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May 2018 New Subscription Boxes – Which Should We Review?


We learn about a few new subscription boxes every day! Each month, we pick a few that seem interesting, fun, and/or unique, and let you vote for which ones we review next.

(This list isn’t strictly boxes that just started in the last month, but boxes new to us, interesting boxes we’ve found, and boxes we want your feedback on!)

ICYMI: Before we get started on May’s boxes, here are some boxes from last month that we’ve already reviewed thanks to your feedback! (More coming soon!)

As always, thank you for being an MSA reader and telling us your thoughts! The May poll is at the bottom of the post. And if there are other boxes you’d like to see us review that aren’t listed here, please let us know in the comments!

The Subscription Box: World of Drag

The Cost: $59.00/month + $9.50 shipping

The Products: “World of Drag brings a collection of curated products designed for your inner drag queen right to your door. Exclusive items valued at over $100 include travel and makeup accessories, fabulous art, and products celebrating your favorite queens! World of Wonder chooses each item with love and henny, we know you’ll love them too.”

Ships to: US & International

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The Subscription Box: Mariér Box

The Cost: $29.00/month + $6.00 shipping (Coupon: Use code CLUBMARIER to save 5% off your first box!)

The Products: “The Mariér box is a lifestyle monthly subscription box service that features full and sample size products ranging from skincare, makeup, jewelry, stationery, snacks, tea and everything in between that appeals to the modern day woman. At Mariér, are focused on helping you treat yourself while dealing with the daily hustle and bustle of life.”

Ships to: Worldwide

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The Subscription Box: NeuroBox

The Cost: $45.00/month + $7.00 US shipping (Coupon: Use code NEUROFOUNDER10 to save 10% off your first box!)

The Products:NeuroBox is a monthly subscription box that focuses on taking care of our brains so that we can stay energized, productive and stress-free. Each box includes brain teasers, snacks with brain-friendly ingredients and mindfulness tools among other things to keep us motivated and working to our fullest potential. In short, NeuroBox is like a gym membership for the brain.”

Ships to: US and Canada

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The Subscription Box: Storybook Cosmetics Book Club

The Cost: $24.99/month + $4.00 US shipping

The Products: “A full-sized liquid lipstick or gloss, and 3 full-sized eyeshadows (all exclusive limited edition products in the same high-quality Storybook formula you love). The best part: each month is based on a different classic novel- the first month being Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Each shipment comes in a limited collector’s edition mini Storybook Palette with a custom matching bookmark. “

Ships to: US and International (shipping cost based on address)

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The Subscription Box: My Meraki Box

The Cost: $64.99 + free shipping

The Products: “We are here to help you up your style and accessories game with timeless everyday designs or something for that special night out. Each month includes pieces that will stand out individually or can be worn together to amp up your own style. We believe that accessories aren’t just something you toss on to go with an outfit, they make the outfit.”

Shipping: Worldwide

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The Subscription Box: Mail Order Mystery

The Cost: $29/month + free US shipping

The Products: Mail Order Mystery is a story for kids that unfolds through a series of installments that come in the mail. The envelopes could come from anyone, from anywhere, from any time. They could be long-lost relatives, museum curators, pirates, trolls or spies and they could be sending letters, newspaper articles, top-secret files, made-up magazines, wax-sealed missions or hand-written notes. They could be sending keys, locks, maps and clues of all kinds. There are puzzles to solve and codes to crack. All is revealed in the final mailing, a grand finale that includes an artifact or collection of keepsakes unique enough to be a cherished memento of the Mail Order Mystery experience.

Ships to: US and International

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The Subscription Box: (blank) box by martie

The Cost: $34.99 per box + free US shipping

The Products: “(blank) box is a creative outlet to fill with all of your adventures and to make it your own. The contents of each month’s box will focus around a theme to spark joy and excitement in your everyday life. You can expect to find art prints, art pads, desk accessories, and other fun surprises that are made beautifully and exclusively for YOU!”

Ships to: US for free and International for $6.00

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist, and get notified when reviews post!

What other boxes should we review? Let us know which ones you want in the comments!

Written by MSA


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Comments (47)

  1. My Storybook sub box finally came today!! Its perect!! I mean, it took long enough to get here, but the packaging is adorable! Looks like a little book. I’ve never ordered eyeshadows from them, but I have quite a few of their brush sets which I love. The shadows in this Little Women set are beautiful. Highly pigmented, applied beautifully and blended well. Can’t wait to see what next month brings!

  2. Marier Box has released a June spoiler on Instagram – the Cargo “Shanghai Nights” makeup palette.

  3. Marier Box – I really liked the curation of the first box and the emphasis on unique Etsy items (even re-ordered from the candle company, stephmcreations) but it was under the promised value. I’m really interested to see where the box goes in the future.

    Neuro Box – It sounds really interesting, but the price point seems a bit high so I’d want to know what to expect

    Mail Order Mystery – this seems like a simpler version of the mail games the Mysterious Package Company sends out. My daughters are too young for this yet, but it would be fun to see reviews for it.

  4. Snack Frenzy please 🙂

  5. Please do the Sanaya Set, for intersectional feminists!

  6. I would love for you to review the Blank Box, World of Drag, Storybook and My Meraki..😃

  7. The soap Shack Spoil Me box. Bath boxes are my latest weakness so I signed up anyway but would still love to see MSA’s opinion of it, especially compared to other bath boxes being reviewed.

  8. So very intrigued with the Storybook cosmetics Book Club….put me down for wanting to see that one reviewed

  9. Since they now have a box to take care of the brain do you suppose the will make a sub box to take care of my back?????

  10. Monobox, by shop I love jewelry

  11. Neurobox and Marier please!

  12. Definitely Neuro Box! My 50 yr old brain could use some exercise. The blank box has me intrigued too. If I sub to any other boxes, it can’t be beauty boxes because I’m drowning in beauty products. But…I can’t seem to cancel the beauty subs I already have.

  13. I would love to see NeuroBox reviewed, and Neko Box (not a new box) also! Blank Box looks interesting too.

  14. That Storybook looks amazing but I am already envisioning many decluttering videos on YouTube due to its bulkiness. Storing those will be a nightmare.

  15. World of drag! Is that Alaska? I hope they have a mini-lil poundcake doll in the box.

    • I forgot to add that I would like to see a review of an older box, the Neko box. I think its by the same company that does the zakka box?

    • YES! That would be amazing!

    • OMG a mini Li’l Poundcake would be awesome! It does look like Alaska, in glasses borrowed from Trixie. Her top reminds me of the romper Katya wore in the Tan With You video, probably since I already had Trixie on the brain.

  16. World of drag

  17. I got my grandson a round of Mail Order Mystery and he LOVED it, and now his little sister wants it too. This is for kids, but anyone here who has kids or grandkids should be aware of it. It’s terrific. There are different packages. Please review!

  18. Mariér Box – Hopefully the box gets better, first box was not what i thought it would be. Wont be subscribing to that one again, till they improve

    • Agreed, the first box was lackluster and not what I expected. Especially for the price.

  19. How about : bonjourjoli ? The box has been around for a while and has been GREAT! well worth the money, and its always been consistent. Not like some of the new boxes that seem to be ok one month and then awful the next

  20. Thanks for keeping us informed about what new products are coming up!

  21. World of Drag Box, Marier and Storybook Cosmetics!!!

  22. Marier and Storybook Cosmetics, please!

  23. World of Drag Box, please.

    We’ve already been talking about it on the forum!

    • !!!!! I had no idea that sub box existed and I’m so excited

  24. Hmmm im liking most of the selections for this month, hard to pick a top 3

  25. Please review the Drag box! I might sub without review because RuPaul deserves all of my money.

    Also, not on the list but would love to see Material Box reviewed.

  26. My young daughter receives the new “Em and Liz box”. She adores it, great sub box for girls!!

  27. Baublebox.

  28. Marier, Neurobox and especially, Storybook Cosmetics look very interesting!

  29. I’m intrigued by the Neurobox most of all.

    Also, I know you’ve done the first review of Karv, but I’d love to see more reviews to see if the quality is there every month. I am seriously considering that sub.

  30. The Storybook gimmick seems a bit thin – so you get an artist to draw a picture of the characters on the palette, and you name the lip gloss “Beth” and the eyeshaodws “Amy”, “Jo”, and “Meg”?

    Umm, OK. Got it.

    • If you haven’t visited Storybook Cosmetics website, you should have a look. They do beautiful stuff. I’ve bought some things as gifts and the quality is remarkable. Absolutely gorgeous. So I’ve had some experience already with some of their products and that’s why I’m excited about the new box. If you are a big literature and make up fan, these are for you I think.

      • I’ve heard the quality of the make-up isn’t the best. I’m a bookworm and the packaging is amazing to me, but the quality has to be there, too. I’ve been a little nervous to try it, as a result. Maybe I’ll give it a go. Would LOVE to see it reviewed.

      • Yeah, there is style over substance with that brand. It made a buzz in the makeup community with its first release or two, but it’s died off because the quality didn’t match the aesthetics.

  31. I would love to see the Blank Box being review.

  32. Please review the Wicked Flame Candle & Spa box! I just received my first box from them on Friday and am SUPER impressed with the items I received, the value and the presentation! I’m definitely a happy customer

  33. Thanks for introducing us to such fun boxes over the years!

  34. Curious about the World of Drag box! That price point is rather high though, and I’m not sure the teased items make it worth the price they’re asking.

    • I really hope someone who sould thoroughly use it ends up reviewing the box. Someone it would actually apply to instead of a person reviewing out of obligation or a slightly detatcjsd intrigue.
      IE I’m intrigued by the box but would never personally review it (hypothetically) regularly because I would have little to contribute to the review as I am not living the drag scene or dramatic makeup. Even KVD shadows, A MUA should have no problem is my guess.

      • Agreed. (And I volunteer as tribute! ;))

  35. I am so excited by the Storybook cosmetics book club. I have already signed up. I’m also intrigued by the Marier box. I would love to see that one reviewed too.

    • Would love to see Awakening in a box, mindfulness box, and spirit trading company reviewed

      • Mindfulness box was regularly reviewed a couple of years ago. It should still show up in the archives… I would be interested to know if the quality of the box has improved at all.

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