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LenyBox Makeup Subscription Review – April 2018

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  1. Any update from the box?

  2. If you think a product is counterfeit, and there’s a bar code on the box, scan it with your phone. I did this with a Clover palette I bought on Ebay and the scanner returned “Sweet Peach palette.” Of course, there were many other red flags on this product and packaging. So many things about it screamed “fake” but i wanted to see what the packaging came up.

    • Barcodes are easily duplicated.

  3. The ulta lip gloss can still be purchased on several websites under super shiny or sheer shiny.

    • The problem is that purchasing it anywhere but actually at Ulta means that the supply chain can’t be verified. Ulta doesn’t sell their stuff directly at other stores. It might not be fake, but it is likely old or a closeout.

      This is true of most Amazon listings as well, unless it specifically says “sold by and ships from Amazon,” and is also true of anything on eBay, 3rd party sellers on the Walmart website, etc. AliExpress is full of counterfeit items in many different product categories.

      Moral of the story: just because something *can* be bought online, it may not be responsible for MSA to provide a link to do so, when a source isn’t verified. Also, 3rd party sellers and such aren’t representative of actual retail values since there is a lot of price gaming going on.

      • I know all that. I posted all this info because the reviewer stated they couldn’t find anything about these brands. NOVO is a well known brand in Asia. You can purchase their products direct from Asia. Very easy to find on many different sites. I have received NOVO items from other subscription boxes. And DE does indeed make a 100ml Umbra lotion. Cabella Star Oil is a great organic product as well.

      • Around May 2017 DE Reformulated the ingredients in the sunscreen and also changed the size from 3.3oz to 3.0oz and the price went from $38 to $34. Lenybox sent the older version in this box. It isn’t expired but is from before they changed the packaging.

  4. Cabella Star Oil can be purchased on for $34.48. It’s made in the USA. It can also be purchased in several more websites including Amazon

  5. The NOVO 8 eyeshadow can be purchased at ALIEXPRESS. On sale for $2.81. It seems to be a Philipine Company. All their products can be found @

  6. The DE umbra 100ml is sold at Wal-Mart for $16.85. The expiration date is 7/2018 and it’s now sold out. It was sold and shipped by Central Outlets.

  7. I’m sorry, but there is no excuse as to why this was reviewed. There are tons of red flags, that are obvious to many of us. I’m not sure how a professional reviewing company supposedly could not see those red flags. Wow. Just wow.

    • It was a requested review, where is all the hate coming from? They corrected it once it was brought to their attention.

      • I’m definitely not sending any hate toward anyone. I’m just a little surprised is all. I appreciate all reviews, whether negative or positive. Those reviews help us all choose whether to purchase or not. I just feel like a little research is necessary before deciding to review a box. It sounds like this box has had a bad reputation for a while. And even seeing it for the first time – it’s pretty obvious something isn’t right with this company. So I’m kinda surprised they were even given the time of day by The Subscription Addiction. I’m glad to see that they are checking into the company a little more. Especially since non-legit products can be a major health concern. I just prefer reviews of legit, quality products from companies that care about the consumer. 🙂

      • Honestly I would rather have them review it that way they can help inform people of the poor quality/ product “saftey” before someone goes and purchases this subscription. Not everyone is use to recieving subscription boxes and may not recognize the red flags that would deem a box as one they should stay away from. A person could stumble across this subscription from another source online and wants an opinion on whether it’s worth it to get it. At least having this review on My Subscription Addiction will help others to decide not to get it. It wasn’t for this subscription, but I wanted an opinion on a different one and that’s how I initially came across MSA (and have purchased multiple subscriptions since then thanks to MSA). And just a fyi… you may of not of been trying to come off as hateful and negative, but the tone of your initial comment was very spiteful.

      • I’m sorry if I came across that way. You make some good points. This site does not promote or review boxes that are questionable, so I’m happy that they are looking into that possibility even if it is after the fact.

      • I didn’t think the comment was spiteful. I too was very surprised that the review was posted as is, especially for newcomers who would take this at face value. Every item seemed to be off in some way. Some of that was noted, so I was expecting to see “not sure about this, going to check it out or even “not sure I can recommend this at this point” at the end.

      • Yes Yes Yes! Perfectly said…😉

      • I replied and said yes yes yes to the wrong reply just now below but I really ment it for your comment and agree. Lol sorry

      • Totally agree!

      • I agree 100% with you!

      • The hate is from former forum members that went to “Greener Pastures” . They are trying hard to put MSA in a negative view. Haters will hate.

    • Agreed. Makes you question other reviews.

    • I would actually rather it be reviewed so I know to stay away rather than not mention it and have one of us be the guinea pigs. Especially without the forum it’s a lot harder to get information. Most boxes will delete negative comments from their pages so at least here it’s up for everyone to see.

      • I agree with you Julie.

      • Completely agree!

    • Umm…. bc they are a site that reviews boxes…. so yeah I guess it’s a real good thing they reviewed this box so ppl like you would know not to get it. This site is called My Subscription Addiction by the way. They review boxes requested by the people. Have a great day😃

  8. Yeah I agree with everyone, this box is random, all over the place and I couldn’t imagine ULTA teaming up with them. I’m very grateful for your review though because now I can steer clear lol.

  9. I subbed a few months ago and received a mermaid pallet from an indy company and after seeing a few youtube videos decided to call the company and they never sold any makeup to this sub and was told that the pallets were fake then reached out to MAC who had a lippie in the box and was told the same thing. Please do not review this box anymore they are thieves.

  10. If you think it’s discontinued chances are high it’s also expired. There’s a few sites that will check that by batch number but if you can’t find the exact name, size, or branding at all then knock off is a good bet. There’s a ton of fake MAC, Chanel, and Benefit out there. Anything you don’t trust 100 percent should not go near your eye! Also look for misspelled words on branded products it’s a clear sign. Ebayers selling fakes claim they got them in bulk because of mistakes in printing but the brands will tell you it isn’t true.

  11. The last box o received included a lip product from lime crime. I contacted line crime to ask if they were collaborating with Leny box. They requested several photos of the product after telling me NO they did NOT partner with them.
    The next day the emailed me and told me this product was a fake and NOT a product from their company. I cancelled my subscription.
    I’m worried what ingredients are in these products. There could be lead arsenic who knows. No thank you

  12. For safety sake I wpuld contact Drunk Elephant about that sunscreen before using it.
    I watched several ppl on YouTube unbox this sub when it first came put and many had issues with the products – either being expired, missing packaging like they’d been opened before, not being able to find them online anywhere, calling the company that supposedly made the item to find it was long ago discontinued or hadn’t been made in a long time, finding out that Lenny hadn’t had permission to use the product in their box, the list went on and on. Then there were the billing and shipping issues. I wouldn’t get this box. If my only possible source of makeup was this or the dollar store I would choose the dollar store.

  13. I totally don’t get the fact that MSA is NOT doing an honest review on this shady company. Really??? You should be very knowledgeable by now to what products and companies are legitimate. These products are dangerous and innocent people will be influenced by your reviews.

    • Thanks for calling this to our attention. We’re reaching out to LenyBox and will put an update at the top of this review as well. (We never want to mislead readers – this is a review based on reader requests.) Sorry and thank you again.

      • Thank you Liz, I appreciate your response and attention to this sub box. Hopefully they will be put out of business after your influence.

      • Liz,
        There’s a YouTube channel Just_anne That did a video about this issue in December you may want to watch.
        I assumed it wasn’t on the up and up when they offered things like a Kardashian palette in their mother’s day box.

  14. Thank you for the review. Im not too picky with my beauty subscriptions, I like variety and being surprised, I looked at their past boxes and they favor a brand called “Lior Gold” They see to give away a lot of palettes and brushes as well. I’ll mull it over.

    • They’re supposed to be “sponsored by Lior”
      That still doesn’t tell us where the other brands are coming from.

  15. I saw some post in insta that this leny box sends fake or class A items. And the brand clarifies that they dont collab with leny box. Enlighten me

  16. With so many of the products being discontinued and then not being able to find the exact size of the sunscreen would make me worried that it’s possibly a knock off. Why would Drunk Elephant collaborate with this box when it hasn’t even collaborated a full size product with a more well known, reputable sub box company (FFF, Popsugar)

  17. I feel like this box is just filled with discontinued products and ones close to expiration that the company got for a discount. I would avoid this box.

  18. This is a box I’d steer away from hard.
    First of all, Gayle Hayman was mostly a HSN brand before she and Fred divorced.. They were behind the Georgio Beverly Hills perfume craze of the 80’s.

    Secondly, sending out a sunscreen, ANY brand of sunscreen but especially one which has a premium price, but is about to expire, is dangerous. People will use it past July because it IS a premium brand.
    This is a product of which type definitely should be THROWN OUT on the expiration date.

    • Totally agree!! Bad subscription !!

    • Why did you throw out Gayles name? Did she start this box?

      • The first product in the review is a Gale Hayman product, and Tiffany (the reviewer) said she couldn’t find any info on the product.

  19. This box is weird. Random possibly discontinued products….AND THEN SUDDENLY COMES THE DRUNK ELEPHANT! Lol.

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