Allure Beauty Box June 2018 Confirmed FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the official full spoilers for the June 2018 Allure Beauty Box exclusively for MSA readers!

The June 2018 box will include:

Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner (mini) – (This will be in all boxes!)

Kat Von D Travel Mirror (This will be in all boxes!)

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Double Dare – Mini Size (This will be in all boxes!)


Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner in OG Lolita – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $18 (This will be in all boxes!)


Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $28 (This will be in all boxes!)

What do you think of the full spoilers? (FYI – it’s likely that this box will sell out before the end of June, so I recommend signing up soon if you want to make sure you will get this box. If you sign up now your first box will be the May box. View full May spoilers here.) Click here to save $5 off your first box!

And here are the teaser products we have for July. All products and sizes TBD. There may be product changes or variations:

July 2018:


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This was a GREAT box! Two full-size items (although I would have preferred a full-size eyeliner to the full-size liner), the mirror was much bigger than I expected, and the walnut scrub smells great!

  2. I really want junes box idk if i should wait till june to sign up, like do you think junes box will be gone fast?

    • I haven’t personally heard of them selling out and am waiting till June to sign up for my daughter. That said, I finally received my May box and it had the Cle melting lip powder — what a great discovery, I just love it! So there’s that cool item if they send you a May box. Good luck whatever you decide. 🙂

    • Says June is next available box now!

  3. Why oh why that double dare ugly, ugly, ugly same ol same ol light pink that looks horrid on 99 percent of people?!?! This box LOVES sending out this same color by different brands

    • Lol I got this shade and tried it on yesterday and my husband said “ugh what is that lipstick.. looks hideous”! At least he was honest but yes not great for me and I’m pretty pale. It almost looks rusty red brown and darker than I thought.

    • I know!! I do not like either of these lip colors, these nasty nude brown colors are not cute at all 😭😭😭😭 give us fun colors for spring!

    • I got DoubleDare as a Sephora gimmee a couple of months ago.

      Why can’t they send nice red/berry/plum shades?

  4. The May box is a winner! For me, the star of the box is the CLE Melting Lip Powder. It transforms so quickly…the moment it touches the lips. Its a new concept for me and I’m really impressed! I was a bit disappointed to find I didn’t get the St. Tropez Liquid Tanning Mousse, but the One Night Only Tanning Gloss is gorgeous on my skin! So I am happy 🙂 Hairsprays are always awesome to get and I like Wander products so happy to try their eye masks. The First Aid Coconut Moisturizer smells delicious, but not too sure if it will work on my face. I will use all the products, for sure!

    • The may box I felt was a box of junk. Just horrid. The last 3 boxes were so bad…im about to cancel and so is my roomate. Just not worth it since this new lady took over, it’s been all down hill since January, and the sad thing is this used to be a solid box.

    • I loved the CLE melting powder too! So much so, I’m considering buying more while the promo code is still applicable. I just wish there were reliable swatches somewhere. The Dessert Rose looked different on me (and better) than what the color appeared to be in the bottle, comfortable too. I’m totally intrigued to see what the other colors look like on.

      • On me, the Desert Rose appears as more of a warm red. It does look very different in the bottle. And I tried the FAB Coconut Smoothie as a primer and I really like it. My Hourglass primer will have to take a back seat cuz FAB Smoothie is now my go to primer for the summer! And I used the St.Tropez Gloss on my legs, arms, shoulders, and chest. It’s absolutely gorgeous! (future purchase for sure)

  5. QUESTION: The original spoilers showed a Kat Von D liquid lipstick too. Is that not happening?

    • It was the same color in the liquid lipstick, I think it just confirmed it was the lipstick vs liquid formula

  6. We’ve world be the best time to sub If i wanted this june box but not the may box?

    • I’m not 100% sure to be honest with you. When I subbed, I did so at the end of a month. I ended up getting that box and the one I actually signed up for on the same day. If you really want the June box but not the May box, I suggest calling to make sure. 1-800-274-1603

  7. Will there be box variants for June?

  8. POOF!!! And just like that, my May box showed up! I thought it hadn’t even shipped yet??? 🤪 I got the self tanner mouse and the hairspray.

    • Mine still hasn’t shown up. Ugh.

      • I called yesterday and they said it hadn’t shipped yet and they couldn’t tell me when it was going to ship. 🙄 I still don’t have a shipping email. Lol!

        • It’s ridiculous that it’s the 19th of the month and they can’t tell you when it will ship. If they can’t handle the amount of subscribers, they need to quit pushing their ads on this site. I unsubbed from them once before because of crappy CS. Looks like I’m headed that way again.

        • Mine hasn’t shipped either. At this rate I won’t get it until June. The CS has gone way… down.

          • Still no box nor any shipping notification for me either. Hope I get it before June.

          • It showed up that evening. Thought it hadn’t shipped yet? Still no shipping email.

          • No shipping confirmation email, no box, nothing for May yet. It usually arrives 1-2 days after another sub box, tomorrow would be 2 days as I received my other Saturday. Ugh. 🙄

          • I received my shipping email the same day I received my box🤔.

          • I received my email the day after receiving my box as well. Although, I had emailed them over the weekend to ask when it would ship. I received an email on Monday morning with a tracking #and stating my box had already shipped.

          • My tracking says mine has been sitting at the local post office for two days and that it will be delivered Friday. Wth. Lool.

        • Mine came without a shipping email. I think I’ve had 2 emails ever about it. Do you use the USPS mail thing? It tells you when packages are coming and I can tell now by where it ships from and last time I got it which boxes are coming.

    • Yep, I got a shipping email, AFTER my box arrived….hmmm 🙂

      • Me too! I got my box yesterday and my shipping email showed up this morning!

        • Same. It always happens like that for me and also Play! I get the box first then the shipping notice.

      • So…. My box just showed up on Saturday and the shipping email arrived in my inbox around 1:30am this morning.

        • Same here. Why can’t they get their crap together? A shipping notification three days after I receive the box is pointless. I’d rather get no tracking info at all than to get it after-the-fact. That makes them look very disorganized.

          • Did your shipping notification say that your box was delivered, even though it was a few days ago?

          • The email itself states that it has shipped and includes the tracking number. When I click on the tracking number, it says it was delivered, has the entire travel history .

          • What’s worse is their email customer service. After calling last week, now all of a sudden, I’m getting responses to some emails but it’s just pure stupidity and barely makes any sense. “We’re sorry you are having troubles with your emails.”, is all one says. Are y’all serious?! 🤪
            When I’ve spoken with CS and mention the fact that I usually don’t even get an auto response and even if I do get one, that’s as far as it gets. I’ve been told that the customer service department taking calls is separate from the customer department that receives emails. Two totally separate customer service departments? One has no idea what the other _____ and visa versa. That makes ZERO sense. If we call, they should be able to see the emails we’ve sent etc….

          • I also got my shipping notification from Allure after I already received the box. I wonder what the heck is going on over there as this seems to be happening quite frequently. Oh and their Customer Service is usually no help at all. Don’t get me wrong they are polite but sometimes it seems they just tell you anything to get you off the phone. Hopefully they can get the shipment notification system in sync and also train their Customer Service Dept. a little better. Other then that I have been loving the Allure Box the past few months….sorry for rambling on lol

      • I just got my shipping notification today, I can hardly wait for my box to show up today. Haha, I love this super duper speedy delivery. Funny, funny. ;p

        • 😂

  9. Is anyone else a new subscriber and got their box without the new member gift? I got my May box this morning but there wasn’t a free gift inside.

    • The boxes are prepackaged. Your gift will come separately. They tend to drag their feet on those. You might try calling .

      • I got my free gift in the box

        • Mine was shipped separately when I subscribed for Jaclyn hills box. I haven’t gotten a box since then so maybe they changed it. I’m quite interested in this KVD box though. Looks great for 15 bucks or if you are a new subscriber or use a different email there is a discount.

    • I’ll always remember that it took a month to receive my free gift for signing up 7 months ago.

  10. I called Allure yesterday to see if my May box has shipped yet. It has not and I’m not exactly happy about that. It will be almost June when it gets here.

  11. I still haven’t received my May box, but have been charged. Anyone else?

    • Same here…

    • Same here. I did read comments that the boxes come late in the month and that they’re horrible with tracking. Haven’t heard anything about people not receiving their boxes at all, so I’m guessing it’ll get here eventually.

    • Yup. Charged on the 10th. This isn’t strange for them — they don’t seem to have a set schedule.

    • I called yesterday. My May box has not even shipped yet.

      • Mine hasn’t shipped either. I was charged on the 12th. It usually ships by now. So annoying!

    • I was charged in the 10th and my box just showed up today. I never received a shipping notification.

      Did anyone else receive a L’Oreal hair mask in their box? Last month was actually my first box, so maybe this month they included the mask as my new member mystery gift?

      • Did you get elnet hairspray and the mask? It was a variant bonus item.

        • Nope, I got the Kenra dry oil control spray

          • I received the Kendra oil spray ABD the hair mask

          • AND. NOT ABD. LOL

        • I received my box today. Never received an email that it had been shipped though. I was charged on the 10th as well. My first box was last month (I don’t remember when I signed up but I received it pretty quickly after I did). Do they not send an email out to say it’s been shipped/provide a tracking #? I received the hair mask and the st tropez bronzing water mousse.
          I am currently already using the st tropez original bronzing mousse and I love it. I can tell exactly where I’ve applied it. I’m not sure how I’ll like this sample product as it seems to me that it will be hard to see where I apply it. But I’ll give it a try! I love the under eye treatment that was in this box! Glad we received two pairs-I’ve already used one pair tonight??😂

  12. Has anyone ever had to get a refund from Allure? How long did it take?

    • NEVER!!! Unless you call and speak with a supervisor and threaten them with disputing the charge and taking it to the BBB.
      After being a subscriber for almost 3 years, I’ve never been so disappointed in Allure as I am now. I’m paid up for 6 more months but if they don’t change their asinine ways of the new year, I’m done!

  13. The original spoilers listed Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick as well… Anybody know if we will still be getting that?

    • The ad in Allure magazine listed Double Trouble as the lip color and Lolita as the liner.

  14. Wasn’t this a 500 point perk set on Sephora a couple months back? I recognize that mirror. 😞

    • Hahahaha that would be funny if that’s where they got the stuff!

      • I’ve been seeing stuff that’s in the Sephora rewards bazaar that was/is Play items.
        Could be that Sephora wasn’t moving enough and sent them back.

    • Yep. I got that 500 pt. reward. The mirror is really nice, but doesn’t come with a pouch or anything to keep it in. The mini eyeliner has been used as a gwp and sub box filler everywhere…

  15. I signed up yesterday. I haven’t had Allure in a while anyway. It’ll be a nice refresher away from home items and expensive robes lol

    • Yeah…I cancelled my Allure Sub about a year ago and just resubbed today…..their boxes have come a long way since last year

  16. I emailed them to request a skip for June but really excited about July’s! I’m still waiting for May’s box.

  17. So, I just subbed and didn’t realize it would take 4-6 weeks to get the first box…like really? Have you all found this to be true?

    • My first box took less than three weeks to arrive when I subbed last year. Sounds like the standard message for magazine subscriptions when they begin, to me.

    • It depends. I’ve subscribed about 6-8 different times and sometimes they give a gif, you get 2 months later. I just resubscribed last night so, I may get a June before May. Last time I subbed for a few months I never got my 1st month which was my only reason to order and I called and they sent one out “right away”…3 weeks later. But I’ve never waited 6 weeks for my 1st box.

    • No.
      I get them within 2-2 1/2 weeks.

  18. I tried to click on swap for this site but a message pops up. I made a copy of it. May be my internet is too slow but it won’t give me any option. Just a message to the site owner.

    • Hello, they send me two april boxes, one of them i got in the end of the april, and another one i get today. It means that they maked a misstake and will not send me may box? Maybe someone had the same situation?

      • The same thing happened to me! Did you contact customer service?

        • Not yet, you?

        • They do mess up. They’ll let you keep the 2nd box but definitely call!!

      • I’ve had that happen before. it was a mistake on their part and I still got that months box as well. You should contact them to make sure they are sending you the May box though, just to make sure.

    • I’m not able to join the swap section of this site either. I can go to the forum and read posts, but no matter what link I click on for the swaps section, I get that same error message. I sent an email to the site admin too but didn’t receive a response.

      I’ve seen other people post about having the same problem. It’s a shame they don’t fix it so more people can join. I have a lot of nice things I could swap or sell from recent beauty boxes. I’d rather do it through this site since this is where I learned about all the boxes, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

      • That’s a bummer! I know I signed up for the wait list a long time ago, mostly forgot about it, then got an email notification that I was off the wait list a little more than a month ago. Hopefully you’ll be able to get access soon as well to MSA swap land!

        • What’s weird is that I can view your link to the swap site as long as I’m *not* signed in to MSA. But you can’t swap without signing in, so…not particularly helpful.

          If I am signed in, just clicking on the link results in a big error message. Same one that other users are struggling with.

          I just completed a transaction through the Reddit BBexchange, but I’d sure like to have the option to buy, swap, and sell here.

          • I wish you could too – I’m still new to swapping so I am enjoying learning along with other “newbies”

  19. Have May boxes started shipping? I’ve been a subscriber for years, and suddenly they said I cancelled my account (I definitely did not). I’m all resubscribed now, but I really want to make sure I’m back to getting boxes, since April was the first I’ve ever missed. Thanks!

    • They charged me for the May box on May 10th, but when I log in to my account, there’s no shipping information yet. Last month, I think I was in the last “wave” of shipments as I saw a lot of people commenting they go their boxes way before I got mine. You probably already know this but you can go here to log on to see your account details:

      • I’ve done that and it doesn’t show me anything.

  20. I will be selling the May eye masks and self tanner, Kat Von D lip and eyeliner. I also have Boxy stuff I’ve never used. Can someone suggest a site for me??Thanks

    • You can swap or list items through this site. Just sign up in the swap section. There’s usually a waiting list, but it’s great once you get in.

      • Okay, I will go try to find it. Thanks so much!

    • There’s a Reddit sub forum for exchanges from beauty boxes. It’s bbexchange .

      • Thank you!

  21. I love Ouai leave in conditioner. I’m going to have to sign up for this in July.

  22. How cool… Two great months coming up w/ Allure. I’m glad I resubbed with them. These past fourteen months have been really great. They have their act together.

  23. This will only be my 2nd box and it looks amazing!!!!

  24. Anyone who doesn’t want their KVD eyeliners just send them my way! haha 🙂 I love them so much!!

    • Me too. The best I have tried, and I have been trying a handful. KVD is my fave so far.

    • If either one of you want to swap, I’ll take myself off vacation (which I need to do anyway and add more inventory) and when my box arrives I’ll add it to my items.

      Here is my swap profile: (If the URL doesn’t go through, pull your swap profile up and change your 5-digit number to 38180.)

      I’m also Makeupmanic on the forum. Just connect with me either way.

      *I hope I’m not breaking any rules by putting my profile URL and Forum name on here. If so, please delete my post. :-/

  25. I want to sign up for a second box for my daughter, any advice or tips? I was thinking of going through Amazon for hers to more easily (hopefully) stop/start boxes depending if they suit her.

    • I used to have a 2nd box with Amazon. The positive: they shipped earlier than those subbed with Allure and it was easy to cancel.
      The negative: the products were not the same…probably received 1 or 2 of the spoilers but the rest were the variants, which may be ok if you and your daughter want to trade some! Also, I think you have to email or call to cancel but they may offer you a reduced price to stay on longer. Good luck!

      • I meant you could just cancel online with Amazon but with Allure you have to call or email

        • Calling or emailing them isn’t even that hard.
          Calling takes less than 5 min to cancel. People act as if it’s the hardest thing ever lol

          I would sub directly to Allure to make sure you don’t get any odd variations that Amazon sometimes sends out (ie. 2016 box for a 2018 sub)

          • A lot of people (like my husband and I, and some of our friends) have telephone anxiety. Yes, it’s a real thing. Plus, many services, from cable TV to car insurance AND sub boxes do a hard sell to try to get you to stay, and those are difficult to say No to when you’re talking with a slick salesperson (looking at you, Candy Club).

          • I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that, Kimberly! And not to make like of a serious issue as I’ve dealt with anxiety before myself, but your comment made me think of the Friends episode when Chandler and Joey want to quit the gym but can’t, so they decide to quit their bank instead since their membership fees are on automatic payment.

    • Unfortunately Allure does not let you have 2 subscription boxes come to the same address!! That stinks bcuz I can’t get my daughter in law one either bcuz we’re at the same address!!! If you can send it to another address your eligible to get 2 I think. I would use a different email address and a different address and you can get 2 boxes. I think the boxes through Amazon are different than the boxes that come from Allure, I read somewhere that the Amazon boxes are different. You would have to read Amazon’s box spoilers.

      • I did have second box sent to same address, I have my monthly sub, and bought a year sub as gift for my niece, who stay with us. I just email to allure to tell them she with me in same household. hope this help

      • I had 3 boxes for Allure coming to my address awhile back…me and 2 of daughters were all get boxes . No problems at all, I can’t remember if we used our own email addys to sign up so they may have been different but the physical address was the same.

      • I have only had one box that was different and it was only because there was a customized item. With an Amazon account, there is no way to choose colors. I still liked the variant box, though.

  26. Do you think I should sub now to ensure I get the Junes box?? I don’t really want the Mays box, but for $10 as a new subscriber…it may be worth it to get Junes…?

    • No.
      If you want June & don’t want May, sub in June.
      Allure has never run out of boxes even intheir most popular months. I highly doubt they’ll run out of slots even if it’s KVD.

      • I might be wrong but I do believe they sold out with Luna Mini and Sunday Riley.

    • Honestly signing up in May is best because in dec. 2017 allure ran out of the jaclyn hill box because it was a special box just like June’s kat von d. Box. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  27. Yasssss!!!!

  28. My box will be up for swap if anyone is interested 😊

  29. I can hardly wait for this box!!! I think I may even start a second subscription, due to this box and the already known spoilers for July. I haven’t even received my May box. Does anyone know when is the best time to sign up, to ensure that June will be the first box?

    • June 1.

  30. Yay….😍 excited for this box. Love KatvD

  31. These spoilers made me sign up. Love her make up brand. The exfoliator is an added bonus .
    The following month spoilers look exciting as well. Previous months this box didn’t excite me.

  32. AWESOME! Love KvD!!!!

  33. Awesome – overall, I’m looking forward to this box! I love Ole H products, but am not interested in this scrub but I think I’ll be able to find a good new “home” for it via the swap site. I’ve also been interested in Kat Von D products but never actually tried one so excited for the eyeliner, lipstick and liner!

  34. I’m so stoked for the next two months!!! I can’t wait until July’s box. I really want the Derma E sunscreen powder. I’ve almost bought it about four times.

    • I wish July’s box was in June since the boxes come later in the month. I’ve been wanting to try the powder as well so it would be nice to get it in the beginning of summer ( for the northeast ). And the kvd colors can be used into the fall.

    • I have used the Derma E Sunscreen powder. The powder itself is fabulous…great shade for all skin types, silky smooth, and really locks in foundation. I experienced no adverse reaction at all, and I have sensitive skin. The application system is interesting, but I have to tap it upside down to get the powder to the brush. Also, I don’t care much for the type of bristles…I prefer a softer brush. So I’m saving mine for when I run out of my loose powder. I plan to remove the brush and use the powder loose with my softer brush. Yours may apply more effectively and you may not mind the brush; if so, you will LOVE it! You will at least love the powder. It’s phenomenal! 🙂 …..something to look forward to, for sure!

  35. They had me at Kat Von D.

  36. Whatever happened to the liquid lip they were advertising? I’m cool with lipstick, but I’m pretty sure I already got this for free from PSMHit and I don’t particularly care for the color

    • I was wondering the same thing that’s not the picture they’ve been showing. I would much rather have the liquid lip!

  37. Well I’m stoked for this box. I don’t understand the people saying they don’t like Kat Von Ds makeup … it’s really good. Makes me wonder if they have even used it, or if they just don’t like her?

    • It’s not that I don’t like her makeup it’s that I’m on overload of those exact products except the compact. I mean really do I need 12 katvond black mini eyeliners? I think not ! And I’ve yet to ever I repeat ever get a wearable lip product. But I have some awesome eyeshadows of hers 💕

    • I haven’t tried all of of the Kat Von D products, but I can say that her lip liners last longer and glide on more easily than my more expensive Pat McGrath lip liners (and I have several shades of each brand to compare, including Lolita). And for full coverage foundation, the KVD Lock It is excellent and has lots of shades for fair skin tones.

      • And I use the tattoo liner every day — it’s a holy grail product for me — but I prefer the dark brown (“Mad Max Brown”) to black. It’s so dark that it looks like a muted black, but it’s not as stark on my fair skin as the actual black liner.

      • Yes! I use the lock it foundation and not only is there perfect shades that both work well for my pale skin, but it keeps me matte rather long and has amazing coverage due to the high pigment!! Cruelty free is also a huge plus. I haven’t tried a product of hers I DONT like to be honest, and hey I could always use a compact as well. I’m glad you ladies agree!! These are much more positive comments than what I had seen before 🙂

    • That’s a very good point. I personally find her fascinating! These will be first Kat products and I’m excited to try them.

      • Ditto! I’m working on going cruelty free in my beauty routine so I’m hoping some of her products work for me since no animal testing is a big part of her brand.

        • I didn’t know she was for no animal testing! Very cool…I need to check into these things more.

          • Yes, she is VERY vocal about it – here’s the “statement” on her website and included in her product listings on the Sephora website: “Kat Von D Beauty never tests on animals—and never will.”

    • I think those people don’t like her. Although I also think some people don’t know how to use makeup. Like people who say her foundation is too cakey. It really isn’t if it’s applied correctly. Or people who say her lipstick is drying. I have dry lips but if I take care of them properly, I have no issue with any lipsticks.

      I’m not a Kat Von D fan but I love the makeup. KVD is doing something in the makeup world that hasn’t been done before. Her designs and colors are unique.

      • It’s a little harsh to say that if people don’t like her products they don’t know how to use makeup. No brand works for everyone. Glad it works for you, though.

    • Her matte liquid lip formula is my absolute favorite!

    • I know I’ve read previous comments about people not liking her when they revealed her products as the June spoiler. It basically had to do with her personal life and saying they would boycott her products because of it. It was nothing to do with the products themselves. I haven’t tried her eyeliner or foundation. Her liquid lipstick and eyeshadow are amazing. I have her non liquid lipstick in the old formula but I would like to try the new formula. I like the fact she does so many alternatives colors which is what I gravitate to.

    • I don’t like her makeup at all. It has nothing to do with her personally either. I just don’t like her makeup products. I’ve had issues with every type. However they sell really well so I don’t mind getting them

      • Yeah, everyone is different. In very pale with light eyebrows. I have to use minimal light handed light colors or I look odd. I wish I could like her selection but I’ve had too many tell me I look better with light colors and light on the makeup. Its not fun as want to wear so many colors. Both my daughter’s are the same way so I know its not that we don’t know how to apply it.

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