CosmoBox May 2018 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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We have full spoilers for the May CosmoBox! (Thanks for the heads up, Megan!)

Each May box will include Cosmo Beauty Award Winners:

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: CosmoBox by Cosmopolitan

The Cost: $19.99 a box $29.99 a box + $6 shipping (update: looks like the price has increased)

COUPON: Use coupon code COSMOBOX25 to save 25%!

The Products: “Curated by the editors of Cosmopolitan magazine, this unique monthly subscription box brings you full-size quality goodies that compliment and empower your multidimensional lifestyle.”

Ships to: US

Check out our CosmoBox reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. For anyone signing up to start with the May box you should email them asap. I was told they had to manually start me on the May box, otherwise would have started with June.

    I emailed customer service 2x over the past 2 days regarding sign-up, and then to confirm I would get the May box as a new subscriber. I got a reply within 30 mins each time. They even responded to me at 8ish last night!
    I did get the feeling that they’re concerned people are only signing up for May just to cancel immediately. I said I was happy to stay a subscriber as long as the customer service and boxes stayed this good! I’m impressed so far.

    • I can’t even find contact info for Cosmo Box! I signed up yesterday (after seeing the May box review) and want to email them to be sure that is the one I get! Could you post it here, please?

  2. Do you know any June spoilers? I’ve had this box for awhile now…Thanks.

  3. Does anyone know how to cancel cosmobox?

    • There was a cancel option in the My Account section.

  4. I was issued a refund for my June box. I cancelled in late May and they charged me anyways for June. I emailed them and they responded promptly letting me know they are looking into it and a couple days later I was issued a refund. Now watch Junes be awesome and I resub. LOL

    • You are so lucky. I have emailed them 3x called 2x and filed a dispute with PayPal. I have not had a single response to my emails or phone calls. PayPal told me I was in contract with them so they will get to keep my June $. I honestly dont know what to do at this point.

      • That’s not right. I hope they get back with you. When did you cancel?

        • May 30th I canceled. So I dont understand why they wont get back to me.

      • Basically same here. I emailed them and asked if they could at least tell me the contents of the June box. They said they couldn’t give me spoilers but guaranteed it to be filled with amazing products and brands valued at over $60. For whatever consolation that may be to you. I guess I don’t have a choice but to get the box and eat my mistake if it sucks. On the other hand at least the Sunday Riley was full size in the May box I got for 26.99, plus all the other products in there. So paying 35.99 for June and 26.99 for May is only 62.98 for both boxes and that doesn’t even cover the cost of the 85 dollar Sunday Riley. Plus I have all the contents of June to look forward to.

      • I had to file a dispute with Paypal as well for June.. I cancelled on May 25th the same day I subbed for May.. I emailed and called nothing for a week and half.. so I filed a dispute and they have 10 days to answer..

        Did you canceled before June? if so they had no right to charge and that is an unauthorized charge..

    • Wow, it’s nice they responded to you! I cancelled in May and yet they charged me for June (no invoice or record in my account, I only knew when they sent shipping notice in July and I found the second charge in my Paypal) but customer service has been no help. Basically they just insisted that cancellations are ‘only allowed’ between a current month’s box shipping and the next calendar month (which is an impossible window if they don’t mail a current box until the following calendar month…) so somehow they were treating my cancellation which was confirmed by email as invalid? Oh and apparently despite it being listed as ‘month to month’ where I subscribed they never meant a person to be able to cancel after only one box. I’ve had to go through PayPal to contest it and forward all my screenshots, so hopefully I get some resolution there.

      It’s really sad, because I liked the May Box and only cancelled for time to evaluate and compare/contrast with other boxes (with product overload I like to see how many items from a box I actually use and if the items in the box work well.) I recently dropped a number of subs so could have easily been persuaded to resub longer term to this one. But bad CS and shady charges is such a huge red flag I’d be uncomfortable subscribing no matter how good a future box is.

  5. I ordered two May boxes and only received one, I was definitely billed for two and the shipping email states one box was sent

  6. The natural tint nettle dry shampoo is my favorite! It works so well with my brown hair since the spray is tan rather than white. If anyone is interested in swapping with me, please contact me!!! 🙂

  7. Check your bank accounts I was just charged $35.99 for what I dont k jow from this subscription, but canceled on may 30th.

    • Same here! Cancelled 30th as well. Emailed them since their faq states that cancellation goes into effect beginning of each month… so in our cases 6/1 but I got a charge about an hr ago.

      • Yes mine was just charged a few hours ago now too. I have the email cancelation and the subscription account on the cosmo site say subscription cancelled but I still got charged 😡

        • I also cancelled and was charged! I have my cancellation notice too.

          • Me too. And i cant find an email or # on the site to contact anyone.

    • I received a paypal notification as well and I cancelled right after my May box shipped (in May). I should have taken their charge permissions away via Paypal, but I received cancellation confirmation. Just something else I have to deal with on best day of the week… Monday.

      • I also have been charged. W.T.F. Really???? I cancelled before in May…. I will be going into pay pal to remove permission. Whatever I was charged 35.99 for better be super good. My boxycharm is fantastic and it is only 21.00 a month. This is super sketchy in my opinion.

        • Lol June box sucks. It looks like a coffee cup that says namastay in bed, a candle and few little odds and ends. I’m so hoping my money is refunded and I dont get the June box.

          • Where can you see June contents?

          • That was the January box, I think, unless they’re doing that mug again.

        • I emailed them and they responded same day. They said they are going to issue me a refund. I’ll be keeping an eye out on that. I may be willing to get June’s box, but need to see full spoilers first.

        • Okay so I emailed them and said I needed to be refunded because I had cancelled before June. I also attached a copy of the confirmation email they sent me where I had cancelled. Their response was that since I signed up and cancelled in the same day that it caused an error in the system, which cancelled out my cancelling. At the same time when I look on the site it shows that I am cancelled. So…..they are inquiring with the tech team to see what they should do.
          WELL…!!!!???? WHAT THEY SHOULD DO……. IS refund my money like I asked!!!!

          For future reference……Don’t sign up and cancel in the same day…. UGH!

    • This happened to me THREE months in a row. So frustrating. BEWARE!

  8. I still have not received a shipping notification. I emailed yesterday but crickets. Anyone else still waiting?

    • Well I received a reply but was told my account was not active but that if I wanted the box that they would charge me and would send it. Nice reply. Except that I’ve already paid for it and have the receipts to prove it. So fingers crossed.

  9. My box came today. It has the full size sunday riley!

  10. I paid for February with no problem. Then cancelled. Then I got a notice my March box shipped (I was never charged). They told me to keep it and said it wouldn’t happen again. Nothing in April, but a week ago I got an email that my May box shipped. 😆 Again, no charge.

    Sheesh, guys. I cancelled and gave you a heads-up the first time you sent me a box for free, but if you want to keep sending them (especially good ones like May), I won’t complain.

    I did get the box today and the Sunday Riley was in box, 1 ounce size. Most things were full size – they all look just like the picture.

  11. I paid for February with no problem. Then cancelled. Then I got a notice my March box shipped (I was never charged). They told me to keep it and said it wouldn’t happen again. Nothing in April, but a week ago I got an email that my May box shipped. 😆 Again, no charge.

    Sheesh, guys. I cancelled and gave you a heads-up the first time you sent me a box for free, but if you want to keep sending them (especially good ones like May), I won’t complain.

    I did get the box today and the Sunday Riley was in box, 1 ounce size. Most things were full size – they all look just like the picture.

    • Thanks for the info!

  12. I just got a shipping notice for my box! 🙂

    • Me too. I think this means we’re all getting the May box, but it also means that the next charge is going to be 06/01 for the June box.

      • I received the shipping notice too. I was able to cancel the sub through the website so I shouldn’t be charged for the June box

        • Yeah me too. Invoice said May box shipped. I cancelled a few days ago. So, hope I am not charged for June. At least not until we see spoilers

        • How do I cancel on the website? I go my account and it only lists the box, but there’s not cancel button or anything, and no mention to months. Where are you guys seeing all this?

          • Go to my account, my subscriptions, on the right side there should be the cancel option. I just canceled.

          • Should I worry that under My subscriptions, all I see is “No Subscription profiles”?

            I think I will just wait for tomorrow and see what happens hahaha worst case scenario they will charge me for a box and send the June box.

          • Sounds like a good thing since you want to cancel. If you used Paypal you can go into Paypal and take away the permissions for cosmo to charge you.

          • And it is not listed on the authorized payments on my PayPal account either. No idea what is going to happen, because apparently there’s no way for them to bill me for the next box lol. I’ll wait and see. The May box started to move and should be here next week 😀

  13. So much better than last months box, I actually love everything.. glad I got in when they were having their sale to make it $20 a box for 6 months! Was more excited about these items than my last popsugar box!

  14. wow this box is crazy with billing: I’ve been a subscriber since 1st box (jan) paid full price 19.99 plus shipping. Feb was free (no clue why) March, April and May I was charged 19.99 flat no shipping. I have yet to be notified by them of price increase…..curious how this will work, they are quick to bill at midnight on the 1st of the month.

    • ***ALERT: Major caution with billing/customer service with this box!!! I first ordered in Feb and never got my MSA discount despite using the code and the discount seeming to appear on my screen when I signed up. I also cancelled my box when I discovered this. I had really wanted only a time box (I mistakenly thought this was an option). Long story short, they never gave me my discount and never cancelled my account (despite replying that they would). And then I got a March and an April box and was charged for both of them as well! I finally got another response back on May 10th apologizing and telling me that they had a “new customer service team”. They told me to keep the boxes and that they would refund any duplicate charges and cancel my account I have not yet verified my refunded charges but guess what?! Just got the May box in the mail today. At this point it’s almost comical how messed up this is! I was very polite in my response back to the May 10th email tonight (despite uttering some choice words at my computer). Just praying that I didn’t get charged yet again. I’m hopeful that the “new” team will try once again to cancel my account and refund me but my confidence level is pretty low. I’m sure I will ultimately get it cancelled but I might have to make an in-person appearance to do so. 🙂 At least I’m ending up with some nice products…that I never wanted…and didn’t order. Trying to look on the bright side but sheesh! (FYI, I am fully aware that the above is entirely “first world problems” but thought I should share my “fun” experiences with CosmoBox with all of you all as a word of warning!)

  15. FYI This month’s box aligns with Cosmo’s May issue page 80 article in Beauty section titled “Beauty Awards” and the items in the box are included in their Beauty Award section.

  16. Glad I paid for a 6 month sub right before price increase. also the 25% coupon worked on all length subs. So I only ended up paying less than 20 a box… Go me!! TYSM Cosmo, love this mix of products this month!!

  17. Wow! I would pay $20 but not $30. And I hate when shipping is not included! I’ll pass!!!

    • Cosmo box is on Facebook

  18. Liz,
    Do you have contact info or can you contact them to find out if someone signed up today if they’d get the May box? I have emailed two different email addresses and received a “non deliverable” email for both. I can’t find anyway to get a hold of them. Concerned.

    • I signed up at 11:30PM PST on 5/24. I emailed them today to see if I would be getting the May box. They wrote back and said, yes. I emailed them at [email protected]
      I tried calling but the number didn’t seem to be working. I also asked what size the Sunday Riley brightening serum was but haven’t heard back about that.

  19. I emailed the The Box Group for clarification on item sizes and confirmation that we will be receiving May’s box. I am going to take snapshots of their site and if they tell me June I am going to attempt to get a refund if they refuse I am going to dispute via Paypal. According to my account my next order date is June 1st and my next bill date is July so by that reasoning my first box will be June’s which I will be peeved.

    • That’s interesting. Keep us posted on their response!

    • My emails aren’t going through. Probably my fault since sometimes I write Val and other times Valerie.
      Anyway I did get in touch with them. I emailed [email protected]. I ordered @11:30pm PST 5/24. They said I would get the May box. I also asked the size of the Sunday Riley serum but haven’t heard back.

      • Thanks! Does your account say next order June and next bill day July?

        • Yes 🙂

          • Ok thanks! That makes me feel better.

    • Did you finally get the May box??

  20. I like this box, but still glad I canceled. Too expensive. This is like 2 target boxes, but 2.5x the price.

    And the box contents are all over the place…too unpredictable!

  21. I went ahead and subscribed. I hope that a) I get this box and b) It’s relatively easy to cancel once this box ships. Fingers crossed.

  22. These don’t look like they are full sized from the picture. But it does say full size. So I’m wondering if it’s a “well there are full sized products in it we never said ALL full sized” kinda box ?? I would bite for all full sized, but I want to be sure first

    • There is no way they are all full-size for $20.

      • Oh…just saw the price increase!

    • This is what it says is inside: “The current box offering for May celebrates all things beauty and features a selection of Cosmo Beauty Award winners. Unique goodies in this special box include: L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure Deep Moisture Hair Sheet Mask; Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle-Natural Tint; Invisibobble Slim Hair Ties; Biore Acne Cleansing Foam with Baking Soda; Finishing Touch Flawless in Blush; Dove Anti -Stress Miceller Water Beauty Bar; Skin Better Hydro Boosting Creme .10ML; E.L.F. Cosmetics Blend It Out Silicone Sponge Duo; Neutrogena Radiance Boost Brightening 100% Hydrogel Mask; and Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum.” The Skin Better Hydro Boosting Creme .10ML seems to be the only sample or deluxe size since they listed the size.

    • A couple of boxes claim travel size is still full size since it isn’t a sample in theory. So they could put in “full” travel size products. Same as putting in 1 mask even though the mask is usually sold in boxes of 4. It’s still one full mask. When boxes try these loopholes I tend to cancel quick but they are still technically not lying.

  23. Ok, I am weak I subbed. After discount I paid $26.99 which isn’t bad. Not too sure about staying with this sub, but at least I got this box.

    • I put the discount code in early on, but at the least page it is still saying $29.99 before shipping…any ideas? Also, this is an EXPENSIVE box! Sunday Riley now comes in everything and these companies partner with each other and its part of their marketing promotional budget. They all really should be FREE expect for shipping and maybe a small printing fee for the booklets. Hasn’t anyone noticed the same brands popping up in their boxes? Sunday Riley, DOVE, Tarte (I call they get all new packaging or some big change which is why they are getting rid of all these old palettes via FFF). Anyways, I pretty much get them all except Rachael Zoe and when it comes to VALUE, this one is low.

      • I really don’t know how these sub boxes get these items. I think some times they are free, but I assume they probably pay for most of their items, but with a steep discount. That specific Sunday Riley usually runs around $80 so I don’t think they are handing out thousands for free (Allure, PopSugar, and now Cosmo). Hopefully the increase in price you will see more high valued items.

        Also since I recently subbed I received an email confirmation from The Box Out Group not Cosmo, so that leads me to believe that Cosmo has little to do with this box. My guess is they have a contract or paid Cosmo to put their name on it. That could be why these boxes often s*ck.

      • Subscription boxes are a business like anything else. Why would people put in their time, shipping, effort, etc for free just so you can get samples? Your monthly fee pays for overhead, staffing, curation, etc. It makes absolutely no sense that any of these boxes would ever be free. They are already usually very discounted.

        • Agree 100%. Most don’t understand how Business actually works and the overhead/costs that are apart of it. I am a member and manager of our small family business. People think we can afford to not charge or waive fees just because we are a business. (A diff kind of business) but still a buisness.
          These folks do all the work to make money. Yes, I’m sure they are getting discounts because they are buying in bulk. Also, the vendors(makers of the products themselves) are also advertising thier products this way as we’ll. Its good for them. They however are not giving their products away for free. Not in the Bulk amounts we see from all these subscription boxes. What really gets me the most. The amount of people who complain and fuss over the $10 subscription boxes and the sample sizes. I’m like, what do you expect for $10. Most folks don’t have a clue where buisness is concerned, or understand anything about the cost of running or having one.
          You made a really good point in your post. Have a great day.

  24. I am actually considering getting this. I usually laugh at Cosmo boxes as they are usually a joke, but Sunday Riley… Tempting. I do agree that it looks like a Target box (but a little bigger), but my Allure SR is almost out and I am about to move onto my PS SR.

  25. Ricky’s up their price from $11 to $14 and so many people start spewing venom at them. Cosmo ups the price from $25 to $35, half the box is Target products, and you guys say meekly, “well, the Sunday Riley is really nice”. Which you last got from Allure for $15.

    • Exactly what I just said! It came in allure the CEO one monthsago. You confirmed it. Not getting this Cosmo Box. Rather buy the new Aspyn Tarte palette with my $30!

  26. This box seems to be all over the place with their curation. I really like this box though. My skin loves that Sunday Riley product and I’ve been wanting to try out the Flawless item for quite a while now.

  27. Anyone worried about the size of the Sunday Riley take a snapshot of the pic.

    I assume the increase in price is due to the Sunday Riley. Cosmo may not be able to afford a high priced item (even at a discount). Meaning the cosmo box department may not have the budget.

  28. When does Cosmo usually bill? I would like this box, but I don’t want to pay for the next box before this one even ships.

    • I subbed for May box but in my account it said that the next billing date was July instead of June.. so no May box for me.. so I cancelled it.

      • But didn’t they bill you right when you signed up? The ‘next’ billing date is the next time they charge us (for June box) – it shouldn’t mean we don’t get the May box we just paid for. Otherwise we would be getting charged twice for one box.

        • Mine says my next charge date is July but my next order date is June, if the next charge date isn’t till July I am either not getting June’s or the payment made today (when I signed up) is actually for June’s box. I signed up in May I want May’s box. I looked all through their site and didn’t see any cut off dates. The way their site makes it appear if you order now you are getting May’s box, but order details counters that. I emailed them and am waiting confirmation.

        • So next me they are charging me is July which means that immediate charge is for June, if I was getting May box then next billing should be June for June box not July. At least that’s how I understood it

          • I’m getting the May box (at least, that’s what my shipping notice says) yet my subscription page also says my next billing is 7/01. It says the next order is 6/01. It’s written odd – not sure why they do it that way, but the May box is the one on the way.

  29. You know you have “box fatigue” when seeing Sunday Riley isn’t exciting…but I’m still gonna get this box lol

  30. Soooooo cosmobox just raised the monthly price 33 percent since last month? Did they notify any of their subscribers? That seems odd. Didn’t they just this year?

    • I think they started in January this year and no- they did not notify subscribers. I’m surprised it went up and will not be renewing my subscription when it ends.

  31. Hi Liz/ Since you updated it, can you also clarify if the coupon code works and also HOW/WHERE to put it in? There’s literally no field for codes coming up at checkout.
    Please help! 🙂

    • Are you on mobile or desktop? I’m seeing it on the desktop view on the cart page. I can add a screenshot if that helps.

  32. I went ahead and got this for the Sunday Riley (too bad they upped their prices, but still way cheaper than trying to buy an $85 Sunday Riley serum from Sephora!) My skin really likes it (though it’s potent so I only use it every few days.) I’m sure I will use some of the other products too, but I really need to cut down on my boxes as my closet and Guest room are stuffed with products. 🙂

    • I love that Sunday Riley too. Do we know yet if it’s full size or delux?

    • Glad im not the only 1 with tons of products from boxes.

      • I pack up a bunch of them and re-gifted for Mother’s Day and Hostess gifts and people love it! I am going to stock up for the holidays and have a bunch ready to go for unexpected gift needs!

        • I hosted a baby shower and made ‘pamper packs’ (an unintentional diaper pun as I later got teased for, lol) that each had a nice skincare sample of some kind. I’m going to make a skincare pack for my mom later this year, too, for her birthday. But it’s amazing how fast they pile up! (Fun to try them, though, especially when I find the rare products that really work for me and can take years off sun damage off or hydrate my super-dry skin.)

    • same – closet and guest room are both full! argh

  33. so definitely here only for the sunday riley , is it fun size or deluxe sample? the one I got in the allure box is running out

    • So this box is pretty darn good…that hair removal tool is the holy grail of hair removers!! Cost 20 bucks in store…I just bought one plus one for a gift!! I am still happy to have a back up!! Sunday Riley to boot!! This box is for sure worth the money!! If you complain about this box, my advice would be just leave the box community…

      • thank you but I didn’t asked for your advice . I wasn’t complaining at all for the box, just saying I don’t care for the other products. I already have the hair removal thing so to me its pointless to get the whole box just for one thing and then thy thing not being full size. Not complaining at any moment .the fact that I like the box community doesn’t be mean I need to buy them all

  34. Feel like a Target box with the exception of the Sunday Riley.

    • Yessss!!!

    • I was thinking walmart box lol. Nothing I’d ever pay $20 for let alone $30.

  35. What size is the Sunday Riley?

  36. Why does it say $29.99? I’m confused. I thought it was $19.99+6

    • So now their charging $29.99 + $6 shipping?! That’s way off from what they said on here

      • Sorry! It looks like they increased their prices since we last posted about them. I’ve updated the post to reflect the new pricing.

        • Thank u Liz for responding I was just like huh?🤨 but I’m not buying it not worth that at all! Even with Sunday Riley which I’ve already got from another box subscription which is still full so I’m good just thought it’d be good for the $20 not $30! ☹️

    • Even with the coupon it would be $26.99

  37. I hope the only one that isn’t full sized is the Skin Better creme. I will be so irritated of the serum isn’t full sized. All the products we receive are supposed to be full sized so they better not too is off this month.

    • Ugh I hate autocorrect. Meant to say “hope they don’t rip us off this month”

    • Ugh meant to say “hope they don’t rip us off this month”

  38. What are the sizes?

  39. Is the Sunday Riley serum full size or a deluxe sample? I wouldn’t mind grabbing the box just for that, as the one I have is going to run out eventually.

    • The sites description says full-size quality goodies and they ship the current months box if you order after the 20th if its still in stock. Site showed its in stock so i ordered for the sunday riley… hopefully the sites right…

  40. Feels like the box doesn’t know what it wants to be- this month is a beauty box, other past boxes have been lifestyle. February was the only month that seemed exciting to me.

    • I agree with you BIG time

      • I’m also really surprised it went up $10 in addition to extra shipping $$.

  41. The website says $29.99/month?? Is there a link that makes it $19?

    • It also doesn’t have a field for the coupon code in the checkout. Weird.
      Can we get more clarification on how to order using the info in the post please, Liz?

      • Ahh- never mind, Liz. I see it’s all updated. My bad.

    • Yeah I was going to sign up for this box but it was $29.99 plus $6 shipping. I didn’t see any way to get it to $19. Even with the discount code it was over that amount.

  42. If I signed up now, would I get this box or the June box?

  43. Cost is $29.99 🙁

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated the post. I guess they changed their pricing starting with the May box.

      • Liz,
        The coupon code is not working for me is it no longer valid?

  44. So glad I cancelled, hope others like it.

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