BoxyCharm June 2018 Spoilers UPDATE!

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We have another piece of info for the June 2018 Boxycharm … each box will have a value of over $130!


The June 2018 Boxycharm will include

Here are more pictures of the palette:


Alamar Cosmetics Palette

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the May box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I think most Charmers will agree that Yosef did confirm early this year certain brands that will be in our box & that we WILL be receiving lots of eyeshadow palettes, which is what the majority of us Charmers want-eyeshadow, Dr. brandt, brow stuff, makeup in general! In all the time I’ve been with them, I can recall getting 1 leave in conditioner & most of us weren’t happy! They’ve always been about makeup & so are most of us! Hair care products, to me, is not exciting! I surely don’t want to waste a spot in my box that could potentially be used for a killer palette, makeup, brushes, lippies, etc.
    Boxy=Makeup=The Reason We Signed Up
    Chao bellas✌💋💖💗

    • I agree completely.

  2. I swear I am tired of opening this link and seeing the same thing … every.time …

    An item from Sol de Janeiro
    Alamar cosmetic palette
    Here’s what the palette looks like … ugh

    I don’t like the fact that we can’t see exactly what’s all in the box before we’re charged.

    Rant over

    • duh thats the whole point of a monthly box, you wont know whats going to be in it. Be lucky we have this site to get SNEAK PEEKS

    • Lol I’m pretty sure that aspect is Blatantly clear when you’re subbing to a box like this. For 21$ this is an insane sub box and I am so honored to be part of the boxy sub. I love most products and if there’s something I don’t like , I give it away. If you don’t like the idea of not knowing what you’re getting then a sub box like this is probably the wrong choice for you .

  3. I love the eyeshadow palettes that have a mixture of mattes and shimmers so you can do one eye look with one palette. I don’t contour so I’m a bit sick of getting bronzers, I’d love more brow products and mascaras and actual bullet lipsticks with matching lip liners, I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. I’d also love a blush palette and things we can put into a ‘z’ palette. I’d also love getting serums and face lotions.

    • The problem with skincare in boxycharm is the boxes aren’t customized at this time so the odds aren’t in our favor for getting something particularly useful. Akin care is a very personalized thing as everyone is different and has different needs. I’m sure that boxy doesn’t include a lot of items bc of the lack of customization. For example when they tried to offer a concealed the best they could do was that big palette with all those shades which most ppl will never use bc most ppl aren’t MUAs. Most ppl stick to a few shades and that’s it so it felt wasteful to get a product like that. They also got a ton of complaints abt the last brow item they sent bc so many ppl got an unusable shade. That’s always something they have to consider. If you really want skincare items you should signup for a sub that uses an individualized system which boxy does not.

      • @Jamie skincare is not concealer or foundation. You are thinking of complexion products, which are makeup items that are based on a person’s skintone, such as concealer or foundation. Skincare is the the products you use to take care of your skin, such as moisturizers, serums, face wash, exfoliators, masks, etc. These items, while they are personal, can certainly fit a variety of skintones and skintypes so they would be great for the box. The only skincare we ever get is Dr. Brandt, which I do love getting so much, but I wish they would give us more skincare from a variety of brands.

        • I thought she was just using the foundation as an example. I can see people complaining if their skincare is for oily skin, dry skin, young skin, older skin, acne, etc it’s hard for a product to work for everyone and people will complain.

        • I disagree. Skin care for acne prone skin won’t do my aging skin any favors. Products for super oily skin won’t help super dry skin or vice versa. Ppl that need wrinkle repair need acids while ppl with sensitive skin will likely hate them. Ppl with pore problems will want one thing while ppl without that issue won’t want it. Skin care is very personalized. Otherwise why are there so many variations at the skincare counter? There would be 1 single one size fits all moisturizer, serum, cleanser, etc. Since that isn’t the case I contend that your point is wrong.

  4. I’m excited every month! I LOVE Sol De Janiero-actually ran out a few days ago! Love their signature scent but I’m wondering what it could be b/c I don’t think we’d be getting their spray? Maybe their body wash, no! I really don’t have a clue as to what it can be!!!

    • I just hope it’s not the lip balm, I have it and it’s my least favorite item in their collection. I’m super excited to see them in this month’s box though!

      • Me too! I have 2 of their huge lip balm already, don’t need anymore! I’m the vid I seen they showed him holding up a jar of Bum Bum Cream & a tube of the lip balm & said what ever it is it’s not a full sized cream! So that was confusing to me? Then I heard about the 3 Luxe Brushes & then someone said their was makeup wipes on the table of the pic they posted then erased, but those could of been there to wipe up the swatches of this pallet!

  5. I love the fact boxycharm has been given ingredients eye shadow palettes. You can never have too many eye shadow palettes I feel. Every palette is going to have different look combinations. You can also use multiple eye color palettes for one look. I am excited. I go sol de Janiero bun bun cream in an ipsy bag once and loved the sample, I hope we get the full sized product this month. Can’t ever have too many brushes. I love getting brushes in my boxycharm. So excited for June’s box.

    • I’m excited for some larger Luxie brushes and a palette! I’ve been using the same este launder blush brush from a give away bag for years and years! Lol. It’s bristles break constantly when I use it. Brushes are funny. I’ve got 2 or 3 over 20 yrs old that I keep telling myself to replace but, don’t think about it until I’m doing my make up so it never gets done. Hahaha

    • I think my collection of eyeshadow palettes and brushes could qualify as too many 😂

      • No such thing!!

    • @Kristina Yosef (CEO of boxycharm) already confirmed that we would NOT be getting the full size bum bum cream. He didn’t say what it would be though. It could be a smaller sized bum bum cream, a lip balm, a body oil, body spray, or shower gel, but he definitely confirmed that it would not be the FULL SIZE bum bum cream.

  6. LOVE the eyeshadow palette each month!! It’s the main reason I subscribe!

  7. Another eyeshadow palette 🤦🏻‍♀️…. enough …..please😣😫 hopefully they’ll add a nice hair or skin care product 🙏🏻

    • I have actually contacted their customer service department to request a blush pallet. It seems that they favour the eyeshadow and highlight/contour ones. Hopefully, they listen. 8)

      • I’m pretty sure that A) Sol de Janeiro is a skin care company and we are getting something from them in June and B) if boxy starts giving us hair products there will be riots and revolts. Boxycharm is a beauty box that is heavily into makeup. Either makeup products, makeup accessories, skin care directly related to makeup (i.e. instant results type items), etc. If they sent a shampoo or a hair spray ppl would be very angry.

        • Oh i hope they don’t add hair junk in the mix…glossy and all he already do that :((

    • I looooovvveee Eyeshadow palettes! I think the play box by Sephora does a lot of hair stuff. It’s only $10.

      • Glossybox and birchbox both do a lot of hair and skin items. Boxy is very concentrated on makeup and instant result skin care like pore care masks and lip scrubs. If you’re wanting more of the former you’re unlikely to get it from boxycharm.

    • @Lina as you may have noticed from some of your replies, no one else really wants hair products, but you apparently. lol The large majority of boxycharm subscribers LOVE getting eyeshadow palettes so if it bothers you that much, I would probably just unsubscribe because Boxycharm is going to listen to what the majority of their subs request so the eye palettes won’t be stopping anytime soon if I had to guess. I do think more skincare would be great, but unless more people start requesting it, they likely won’t. Boxy is mostly makeup based.

  8. Yaaay!! Love eyeshadow pallettes to play with!!!! The blue glitter looks fab!! And I’m super excited for the luxie large set brushes. I NEED good large brushes. It’s ALWAYS nice to have extra brushes, so you don’t have to clean all the time.

    I hope the lip products we get are good. Last months was a dud for me, and the last decent lip product I got from them was last year the grlpwr brand. So I hope they up their lipstick game.

    I know people would flip, but I’d love to see a decent sized perfume in the box. Allure has done it a couple times and it seemed to be a hit. Perfume is expensive and I know everyone’s tastes ate different, but I’d LOVE a GOOD long lasting perfume…like I put a couple sprays on and it knocks the neghibors type perfume!!! Haha

    • Perfume is flammable though and since they ship overseas idk if they can do that. Plus like you said, perfume is such an individual and personal thing. Perfume samples are one thing. But to put a full sized perfume in a box like this and base a chunk of the value on it knowing full well a percentage can’t use perfume at all bc of allergies or sensitivities, that another percentage won’t use it bc of scent preference, that others just don’t wear perfume at all – I don’t think boxy will do that. However, Sol de Janeiro does do a body spray and since their scent is already heavily popular and a body spray might be ok to ship I guess this is a possibility.

      • When did they start shipping over seas? I thought it was just US and Canada?

        • They now ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska and other USA territories which require the boxes to be shipped by air service. That’s why they can’t ship flammable items. Don’t want planes blowing up bc of beauty boxes!

      • I’d still say they do it…glossy has been k own to out in perfume and allure did it and they also ship as many places as boxy

        • Boxy ships via air to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, APO/FPO boxes and others. I don’t think they’re willing to risk crashing an airliner just to ship perfume. Do you want them to risk crashing an airplane just to ship out perfume? Doesn’t seem like the best option imo. There are rules in place for shipping freight by air for reasons just like this. Allure and Glossy usually send out sample sizes, very small sizes. Also you said allure shipped that perfume out a while ago so it’s likely that if they’re now shipping to overseas places just like boxy they weren’t at that time and since they are now they won’t be doing full sized perfumes again. Like I said, there are actual rules and laws in place for safety reasons that control the shipment of this type of thing. Boxy also has a bigger sub base than allure does so if there was a higher freight fee for the shipment it wpuld be harder for boxy to absorb it than it would be for allure. Lastly, bc boxy’s sub base is so big and so widely varied the odds that even 1/3 would be happy with both receiving a perfume and the particular scent they sent are pretty low. That would lead to cancellations and that’s not good for business. Boxy sends 90% makeup and what isn’t directly makeup is either make up adjacent, like brushes and lashes, or instant results type skincare like the pores no more line from Dr Brandt and lip scrubs. With the popularity of their current business model I don’t see them changing things any time soon. In fact I saw where they’ve been taking meetings with potentially new-to-boxy companies like Kat Von D and they were almost all makeup brands with the possible exception of SDJ although they do sell lip products.

      • I’d still say they do it…glossy has been k own to out in perfume and allure did it and they also ship as many places as boxy so I don’t see why they couldn’t. Plus ipsy and sephora sends samples as well.

        • The difference between shipping perfume samples and full sized perfumes is night and day especially when you consider boxy sends out a million or so boxes a month. Pallets and pallets of boxes with glass bottles of almost pure alcohol in them on planes, trains and trucks is not safe.

    • I would LOVE to get perfume. I wish we got more mascara, perfume and I also wish they would throw in a cute accessory every now and again

      • Ashleigh, there’s already boxes like that out there. They call them lifestyle boxes. An example would be Fab Fit Fun which includes make up, skin care, hair care, household items, jewelry, clothing, personal items, collectables and more. You’ll never get those kinds of things in boxycharm since it’s a makeup heavy beauty subscription box.

    • I think it was Kat Von D’s Sinner perfume that I got in an Allure box. It’s a nice small size. I haven’t tried it yet, but the fragrance description made it sound interesting.

    • I love perfume, and if you don’t like it, you can always trade or resell. I’d love to see a perfume in a box.

    • They did do an English Laundry roller ball. It was a very nice scent and I think it got a lot of rave reviews. I haven’t seen anything like that since then though and I think that box is pushing two years now.

  9. Ohhhh! This “should” mean that they will have a sdj discount promotion too!!!

  10. I’m totally in love with this palette. I’m way more into neutrals😀 but I’m loving the whole vibe of this palette. As for the sdj product ive never tried anything from that brand. I’ve been subscribed to boxycharm for 2 1/2 years and it’s my fav. box. Im Not always blown away with everything but I do use 90% of the items and I always look forward to getting it.

  11. Kinda torn about canceling this month or not. The palette is growing on me but is definitely something that will not get lots of use. I’m kinda hoping the glow oil will be the sdj item but I’m so overloaded on lip stuff and brushes (if that’s even possible!)

  12. Ugh, I love Boxycharm but I am Sick, Sick, Sick of Eyeshadow Palletes!!! I am allergic to ALL eyeshadow. My eyes swell up, itch, pour tears. I have finally just given up. I just wish there wasnt an Eyeshadow Pallete EVERY MONTH. I gift them to others that can use them yes, but I would really love to get a box that I can keep & use all the products every so often. Even if I could actually wear the eyeshadow these colors are rather “Loud” and not for everyone…Pls BoxyCharm Can We Stop with All these Eyeshadow Palletes! I love the other products…Would love to see more Primers, Contour & Highlight Products, Brow Products, Bronzer, Blush, Mascara, Eyeliner, Concealer?, Perfume? Nail polish? Makeup Sponges? Even some Skin Care such as Serums or Masks? I would LOVE to see a Box that didnt include a Eyeshadow Pallete for once as not everyone can wear/use it. Sick & Tired of Eyeshadow!!!

    • Love ❤️ love ❤️ all the eyeshadows palettes even more now that they are doing more color and not Just boring browns . Boxycharm is known for makeup . Try someone else like the beauty fix subscription that’s most skin stuff . Boxy don’t stop with eye shadows looooove them !

    • I’m just the opposite. I hate highlighters and contours and don’t wear nail polish and have been hoping they would stop lol. I would take a palette over them any day but them I’m also not allergic to eye stuff so that makes a big difference. I love perfume but I know a lot of people don’t so that wouldn’t go over well and when I go out with one friend that also gets boxy I need to plan ahead so I don’t douse myself in it before she’s stuck in a car with me. I don’t think one sub can ever please everyone that’s for sure

    • Yes to eyeshadows!!!

    • Why don’t you just unsubscribe??
      I don’t understand why you’re subbed to Boxycharm when they’re noctorioualy known for giving out palettes every month when you’re supposedly allergic to all kinds of eye shadows.

    • Boxycharm is a makeup heavy sub. Eyeshadow palettes are a big reason why people sign up. Maybe this isn’t the right sub for you? Maybe something that has more skin care and less makeup would work better for you? You are paying good money for a sub box, you should definitely get your money’s worth. There is a huge list on this site of different subs that you might be interested in trying. Good luck! I hope you find something that works better for you!

      • Same message, but worded in a much kinder way. I wish there were more people like you Julia.

    • Then simply unsubscribe vs. this manifesto you just wrote.

      • People can have differing preferences — this person has the right to an opinion too. Just because they can’t wear eyeshadow doesn’t necessarily mean they need to unsubscribe.

        • But they are saying the box is doing something wrong by having eyeshadow palettes because of their personal issues, which is not fair to everyone else. That’s why some people are telling her to unsubscribe. It’s like if I was allergic to seafood I wouldnt go to seafood restaurant and say they are wrong for serving so much seafood. It was just in the way she phrased everything that’s rubbing people wrong.

          • They are k own for makeup and mostly eye shadow. I switched to Boxy because I wanted more makeup and didn’t care for skin care and hair care. There are lots of boxes that do hand out more of those items. Try looking through the list she provides and find the box that is right for you. I just ordered fab fit fun for the first month. Mainly because of what the box had this month. Not sure if I will continue seeing as I’m more interested in makeup. However I do use skincare now so o might try a few different boxes. Good luck to you.

    • They can’t ship anything potentially flammable bc they ship overseas. Also, your opinion is in the far minority. Most ppl love and want the palettes. Boxycharm is a makeup specific and makeup heavy sub box. For items like skin care, hair care, nail polish and others you’d be better off with another type of sub. This may not be the sub for you and that’s ok. Not everyone is a perfect fit for every sub box. You might really enjoy a Korean beauty box. They are usually heavier into skin care and lighter on makeup. When they include makeup it’s usually lip and cheek color and far fewer shadows. I hope this helps!

    • Boxy Charm don’t listen to this women! Anon is not your core customer. Just a hater spreading ugly! We love Boxy charm for all the pallets and more pallets! Don’t change a thing! BC4L!

    • Never stop the eyeshadow palettes. I subscribe to boxy specifically for all the makeup!!! Keep it coming

    • We literally receive all of the things you listed on a regular basis… And just this past month we received a contour palettte instead of an eyeshadow palette? So I don’t really understand your complaints. You’re one of the very few people who can’t use ANY type of eyeshadow.

      I guess some people can never be pleased. 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I was thinking this myself ?!?!? This past box was basically everything she just asked for….with no eye shadow. Every single month has included at least 2 items that she described , which is worth the box alone.
        Boxy charm is know for palettes & eye shadow …that’s what makes them popular. There are many other subscriptions that cater to other interests.

    • Why would you sub to a makeup heavy box and expect to not get an eyeshadow every month?!
      Boxy is notorious for having eyeshadow in every box. It’s the main reason I, and almost everyone else subs to this box. We get to try high end and different eye palettes.

    • I must admit I am overloaded on eye shadow palettes but I am excited when I receive one. If your allergic simply join one without so many palettes like Allure. I kind of separate my palettes by seasons. I use the brighter colors in summer and spring and use the neutral palettes in fall/winter. So I trade them out and put the one’s for the other seasons in a tote and store them. I know Boxy gave out a blush palette one month (I must admit I was not impressed with it as I use liquid mostly) This month it was a contour palette (I would rather have eye shadow) Some months I like better than other’s but I must admit I use most everything and have purchased many things a second time.

    • Get ipsy

      • I had Ipsy, but I was getting absolute crap the last three bags, so I put them on hold until August.

        I’ve been subbed to Allure for several years now. They’re generally pretty good.

        Play! is getting really iffy.

        • Maybe try Macy’s? You might also enjoy lifestyle boxes like fab fit fun that are less makeup heavy. I still recommend the Korean beauty box services since they don’t rely so heavily on makeup the way American boxes do yet they do include some makeup – mostly lip & cheek products along with skin & hair care.

    • Yikes!!!!! Oh please no primers I’m swimming in them and could prime a couple houses before being slapped with paint at this point!!! And then have enough highlite stuff I can light them suckers up like paint after.

      Same with bronzers..ugh, the last 2 the real her and pur I still have and can’t use because they are so dark, and I’m a light/medium/yellow tone…not to mention I don’t use bronzer anyway it highlite…

      I would love love love perfume and away to try foundation. I know it won’t work for everyone, but contours and higliters don’t either and we still get them.

      I love playing in eyeshadow pallettes. Love having tons of them to mix and match plus, I buy tons on top of what I get. Lol

      Have you tried beauty fix?? They are skincare heavy, also allure, ipsy are skincare and tons of eyeliners as well.

      • I think the reason they give highlighter and contour even when it won’t necessarily work for everyone, but don’t give foundation/concealer is A. a far wider range of people can use a shade of highlighter contour than can use a particular shade of foundation and B. Even if you really can’t make the shade work as it’s intended on your skin tone (the case for me with this last contour palette), you can always use them as eye shadows. I’m not really sure how one re-purposes a miss matched foundation, particularly if the color is very off. Plus, going back to point A, it’s easier to find someone to rehome the other products to. Finding a friend who meets the “darker than me” requirement to use a product is a lot easier than finding a friend meets “NC45” requirements. I would love for them to get a more specific algorithm to be able to send out foundations to try, but for now I’m glad to not have box value taken up by a product that I’ll never be able to use.

        • Another sub box, I believe it was allure but I could be wrong, sent out a coupon redeemable for the bottle of foundation in any shade inside the box instead of the foundation itself. I would be so down for that as long as it wasn’t store specific and could be used online!

    • Then why are you subbed to a box that gives eyeshadow palettes all the time!? Cancel and move on to something else. I enjoy eyeshadows and i am sick to death of highlighters and contours. Keep up the good work Boxy!

    • There are lots of all natural sub boxes now. I’ve looked at a few but nothing seriously. Having two daughters, the only thing that we don’t use are all the lip products as we don’t like the colors. I suggested more lip scrubs. Hope you find a box with lots of natural makeup.

    • As everyone said most people sub for the eyeshadow palette…it is the draw. Boxy does give out other types of palettes.
      Over the past year they have given out
      Bronze/Highlight/Blush Palette x1
      Blush Palette x1
      Bronzer Palette x1
      Highlighter Palette x1
      Powder Palette x1
      Highlight/Contour Palette x2
      Eyebrow Palette x1
      An eye shadow palette came in a lot of those months as well but that is 8 months of usable(for you) palettes. They have also given skin care products.

    • Why not sign up for Julep’s Maven box? They have all those items you listed and you get to customize your box every month.

    • May didn’t have an eyeshadow palette in it. They don’t do it every month. But I think the majority of ppl are happy when they do. I love eye shadow palettes that’s actually why I decided to subscribe to boxy lol. They try and mix it up. If u hold out there will be another month with the stuff you suggested above. Sorry about your allergic reactions to eye shadows. That’s no fun at all. Have u tried all natural or maybe ones without talc, or maybe another ingredient? I’m sure you have but I thought I’d suggest anyways.

    • They also havemonths where they do give out other items and skip the eye shadow palettes. You can always try swapping products with other subscribers . I see many groups that do swaps

      • I would happily swap current box products for older eye shadow palettes. I hate that I missed out on so many. I didn’t know BC existed before November and I was waitlisted for months!

    • I also have the same issue with my eyes watering with eyeshadow and some mascaras as well but if you don’t try them first you will never know if you can wear them. I’ve found several though Boxy that I can actually wear with no tears, so before you give them away please take a tiny cotton swab in the corner and barely swatch a color and try it first. Different companies have different ingredients and I’ve found that it’s the ingredients that cause my eyes to water. Hope this helps 😊

  13. OMG, I am actually tempted to get a second box depending on what the SDJ item is! Someone please stop me before I end up with two Samba foot smoothing boards!!

    • I subscribed to 2 boxes for the Colourpop palettes and forgot to unsubscribe this month. When I went to unsubscribe my extra account for June, I got a pop-up asking if I was sure, with a picture of this palette and the Sol De Janeiro logo. I couldn’t go through with it. 😂😂😂

      • Just curious, what palettes did you end up with? Were they different? What time of the month did you order your second box? Thank you and anyone who did similarly, feel free to chime in! 🙂

        • Since there’s no waitlist you can sub at any time of the month and get that month’s box. If you sign up today you’ll get another May box, but if you wait and sign up on June 1st you’ll get a June box as long as the waitlist hasn’t been reinstated. That’s the risk – the waitlist can be put back on any minute, but the other risk is that you can’t jist skip months so you’ll pay twice each month if you want to hold both boxes. As far as delivery I’ve seen some ppl at the same address under the same name get their boxes 10 days apart and some on the same day while other ppl who live next door to one another get them a week apart. Idk how boxy decides whose box gets mailed when. It’s some mysterious algorithm I’m sure lol

  14. Ugh I let my three month sub lapse after a round of just okay boxes. But that palette is so pretty! I just need to look at all the green and blue super pretty shadows sitting in and on my vanity and remember I never use them! I will be strong! 🙂

  15. I like the palette. I cannot justify buying outrageous colors that I can’t really use on an everyday basis on my own so nice to get in a box. And I love how this box screams Summer.

  16. I was reading the reviews for SDJ bath bombs and someone said she wish they would make smaller ones for travel and the response was…
    16 days ago
    Olá Sara! What an incredible idea. While we can’t say exactly what we have up our sleeves next, we promise that it will be something you’ll love! 😉 Beijos!

    I wonder if we’ll be lucky enough to get a new release? Baby Bombas would be awesome!!

    • Oh, I kind of hope not. I never take baths – I’m a strictly shower girl. Fingers crossed for Bum Bum Cream or their lip butter.

      • Oh my gosh I want to try the bum bum spray. There isn’t a sephora near me or mac counter..anything but a mearl norman…haha so I have to order everything “site unseen and smelled” and I’d LOVE to smell it and try some of the perfume spray out…maybe I will get lucky and it will come with a coupon and I’ll break down and buy it. Lol

      • Hah! I can’t use the bomba at home because I live on my yacht. She only has 2 showers, no tub. I can use it in a hotel or at work though! I would MUCH rather the lip butter!

  17. the same spoiler we already know about for 2 weeks?

    • The value is the new spoiler, which I have no interest in. I want to know the items so I know whether or not to cancel for that month. Interested in the SDJ item, but not that palette.

      • Same. I know so many people love it. But Im a neutrals girl and just dont know how to branch out and feel comfortable wearing it. Maybe theyll have some kind of how-to video for people new to bright non-neutral colours. A way to slowly add it into your look and feel comfortable.

        • You can always use a white or light pink shadow to mix with the bold colors to mute them. That’s what’s i do and it looks really good.

        • I like to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. I used to only wear neutral colors too, but I’m branching out more and wearing colors that I’ve never worn before. I really love the looks I’ve been able to create, and I’m getting more confident in using the beautiful colors. I’ve also been getting compliments on my makeup so that’s been great too! I have seen some ladies say they are too old to wear colors like this, but I really have to disagree. I’m 44, and I am having so much fun trying new things and loving the way they look. Maybe use the colors for an eyeliner to start off with, and see how you like it. But check out YouTube because there are a zillion videos using every color you can imagine; and that will give you a place to start.

          • I appreciate the feedback, but I know how to wear bolder colors. I don’t only wear neutrals. I just honestly don’t like these colors or the look of the palette. And that’s ok because the value will still be there for me.

        • This palette is great. For the neutral look, there’s the top two, the tan/orange and the dark brown. Start with these. Add the blue for an eyeliner color or just a little on the lid so it only shows when you blink or close your eyes. The dark ‘orange’ and ‘plum’ ( judging from the pictures) can be used in your crease or accent on the corners. It will not appear loud, will give you a give a different pop of color from the every day. Don’t be scared! If your worried, try it on the weekend and see what friends think. You’ll be surprised!

          • I just got a recommended video from Nelly Toledo where she does a nice neutral look with this palette. She totally skips the blue shades and it still looks good.

    • That’s what I think!

  18. So excited! I missed out on the add on SDJ products in the FFF box, seriously hoping the lip butter!!! Please, please, please!!!! Then again, anything will do. I just bought the yellow body mask stuff. The glow oil in either color would be fab too! Yay for getting to reduce my Sephora cart as soon as we find out which one it is!

  19. Nice palette! For the SDJ product, I’m thinking it’ll be glow oils for summer. More Bum Bum cream is always good though lol.

    • Whatever it is is too big to fit in the box, so we are getting the travel size–this is what I heard anyway.

  20. love the palette ! cant wait to try Sol de Janeiro for the 1st time also..just hoping is not hand lotion… but can always gift it away.. heard so many good things about about both brands!

  21. Gahhh! I was hoping for a new spoiler. I want to know what the SDJ product is!!

  22. I don’t understand…we already received this notice a while back.?

    • I don’t care how much the value of the box is. I’m dying to know which SDJ product is going to be in the box.

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