New Limited Edition Goop Box Available Now + Full Spoilers!

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Goop has a limited edition box available now – How Goopy Are You: Vol. 1!

The clean-beauty/wellness starter kit—packed with our top 10 all-time favorites:

A clean beauty/wellness starter kit stocked with GP’s top 10 all-time favorites from goop.

We all deserve an easy routine that feels fantastic, really works, and doesn’t expose us to toxins. GP’s been clean for years, and these are her most-loved, have-to-have, desert island essentials.

The Box: How Goopy Are You: Vol. 1

The Cost: $325

The Products:

Mind-blowingly effective, this is made with plant­-based powder instead of aluminum, absorbs quickly and glides on like silk. Antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal essential oils stop odors from forming in the first place, rather than trying to mask odor with fragrance, it smells fantastic and actually works.

Instantly brighten and soften skin to reveal a glowing, smoother-looking complexion. Six natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids sweep away dead skin cells while plant-based cellulose beads exfoliate further, releasing soothing vitamin B5 to leave skin supple, soft, and utterly revitalized.

A combination of 28 plant, fruit, and flower oils and butters, this multipurpose, semi-solid oil smells faintly of Monoi (Tahitian gardenias soaked in coconut oil) and moisturizes skin like nothing else. Lighter than a typical body butter, longer-lasting than a moisturizer, it’s made with a high percentage of jojoba oil—not technically an oil, but a polyunsaturated liquid wax similar to human sebum, plus rosehip, hemp, meadowfoam, and rice bran oils, all of which are high in omega and essential fatty acids.

Designed by structural integration practitioner/fascia expert Lauren Roxburgh, this roller helps elongate and tone muscles, and support the body’s lymphatic system. It’s the perfect size for a gym bag, carry-on, or a fit-it-in-anywhere kind of workout. Never used a foam roller before? Check out all of Roxburgh’s stories on goop.

This golden oil is a seriously nourishing overnight treatment. Prickly-pear-seed oil works while you sleep to reveal brighter, softer, plumper, super-hydrated skin. Rosehip seed, evening primrose, and sea buckthorn deliver powerful support to promote healthy, glowing skin—and they smell incredible, too.

This citrusy, super-moisturizing tinted lip/cheek balm delivers cushy hydration and lattering-to-all-skin-types sheer pigment. It’s the sort of your-lips-but-better color that brightens up your whole face, yet doesn’t read as “lipstick” or even “gloss”—just all-natural prettiness, pure and simple.

Drink your way to glowing skin with a mega-dose of skin-supporting ingredients: grape-seed proanthocyanidins, vitamins C and E, and CoQ10, designed to reduce the free radical effects of the sun, pollution, stress, and more.

Moon Dusts work synergistically at the deepest levels to enhance your beauty, brain, body, sexual energy, sleep and spirit. Alchemized with potent organic herbs, adaptogenic plants, and bioactive minerals, these botanical blends fit into your daily routine to help your body adapt to physical, mental and environmental stress.

Made with natural cactus sisal bristles for dry brushing, this stimulates lymphatic drainage, promotes circulation, releases toxins, and removes dead skin cells, for all-over health and a fresh, even complexion. It improves skin tone, boosts immunity, and increases energy.

Take the edge off of a crazy day or stressful time with this Himalayan pink salt and chia-seed-oil bath soak. There are three centering, reviving baths in every bag.

Will you be getting the limited edition How Goopy Are You: Vol. 1 Box?

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  1. I’m sure I’ve missed out on something but what does “GOOP” even stand for? Are the G and P for Gwenyth and Paltrow? If so, then what are the two O’s? Or are they two zeros?

    I really hope the money made from this stuff goes to a worthy charity and not into her pocket. If not, I can’t believe she can, in good conscience, take people’s money for this overpriced stuff.

    I’m really enjoying all the great comments. Keep them coming…

  2. Can you say, “PRETENTIOUS?” Clueless Gwyneth strikes again!

  3. The really Wealthy need a box too ,Just not for me .I will make my own organic products and pray over them same thing and it will cost me a lot less.
    GP is Far out there and way outta touch with people,who actually do sub boxes we want Full size products and we want a deal try before we buy and $325 for a $50 box forget it

  4. Limited edition is right, only a limited number of gullible people would fall for this one. Or Gwyneth worshippers.

  5. After some internet digging… the goe oil is $53, roller is $34, the balmyard face oil is $95 for 1 Oz (is it made of gold?), olio e osso is $89(!), the moon dust is $38, the body brush is $32… so that’s 341 without the hella cheap deodorant or two hoop products and the hoop juice beauty product. So at least they covered the cost of the box? I just A) don’t see the value here even a little bit. And B) a lip and cheek balm that is 89 dollars? 89? What? Why? If the box was $100 I think they might have chance.

    • I wondered about the absurd pricing on her site! No savings just association with goof lifestyle.

    • I totally agree with your premise, but Olio e Osso balm is $28. I use it daily and love it. (But would NEVER pay $89 for it.)

  6. Liz, will they send a box to you to review? Even Goopy must occasionally want a voice outside her team.

  7. I’m just here for the comments 🤭😜🤪

    • Me too, no idea goop was so terrible(or that it existed) before this haha

    • That gif from Thriller of MJ chowing down on popcorn, grinning in fiendish delight at what is to unfold. At this moment, I embody that gif.

  8. Those “moon dust” products are mostly dried mushroom powder. Explains a LOT…I wouldn’t buy this crap for $3.25, but the comments are priceless!

  9. Oh, Gwyenth. Keep doing you, boo. It’s wildly entertaining.

  10. At least she is not including a medically unsafe device to shove up our whohas like she has before! Or told us to “steam” them.

  11. Isn’t that deodorant the same brand I got in Birchbox for $10? Lavender sage was scent.

    • I just bought it at Target for $4.99!

      Goop is poop. As my kids would say! 🙂

  12. Noop!

    • LOL!

    • LMAO!!! Thank you for that! 🤣🤣🤣

  13. I have never wanted anything less.

  14. I was not even going to look at this since it was Goop related but I knew the comments would be awesome. I was right!!

    • Same here!

    • Ditto HA!

  15. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! This is exactly the type of box I’d expect from Goop. I have no idea why anyone would pay to hear her namedrop in the first place but I wish them well with this pricey box of magic products.

    Love the comments!

  16. Not Goopy enough to spend $325.

  17. After reading all the comments I have faith in the world again. I can’t stand her and her BS.
    I really wish they would kill her character in Iron Man so I don’t contribute to her wealth.

    • GOOP. I actually sent you an email with a link to this comment page so that you can read the reactions that you are getting regarding this terrible offering. I NEVER email companies because they missed the mark…but you guys missed so badly!

    • I agree. Goop is the only reason I wish that Pepper would bite it.

  18. I’m sure there will be some Goop fangirls who will lap this up. Personally I can’t stand anything Goop stands for and wouldn’t buy this box at any amount. There are plenty of green beauty boxes available at a better price and with a much higher value. For example – I recently purchased the Sophie Uliano quarterly box for about $70 (with shipping) and it had a value of well over $300.

    • I will never spend any of my money on anything that entitled nitwit offers. Vaginal jade eggs indeed.

      • Exactly!!! They’re a modern day purveyor of snake oil, selling remedies for “problems” that really don’t exist.

    • I LOVED my Sophie Uliano box. The only item that was a miss for me was the lip product…so that is a really, really high success-to-failure ratio. I can’t wait until the next box (I’m getting two next time)!

      • I got that lip balm in the beauty report box last year and thought it was too waxy and the color wasn’t flattering on me. I didn’t even open this one, and have it in my shelter donation bag. But i loved everything else and also felt like the box was a big success overall. I’m especially enjoying the Kahina perfume & cactus mask.

  19. Gwyneth is so out of control. She doles our garbage pseudoscientific advice and recommends the most outrageously priced products. I am not at all surprised that this box is $325. Stick to acting, GP.

    • Wait! She ACTS?!?!?!?

      • Bwahahahahahaha

        Sorry. My bad. She “acts”. 😳🤔

    • No. I can’t watch movies with her in it. No acting please.

  20. Lol. No. Hahahaaaa.

  21. Unless that dust is really from the literal moon this box is wildly overpriced. So a resounding NOPE from this corner. smh

    • Remember the stickers she was pushing? The ones made out of the same material as the space suits AND were supposed to make you centered or something? Remember when NASA had to come out and say, “NOPE. NOT TRUE. OUR SUITS ARE NOT MADE OF THAT MATERIAL. STOP THIS NONSENSE.” NASA SAID YOU WERE DUMB, GOOP!

  22. This box is absurd. And not just the cost, although that by itself seems like a bad joke. I really really hope the Goop folks read everyone’s comments on here! 😄

    • Goodness! I agree with you. The name of this box should be “How Gullible Are You: Vol. 1”.

  23. This literally made me laugh. I mean, really lol Just no, I wouldn’t even care about a review on this. It’s just insane.

  24. Just no!!

  25. Yep… that looks like goop pricing to me!

  26. Good Greif, who puts this box out? One of those fancy designers who I can’t spell their names or pronounce them!

  27. Any chance Goop listed the price on this box incorrectly? I am trying to understand the value of this box.

  28. Definitely no FOMO here! This is insanely overpriced and doesn’t even feel well curated. Other than being “clean”, the items don’t really go together. I guess that’s not the worst thing, but something I’d hope for at that price point. More importantly, they aren’t unique or expensive items.

    To be fair, I’ve never been a Goop person, so I may just be the wrong audience.

  29. LOL! The only thing worthwhile about this stupid box were all of your comments! I don’t think I would have wasted $325 on this package of TJMaxx clearance items even when I had $$$ to waste. What was this company thinking when they threw all of this stuff together, and how on earth did they decide on the price point?

  30. Gold plated invisible goop

  31. This is horrible.

  32. Well, I always thought GOOP was ridiculous but I’m officially annoyed with G. Paltrow after seeing this nonsense. I really hope we don’t have to see reviews for this sub again, it’s really just insulting to normal people.

  33. I think Gwyneth Paltrow has Goop for brains!


    • Hahahahaha. I am consciously decoupling from anything Goop related.

      • Know whays funny? They interviewed her a year after the “conscious decoupling” incident and she said (paraphrasing) , “well we still really love each other, he would still take a bullet for me…”

  34. For that price, it should include actual travel – not a travel size product. LOL!

    • Right?! Give me an airline ticket for that price! I’d like to know who would actually buy this overpriced box of deodorant…

  35. It looks like the retail value of the box is only about $369?

  36. LMAO, those descriptions… And that deodorant is 3.79 at TJ Maxx.

  37. Hahahaha!! April Fool’s Day or should we say May Fool’s Day!!

  38. They’re obviously not readers of this site. At least you’re saving $70 on random “goopy” stuff ?!? – uh, no thank you!

  39. Apparently, l’m not that Goopy. The price is too high for me.

  40. Seriously – what is their market strategy? Who is their target market? Is that the price or the actual value – because neither makes sense. Pass.

  41. OH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! God, that was a good for a laugh. Reading the descriptions at an open mic night would bring me to tears. Moon Dust product that is good for sexual energy? The description uses”SYNERGISTICALLY”. *dead*

  42. $325??? This was supposed to be posted on April 1, right?

    Seems there’s a missing decimal between the 2 and the 5.

  43. “We all deserve an easy routine that feels fantastic, really works, and doesn’t expose us to toxins.” – Sure, we do. Who’s paying? (P.S. Define “toxin”.)

    “GP’s been clean for years…” – And I’ve been dirty…

  44. No ma’am. Absolutely not.

  45. First I saw the price, …ok, must be something special there. Then I saw first item listed – Deodorant..Schmitd deodorant. Swallowed hard and thought, then second item must be something special …. “travel size”. There was no point to see rest of the items.

    • ikr?! $5 deodorant!!! I mean, I love the stuff, but comeon, get real. Not in a box that costs $325 and includes travel size items and a foam back roller

      • Okay . It is the same brand.

  46. Dang Gwyneth, I get you were raised with basically a silver spoon, but really? $325? For 10 items that are probably worth (IMO) 3 times less?

    Hey, but what do I know?… I’m just a working stiff from the midwest…


  47. Love half the items – hate the price scrolled back up to find price and gasped actually! Thats insane!!!

  48. No.

  49. Almost thought about it until I saw the price. Um, nope!

  50. wow. wowowowowwowowow

    • Wow, nooooooooooooo! Bahaha

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