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Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes Beauty Box – July 2018 Spoiler #2

Ricky's NYC Cult Crushes

We have a spoiler hint for the July 2018 Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes beauty box! (Thanks for the heads up, Lisa!)

Here’s a product hint:

Eyebrows are the window shutters to the souls…. our July Cult Crushes box is giving your shutters a touch up.

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

LA Splash Liquid Lipstick

you guys keep asking us about spoilers for next month ALREADY and we usually don’t release any till the month of but we love you guys so much that we caved and decided to release a sneak peek! Which color do you think will come in the July Cult Crushes box?

What do you think about the spoiler? Any guesses on the product?

About Cult Crushes:

The Box: Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes

The Cost: $14 per month + free shipping

The Products: Each month, subscribers receive a themed selection of handpicked products in cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fashion.

Ships to: US

Good to Know: As a subscriber, you also get 25% off all online purchases and free shipping on purchases of $50 or more when you shop with Ricky’s NYC.

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Cult Crushes

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (51)

  1. This really pisses me off…. Check it out… Last month got my box… Ehhhhhh NAWWWWWW… Hated it….. Was about to cancel….. Out of nowhere came this….. RNYC $14.00 Taken off my card…. The same day I received it tho….like WTF!! “Once they take it out…. I can’t be refunded huh”? 🤔 Also those lip gloss up there… (That was mailed to me, just like the bioderm ) due to the fiasco in May /April…… They sent me a black (very dark purple) it’s very much a $0.99 quality 🙃 😡💩 it’s so horrible….. I’ve stayed with them out of sympathy ….reading the comments now…. I’m pulling out shutting down …..this company is a mess…. Hell they messy as all hell ………What happened to them when I subscribed back in May or April …..thinking this will be an awesome box. Ughhhh pissed off AF!!! OMG they actually gonna send that cheap ass lippy crap…. Ladies believe me when I say this…. It’s like something u would give to a 11-12 ur old 😤😤😤😤😖☠️👿😠 ……I WANT MY $14 BACK ASAP!!!

  2. They posted July theme. Hot tropics. More like hot mess lol.

  3. I just canceled. This sub is a hot mess, and their customer service needs some serious help. I gave them a chance, but it’s just not for me. I won’t spend $14 a month on stuff I would never use. Maybe I’ll get Macy’s instead?

  4. I figure even if I don’t like a product that comes it’s still worth it to me because I can add it to my pile of items to sell (I’ve got a bunch of makeup I’ve received as gifts that I sell through depop)

    • Is depop better than eBay?

  5. Well I just paused my subscription. I don’t want or need either of these products. I miss the old cult crushes 🙁

  6. I just went on their Facebook page and their rating went from 2.4 to 3.3 in a day. I looked at the reviews and they were all posted within an hour of each other . About 10 4-5 star reviews. That just leaves a bad taste in my mouth . This company is just so dishonest that even if they do send out great bags in future I don’t trust them.

    • Yeah, that doesn’t sound right.

  7. Not going to use colored brow – there is such a thing as mutton masquerading as lamb. While older women shouldn’t be consigned to Chicos and brown eye shadow, I can’t imagine that bright brows wouldn’t look ridiculous on a face that has a few wrinkles.

    I applaud wild stuff at an age when one looks good in anything and it’s fun to make outrageous statements but I am past the age when I want to make a statement with my makeup – I much prefer someone saying how good I look – did I get back from vacation or whatever to someone telling me they like my makeup 🙂

    However I think it’s great if they do include something wild because it’s true to their brand. I gift a lot of stuff I receive in boxes as I have a range of women from dark to light – from young to senior and it gives me pleasure to surprise them with something I can’t use. Far better to get a wacky eye brow shade than the ridiculous laundry soap.

  8. I just canceled. I have found Ricky’s Customer Service to be one of the worst and their product line just doesn’t interest me. It appears to be targeting a younger urban woman and at this point in my life, blue brows are the last thing I want.

    • I once received a royal blue lipstick from some British sub (Look Incredible, I think it was called), I was so mad! 😃
      I canceled immediately, they sent me a survey asking why, and I remember I said “what on earth were you thinking?! I can’t believe I actually paid for this!”

      Lol, yeah. 😊

  9. Essence has colored brow mascara it is probably going to be something like that.

  10. Has anyone used a colored brow gel or pomade, before? I’d never use it on my brows but wondering you can use it to add a colorful streak, to your hair? That would be a good way to use it. (for me & possibly others who aren’t into the colorful brows)

    • It wouldn’t work on your regular hair the way you would want it to. Trust a kid of the 80s when I tell you I tried lolol

  11. Interesting. I’m all about bright colors, but don’t know if I am ready to try it on my brows yet lol. Would like to see what brand it is before subscribing though, just to see what kind of reviews it has.

  12. I am paused and I am so happy about that. I am all about bright eye shadow and even lipstick but not this.

    • Where do i pause? I am looking in my account and don’t see option to pause.

      • This is from their FAQ’s about it, LA

        Q: How do I unsubscribe?
        A: It crushes our heart to see you go! To unsubscribe, log in to your account, navigate to “My Subscriptions” and click “View” next to your subscription. At the right top corner of your screen, you’ll see options to “Pause” or “Cancel” your subscription.

      • I just cancelled too so thank you very much, was trying to figure out how to do so and you answered it. You are awesome

  13. I seriously think I am gonna cancel, they upped the price and it seems as if their products have slipped!

  14. Ricky’s has been extremely messy or have had lackluster boxes since their whole ordeal with the palette around April.
    I have no doubt that this is a misleading image lol

    If they have anything normal hair colored for the brows, it will be a hot ass mess considering the fact that they don’t have personalization.
    Might be a colored or just clear brow gel from some nobody brand.

  15. They are a month late for this. They should have had this ready for people during the month of Pride. They should have given this out in May. But hey, I’m not a subscriber.

    • Omg I was thinking same thing lol. Pride brows.

    • They probably planned on it and didnt get em in time lol either way yeah, they are losing my interest

  16. If you pause your subscription is it only for one month or does it stay paused until you reactivate?

    • It stays paused until you reactivate.

      • Thanks, Danielle!

  17. I did a little bit of looking around with this brow pic. It seems that as per their usual Ricky’s simply took a pic from the world wide interwebs and used it for their own thing. This pic isn’t featuring any exact products as far as I can tell, mostly bc I can’t speak Russian and that’s where the hunt for the origin of this photo took me. I’m guessing they’re just saying there will be some sort of brow type item in the July box, but not necessarily a bright or even unusually colored brow product.
    Hope this helps a little bit. Hate to see ppl get all excited over what amounts to nothing.

    • I am sure it will be a bright one though. For one that is their thing but also we don’t fill out a profile so it is not like they would sent a normal color one. Plus a lot of people seem to want it for some reason I would hope they would not get everyone who wants that excited then send a brow grooming set or something!!! Lol.

      • Whatever it is it’s yet another item they don’t sell on their website. They don’t list any unusual colored brow products on their website that I could find and I wasted 40 minutes waiting for their page to load and refresh lol

  18. Woohoo!! This must be KVD’s brow colors, or a product like it! Using eyeshadow, eye liner, or some kind of lip product in the brows can be a pain and not always have much color. This is exactly the kind of product I subscribed to Cult Crushes to get.

    I agree with others that not every trend is for every person — I am so not into nudes — so that’s why I’m glad that we have soooo many choices in how to adorn ourselves.

    • Also, this reminds me of a new word I learned yesterday: POTATO, meaning Person Over Thirty Acting Twenty-One. That’s so me, because the first time all those bright 80s trends came around, I was a poor college student and couldn’t afford them. I will be 55 tomorrow and will wear the hell out of this when I get it. I’ve realized in the past few years that I’m finally old enough to wear what I want. I am so excited by these spoilers so far!

      • I love this!

      • I am the same way love these trends coming back, I will be 55 and August and had a family growing during the 80’s never had the cash, now that I do have more disposable income I am like a kid in a candy shop!

      • Proud potato over here lol

      • Here too!! I am 58 today and I wear what I want. I could care less about what other people think. You aren’t the boss of me!!

      • Well, I just turned 64 a couple days ago, and I’ll definitely try it. Such fun! Just don’t send me orange or a coral color. I hate those old-fashioned colors.

      • I didn’t know I was a potato lol. That’s new to me but I love potatoes. And I’ll rock this too

      • Omg my new favorite word, POTATO! Lol. Thank you for this gem.

      • KimberlyB! You are fantastic! When I see photos of me from the 80’s, the only reason I got away with my poorly-applied makeup choices is because of my youth. This time around, I won’t eschew the colors, but I will be applying my makeup with a modicum of skill. Haters can call me any food-staple they like…I’m going to rock 80’s colors like the Casbah this time around.

      • Yes! I love this so much. I am definitely a potato!

  19. Lol the comments have me cracking up.

  20. I recently saw something in Allure magazine about a new trend in brows. Funky colored pencils, pomades, etc for your eyebrows. I’m guessing that’s what it is. I don’t know if that would look good on anyone, but most definitely not on my 43 year old face. 😄

    • Not on my thirty-nine year old face EVER. I guess I’m just not “wild” enough for these brows. I was a kid in the eighties and I hated the style. I actually was in Macy’s the other day and they had a section where they were literally selling jeans labeled “Mom jeans”. Ugh I wish this nightmare would move on

  21. Well they ARE on trend even if I am not… lol. Every trend isn’t for everyone.

  22. Is it the new KVD brow pomade?

    • I know that the KVD brand is desperate, but Ricky’s hasn’t had a single item in their box that’s had a retail value of more than about $10 since around March or April. I seriously doubt they’ll be giving out a $20 brow pomade when they’ve repeatedly said they won’t even be sending out those cheap $18 palettes anymore.

    • I highly…highly highly doubt Cult Crush would ever have KVD.
      I don’t like her or support her anymore, but KVD for Cult Crushes? Especially after they’ve been messy since April? Nah.

      I’ll do a backflip over my cat if they have KVD or something even remotely interesting this month.

      • Lol

  23. Wtf????

  24. what is THAT?!

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