$25 OFRA Mystery Boxes – Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the latest OFRA mystery boxes thanks to Jessi and Pam!

First, the info on this box:

The Box: OFRA Mystery Glam Bag (

The Cost: $25 + $3.50 shipping

COUPON: Use coupon code SUMMER40 to save 40% off:

The Products: $107 Value. 5 or more mini and full-sized makeup and skincare products.

And here are three variations:

Box 1:

Box 2:

Box 3:

Did you buy a mystery box? Which items did you get?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got Derma mineral loose eyeshadow in Mikah
    Mini highlighter in rodeo.. which I already got in boxy.
    Lippie in Tropez and Napa Valley
    Blush format and a eyeshadow pallete called irresistible smokey eyes

  2. -3 liquid Lippies (Dk Purple, Red and Bright Pink)
    -Mini highlighter (Rodeo)
    -Blush/Bronzer (Format)
    -Brightening mask

    A little heavy on the lippies, but happy nonetheless 🙂

  3. It looks like everyone got random clearance items. I got a bad mystery box. I got a gold liquid lipstick, gold eyeshadow primer thing, green eyeliner, a rainbow lips lipgloss thing??? And the only thing I’ll be keeping is the Ofra blush/bronzer in Format. I have to stop falling for these mystery boxes, I never get the good ones.

    • I’m proud of myself for having resisted this one. I wanted it bad, but I didn’t buy and now I was able to spend that money at Sigma’s 75% off sale today! Got myself 4 new eye brushes that I was dying to get for under $30.

  4. I didn’t seem to do as well as others – I got the bag, lanyard and 4 makeup items. 3 of the items are refills (did not come with a container/compact) – eyeshadow in Bark, mini highlighter in Blissful, and blush/bronzer in Coral Blush stripes. The one item that can be used as is (without a previously owned container) is a liquid lipstick in Cape Town. Do you guys think it’s worth reaching out to them?

    • Probably not. I think these bags are all you get what you get/no returns. If you like the colors of the single pan items you can get a magnetic palette from many different places to put them in. I think the lanyard is counted as an item so the 5 to 6 item count was met.

  5. I got a great bag! Got:
    3 lipglosses in amazing colors!
    Eyeshadow color bohemian
    Rodeo drive highlighter which i was so hoping for and is gorgeous!
    And a bronzer/blush that is so pretty also!
    Was disappointed though cause i went to order another after getting my bag and they arenr available anymore 🙁 wish i could post a picture of what i got.

  6. I got the bag and lanyard. An eye gel primer, liquid lipstick in plumas, eyeliner in evergreen, eyeshadow in bohemian, blush/bronzer in format and a powder in dark. I’m happy with the exception of the dark powder. Great deal.

  7. So i bought two bags- I received my first one…I find it interesting that everyone has received 6 products and I only got 5 (the lower end of the promised)

    I got:
    a dual foundation in a color slightly darker than my skin tone
    Millenium blue eye shadow
    Grapeful eye-liner
    And Cape Town Liquid lipstick which is a rich purple….

    I’m ok with the products- definitely takes me out of my comfort zone- but I am seriously hoping the other bag I get is more wearable for me.

  8. Mine was awful. I’m fair skinned, and got foundation, setting powder, and bronzer/blush that are all way too dark for me; 2 liquid lipsticks in horrible colors (metallic brown and neon coral); and a metallic brown eyeshadow (Bohemian), which I like and will be the only thing I use. I’m done with mystery bags, even at this price.

    • I’m with you. As a lightest possible foundation pale girl, I received foundation in color 44 and a blush bronzer that won’t work for me. I was really hoping for the highlighter, but of course I didn’t get it. What a waste of money.

  9. OMGOSH am I ever glad I acted on this mystery glam bag!! I received the bag of course, an eye liner in ever green, eye primer, Ofra blush/bronzer in Format, I got a highlight in Rodeo Drive, translucent powder in dark, a liquid lip stick in Manhattan and another liquid lip stick in Plumas!! I wanted to go online and get another bag but I think they are sold out. I love everything I received, I’m very fair complected but I think I can use the dark translucent powder for a bronzer or contour even!! I’m so excited for my bag. That was the best $18 bucks I spent in a while. If you used the code from MSA and get 40% off and my total came to $18 bucks and change. Thank you MSA for the heads up on the mystery glam bag and thank you Ofra for such AMAZING products!!

  10. Mine was disappointing( 3 liquid lipsticks with non wearable shades for me ( bright pink, deep purple and bright red) . Dry brown eyeliner one brown eyeshadow and the same bronzer/blush that I have already. I wil never order it again

  11. Mine was HORRIBLE. I got the darkest shade of foundation (Ebony) with the lightest shade of pressed powder. That’s just insulting, since it’s obvious threats l there’s at least one item that would be guaranteed unusable.

    I didn’t get any liquid lipstick. I got a dried up lip gloss in Stawberry, though. Garbaged that.

    I got the blush (too orange), a green eyeliner, and black eyeshadow.

    I should know better than to order mystery boxes since it’s usually all old stock and ugly colors. Oh well, live and learn…

  12. Mine was HORRIBLE. I got the darkest shade of foundation (Ebony) with the lightest shade of pressed powder. That’s just insulting, since it’s obvious there’s at least one item that would be guaranteed unusable.

    I didn’t get any liquid lipstick. I got a dried up lip gloss in Stawberry, though. Garbaged that.

    I got the blush (too orange), a green eyeliner, and black eyeshadow.

    I should know better than to order mystery boxes since it’s usually all old stock and ugly colors. Oh well, live and learn…

  13. So disappointed!!! I got the worst bag. I was really excited after seeing all the great bags on YouTube. Then I got mine………………😞

  14. I am pretty happy with my bag but I wish I got a highlighter since that is main reason I got bag.
    I received a liquid lipstick in ultimate red very flattering on me, lip gloss in Orchid , the blush/bronzer in format, lip pencil in baby doll, a shimmer eye shadow in plastic which I will use as highlighter , and a matte white godet eyeshadow in vanilla.
    This was a great value for $15 their lipsticks alone are $20. I am surprised that more people have not heard of Ofra they sell it at Ulta . I hope this mystery bag becomes a yearly thing.

  15. Seeing these spoilers, I wish I had passed. Why would they send complexion products in a mystery bag? The chance of anyone getting a usable color is near zero. The blushes all look dark, which won’t work for my pale skin. Very disappointed. Oh well, you win some you lose some. I’m really hoping for a highlighter. To the swaps I go!

    • I got the foundation, no highlighter of course. 😔 does anyone know the value of the foundation, they don’t have it on their site as far as I can find.

  16. Mine was a pretty great mix. I got:

    -Peptide Brightening mask
    -Concealer (in Beige, just the right shade for summer)
    -Two long-lasting liquid lipsticks (in St. Tropez and Napa Valley)
    -Eyeshadow (in Bohemian)
    -A blush/bronzer
    -Black Eyeliner

    I’ll use most of it, trade a couple things and be happy!

  17. My bag was also just perfect for me. I almost bought another but was afraid I would never hit the jackpot twice! Thank you for posting this sale, MSA!

  18. I got:

    -Foundation in the shade ‘Naked’ and it’s perfect for me!
    -blush/bronzer in Format (like a lot of people)
    -eyeshadow gadot in Bohemian
    -eyeliner in Evergreen (love!)
    -eye primer gel (has a retail of $20 and is actually a really nice eye primer!)
    -liquid lipstick in St. Tropez (the bubblegum pink and it’s my new fave lipstick!)

    My retail was defn. over $100 and this bag was absolutely worth it to me! I got a full selection of new things to try and I love 3 of them so far. I also like that their mystery bags were all varied–to me, that makes it fun 🙂

    • Wow great bag!

  19. I got a warm beige mineral powder, two eyeshadow refills (a matte caramel and shimmery champagne), two liquid lips (metallic peachy pink and pinkish purple) and a bronzey highlighter (think color was called back off haters) along with the bag and lanyard. All were full sized items.

  20. I got the the best mystery bag EVER! Worth over the amount! I am Thankful

    • Me too! I’m so glad! It was useful everything for me! I am Thankful too!

  21. I got the bag, lanyard, mini Rodeo Drive highlighter, blush/bronzer in Format, loose pigment In Blue Denim, lip liner in Savage Red, 2 liquid lipsticks (Las Vegas and Emerald City).

  22. OK, sounds like I made the right choice in not getting the mystery bag, but instead using the 40% off to get some eyeshadows and body scrub that I wanted!

  23. I got the bag and lanyard, and:
    -Rodeo Drive highlighter refill
    -Blush/bronzer in Format
    -Blush/bronzer in Coral Blush Stripes
    -Eyeliner in Grapefull (dark purple blueish)
    -Liquid lip in New Orleans (matte purple)
    -Lipstick in Pink Shimmer

    I am pretty happy with the selection, think it is one of the better spreads I have seen posted here and on youtube. Too lazy to figure out the actual value (especially where the website is down right now), but I for sure got my money’s worth 🙂

  24. I got:

    Mineral powder foundation in Sandy beach
    Blind the Haters highlighter
    Grapeful eyeliner
    Pink shimmer moisturizing lipstick
    Wonderland liquid lip
    Country Road matte eyeshadow
    the bag and lanyard.

    Happy enough considering their liquid lip formula is the only one I can wear that doesn’t make my lips crack and bleed. One of those full price is $18. All the rest are bonuses

    • SquirrelyGirl, I know right!! Ofra’s liquid lip stick is the only one I can wear to, the other brands crack and bleed all down my mouth!! I love Ofra’s makeup products period everything I’ve tried from them is a win win for me!! I love Ofra, my mystery bag was AMAZING, I am so happy with everything I received!! I was afraid at 1st but once I received it I was so happy with everything I received!! I got 2 liquid lip sticks Plumas and Manhattan a mini highlight in Rodeo Drive, eye shadow primer, a blush/bronzer in Format, and an eye liner in ever green, the bag and lanyard. I’m so, so happy with everything I received. I’m glad you’re happy with your products too. It seems like everyone commenting here is happy with their purchases. Enjoy your new products!!

      • Ofra is a really great brand (one of my faves)! I love my bag and I am glad you do as well!!!

  25. I really liked mine! I got the bag, keychain/lanyard, liquid lip in solano, lip liner in spicy, lip liner in savage red, eye liner in grapeful, blush/bronzer in format, and a full-size vitamin a&c peel off mask. Value was $107, full retail value was $121 (the blush was marked down)- I didn’t count the bag or lanyard in my pricing.

  26. I got the bag, lanyard, St. Tropez liquid lipstick (bubblegum pink/lilac shade), Napa Valley liquid lipstick (metallic deep purple – also sent in Boxycharm awhile back), bronzer/blush in Format (brown satin), eyeshadow godet in Bohemian (dark chocolate brown shimmer shade), eyeshadow pot in Glorious (light pink shade), and the perfecting puff (Beauty Blender type sponge). Not loving the shades but I can probably use the blush/bronzer, sponge, and maybe St. Tropez with a liner or another shade with it. I doubt I’ll use the eyeshadows since I have lots of great palettes that have similar shades and are more convenient than single pans/pots. I didnt like the Napa Valley shade when I got it in Boxycharm & I still don’t so that one is disappointing and I’ll never use the lanyard or makeup bag. I’ll likely give them away. They both are too heavy on the advertising for my taste. Overall, it is okay for $18.50 but I wouldn’t buy it again.

  27. I would’ve been much happier with any of those 3 versions! I got a dark navy blue liquid lipstick, blue eyeshadow, white eyeliner, purple eyeliner, a lanyard, a blush, , and a foundation powder wayyyy too dark for my skin tone.

  28. Great box if u wanna paint your face up like a clown. This one was disappointing for me though I’m not familiar with this brand. Would never ever pay $100 for these items

    • Ofra has long lasting amazing formulas and are cruelty free. They are absolutely worth their full price!

    • You comment made me gut laugh!!

    • ROFL!

  29. My mystery box did not have seven items like the ones above it had six and two of the six items were the same. I got the blush, a mini highlighter, lanyard, purple eyeshadow and 2 of the same color liquid lipstick.

    • I only received 6 items in my bag and one of the products is a mini!! Most everyone received 6 products in there bags.

      • I only receive 4 products in my bag.

        *liquid lipstick in st. tropez
        *highlighter in blind the haters
        *blush/bronzer in format
        *refill highlighter (don’t recall the color-threw it out)

        Plus the bag and lanyard

  30. I received…
    One translucent powder in Dark- value $23
    2 long lasting lipsticks: one in Napa Valley and the other in St Tropez – value $17 each
    One eyeshadow godet in Bohemian – value $7
    One blush/bronzer in Format – value $15
    One Peptide Brightening Mask- value $17
    The items add up to $96 without the bag or lariat figured in. Bag is nice. Doubt I will use the lariat. I used the coupon so I’m satisfied for ~$19 for these items.

    • I received 7 products not including the bag or the lanyard and mine came to over the $107 they advertised. I couldn’t find a price for the concealer I received but the other 6 items totaled $99.

  31. @Liz – do you know when you might get the Mystery Box listed in swaps? I think many of us are waiting for it so we can list our items. Thanks!

  32. I got a lanyard, liquid lipstick, purple eyeshadow, green eyeliner, makeup sponge, and an ugly blush in format. I looked up the value of everything I got and it was only $60. So I’m assuming that they value their bag anndssumd lanyard at $20 each (bogus) because the products themselves are no where near what they claimed.

    • I would think you could contact customer service and complain you didn’t get the 6 make-up items and a bag and lanyard are not make-up

    • Yeah, I agree and it was all super old stock. Mine was HORRIBLE. I got the darkest shade of foundation (Ebony) with the lightest shade of pressed powder. That’s just insulting, since it’s obvious threats l there’s at least one item that would be guaranteed unusable.

      I didn’t get any liquid lipstick. I got a dried up lip gloss in Stawberry, though. Garbaged that.

      I got the blush (too orange), a green eyeliner, and black eyeshadow.

      I should know better than to order mystery boxes since it’s usually all old stock and ugly colors. Oh well, live and learn…

  33. I like Ofra, but I’m glad I didn’t spring for this. I really like their lipsticks and it looks like there’s really only 1 in each box. Nice assortment though.

    • Each bag seemed to be quite varied. I received 3 liquid lipsticks in Hollywood, St Tropez and Napa Valley, which is a gorgeous metallic purple shade.

    • I didn’t get a lipstick… only a dried up lip gloss.. . 🙁

  34. I wanted to order another one but the site has been down all weekend.

    • The website is not down but you cannot buy anything from them for the foreseeable future. They are going to be away for a while, while they change their packaging and logo. It was the reason for the big 40% off site wide coupon.

      • Oh, that is great. Maybe it shouldn’t really matter but I have always thought their logo design and packaging were particularly unappealing. I like being able to pull out a pretty lipgloss or lipstick from my purse to reapply, for example, so I am glad they are doing this. Excited to see how they rebrand.

  35. I want the purple lip color.

  36. I got a blush in Format, a sponge, an eyeshadow in champagne, a mini pan of rodeo drive nighter, an eyeliner, and a liquid lipstick in Napa Valley. I got a value of under 75 so I’m not sure how they got 107. Otherwise it’s ok.

    • If i could know I would get your bag I would buy it, but they’re sending out foundation and other complexion products and that’s just crazy imo.

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