Play! By Sephora June 2018 Box Full Product Reveal Video!

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Sephora has posted a video of all the samples featured in the June Play! By Sephora box!

The theme is “Summer Nights” and here’s a look at all the products that may be in your June box:

And here are the full spoilers we have so far:

Box #587 will include:

Box #603 will include:

Box #629 will include:

Box #595 will include:

Box #405 will include:

Box #611 will include:

Box #363 will include:

Box #389 will include:

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. I got 2 skincare items instead of a makeup item. Cancelled. We’ll see how it goes in the future.

  2. As a person with yellow undertones that range from light medium to medium, I am so sick of cool toned light pink/purple lip products. Please give us lip products that are warm toned!

    • Preach. But after 2+ years of cool tones I don’t see them switching it up any time soon.

      • My very 1st play box I got a red lipstick. I went into my play profile and changed it around to make sure that never happened again. I know everyone that got a lipstick in June got the pink color, but there were other boxes without lipstick. If you switch your play profile around maybe that would help?

        • To be honest, in my two years subscribed I’ve changed my profile several times with major changes some of those times. It never changes. Which would totally be bearable IF they paid attention to what they have already sent people in previous boxes. Pretty convinced it’s not curated at all. Plus they charged my card on the 2nd and I just got it on the 27th. I don’t expect perfection but I can’t see why they have only gotten less & less appealing.

  3. I didn’t get ANY of the complexion products.

    As for the Too Faced lip, it’s another “my lips but deader” shade.

    • Nailed it. I do wonder who is to blame, though. Is it Too Faced being stingy and not offering Sephora other colors in that size? Or does Sephora pick the shade?

      • Idk abt too faced, but if you remember when the urban decay glosses came out and everyone was getting samples of those? Even the samples from ipsy were the same color as Sephora gave out – the light pink with glitter. Spk? Spl? Something like that. When it comes to sample size lipsticks I bet it’s the manufacturer not the sub box.

  4. Well I’m disappointed after coming here to read. My item number in my order history says I’m getting box 389 and of all the boxes it was the on I wanted LEAST. I was really hoping to get either the Kush mascara, the bum bum cream, the tatcha primer or the belif aqua bomb and of course I get the one without any of that. So when I got my email showing box 363 I was SO excited. But now it looks like the emails are never right? How disappointing. This is my first box 🙁

    • Seems there was a glitch bc my email is now showing me the correct box.

    • Did you get yours in the mail yet? I was also supposed to get 389 but got 595 instead.

  5. Weird, the last 3 numbers of my order are 196, but I haven’t seen that box, or anyone mention it. I guess I’ll just be surprised when it arrives next week.

    • Look at the item number.

  6. Don’t despair just yet I’ve had that issue repeatedly. The email they send me every month showing my products has never been right. I’ve always received the box showing in my order history.

  7. I’ve had that issue repeatedly. The email they sending me showing my products has never been right. I’ve always received the box showing in my order history.

  8. Has anyone else checked what items are on the Sephora website mines said I was getting box 629 but now it’s showing me box 363 on the website under the play box items. Is this an error or did I just get played by Sephora to have my hopes up for once

    • Exact why I’m here. Same numbers as you.

      • Mine changed too! I was getting 389 or something like that and now it’s saying I’m getting the one with the Kush mascara!

    • My box ID was showing 611, but the page is showing the items from 363 too.

    • Same here! My box # is 629 too but the products shown are different than what Sephora is saying is in my box! Bummed

      • I was told I was getting 405 and it shows but thw website says completely different. Glad I’m not the only one seeing this problem

        • My item number is 405 and they are showing my box 363. That happened once before and I still received the box from my item number.

    • Same issue… email shows items from box 363 but the order details shows item number ending 629 🙁

      • Really hoping for what is listed here for box 629. I wanted to try the tatcha!

  9. I just looked up the lip shade. Another mauve. CANCELLED. Literally just cancelled. Red, mauve and magenta – I’ve gotten about 4 or 5 of each from Play. How about coral? Nude? Rose? Peach? Come on.. let us PLAY.

    • How about Fenty, Farsali, Erborian…? I want to try something new! 🙁

    • I would have loved getting reds. I cancelled too.

  10. Box 405, excited about the bum bum cream! Saw it in the store and had to look at it. Disappointed at not getting the Tatcha tho and why aren’t there ever true lip”sticks”, I haven’t liked any of the cream type with the wands.

    • As far as standard cream lipsticks go, I think they aren’t as popular anymore plus they melt in the hot months sitting in the mail. I know when I get them I get rid of them asap no matter what color they are. They smear around everywhere. Why put myself through that when I can wear a matte liquid lip that won’t transfer or move until I take it off? Just my thinking there.

  11. I’m 629. Happy about the Tatcha, pretty much underwhelmed by everything else.
    If I could have put together a perfect box, I’d have chosen
    Tatcha primer, Milk or Too Faced make-up (I got the TF, hoping the shade is a win for me), Amore Pacific peel, and the Verb spray. Is that too much to ask? Can I get one box where I’m excited about more than 1 thing?
    Maybe they should facilitate swaps at Play! groups (not that they hold them at the store near me) where subscribers can swap *sealed* items in person and not have to worry about shipping
    Honestly I feel like the Play box is dying. It either needs a re-vamp or it seems like it will just shut down… technically you could walk into Sephora and ask for all these samples for free. More wasteful than fun or special to get the box. And that they don’t make it simple for you to use your play pass for online purchases is also not cool…

  12. I am getting 363. It’s a pretty good bag. Unfortunately more lip products I won’t use. I wish I could have received the Bum Bum cream. Not sure what I can do to avoid lip products. I’ll have fun trying the rest of it.

  13. I’m so mad I’m sorry I need to vent here , but I’m so pissed that play is giving me yet another makeup forever foundation!😱 I have 2 from them and one from allure, and one from another free box called pinchme so I’m on overload plus they sent me 2 months ago the same brand but a different type of foundation more like a B.B. cream and it was worse on my skin and made me look yellow! So I think I need to hang it up with them bc it’s never anything exciting to where I’m like I have to have it!! Past couple months have been awesome but when u have them for almost a year then your just like and another one ☝️

  14. I got 405. Everything I did not want:(( I don’t use their hair stuff, and they kept sending it to me and I would have LOVED a foundation to try, but the tatcha primer is what I wanted to try most, because I don’t have a sephora near me, so I depend on samples of things to try and find out what works for me and what does not, and it’s kinda pricey, so it would be nice to try it out…but of course Sephora don’t send it. Same with the gross latex lip gunk. Ugh that stuff is gross.

    I wonder if they always choose to send me hair gunk because that’s the one thing I don’t buy from them, so they feel like if they pushed it my way I would buy hair gunk from them?!? Ugh.

  15. I never get products I want. I totally wanted the bum bum cream or belief 😑 I got box 389

    • Don’t even bother complaining to them- I contact CS every month and get a crappy copy and paste reply every time. These people don’t care if we are happy with their choices or not

    • Try changinger up your profile. I do it seasonally as my skin is different in hot vs cold weather. Most of my boxes are useful. I sometimes change up my hair and eye color to get different items. Check out the reviewers boxes and find out what they have listed in their profile. I did that once with Haley and started getting the same box she did for a while. Until I changed my profile again.

  16. I never get products I want. I totally wanted the bum bum cream or belief 😑 I got box 389

  17. I got notification that shipping information for my box has been generated.

    I just want to get the damn thing so I can cancel.

    Getting too many products I’ve already used or don’t like.

    • You should be able to cancel without waiting to get it. I did.

      • I probably should. I got a ship notice two days ago with no firm arrival date.

        I’d complain on the “community” tab, but I keep getting authentication fail notices because for some reason it signs me out. Getting really tired of Sephora’s tech failure.

  18. Bummer. 629, my first order with Play. Oh well.

    • That has tacha primer!!!!

  19. I will receive box #363. The Alterna Volume Spray is my favorite, and more than pays for the box. I also Prada Candy Sugar Pop, and am excited to try the Belief moisturizer. I’m sure one of my friends would be happy to take the lipstick off of my hands. I don’t look good in neutral colors.

    I am very rarely disappointed by my Play box.

  20. 405 should have the cover fx setting powder? Or not anymore?

  21. I dont have any of these numbers ending on either the tracking number or order number so I’m not sure how to figure out which I got? 😞

    • Your box number is the last three digits of your item number. You can find the item number by clicking on the order. However, there have been times lately where some peoples item number isn’t showing.

    • You also need to check the order number (last three digits) through a browser, and not the app. If you use the app, it won’t work on there, just from the browser…go to “recent order” and then find the one that shows your play bag order and the last three on it will tell you.
      Like Luna said..sometimes it’s messed up or has glitches and it’s a wait and see what shows up type thing. Lol

  22. I don’t see the CoverFX Perfect Setting Powder mentioned? I’m guessing that is a mistake in the spoilers and it’s supposed to be the stupid foundation.

    • I just bought the foundation and it is the best I have ever used. Of course, it would never be the correct shade if you received it in a Play box though.

      • I already have it which is why I’m bummed. I’m sure the shade won’t be correct but I don’t really care for it. I was actually looking forward to the setting powder 🙁

        • I’m getting box 405 as well and received the shipping notification this morning – on the website it looks like we’re still getting the powder, I guess they just forgot to include it in the video

  23. How do I get an invite to swap items?

    I’ve been on the wait list for months 🙁

  24. Ah, finally spoilers for 587! And for the first time in months, I’m actually pretty happy with it! Granted, none of these are very new or exciting, but I already know and love, and will happily use, the bum bum cream, eye makeup remover, and primer spray. That dry shampoo is awful though, it made my hair feel like dirty straw.

    But this will keep me hanging on for another month at least – my last few boxes have been so awful, and so full of repeats, that if this had been another one, I was finally going to cancel and switch to Birchbox.

    • I have been on the edge of cancelling for months. They’re really good at throwing in oneeee or two products that keep you hanging on. Hoping to have the strength to cancel if I don’t love my next box.

    • Same!! Actually really happy about getting 587! My last few boxes have been garbage, so it’s super refreshing to be able to finally be excited for the majority of items in my box. Hopefully Sephora keeps this up!

  25. Is the Too Faced lippie full size?! All the sizes look more generous than usual.

    • Not sure, but I’ve noticed they usually use photos of full sized items , instead of how they usually come. Happy thoughts though :D. Lol

    • LOL. Yeah, it’s definitely not going to be full-sized. I second the other commenter, they use full size pics – i.e. the perfumes will not come in the pretty bottles and the hair products will be in packets.

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