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Happy Rebel Mystery Box Available Now!

Happy Rebel has a Mystery Box available now! FYI – Order by 5/8 for Mother’s Day delivery. 

The Box: Happy Rebel Mystery Box

The Cost: $50

The Products: “Guaranteed 3 or more items with a minimum value of $138 per box. Mystery boxes may include items from any of our previous collections currently featured for individual sale. Customers who purchase multiple boxes will receive different items with no repeats where possible.”

Good to know: If you would like your mystery box to include a robe, reply to your order confirmation email with the size you would like included.

Happy Rebel has two more one-time purchase boxes available:

The Box: Girls Trip Collection

The Cost: $100

The Products:

  • Black Pebbled Leather Jewelry Travel Portfolio
  • Travel Shoe Bag Set
  • AIR Car Purifier + USB Port
  • Barbed Wire Stud Earrings (your choice of gold or silver)
  • Do Something Travel Dice
  • Lightning Bolt Key Ring

The Box: Rebels Relax Collection

The Cost: $100

The Products:

  • Happy Rebel Crushed Velvet Robe
  • D. L. & Co Woodsmoke Vetiver Candle
  • Soprano Labs Bamboo Charcoal Vegan Soap
  • Soprano Labs Dead Sea Mud Detox Mask
  • Soprano Labs Rose Hydrating Mist
  • Happy Rebel Turban Headband
  • Goodnight Darling Rose Himalayan Salt Bath Soak

Check out my Happy Rebel Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box.

Happy Rebel Box

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Comments (86)

  1. Soooo…. any spoilers on the Summer Box? The box renewal is coming up in a few weeks.

  2. No way. Happy Rebel when you sent me a box of paper for $50 you lost my ever being a subscriber or buyer ever again. Ever.

  3. I ordered two again this time. I liked my mystery boxes from last time. It may not have been high value but I felt I got value for what I paid. I believe that Happy Rebel wants to provide a great, fun box and caring customer service. Looking forward to see what these mystery boxes bring.

  4. Johanna, thank you for your lengthy response.
    I have to say, many of your points above contradict your email explanation back in December.

    You offered me the tea towels and knife rack, both were requested on my initial submission for 2 mystery box orders. Out of stock? No reorders? Upon contacting you with various issues, You offered those exact items.

    I received 2 identical mystery boxes with none of my requests (along with inflated values and damaged items).

    In addition to your exchange offer of supposed “out of stock items” (per above) You refused to pay return shipping and took a hostile tone with me, via reiterating that ALL OF MY ITEMS WOULD BE INSPECTED CAREFULLY BEFORE AN EXCHANGE WOULD BE ISSUED.

    WOW…The notion was appalling to me:
    I am required to spend more money to return and receive a fraction of what was originally promised (the no replicas promise)

    I have self respect and couldn’t bring myself to deal with HR again after being treated so poorly.

    Maybe it has settled in, with these public blog posts and reading forum threads of the many many many negative customer experiences. HR must be one of the rare businesses where mainly happy customers voice feedback. Hence your apparent “surprise”.

    Thank you for sharing how much you want to please customers. I will assume there are some growing pains expanding those values to your business.

    Thank you for sharing how hurt you are. I’d like to acknowledge the hurt, anger and frustration from many of these posts from people who took a chance with your offering. These posts have served as a reminder for me. I need to slow down prior to purchasing and check out the leadership behind sub boxes; if no information is available then I really take open format feedback, like this, into .

    • Hi Tami! I am very sorry to hear you had such a negative experience. I’m sorry you received two of the same boxes and damaged items. If you are willing, please contact us directly. We would like to look into your situation more as to what happened.

      Without looking at your account details (so not sure if this applies to your situation) it sounds like you may have purchased two boxes in separate transactions rather than together. We tried to find and combine the orders for those that purchased multiple boxes in separate transactions to try to avoid repeat products, but there could definitely have been some that fell through the cracks. That could also be why you did not receive a knife block as we only sent those to those that ordered 2 boxes, but if we didn’t make that connection, you would not have received that. I am not fully understanding your out of stock / reorder comments, but maybe we can look into that as well when you contact us.

      I will confirm that we do require customers to send back merchandise if they would like a refund or exchange, rather than keep the merchandise and also receive a refund / additional product. It is a policy that we feel is the most fair approach to the rest of our customers. Reviewing the condition of returned product is also a standard part of our return directions, and definitely not directed at anyone specifically. I am very sorry that you felt singled out by that. Once the return was received you should have received a full refund or replacement, but if that didn’t happen, please let us know.

      We have definitely heard the disappointment from the MSA community, and will be making changes accordingly. Hope to talk to you soon.

  5. My mystery box from Black Friday was so miserable, I could never bring myself to spend money with this company in the future. My big ticket item in that box was a set of DL&Co stationary cards with the 7 sins written in them. Pretty useless for me, as I honestly don’t know what I would do with them. No one I know would appreciate a card with “Greed” or “Lust” on it! Those were valued at $50!

    Other than the cards, I also got the matches, the tea towels, and a hair tie bracelet. Although these items were at least useful to me, I felt sick knowing I had spent so much on that box, and it taught me a an expensive lesson. I had seen all or the previous reviews and turned in my list of requested items very quickly, but got none of those things. Won’t do that again!

  6. Never again.

  7. Never again. You blew it Happy Rebel.

    I bought two mystery boxes last time and was one of the people who got terribly burned. If they wanted to make a new customer they failed. And they also made zero attempt to set it right with me after I called them out for both boxes being under the advertised value. That’s when they said they include shipping prices in the items’ prices and that’s where the missing value is. LOL. Oui much??

    • Exactly!

  8. Buyer beware. The last mystery box was a complete ripoff & worst box ever. The boxes were basically leftover filler items, nothing of any real value. I will never trust them again. I have found Johanna responsive to questions about the regular boxes tho when I read her comments to complaints about the mystery boxes l decided it was a waste of my time to complain. Boxes would have been better received if she would have been more honest about the contents. I gave away 1 item and donated the rest. A total waste of $50. I would take those popsugar mystery boxes over this even with the swans and toothpicks!

  9. What a mess. I was going to buy it but wow, this is too risky for the box market for me. Maybe next time do what popsugar does on Gilt and give people solid options. A $$$ hair tie? Ekk!

  10. I ordered 2 mystery boxes and recieved nothing from my request list and I know they weren’t guaranteed to be what I received was a box overnight EXTREMELY INFLATED RETAIL Values of odds and ends… Not one hero item out of the 2 boxes.

    It was the Retail Value issue I found to be in poor taste and borderline unethical business. My items I found with lower original retail values all over the place (regular retail sites, and artisan sites and Amazon)… But then even the lower than HR RV prices were slashed.

    The items were obviously the bottom of the barrel items, cleaning out the loser items and from inventory.

    I’m happy to read all experience based comments to make informed purchasing decisions. I have no issues with HR and wish them the best. I hope they consider past experience to improve their business model☺️In their case, and all opinions have value. This mystery box seems to be a better presentation than last winter, but so they may have taken all comments into consideration.

  11. This is what I got in my craptacular mystery box last time since a few people thought it was sooooo amazing:

    Box of matches
    Magnets with bones on them
    Blank thank you cards
    2 rubber/silicone glasses
    Bracelet with a hair tie

    Guess why I was pissed??? Especially when others got a wireless earbud (which I begged for) or some of the cool tech or kitchen stuff (like the bowl or knife holder).

    So yeah, NEVER again. I feel like they stole $50 from me.

  12. My name is Johanna, and I am the founder of Happy Rebel. I totally understand the hesitation in ordering a mystery box from us after following many of the MSA comments regarding our previous offering during Black Friday last year. I would honestly feel the same way if I were you! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to share their thoughts, and I am happy to, in turn, share with you our entire process regarding the 2017 mystery boxes in hopes of addressing your concerns as thoroughly as possible. I am an open book.

    We first offered mystery boxes during Black Friday week in 2016, and they were very well received by the MSA community. The boxes were $25 each, included $70 worth of items, and we sold out in a few hours. A great majority of those who purchased the boxes purchased at least two, some more than that, so the following year we decided to double the price, and (just almost) double the value as a response to the previous year buying patterns.

    In the first year we also allowed people to email us to request any specific items they might want in their box. This is certainly more time intensive for us, but we know that even though the surprise of mystery boxes is fun, some people are deep down hoping for something in particular to appear in their box, and if it did, that would make them very happy. If we can send something somebody really wants in their box, and we have it, why not? We were able to meet some requests and not others, but overall customers seemed to appreciate the effort, so we were excited to make the same offer the following year.

    The main points of feedback from the MSA readers we received in 2016 was that 1) they would rather have a higher quantity of smaller value items in their box rather than 1-2 larger value items and 2) it sold out too quickly and they were disappointed they weren’t able to get one. In response to that we wanted to be as prepared as possible and let as many people participate as desired. As soon as MSA contacted us about another mystery box offering again in 2017, we started contacting our previous vendors. We wanted to be ready to restock whatever products customers had requested most. We had some products on hand that we would be including, but knew we would need to reorder some products if we wanted to offer the box for at least a full day. The products that we ordered, and ended up in the boxes, were directly driven by the request forms we received, as well as previous feedback when the collections were originally shipped. If we had been able to reorder every requested item, everyone would have received exactly what they asked for. We would have loved to do that, but unfortunately that just wasn’t possible in all cases. We did not anticipate being able to fulfill every request, which is why we did not guarantee anyone’s wishlist. We tried to be as clear about this in our offering description as possible, even sharing the priority order in which we would be fulfilling the requests we received, so I was honestly caught off guard by the response on MSA. We had been able to fulfill requests at about the same rate in 2017 as we had in 2016, but the response to the same offering was almost the exact opposite. It was just not the reaction I was expecting at all. I can really appreciate the disappointment some people felt by not receiving what they had requested, but we never intended to set any sort of unrealistic expectation. This was a learning experience for us, we accept the feedback, and I can assure you we will not be offering the ability to submit any type of requests again in the future. We are guaranteeing a robe at this tome for those that wish to receive it as I think it is a perfect item for moms here around Mother’s Day, but it is size dependent, so we have to know sizes to be able to include them.

    Secondly, the pricing / inflated value / sending overpriced junk comments were equally surprising. Honestly, I did not see that coming at all either. Every one of our past boxes have been reviewed by MSA, showing all of the items from past collections, including photographs of the box inserts showing our individual prices. All of our items we feature in our collections are available for individual sale in our online shop as well (until they sell out), with prices and descriptions for everyone to see. We also include part of the shipping costs in the price of our individual items. This is not anything particularly new, but seemed to catch some off guard. We still get more positive than negative feedback on not adding additional shipping charges on individual items, so that is something we will continue to do.

    I take personal care in curating each collection. My approach is that I don’t include any item that I wouldn’t want to receive in a box myself. I don’t put my company name on anything I would consider “junky”, but everyone is certainly welcome to their opinion. Different people have different tastes, and not everyone will like the same things. For example, the matches were by far our top selling individual purchase item in our online shop all year. The art prints were the first item from our kitchen collection to sell out and one of our top requested items on the mystery box request forms. Our list price for them was less than what the artist started selling for after our collaboration (without the foil print element like ours had). The hair tie bracelet was the item we received the most positive feedback about from our summer collection. When reordering products for the mystery boxes, we chose the items that we thought people would still really enjoy, even if they weren’t able to get something they specifically asked for.

    This may come as a surprise, but we really did not receive as much direct communication as you might think, given the number of MSA blog comments there were on the Black Friday post. We encouraged people to reach out to us to see if we could help, but very few actually did. It was frustrating for us to see so many comments, when such a small percentage were actually reaching out to us. For the customers we spoke with, we offered to swap out different items for something they would like better, or a partial refund or replacement for anything that might have been damaged or missing from their boxes. Our hope is that a customer should never have to contact us with an issue. It is an inconvenience, and we don’t want anyone to be upset in the first place, but we welcome the opportunity to correct any issue that might have occurred. The internet can be a weird place sometimes, and I am very sad a few people were able to discourage others from feeling comfortable contacting us.

    What it all boils down to is intent. Our intent has always been, and always will be, to please our customers and treat them fairly. We aren’t a huge company backed by venture capitalist sending quadruple the value of products vs. purchase price, but we try to craft a unique vibe and aesthetic with our boxes that are different from others, and offer good customer service. Our relationship with our customers is not a churn and burn dynamic. Long term subscribers are a necessity for our business. We see mystery boxes as a fun way to connect with potential new customers – let them test us out at a lower price point without commitment. We failed to do that last year within the MSA community, and for that I apologize. We have taken all of the feedback we have already made changes. The mystery boxes sold out during Black Friday, but they have been available again on our website fairly consistently since December. Since then we are no longer accepting specific item requests unless we can guarantee them. We will no longer reorder items. Once a product sells out in our shop, we will not restock. Customers can know exactly what they can expect in their mystery box by looking through our shop. We will continue to gather feedback as we go, and consider mystery box opportunities in the future that we think Liz’s readers will be excited about.

    This might have been more information than you wanted to know, or it may not be “enough” to put you at ease, but transparency is something that is important to me as a customer, and something I am always willing to show in return. If there is anything you would like me to address further, or if there is anything else we can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly. If not, please have a great week, and maybe I will see you around MSA again soon. Cheers!

    • Slow clap for Happy Rebel 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

    • WOW I am so impressed. I appreciate you taking the time to post such a detailed message. I just ordered a mystery box and if all goes well I will definitely sign up for a subscription. I have never seen this level of customer service from a company I have subscribed to. Kudos!

      • I agree. I am soooooooooo impressed (I promise I am not a shill…I just appreciate great customer service).

    • I’m not a subscriber and did not buy a mystery box so I’ve stayed out of this “drama” but I just have to agree that it was great of you to take the time to reach out and explain in such great detail. It really does go a long way…

    • I’m very impressed with your willingness to address issues and honor the complaints even if you didn’t see it the same way, That said, it is really a pity that people ended up complaining to the degree that you will no longer reorder products they want nor will there be any choice in general. Sounds to me you were very clear that you could make a request but that there was no guarantee. Not sure how people didn’t understand and you received criticism but it was incredible that as a business you were willing to juggle the requests, contact vendors and do what you could to acquire the product. People like me who would have preferred choice miss out because people love to complain. On the positive side, It’s likely now easier to put together on your end.

    • Thank you for reaching out. I just ordered. Your honesty made me want to order again.

    • Sorry to disagree, but I reached out and was basically told “this is what’s in the box sorry, not sorry”. I expressed my frustration with the box and the shipping, and mentioned that there was literally a forum with 20K views of upset customers – so for the owner to state she had no idea is simply not true.
      According to HR my box contained exactly $138 worth of stuff – including an “$8” lip balm that has never been in any HR box, but was simply put in there to reach the minimum order point. Several of the items I requested showed up in many other boxes – which was confusing to me as there seemed to be no rhyme or reason on how they were packing up the boxes (cards, magnets, other prints, wine “glasses”).

      This apology is several months too late, IMO.

      Glad that some of you are willing to try this company out again, and I truly hope that this means they will make more of an effort this time.

    • Johanna, thank you for your lengthy response.
      I have to say, many of your points above contradict your email explanation back in December.

      You offered me the tea towels and knife rack, both were requested on my initial submission for 2 mystery box orders. Out of stock? No reorders? Upon contacting you with various issues, You offered those exact items.

      I received 2 identical mystery boxes with none of my requests (along with inflated values and damaged items).

      In addition to your exchange offer of supposed “out of stock items” (per above) You refused to pay return shipping and took a hostile tone with me, via reiterating that ALL OF MY ITEMS WOULD BE INSPECTED CAREFULLY BEFORE AN EXCHANGE WOULD BE ISSUED.

      WOW…The notion was appalling to me:
      I am required to spend more money to return and receive a fraction of what was originally promised (the no replicas promise)

      I have self respect and couldn’t bring myself to deal with HR again after being treated so poorly.

      Maybe it has settled in, with these public blog posts and reading forum threads of the many many many negative customer experiences. HR must be one of the rare businesses where mainly happy customers voice feedback. Hence your apparent “surprise”.

      Thank you for sharing how much you want to please customers. I will assume there are some growing pains expanding those values to your business.

      Thank you for sharing how hurt you are. I’d like to acknowledge the hurt, anger and frustration from many of these posts from people who took a chance with your offering. These posts have served as a reminder for me. I need to slow down prior to purchasing and check out the leadership behind sub boxes; if no information is available then I really take open format feedback, like this, into .

    • I just want to chime in to say that I found Johanna’s post to be incredibly refreshing. That she would take the time to explain everything so candidly and in such detail speaks volumes to me. Even though I wasn’t thrilled with my previous mystery box, Johanna’s post completely restored my faith in HR. I went ahead and ordered this mystery box yesterday and it has already shipped out! I also received a very prompt and friendly email from Johanna in connection with my order. I honestly think people are being too harsh with HR and should give the company another chance.

    • Perhaps you didn’t receive complaints because your system was ‘down’ for over two weeks, or because those that got a response that basically said ‘too bad’ and told the forum didn’t bother. I requested several low RV items and got none, yet people after me received them and didn’t want them. I do think you learned a lesson and so did a lot of other people.

  13. I bought a mystery box. I had a few questions and she got back to me within minutes. My experience so far has been positive and the customer service has been very good. I understand some reservations that people might have . I have experienced bad mystery boxes with other companies before. Some I have given second chances others I have not. I feel good after an email conversation with Johanna that my mystery box is going to be good.

  14. NO WAY! After the royal screw job I got with the last mystery box – never again! Nope, nope, nope.

  15. Absolutely not. Last time, I received a Hair Tie Bracelet “valued” at $38, that was literally on sale for half of that, $48 dollar kitchen prints. and tea towels valued at the bargained price of $19 each that weren’t even packaged. Lesson: when the items are “exclusive” the value can be whatever they want.

    The customization was below expectations. I was one of the few who actually requested a headband, and I didn’t get a headband.
    I wouldn’t qualify their lack of response to complaints about the last mystery box as great customer service.

    • In a $50/$138 mystery box that means the box split price for the bracelet was only $13. That’s less than the brands Mothers Day sale ($20 + shipping unless you spend $45). It’s still a good deal! And I’m embarrassed to say how much I have spent on similar kitchen towels on ETSY…. Hopefully I get both of these items in my box! 🙂

  16. NEVER EVER EVER again!!!! I can not believe they would even have another mystery box!!!!!! Biggest regret in my sunscription box history with this one!!! I asked for simple things, that others ended up receiving even tho they didn’t ask for it, and disliked when they got it. I got all super inflated RV items I literally can’t even give away.

    I see now they wanted to lurk the comments, where were they then???

    And now they want to mention they don’t use “current” box items… and also have a shop to reference for possible items…. I mean I’m glad their doing it better this time but $50 for 3 items that have inflated rv wouldn’t work for me even if I hadn’t had this experience last time.

    Prayers for those brave enough to risk it with this company!!!!!

    • Ummmmm…. they always reply to blog comments…… but yeah SCREW THEM for listening to customer feedback and improving their mystery box process lolol *eyeroll*

    • Johanna always posts on the threads
      about her boxes and she has always been lovely to me. I guess you get want you give.

      • Not necessarily. I received only kitchen prints. I reached out via email and didn’t receive a response until I posted here with negative feelings. I then had to file an dispute which she challenged with my credit card. We then spoke and she allowed for me to return the kitchen prints for a refund since that is all I received. I mailed them and last month to the surprise of my week, I received them back, the same envelope with return to sender on it. I am not feeling the love or the trust with this company. If she makes it right on her promise to refund me and accept the prints back, I’ll change my tune. But until then, I feel lied to.

      • Wow. That is awful. I get it that people seem to receive great customer service with their regular subscription, but they REALLY dropped the ball with the mystery box purchasers.

        I read Johanna’s post that said very few people reached out to the company after the last mystery box debacle but I think the biggest reason for that was because the people who did reach out posted the company’s responses (or lack thereof) on MSA. The responses were all the same and all remarkably dismissive so many people just didn’t bother to contact HR. After already wasting $50, why waste even three minutes reaching out to the company only for them to completely dismiss every concern and disappointment.

      • What is a “very few” people reaching out to her?

        I know *I* personally was one who wrote her to complain about my box, and I saw MANY others did on the forum as well and shared their stories. I am pretty sure more than just a few reached out to her.

      • Hi Hildol! As we have discussed, we did not reply to your initial request to us because we did not receive it. Even though the dispute was decided in our favor, we were happy to still work with you to resolve your issue. We have not rejected any packages, or received any email communication from you letting us know about your package being returned. We will respond to our most recent email exchange to confirm the proper address to ensure it gets to us successfully.

      • @HappyRebelBox So at this point she paid you $50 for a mystery box that contained only Kitchen Prints worth “$48” mailed them back to you at her own expense, received them back and your only response is spend more money, mail them again, and then possibly we’ll give you back some of the money you wasted in trusting us to mail you a mystery box? Can you see where the obvious difference is in how you treat regular box subscribers and mystery box purchasers and why so many of us spoke out against you on this blog?

        I never emailed you about my displeasure and disappointment in the mystery box because I saw the dismissive responses to others and I got the bare minimum including a balm that was never in any box but in this case I’m shocked because Happy Rebel was in the wrong and are still forcing the hurt party to do all the work in order for you to do the bare minimum to fix it. Pretty appalling.

      • Julie is right. While I have been incredibly impressed with Happy Rebel’s handling of their past messes, I have had transactions with Hildol, and she is fantastic. The ball is in your court, Happy Rebel. I’m afraid that I will be keeping track of how you treat Hidol, as you won’t find a more reasonable customer than her. Given that I “know” her, you will be measured by her satisfaction.

      • So if Hildol decided to take a picture of her returned to sender package return you expect her to pay to ship them back again.

        The statement after many of us sent emails was that your email was down for two weeks after this box and think that didn’t play a role in many of us deciding no response meant you could care less.

  17. If I could be guaranteed one specific item—the barbed wire earrings in silver—I’d take a chance on this box despite all the negative comments. I do give them credit for offering to guarantee that lovely robe though.

    • I agree. I’m dying for those silver earrings, but could do without the rest. The chance of not getting the earrings and getting something else is too high for me to gamble my $50.

  18. I have never had a bad experience with Happy Rebel. Customer service has always been amazing. If you base whether or not to buy on the opinions of people disgruntled about the last mystery box… just know these are the people who love to be disgruntled. What you could get is laid out right in front of you. There are no tricks. Take these negative Nancy opinions with a grain of salt. I will be buying a box for sure!

    • I’m not a Negative Nancy nor do I love being disgruntled. I wasn’t treated fairly, the box was not well received by many people, and we have the right to our opinion just as you do.

      • Hi Hildol! No, you are definitely not a “Negative Nancy”. I am very happy that we get all people’s opinions. I read the good and the bad, and also any replies that companies may leave here. I would please beg that people please stop telling others to censor their comments…subscription boxes are my one luxury, and I want to know what I’m possibly getting into before I commit to someone’s curation.

  19. I’m just wondering if you request a robe what are the odds of receiving a robe? Because a robe mystery box would be a great deal for $50 ($78 “value” for the robe) even if the rest is filler. But requesting a robe and just getting a box of filler is for sure going to result in supreme disappointment…just like last time. Too risky for me.

    • Hi Meg! Everyone requesting a robe will get it! We will be sure to confirm with you that your size is available when you make the request (the individual robe listing on the site reflects current sizes available). If the size you requested is no longer available you can choose a different in stock size or cancel your order if you wish. Right now XS, M, L, LX, 2XL, and 3XL are still available. Let us know if you have any other questions!

      • Fantastic communication and customer service!!! I prefer to give my money to companies like this. I have a feeling that Happy Rebel Box will end up getting my subscription $$$ soon.

      • Hi Meg, if I order the mystery box and request one of my items to be the D. L. & Co Woodsmoke Vetiver Candle can I expect to receive it. last mystery box was such a disappointment. I’m really hoping this would be a great box. Thanks for the great communication.

  20. Nope.

    • I’m still mad every time I see those horrible cups, paper clips, and other dollar store items from that last mystery debacle. Not one thing I requested was in there. I was one of those who reached out to their cs and did receive a quick response. But offering me more matches or paper clips does not fix the problem. I wanted to try them out and lesson learned. Done.

  21. I feel like I need to stick up for Happy Rebel. I have loved each of the quarterly boxes that I’ve gotten from them and feel like the products in the boxes are unique and high-quality. I ordered two of the last mystery boxes and really enjoyed them. I got a candle that I had been lusting over for ages, and several other interesting items. Yes, I also got a headband and kitchen prints that everyone else received, but was overall very happy with the mystery box. Not to mention, their customer service is TOP NOTCH. Because of that, it makes me sad to see so many people who will never give them a chance 🙁

    • The last box was a lot of people doing exactly that giving them a chance. Between the contents and the response from customer service is the reason that it was the only chance they’all mostly likely get. At least from me. pretty sure every person warning people to read about the last one was a person that bought one or more boxes and voicing their concerns or reivanxes from having taken that chance.

      • Exactly. The last mystery box they had was a joke. I got a crumbled chap stick as one of my items and only got one item I requested and it was low rv. That was my first and only attempt to try that company out. After the last experience I’m never giving them my money again.

      • Hi Kc! I am so sorry to hear you received a damaged item. Please reach out to us so that we can assist you with a replacement. We look froward to hearing from you!

    • If you were happy with the box you received you were in the minority most of us received a box that looked like someone cleared out their junk drawer into it.

      • Totally agree mine was total crap and they will never get another penny from me.

    • I agree! Their stuff is cool! And every customer service interaction has been fantastic! It looks like they are sold out of the prints and snake headband so I think we are safe there LOL. You can see what could be these boxes based on what’s in their online shop. If people like what they see in the shop I think they should give it a go!

      • Just wanting to reiterate that I agree with Kara, not Julie and Anna. No trying to be argumentative, but any interaction I have had with them has been more than pleasant, and I thought the same of their responses in the blog comments. I thought they were poised and transparent with their answers (which they have no obligation to respond to in the first place). And honestly we have no idea what the “majority” of people thought of their box, just those that commented. Plus, people are always more likely to comment something that is a complaint than come on just to rant and rave how their experience was awesome OR come back and correct a comment if they had an issue that was resolved. That’s just human nature. I am guilty of it myself so just trying to get some good karma by posting about my FANTASTIC experience 😀

      • Obviously we disagree, I’d say the since there was a forum full of unsatisfied customers and the blog post for the last mystery box with over 200 negative comments that it’s great that you were one of the small percentage that didn’t get a box of filler that was below stated rv. Happy Rebel didn’t try to make it right for many of the people that had a crappy experience,so why in the world would I ever spend money there again.
        You’re assuming that issues were resolved why don’t you go to the forum post regarding this box to see the great resolution that people received.

      • Anna, I actually didn’t get a box last time. Why? Because I used my EYEBALLS and read past reviews and didn’t really see anything that was worth the risk that comes with mystery boxes. Maybe others should have made that same assessment BEFORE pulling the trigger. I am liking what I see in the shop now so I am going to buy one, if not partially in spite of everyone’s comments now lol. I am not saying others might not have gotten the resolution they wanted, I am just saying even if they did, they probably didn’t take back their original comment, and would be more likely to comment negatively than positively. It’s just science. I take every online comment with a grain of salt, and give my own personal experience weight over the opinion of strangers. I know you will do the same and probably never order from them again, based on your personal experience. And that is understandable. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew I was not agreeing with you 😉

    • I requested a head band and didn’t get one.

  22. I love that they are selling previous boxes for one-time purchase!

  23. After reading all the comments, I for sure won’t be getting a mystery box.

  24. If I could pick the 3 items, then I’d totally do it. But I felt a bit foolish last time and had ordered two of the mystery boxes.

  25. The complaints about the last mystery box were so silly to me (for the most part). People complained about not getting stuff they requested but they never said requests were guaranteed. And they have said previously that they add a couple bucks to the individual price of some items to cover part of the shipping cost. Their prices are on their website and in past reviews for everyone to see. I hate seeing a shipping charge when I go to my cart, so I actually prefer it. I see they aren’t offering requests anymore, don’t blame them on that.

    • Yes, totally agree. I was happy with mine, and I do think that the biggest mistake was letting people make requests, because then they expect those items. Their customer service is exceptional.

    • I didn’t care about the items I requested. I knew it would be a long shot (despite requesting things that were not high RV or necessarily popular).

      The issues I had was that they offered that as an option (don’t say “hey we will try to send you something you request” if you really can’t. Offer a top 3 list, say current subbers only, etc) , sent me items NOT on their website or from their box simply to meet their promised RV, and their CS response acted totally oblivious.

      CS should have apologized (they didn’t) and done like a bare minimum to get those people as subscribers. “We hear what many of you said, we’re sorry to disappoint you. If you sign up for our Spring Box we would love to offer you $10 off to make it up to you.” Or even just an apology without offering some kind of discount.

      • Jackie, I am sorry but I am not seeing what they need to apologize for? You said it wasn’t about them not fulfilling all the requests, but then cite that as what you are mad about. They said they will take requests and they are not guaranteed. I took what they said exactly at face value. Some people got their and others didn’t. So…. I don’t think it requires clarification or apology? They didn’t do anything wrong. There is no way every person is going to be 100% thrilled with their mystery box, but that is how it goes. Can you imagine if they offered everyone who complained $10? The world isn’t honest enough for that lol. Even Nordstrom had to adjust their return policy because people are crazy.

      • If you read my response, you will note that my suggestion was simply an apology for disappointing people – literally as a CS/business move. You’re right, they are not required to offer people anything. Offering boxes like this though is generally a company trying to get new subscribers. They disappointed a lot of people, and are clearly seeing that now with the people posting and commenting on this thread. For a small business that sucks. My suggestion was simply – say “hey we hear you, we are sorry you are disappointed and we hope that you try us out in the future”. Companies do that all the time. They could have offered a discount on the Spring box (even a small one) as a way of making amends. They chose to do nothing instead and apologize now months later. That was their choice.

        As this is a small company, I must assume the owner doesn’t have the same kind of CS experience that others do and didn’t realize that it would impact her business negatively.

        Seeing the entire thing happen in December what I would guess happened was they had plenty in their first wave of boxes to meet requests. No problem. Then they started realizing they had a much smaller stock of things and began making 2 or 3 “set” boxes and just sending those out to the last of the orders. Those “set” boxes contained whatever they had left which were as others have said “the dregs”.

        You are welcome to disagree with me. That’s totally fine. You will noticed though, there are 60+ comments on here and the majority are dissatisfied customers and the owner, now, apologizing.

      • I agree. I think that the people who purchased the last mystery box should be offered a discount on this mystery box as a way to make amends.

        I second the other comments that the disappointment wasn’t in not receiving the requested items, it was in receiving only the absolute dregs from all the past HR boxes. It was like receiving a $50 popsugar mystery box that ONLY included the popsugar book (RV $25), the hat attack sarong (RV $58) and the LUV AJ ombré bracelet (RV $65). Sure, the retail value would be $148, but I guarantee that no one would consider it a good value if they paid $50 for it. Or $20 for that matter. And just to pour salt in the wound, Happy Rebel would claim that the retail value of the box was actually $160!

        I bet they’ll makes these boxes decent after the last fiasco, but still, there are a lot of people out there who still feel burned by that episode and HR never acknowledged their frustration at all.

      • I don’t want a discount for another box but you voiced my sentiments exactly. It wasn’t that I didn’t get what I requested it was that it felt like the equivalent of the junk drawer. And the most expensive item were the kitchen prints that happy rebel printed themselves… (artist made the design production was by happy rebel) really we just wanted an acknowledgment and a slight apology. And in case people think requests were outrageous I requested anything with a skull so would have been happy with the magnets but my box was items I gave away and items I can’t even giveaway including a balm that was never in the box to begin with to satisfy a minimum RV. I felt nickel and dimed.

      • Hi Jackie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will tel you we didn’t offer options / specifics for 2 reasons:

        1) We were operating based on our experience from the previous year. We had not disclosed a list of items that might be included / not be included and didn’t get any feedback about it at all. We just accepted requests and fulfilled what we could. It really didn’t occur to us that we should be so specific for our same offering in 2017.
        2) We did not know at the time of the sale what products could be sent. We reordered items for the box based on the request forms we received, so that determined our product mix. We had a couple of products lined up that hardly anyone asked for so we didn’t order it. We adjusted based on the response from customers.

        We did not intend to mislead anyone, and I am so sorry you were disappointed. I think that is a really good suggestion, and we will take that into consideration for future mystery box offerings. Thanks again for your feedback!

        Regarding items not in previous boxes, we included a few different items from brands from previous boxes that were not actually in the boxes. We thought that would be a fun special bonus for a few customers to get something nobody else was getting. If you did not see it that way, we would still be happy to send you a refund, replacement, or whatever you prefer. Please let us know.

  26. I learned my lesson too last box was horrible. I will never get a mystery box from them again.

  27. I will never buy a mystery box (or anything else) from Happy Rebel. I was already taken for 50 bucks the last time they did the whole mystery box thing. Got zero that I asked for. And I asked for simple things like magnets. Just ridiculous that they are doing this again.

    I can only hope that they learned from the last fiasco. Buyer beware for sure on this “deal”.

  28. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Never, ever, ever, ever again. If you are even remotely tempted by this, please check out the forum and read the thread for the mystery box from December.

    • ………what she said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……and it doesn’t matter if you request something, that just looks good upfront……. DOESN’T happen……..

  29. Well I for one am super excited! I love everything they put out!

  30. I would not recommend their MB at all. I purchased one of their last ones, and it was terrible. Incredibly inflated RV, higher than even some of the company sites sell their products for. I felt ‘had’, when I purchased that box.

  31. Before you order know the RV is determined by Happy Rebel and they don’t use the actual RV that things retail for but their pricing for it.

    Last box mostly included:

    Kitchen Prints – $48
    Tea Towels – $36
    Headband – $16
    Hair Tie Bracelet – $38
    Total – $138

    • Learned my lesson from the last mystery box. It was disappointing – to me at least. Received kitchen towels – which I swapped – that was the hero item, got a headband, hair ties and prints. It was sad and I felt the prices were inflated.

      • I thought the kitchen towel variation was the better one, but yeah, the last mystery box was awful, absurdly valued, and I wouldn’t buy from this company again unless guaranteed a unicorn or something.

  32. Staying away from the mystery box. A bust and disappointment. I asked for a robe last time and sent an email with my size but did not recieve it.

    • Hi Jt! We do not include spoiled items from future boxes in our mystery boxes, so the robe was not an eligible item to be included in a mystery box until after the winter box shipped. It is available to be included now, though! We are sold out of size small, but all other sizes are currently available. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.

      • Hi happy rebel box, if I buy a box, will I definitely receive a robe if I include my size?

      • Hi Mmm! Everyone requesting a robe will get it! We will be sure to confirm with you that your size is available when you make the request (the individual robe listing on the site reflects current sizes available). If the size you requested is no longer available you can choose a different in stock size or cancel your order if you wish. Right now XS, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL are still available. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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