too. 🙂

  27. i am so SICK of black eye liners!!!!

    • Say that again! I have enough to last until the next ice age!!

      • Lol! I only have 2 subs, so I never really understood you people going on and on about not wanting eyeliner. I mean, I love eyeliner. So yeah, I’ve only had my 2 subs for 2 months and I have 4 eyeliners. Ladies, I understand now and I’d like to join your club. 😁

        • You’re most welcome to join!😉😂

          • Always

  28. So tired of highlighters and black eyeliners. Don’t want them, don’t use them, and yet this box provides at least 6 of each every year. So disappointing…..cancelled.

    • How did you cancel???

      • You can call, they have a phone number 🙂

  29. Yeah… I really had high hopes for this box but we got this eyeliner delux sample in March, last months we got kvd eyeliner and this month box will bring another eyeliner but luckily it’s blue.. how many eyes should I have to use this many eyeliners?? We are not spiders and don’t have 12 eyes 🕷

    • We must come up for new uses for eyeliner and highlighter! It’s about time for another mascara and eye cream! I actually had to buy a day eye cream, but then I found one I forgot about😂.

      • I know, I live on my samples! If I start to run low on something, I always check the spoilers before I go buy anything!!😂

      • My daughter uses the eyeliners to practice Henna designs. She takes pictures and uses them to show what she can do. Best I can remember the Eyeko was one of the best for that 🙂

    • I use eyeliner to hand draw pics and small designs on my daughters face….she likes them at the top of her cheekbones….arrows…hearts…….clusters of stars…..I also draw funny designs on my three little boys arms and bellies…..they love it and all the eyeliner gets used

      • That’s cute and fun!

      • Adorable!!

        When they get older, fake tattoos.

  30. I am so sick of Eyeko it is becoming the new Manna Kadar of the sub work, at least to me.

    Neither July or August is thrilling me. They are only charging me $10.83 for some reason, I never cancelled so I don’t know why but I am not complaining. Probably won’t cancel because it is still better than Sephora or Ipsy.

    • They only always charge me $10.83 too. Always have. Not sure why lol

    • Same here… for the last 2 months I’m just getting charged that much. Maybe it’s new pricing? 🙂

      • State tax. We already had that in CA for the last couple years on mail order. With the current administration, the other states are starting to get hit now too! Welcome to the club.

    • I haven’t gotten any Manna Kadar yet.

      I guess they’re out of fashion.

      But seriously, was it any good?

    • I have 800 eyeko liners!!! I mean, I like them…but common!

  31. I was contemplating cancelling and this helped me to decide. I have a basket worth of makeup and hair products to go through anyway. I only wish they had a better way to cancel than just emailing. Not feeling very secure about it. I’m probably going to try a sub to Beauty Fix no that I’ve cancelled a couple of beauty boxes. Preferring the focus on skin care at my age. Wish I’d taken better care of it when I was younger.

    • You can call them to cancel.

      They may offer you discounted box for next 4 months or something.
      But if you would say “No thank you.”, they just let you cancel your sub right away.

  32. Cancelled!

  33. This box is my karma for just signing up for another box through amazon. I got it so fast (still waiting on the box straight from allure) so over eyeko I could scream plus it’s always the same product. Do they make anything besides black eyeliner and mascara ? If anyone needs the watch certificate let me know I don’t wear watches and they have nothing else on the site.

    • Yes I got a brow liner from my ipsy bag 🙁

  34. I might cancel and just buy the lip mask in full size. But I’ll wait until I know my July box is on its way.

    • Thinking the same exact thought!

  35. I have been charged for the July box 4 or 5 days ago but still no shipping info, does anyone know when will get my box?

    • At the end of the month

  36. not feeling this box Allure, step your game up please.

  37. While this box is definitely not as excited as may, June or July it’s still a decent box for $15 with two full size items. I’m more excited about the moisturizer and lip mask. The eye liner I’ll be gifting to my cousin who doesn’t have subscriptions or eye liner overload. I’m not to excited for shampoo , but it won’t go to waste.

  38. Ugh sorry allure but highlighter and eyeliner overload! I’m on the $10/box and still gonna cancel. They have been so hit or miss for me lately.

  39. Another Eyeko liquid liner! I’m going to start using these thinks as face paint or writing utensils.

  40. Is there anybody who has been so lucky that never received eyeko before?? That box looks eseless for me. No, thank you

  41. I haven’t even gotten July yet. I got the 4 for $10 deal when I tried to cancel but I don’t think that’s up unfortunately. This box will go in my donation pile. I won’t use the hair products and won’t be buying a watch.

  42. Can we please stop with eyeliner. That’s enough!😲😲😲

  43. Compared to the last two months, this box is underwhelming…I have about 5 of those eyeliners, this just reminds me of a Birchbox

  44. Well. It had to happen I guess. I love the Leneige & Caudelie, I might like the shampoo & conditioner (idk, have never used) and I have a friend who says the liner is her HG so I’ll send that to her, but that highlight stick is just junk for me. I guess I’ll give it to my kid and let her play with it. I get that ppl are highlight obsessed, but the cream/liquid kind tend to amplify skin texture and at age 43 I have a lot of that.
    It’s just an ok box for August. I’ll stay signed up I guess.

    • I am 44 and I like to use a bit of highlighter right below my eyebrows, sometimes on in the corner of my eyes or my in the cupid point of my lips or a light powder dusting on my cheek bones. I like to play with it, but dang I have a lot. I find it hard to give away a product that I haven’t tried yet. That eyeliner will be my 3rd from Allure! Honestly, I like it better than the Kat one but since I don’t really use liquid… i am gifting it to my neice for Christmas. I should be able to hook her up with some goodies by Christmas.

      • I used to highlight under my brow, but I’ve always had hooded eyes and as I’ve gotten older they’ve jist gotten more hooded and now putting a highlight tjere is fully unattractive. I’ve also given up on the liquid liner business. I only use it to cover my lash band if I’m wearing fake lashes and that only happens once in a while. It’s still an ok box. Better than Ricky’s that’s for sure lol.

    • This is a new product for Nexxus. Overall, they are a quality product, I’ve been using on and off for years. Used to be salon only, but they’ve branched out to mass market.

  45. I resubbed a few months ago liked the past few boxes yet am not liking this one. I’ll be placing most the items up for swap. Hope the next box is better.

  46. Looks like the Commenter sleuths were right about the spoilers.
    I am not a fan of anything in this box with the exception of the lip mask. Looks like everything will go up for swap. Allure is quickly going the way of ipsy, not every box/bag needs a mascara and/or lip liner! Seriously Allure & ipsy, how much eye product (not including shadow bc that’s very versatile) do you think the average subscriber uses?

  47. Wasn’t the Caudalie in a box earlier this year? Or was it a different product?

    The lip stuff is neat, and I appreciate 2 full-sized products – but I think I will pass on this month. I’m particular about what goes in my hair, so that’s at least 2 of the 6 products I won’t use.

  48. I got the Keraphix in another box – was it Walmart? I’m not overly enthused. This will be the third Eyeko liner I’ve gotten in the last couple of months.

  49. Another great box! Even though I won’t use the eyeliner or highlighter, it’s still another great box. Just wish I could join the swap group. I know their are swaps on Facebook but I’ve also heard you’ll just get screwed… Anybody use any swap pages besides MSA?

    • Hi Dawn. I’ve been using the Facebook swap/sell/trade pages a lot recently and haven’t had any issues. A lot of them do Paypal backed swaps too, so there’s a way to track what was sent and a way to try and at least get your money back if the other party doesn’t send your items.

    • I agree 🙂 I’ll be gifting the eyeliner (again) and the highlighting stick, and will happily use the other products. While I’m not sure of the quality of the La Ritzy highlighter, I know the Eyeko liner is a nice product (having been told by the person I keep gifting them too 😀 ), and just because they’ve been featured in multiple boxes, doesn’t diminish the quality of the product (for me anyways), so I feel the box is still worth it. 🙂

      • It is a nice eyeliner. I always use them when I get them in boxes, and they’re basic black pen eyeliners. They serve their purpose as a good everyday liner.

  50. The boxes have been pretty great this summer. But this is kind of a letdown. KVD box had enough eyeliner to last me for a year. But maybe I’ll keep building a travel bag out of these! Meanwhile, I haven’t even gotten my July bag…

    • Same here. I was charged a bit ago, but not even a shipping notification yet….?

      • Yep! And contacting their customer service is honestly a lost cause. Love the box, but thinking of switching to delivery through Amazon.

        • Hi Lauren. What is the difference between allure and allure by amazon? Thank you!

          • Honestly, I’m not 100% sure – I know you’re able to order through Amazon, and I think you’re able to do it for other boxes, too. I’ve heard people generally get their Allure boxes faster, with better customer service and tracking than Allure gives. Mine just kind of…appears? Every month 😂

      • I was charged over a week ago, and haven’t received a shipment notification for either of my subscriptions 😡

        • Received my box yesterday. Went from Illinois to Indiana.

          • Still waiting on mine.

            Talked to the Postal Service and they can’t explain why my box keeps getting sent away. Went southwest, now straight west, and it’s not like they can hold it at a post office location, because it was shipped parcel rate.

            They promise 6-9 days, so they still have 5 left.

            I don’t know what it is with summer boxes; last year the August box went missing, this year the July box is taking the long way ’round.

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