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5th Avenue Style Subscription Box Review – June 2018

closed 5th Avenue Style box

5th Avenue Style is an accessories subscription box based out of New York City that specializes in luxury fashion items at a deep discount. Their motto is “Effortless Elegance” – and they boast that their company is made up of a team of highly professional stylists and fashion veterans. In the monthly subscription box, you are guaranteed 4-5 branded luxury accessories items with a minimum value of $250.

When you sign up for this box, or any of the variations (e.g. other subscription boxes, their membership club, or limited edition boxes) you will complete a short questionnaire indicating things like what colors you love, which you avoid, your preferred accessories, style, and metal color – and some sizing info where applicable (for instance, with rings).

There are several subscriptions available from 5th Avenue Style including:

  • SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ($98/month or 3 months for $279): Includes 4-5 luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $250.
  • DELUXE SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ($159 or 3 months for $447): Features 4-5 branded luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $350.
  • LIBERTY CAPSULE SUBSCRIPTION ($249 every 2 months): Liberty Capsule is a bi-monthly subscription that features 2-3 pieces of high-quality clothing and 1-2 accessory pieces.
  • QUARTERLY VIP SUBSCRIPTION BOX ($390 every 3 months): Features 4-5 items of brand name jewelry and accessories including popular European designers and seasonal items. This box has $900+ Retail Value.
  • QUARTERLY DRESS FOR SUCCESS BOX ($490 every 3 months): Features a branded handbag, 4-5 items of brand name jewelry and accessories along with upscale beauty and skin care products. This box has $950+ Retail Value.

open 5th Avenue Style box

Although the external packing isn’t much to look at – inside of the boring brown box the pieces are tenderly packaged and often beautifully wrapped.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is for the 5th Avenue Style Monthly Subscription, $98 a month, box.

5th Avenue Style June 2018 review

About 5th Avenue Style

The Subscription Box: 5th Ave Style Monthly Subscription Box

The Cost: $98 + free US shipping

The Products: 4-5 branded luxury accessories items with a minimum value of $250

Ships to: Worldwide! “Anywhere where ladies desire upscale accessories.” Standard shipping is free in the contiguous 48 states. International shipping is $35.

Good to Know: 5th Avenue Style is notorious for slow shipping. For perspective, this box was ordered on May 14. They try to ship within 15 business days from the date of the order for their regular subscription box. This means my box should have shipped on or before June 4th, however it shipped on July 2. Their quarterly boxes can be delayed by months, rather than weeks, but you do always get your box in the end!

5th Avenue Style June 2018 Review

5th Avenue Style has you fill out a survey when you subscribe to this box. You describe your metal preference, any colors you like or dislike, and your preferred accessories. There is also a section to leave a note to 5th Avenue. From what I have learned from the forum and people who have subscribed, the more details you give,  the better your chances of the box is just to your liking. Here is what I said in my note to 5th Avenue:

I have very fat wrists that makes fitting bracelets difficult. I prefer necklaces I can throw over my head rather than clasping. I love dangly earrings. I prefer bags that can fit a wallet, an iPhone, and a makeup bag vs really small bags. I don’t use clutches (too scared of losing them!). I wear prescription glasses 90% of the time.

Also, after my recent box, I emailed them with more feedback.

Now let’s see the box they put together based on all of that information!

Here is the invoice detailing the products I received. No prices are listed.

Calvin Klein Signature Crossbody in Brown/Logo/Khaki –

Calvin Klein Signature Crossbody in Brown/Logo/Khaki – Estimated Value $158 (linked to a similar style)

I couldn’t find this exact style online, but the one I linked to is pretty dang close in terms of size and the way the pockets are designed. This purse has so. Many. Pockets. When you open up the flap you see a small zippered front pocket, a slightly bigger zippered pocket in the back, and between the two pockets accordion style is a slot for cards and ids. I really appreciate being sent a name brand leather piece that is obviously of high quality, but the amount of pockets on this thing actually limits how functional this purse is for my personal needs. Luckily, 5th Avenue Style has an amazing return policy. They emailed me a shipping label to return this purse, and I will be popping it in the mail tomorrow! It’ll be a wait to get my replacement, but I am just happy this company is willing to work with you. With most subscription boxes if you don’t like what you get you’re stuck with it regardless, so props to them for being different. That degree of customer service personally makes the wait for my items worth it.

Inside each box, you will usually find a smaller white box that holds jewelry and other small items.

ArtZen Agate & 18k gold plated Sterling Silver Bracelet

ArtZen Agate & 18k gold plated Sterling Silver Bracelet

I am a little familiar with ArtZen thanks to 5th Avenue, and I usually like the pieces included even if I can’t find any information about the brand online. I really love this bracelet! The natural colors in the agate stones are just lovely, and the gold bead accents the agate beautifully. Plus, this bracelet fits my wrist comfortably! I have thicker wrists so getting bracelets in a subscription box can be a challenge. I left a note in my style profile about it, and this definitely is a bracelet made for bigger wrists rather than a bracelet for a regular wrist that stretches to fit. I don’t wear bracelets often because of the fit issues, so I am so excited to have this one that also matches perfectly with my everyday style.

Here I am modeling the bracelet while Duchess demands attention.

Rivka Friedman Open Circle Gemstone Earrings

Rivka Friedman Open Circle Gemstone Earrings – Estimated Value $100?

As is typical with 5th Avenue Style, I can’t find this exact style from the brand. I took a peep at the other earrings offered by Rivka Friedman, however, and most of the earrings cost well above my estimated value. I appreciate the luxe brand being offered, but these earrings really just aren’t me. The way the gemstones are attached at the bottom really gives these earrings a homemade feel that doesn’t really mesh with my style. There are some other Rivka Friedman earrings that have me swooning (like these), so this was just some bad luck. These earrings aren’t all bad, as Rivka Friedman uses 18k gold plating in her earrings and they are extremely light so they won’t make your earlobes sore. Luckily, I can return these bad boys for something more my taste along with the purse!

Here they are on.

Northern Lights Votive Candle Set

Northern Lights Votive Candle Set – Estimated Value $18

I love this votive candle set! I received 3, 1 oz votives in the scents candied cinnamon, fuji apple, and persimmon quince. I am not familiar with persimmons or quince, but that candle scent is really fresh and clean. Fuji apple is a delicate fresh scent, and candied cinnamon was a rich and earthy cinnamon scent that smells just like fall. 5th Avenue also left a note on my invoice to inform them of my favorite scent out of the three so that in a future box I will get a larger candle in my preferred fragrance. I love that attention to detail! All three candles were winners for me, but I ended up going with the candied cinnamon.

Bonus! Skincode Cellular Eye-Lift Power Pen, Full-Size! – Retail Value $45

Since my box arrived about three weeks past the promised date, 5th Avenue Style included this gift as a means of apology. Apology accepted, 5th Avenue—I love this! I’m a sucker for luxe skincare, and a $45 eye pen fits the bill. This is packed with good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and Skincode’s signature peptide formulation. Some eye products can irritate my eyes, but I had no trouble with this when it rolled it all over my under eyes and eyelids. I haven’t been using it long enough to see if it will help with the bags under my eyes, but I have high hopes.

The Verdict: This wasn’t my favorite box from 5th Avenue Style, but luckily they have a great exchange policy! I definitely appreciate the luxe brands included this month even if the specific items weren’t for me. As usual, it was hard to find a value for everything. Not including the bracelet or the bonus eye pen, I calculated an estimated value of $276, which is above the promised retail value of $250. This is still one of my favorite boxes to get every month, and I look forward to the next one! Also, while the shipping issues are a bit of an inconvenience, I do have hopes that 5th Avenue Style will improve their shipping in the future— just be aware of their history of slow shipping before you sign up.

The Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Because of the variation, it’s unlikely that you would get the same items that I’m showing here. The value should be similar and is promised to at least be $250.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $98 + free shipping, which means that each of the 4 items in the box (not including the bonus) has an average cost of $24.50. Other than the candle set, I am confident in saying that the value of all the other items in this box are worth well more than that.

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Keep Track of your subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (42)

  1. Dear Jennifer at 5th Avenue Style,

    Could you provide me an update on my order? I have sent a few emails to customer service and have not gotten a response. The last update I was given was on July 13th. The bags from Europe were supposed to arrive that week and be sent out the next week, but I never received a tracking number or update of a change.



    • Dear Michaela,
      CS did reply to you before your sending this message.
      Looks like you did not see it; please check your spam folder for our e-mail.
      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

      • Hello Jennifer,

        I checked my spam folder as well as my inbox and I have not received any email recently from the 5th Avenue Style Team. Could it be resent?

        Thank you so much for all of your help.


  2. I received my Spring Box already, but still waiting for the Summer Box.
    My Spring Box was totally amazing. 5th Ave sent tracking for my Summer Box yesterday.
    I hope it will be as good as Spring.

  3. Still waiting for spring and summer box too.

    • Me too. I did receive a response 2 weeks saying the wrong bag was shipped to them. I don’t believe it but at least I did get a response. They said they would have it in a week but it’s been 2 weeks and nothing.

  4. I have not received my (2) summer boxes. Since it has now been nearly six months since my credit card was charged I ended up sending the following g email to 5th Avenue. I will let everyone know how or if they respond.

    “I’ve been getting the same response, word for word, from your company that other subscribers have received. At this point, I am very nervous I will not receive my two Summer boxes as several subscribers are stating that they are still waiting for boxes for more than a year. At this time, if your company cannot deliver that products, I must ask for a 100% refund for both boxes as I cannot justify waiting any longer as it has been nearly 6 months since my credit card was charged. If you do not have my “spoiler” items in hand, I am fine with a substitution for ……

    I appreciate the offer of a “nice gift” for the delays, but again further delays cannot be justified by adding a gift. Please advise.

    Also, I do take issue with the fact that your company has marked these two outstanding orders as “completed”. That is false since the orders haven’t been fulfilled.


    Carol A. Robinson”

    • Dear Carol,

      You missed our e-mail reply yesterday, and we wrote to you again today via Facebook and e-mail. After that, you found our yesterday’s e-mail, and we agreed on replacement options for both of your boxes. We also answered all your questions.
      You are our client for a very long time. We appreciate your business and hope to keep you as a client for years to come.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

      • Yes, thank you for responding promptly today. I wish I would have seen your response prior to assuming the worse.

        To anyone that read my post above, I wrote the email thinking 5Th Avenue didn’t respond to an earlier email when in fact they did and the email was caught in my spam folder.

        I’m going to put my big girl panties on and admit that I reacted too quickly and assumed the worse. I hope to receive two wonderful boxes as I have received many wonderful boxes in the past.

  5. I’m still waiting on four boxes, The limited edition spring box, Special Edition Purple Box, purchased on January 22nd. I also purchased the Quarterly subscription box on March 15th and The Mystery bestsellers Box on May 16th and I also have a membership. I sub to many many boxes so I didn’t have an issue waiting however now I’m beginning to get upset. I’ve emailed a few times and have been told I would get a free gift. That’s all fine and dandy what I want is one box any box. I’ve spent over 1000.00 and yet here I wait. I emailed again and all I’ve received is silence. I bought everything via PayPal, I am extremely patient so I will wait until the end of this month and then I will file a claim for my money back. This is ridiculous. Where’s the Spring box. It is now Fall!

    • I have a feeling they are gone. They used to respond at least, but now…crickets. I’m still waiting on something from CHRISTMAS. So, yeah. Not good. I really liked their boxes, but something happened and they have become unresponsive. Maybe Liz can find out? That would be awesome.

    • Dear Cindy,
      The value we create in our boxes is unmatched and you can’t find it anywhere else.
      At the same time, we do have an issue with shipping delays. We are working to change our processes to improve it.
      We apologize for the delay with your orders and will make sure that you love all of your boxes.
      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

      • Hi Jennifer,

        Is the Summer box is available for purchase?

        Thank you

  6. I can see that I missed this, but I want to warn everyone about this subscription. While they deliver very pretty boxes, they are shady and their CS is shady as well. We ordered a Holiday Box for the ladies that work in the office for Christmas 2017/18. One of the items we selected from the offering in that was a yellow gold watch for a co-worker going on maternity leave. The watch arrived in Rose Gold. After some back and forth they asked us to mail the watch back, which we did. We got confirmation of that weeks after the watch had arrived at their warehouse, but we were assured that the exchange would happen “soon”. It’s now September 2018. Despite multiple attempts to get an answer out of them there is silence. The baby, btw, is now almost 9 months old…..This is ridiculous. My boss is going to give this to the in-house lawyer, just because she’s furious about how they handled this. So be forewarned.

  7. Anyone else not get their special edition summer box yet? Customer service has stopped responding to me.

    • I have not gotten my special edition spring box yet. I have contacted the company many many times. How do you get this company to send what you have paid for or refund???

      • I’m in the same boat – no spring box, no summer box, no response to emails. Have they gone belly up?

      • I heard from them on Monday. They said they are shipping my Spring Box before the end of this week. So hopefully everyone else waiting will see tracking numbers shortly!

      • Cindy, which email did you use to contact them? I left them several messages on their website contact page and never got any response. Never got a word about my Summer Box.

    • Also waiting for summer edition box. I emailed them on 7/26 and got a response within 1/2 an hour stating they were shipping summer boxes and mine was held up waiting for two remaining items. No further word a month later, though.

  8. I asked mostly for Home Decor and Cosmetics in my first Everything Box.
    Here are the items I received:
    Rose & Clear Quartz Votive -ArtZen. Absolutely stunning. OMG, I wish I could post pics here.
    From SkinCode- Body Cream and Lifting Mask – didn’t try yet; Lift Power Pen and Hand Cream – amazing, love it. Especially Hand Cream – I think it’s the best I ever had.

  9. Jessica…
    I’ve been eyeing the sub for awhile now and will be VERY interesting on how the return process goes and what items you receive. Please include the details in next months review?? Do you recommend this box or is there another similar sub box that your recommend?? Also, is it easy to cancel if I only wanted to try a month before I commit for a longer time period?? Thank you and GREAT review…as always!!!

    • Hi Kris!
      You need to email them to cancel your subscription, but their customer service is very nice and I don’t think they would do high pressure sales tactics. This is one of my favorite boxes to receive each month because I feel like it’s designed for the fancier me I am destined to become. I totally recommend this box but you need to be introspective and ask yourself if you’re okay with the constant shipping delays. I think it is being optimistic to think I’ll have my replacement items by the time I get next months box 😂. I am okay with the shipping, however, and they REALLY pay attention to your style profile details. A lot of times the delay is due to an item being shipped from overseas!

      • Thanks so much for the info. I think that I’m going to give it a shot and try it out for a month or two and then reevaluate! The shipping delays shouldn’t be any issue, as I usually end up forgetting what subs I’m getting in any particular month/quarter, but I definitely appreciate the heads up on slow shipping…especially with returns/replacement items!! Fingers crossed for good stuff…especially a Coach purse!!😉

      • I really want a coach purse as well! I would die! Did you ever get to try the wet n wild cushion foundation?

      • Sorry for my late reply, but I just saw your question and YES!!! I stopped by Ulta and picked up the Wet & Wild Cushion Compact and have been completely amazed at how much I love it …especially for only like $8!! I’ve tried multiple(LOTS &LOTS) of other expensive foundations/cushions and I am thrilled with the results! Thank you so much for the recommendation! I took your advice and used my trusty Innisfree mattifing primer and although it off wears off where my glasses rub my nose like every other foundation I’ve tried…I really like how it melts into my skin and provides that nice no makeup makeup look!! I always trust your reviews as you really try the products yourself and provide the feedback that I look for. Thanks again!!

    • I had to return some items from my 5th Ave Holiday box. My first box I received in early February (before Valentine’s) but I did not get my replacements until May. The returns process was easy enough – just email them, pack items into a slightly smaller box and slap on the return label they gave me – but it did take some time and several reminder emails to get my replacements.

      However, I think it was definitely worth it. The replacements for the three items I sent back were much more to my liking.

      Hopefully their shipping should be faster (they have been trying to make changes there) but it might still take time.

  10. Great review and a cool box. Well done, Jessica!

  11. Thanks for your review, but this box is an easy pass.

  12. I think this is mostly thrift store quality old stock- like from a decade ago or more.

    Liz, please personally review a LE 5th Avenue Style box. 😉

    • Hi Mandy!
      I think the items aren’t from current seasons, but all of the pieces are in immaculate condition. I imagine a purse chilling out in storage for 10 years would be quite dusty!

      • You can clean a dusty purse…lol

  13. How do returns work? You get a purse for a purse?? How long dr oes a return take w then?

    • Hi h!
      I’m not sure! I imagine I will get a purse for a purse and the earrings will be exchanged for another piece of jewelry. I will be updating future reviews of the process.

    • My 5th Ave Holiday box I had to return three pieces (a clutch, necklace, and bracelet.) It took around three months and several reminder emails for the replacements to arrive (though they were responsive and polite the whole time) and I got back a Coach bag, a Les Georgette’s cuff bracelet, and a Tarina necklace. So it does appear that returns are in the same category. (I did specifically mention to them that I would take a handbag instead of the clutch if none of the clutch options I liked were available, as the clutch had been the spoiler. So I sent a looong list of clutches I liked from the brand – but I guess they didn’t have any left on hand as I got a handbag. However, the Coach bag has been very useful – much more so than a clutch, so I am OK with that. :))

      My replacements were a lot more my style, too, so it was worth the wait.

  14. I received that eye pen in my Everything box and I love it. It feels so nice and cool going on and I can really feel a difference using it.

    • I got eye-pen in my Everything box, as well. Love it!
      Looking at their Swiss Box now.

      • Ooh what else did you get?

      • I asked mostly for Home Decor and Cosmetics in my first Everything Box.
        Here are the items I received:
        Rose & Clear Quartz Votive -ArtZen. Absolutely stunning. OMG, I wish I could post pics here.
        From SkinCode- Body Cream and Lifting Mask – didn’t try yet; Lift Power Pen and Hand Cream – amazing, love it. Especially the Hand Cream – I think it’s the best I ever had.

      • I would love to see pics. I asked for agate bookends and that’s what I got! they are a hefty 3 pounds each. i was sort of hoping for pink or blue and the ones I received are purple and brownish but I did get what I asked for and they do look nice on my bookshelf. I also received an Evocateur teardrop pendant necklace, and small blue gemstone studs for jewelery.
        I think I received the same Skincode items. So far I’ve only used the eye pen (love) and the hand cream. I agree with you on the hand cream. I wash my hands a bazillion times a day and my skin still feels hydrated with this hand cream after washing. Plus it’s unscented which I consider a huge plus.
        I signed up for 3 months. I can’t wait to see what I get next.

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