Subscriber Survey: What Do You Want to See in Fall Boxes?

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Subscriber Survey time! Even though we’ve just officially started summer this past week, I’m already thinking about fall boxes!

What item(s) would you love to see in a Fall box?

I may be in the minority on this one, but I’m always happy to see a new scarf for fall in a subscription box. (I don’t buy scarves anymore, so my entire collection comes from subscription boxes!)

P.S. If you have an idea for a future Subscriber Survey question, let me know in the comments!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Whatever linens they send (pillowcases, scarves, boot socks, throws), I hope they are a natural fiber. All this polyester is such a disservice to those with sensitive skin.

    I would love a candle with a piece of jewelry inside, an autumn tumbler or insulated glass bottle, a planner in the Fall box (and not winter), BumBum (I ordered 2 from their website just to see what the hype is about), some awesome natural lip balms, a diy craft (perhaps wrapping a glass bottle in a choice of sissal or silk cording or a floral arranging kit with silk flowers and a vessel), socks, dark chocolates that turn into hot chocolate, shampoo/conditioner, a twinkle light set and anything without cutesy writing.

  2. Most importantly I want boxes to have usable value! Retail and resale values are nice, but really is that what we signed up for? To resale what we get? I didn’t.
    I feel like a lot of ppl are quick to defend a box on retail value alone and while it’s nice to get products worth 6 times what you paid for the box it’s not worth it if they just clutter up your collection/house or have to be given/traded/sold every month.
    There is a huge number of ppl just buying boxes to resale the contents and while that’s their business I don’t want their opinions on high retail value items changing the good products we get. RV isn’t everything.

    Less important but still high on my list is personalized content (looking at you boxy and play!). For the Play box I would like to see an option to select 1 category to opt out of. Every month we get an item from makeup, hair care, skin care, etc etc. I would opt out of specialty hair treatments asap lol. Send me shampoo and conditioner or dry shampoo and I’m good, but salt spray or whatever? No thx. Ipsy allows this and for 2 categories. Boxy has a long way to go including needing an app and deciding if they’re still a makeup box.
    I just find myself frustrated with getting products I can’t use and just bc the box costs less than the product to be expected or even shamed or bullied by fans of the sub to love it or leave, and not just the sub but all boards and public sites abt it.
    I would also like to see message and comment boards moderated for bullying type behavior. Saying a box is junk is 1 thing but calling ppl names bc they have a negative opinion of a box is too far.

  3. I want boxes that are already awesome to remain that way by staying in their lanes and not alienating customers by suddenly changing what they send out. Ricky’s was a good example of a box that went from wow to womp. There are a few I have my eye on that I’m concerned abt going the same way.

    • I know what you mean ! Boxycharm needs to remain an ALL makeup box. I personally don’t like getting all the skin care stuff. If I wanted skin care I would’ve signed up for beautyfix or other skin care boxes. Acne isn’t a big issue for me luckily, so anything like that would just be trash

  4. I know I am in the minority but I live in San Diego county and I can’t wait for fall just for summer items to go on clearance! It is pretty much summer year round down here and it is wonderful! My hubby is a deployed Marine and we are so blessed to be stationed here again. I think I may cancel some of my seasonal boxes because I don’t really need fall items and I definitely don’t need winter items! Sunscreen and beach towels are always on my list. I also love candles though and I do burn them when there is an evening breeze.

  5. A doormat

    • That’s AWESOME! I never thought of that, nor have I ever seen anyone suggest that. Way to think outside the subscription box!!! 😉☄️👏🏼❗️

    • yes!

  6. Flannel pillowcases, so cozy! I can always use more pillowcases!
    A lip brush (for any season — I’ve never seen one in any box ever, not just the boxes I get).
    Moisturizer-infused socks and/or grippy socks.

    Thick hand creams and other products hat are UNSCENTED. My husband’s asthma and allergies are getting so bad that even slight scents are usually too much 🙁

    Colors besides browns. How about dark purples, blues, greens. The blue/green blanket scarf from FFF a couple years ago was the most popular of the 4 colorways.

    • KimberlyB put out that box and I will buy 5!!! Exactly what I want in a fall box.

  7. Tea, socks and blankets. Im pretty basic about my fall comforts.

  8. For the love of everything holy, please, if they are going to send next year’s calenders or planners, do it in the fall box. I don’t want/need any because I am a super picky bish when it comes to that but I really don’t want to read the constant whining (100% legitimate) all the way through February as usual. You would think they all would have figured this out by now!!!!

  9. Juara candlenut body cream (or another luxe cream); bubble bath; blanket or pillowcase; book light; nice pen; gloves; lip treatment cream (like oribe); sugarfina candy; candles; cider mix; cinnamon mints; socks; Mala necklace; a plant; cell phone car charger; ear phones; hair mask; soap; marshmallow anything, something regarding wildlife or animals

    • The only problem with phone chargers, and there are boxes that have sent them, is that everyone doesn’t have the same phone. When they come in a box, they are usually for the iPhone, and the latest iPhone at that, making them pretty useless to those of us that prefer our Androids.

  10. Diffuser

  11. Boxes with large candles and boot socks are what I will be looking for. And setting mist or a clunky bracelet. Blankets or blanket scarfs are my favorite too. I think it would be cute to see fall themed hand towels or soaps.

  12. Maybe real leather items like gloves or purses…even wallets. Cute hats. Scarves are nice.

    • Yes, real leather items!

    • yes real leather would be nice so tired of vegan leather goods they just are not durable

  13. I’d love things like:

    Fall clothing/accessories – durable scarf; lined, touch screen-capable gloves; high quality socks; etc.

    Moisturizing product – lotion, body oil, body wash, etc.

    Indulgent food item – gourmet chocolate! Or gourmet tea+infuser mug.

    And fall makes me think of perfume for some reason, so a nice perfume would be great.

  14. Small Christmas cactus planter set that might bloom for the holidays. A Fall mug with cake/brownie/oatmeal-in-a-cup pouches.
    Tailgating accessories like open finger gloves and fun socks, unbreakable beer mug or thermal coffee cup. Moisturizers for sure, conditioning hair masks for my summer-fried hair.

  15. K-beauty would be great no more Black Eyeliners or lipstick pallets

  16. I say yes to some type of soup/stew and some type of hardy bread mix. I would love some autumn scented candles, I always love jewelry, a diffuser would be AWESOME, chocolate, organizational items, socks-I love socks!, tea/coffee, texting gloves and I could totally use another umbrella. Thank you.

  17. Retinol. Haven’t seen any in boxes for maybe 2 years.
    Tea infuser. Throw. Shea lotion and cozy socks….maybe with grippers.

  18. Last Fall’s Pusheen box was awesome, I liked everything! Can’t wait to see what is going to be in this Fall’s box! I love cute but practical items which can be used everyday.

  19. Ahhh Fall! I agree with you Liz. It is just summer but I also can’t help but think about it already. I live in the Midwest so we have shorter warmer seasons, given that I still can’t help but look forward to see the leaves changing while sipping cider wrapped in a cozy blanket. Maybe a good thriller book say Gillian Flynn, or Stephen King and some premium hot cocoa mix. Tea infusers and decaf tea would be awesome too. I can’t help but want more scarves too! I use the FFF poncho a lot. I can also think of reed infusers or a wax warmer.

  20. A travel cool mist humidifier that uses your own water bottle as a source.

    A unique soup mix with fall flavors like sweet potato bisque.

    Bread/biscuit mix to go with said soup.

    A nice cloche style hat in autumn orange or muted red, maybe with a gold leaf hat pin.

    Fall cloth napkins and either wooden or gold napkin rings in a leaf pattern.

  21. Shea butters, blanket scarf for work, desk accessories, vegan chocolate or hot chocolate, metal or glass travel mug, frames, candles, prints, bath bombs or salts for hot baths, shower steamers, essential oils or candles for breathing or immunity or moisturizing effects

  22. Essential oils with a diffuser of some type, comfy jammies, pillow cover, code for a photo book, clips that can work with a variety of hair lengths/types, hypoallergenic perfumes

    And a sensual item – because who doesn’t want to warm up indoors with their honey?!

  23. I used to be a scarf lover too, but I moved from a cold climate to sunny year round, and sadly have no use for my lovely scarf wardrobe! I’d love to see jewelry, snacks, moisturizers, socks.

  24. Blanket scarf (two birds, one stone), a book journal, fuzzy socks, face serums, like HA, vitamin c, or even retinol.

  25. Thin socks for inside my boots, or tights. hot cocoa or tea, a humidifier, smores set, gloves with the special touchscreen fingertips. Toffee. An easy soup dry mix. Candles

  26. No more ponchos or scarfs please! Lotion, oils, throws or home decor would be great.

  27. I probably want a candle in a pumpkin/acorn ceramic holder. And I DON’T want any scarves/wraps/ponchos etc., mugs or hand creams.

  28. More Bee-Lucia candles, more This Works products.

  29. Organizational items, planner stickers, a really nice pen, maybe a nice dot journal, cozy blanket (kiddos keep stealing mine), bath bombs, moisturizers for old skin 😏 and candles galore.

    • Hi, second this! In particular the dot journal idea.

  30. Full Size bum bum cream, night shirt, face creams, iPad cover, lip scrub, any thing for fall and winter slippers would be nice. NO red lip stuff, eye liner, high lighter or dark eye shadows

    • Full size bum bum FTW!
      (pun totally intended! Lol)

      • That is funny ! I like

    • A night shirt is a great idea!

  31. A great winter scarf, a good coffee mug, texturizing spray for my heavy hair, lip balm, a plain pair of earrings and a cream that gets rid of age spots!

  32. Absolutely no ponchos, scarves, or similar items. They never fit or are sent all the time. No lotions since we get that any and every season!

    Silk pillowcases would be amazing, simple classic jewelry easy to wear with sweaters, face moisturizers, and odd request but reusable straws with a straw cleaner.

    • Silk pillowcases would be real nice!

      • I agree! With a king size option! I’d even pay extra for King.

  33. Scarves, makeup-removing face wash (bonus points for Farmacy!), body scrub, and NO MORE FACIAL SCRUBS OR BLACK EYELINER.

    I’d also love fitness items that are actually useful. Maybe a thick headband with grips, or a water bottle that can fit more than 10 oz of water.

  34. Some cute fall decor for the home. I dont need any more cold weather items, it doesn’t get that cold in south Texas. But the poncho/wrap fff sent out came in handy for a few days LOL

  35. A 2018-2019 planner, mulled cider, candle, bubble bath, a nice pen.

    No scarves or ponchos!

  36. What about an electronic tablet of some sort? Kindle, etc. Great coffee beans. Great dark chocolate. A new 2019 planner by September so I can use the darn thing early! A lovely pen to go with it. I really need some “real looking flowers” to put in all the vases I received in the last few months. Some wipe off place mats that are cool looking. The swell brand wide cup. A really nice thick notepad that you tear off pages. Blankets are always welcome. A coffee mug that is not too “giant and heavy” to use. Some purple lip colors and not browns! What about those trays to keep your laptop “cool”? Thanks for reading.

    • UUhhh I love the kindle idea.

    • Love the swell idea. I have plenty of water bottles, but great to go coffee mugs or metal wine glass/tumblers would be awesome! Btw Target has some styles of the Sip by s’well on clearance this week. Their coffee cup is my favorite because it’s actually leak proof

    • I love the Kindle idea!

  37. This is hard because I have so much stuff.

    A cookbook for cold weather – stews, soups, etc. A luxe shampoo. Thick socks. Flannel night shirt.

  38. This may be an odd wish for a fall box, but I’m really hoping someone send out a Baggu umbrella. I’ve been on the fence about buying one because I love the Baggu bags, but $40 for an umbrella seems high to buy outright. But if one came in a box….

  39. Cozy socks to wear at home, a journal for making lists when things start to get busy in the fall, and yes to ponchos, candles, lux perfumes and lotions. Lots of lotion, because I can never have too many.

  40. Yes a full sized blanket. Also, so good snacks.

    • Yes a full sized blanket. Also, some good snacks.

  41. Nice throws, scarfs, bags, jewelry.

  42. Blankets! I really would love to see a full size one – i’m 5’11 so those small ones never cover me up at all.
    More ponchos and the like are always welcome too – though I would really like to see it be cotton or rayon or some other natural fabric.
    Other cozy items or “fall” items like scarfs, gloves, mugs and the like.
    Also – as being a college student headed to live on campus would love to see a few things that are multipurpose for that!

    Oh and natural oils would be lovely, or candles – they just need to be natural (aka no perfume) w essential oils so I can use them haha

  43. I agree with the candlea and dark chocolate (Belgian, please), but I have too many lotions thanks to other boxes, so no more lotions for me.

    • Candles*

  44. A flattering poncho that is not black, nude nail polish, mattifying setting spray, minimalist necklace and earrings and a silk pillowcase!!!

  45. I want to see a full sized luxury perfume like Nest or Tocca.

  46. I agree with scarfs, diffusers, candles, light throw, thicker Moisturiser, skin oils and scrubs to prepare for winter. Tea/coffee cups that we’d actually use. Include coffee/tea we’d actually use, and dark chocolate!!

  47. I want to see some lux lotions for the changing weather- some dry skin but deliciously scented ones.
    I would also love some fall scented candles- I enjoy those tremendously!

    • Something for dry skin*

  48. I don’t want to see more ponchos this fall or winter. Scarves are fine.

    • I’d love to see home stuff thinking Umbra, Mela Aritisans, cute vases, good body scrub, ampoules, overnight masks like Glow Recipe, K beauty items.

    • I never want another poncho again in my life. I hate how they look on me.

  49. Ponchos. Tons and tons of ponchos. Ghastly, cheap to make ponchos.

    • Noooo! Might as well grab $50 out of my wallet and light it on fire

  50. I’d love to see a scarf, candles, home decor items that aren’t catch all trays I’m thinking cute originization items. I’d love to see smart home items that have Alexa.

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