Allure Beauty Box May 2018 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have full spoilers for the May 2018 Allure Beauty Box!

The May 2018 box will include:

Variant items in bold:

Want the May Box? If you sign up now, you’re guaranteed to get this box, and your first box will be the April box (full April box spoilers below). Click this link to save $5 off your first box (regularly $15) and get a free $15+ value mystery gift!

And here are the teaser products we have for the upcoming months:

The June 2018 box teased products:

We just can’t wait to give you all the details of our next special collaboration. But if you’re as obsessed with her indispensable classics and Sephora top-sellers as we are, get ready for the best June ever (think: serious vanity candy and full-size products).

The July 2018 box teased products:



In case you missed it, we also have the full spoilers for the April 2018 Allure Beauty Box from Allure! 

Box 1:

Box 2:


Box 3:

What do you think of the full spoilers? Which box do you want?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the April Box.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. For all those who did not receive April Box 2 & 3: offers 3 types of free sample duos ($5.00 S+H). One set includes the Squalane Probiotic Gel Moisturizer. Unfortunately, the retinol serum is not available in any sample sets, but this an excellent opportunity to try the Biossance products if you received April Box 1. 🙂

    • I should look into that, because I don’t want to drop $50+ for a full size and I’m such a coward about going into the stores and asking for a sample.

      • I remember trying a sample of the Biossance Squalane Oil several years ago. It was so heavy on my face I ended up using it on my nail cuticles. I see they’ve made changes to their skincare line and have added more products. I’m curious about the gel moisturizer so I ordered a sample set. I never buy full size anything without sampling first.

    • Thank you!

    • Thank you very much!! I ordered one, and told my friend about it and I guess she ordered one. I will spend money on skin care, BUT I want to try it longer then 3/4 days just to get an idea on how it works

  2. I just got my April Box and I got box #2. I was all ready to be disappointed since so many people on youtube and here got box #1 withe the shampoo and conditioner. I’m bummed about the sample make up eraser, but am excited to try the other items in my box.

  3. I called about the scrap of makeup eraser, said they falsely advertised it and that was against the law. Also about the hair products. They are giving me another box, box#2. I asked about the makeup eraser and she told me she would check into it and get back to me. They are walking a tightrope with me about canceling. This sub has gone to crap 💩

    • I’ve cancelled and signed-up 2x and on the fence if I should sign-up again. I have such a love hate relationship with this monthly subscription. There are too few good beauty subscriptions with the price of $15 and under.

    • Not trying to be rude to you Little Foot. I am simply just going to say a few things. I’ve been subscribed to Allure for a little over one and a half years. In that time, I have only gotten about 4 emails with tracking info prior to my box shipping so I could track. Even those were the day before. The rest have been the day of my box arriving. Usually a couple of hours before or after it shows up. I’m getting very tired of that.
      So after this very falsely advertised box, I did call. It’s not just the fabric swatch that’s falsely advertised either. The lip pencil is too. The actual full size product does come with a mirrored case and sharpener. Allure’s own FAQ’s, including their advertisement of the box, state a minimum value of $50. The April box did not contain $50 worth. They advertised the lippy as a full sized product and used that price. They advertised the makeup eraser as travel size but we all know it’s a scrap of fabric.
      I called on the 12th of April to talk about this and I was shocked at what an ass the CSR was. I had to hang up and call back. Got attitude from another CSR who was interruptive, corrective, argumentative and decided to simply talk over me repeating the same thing constantly after that until I hung up and called back a 3rd time. “That is too a full size lippy. That is too a full size lippy………………….”
      The 3rd call, I started by politely asking for a supervisor because it’s my 3rd time having to call that day and I’m only a second away from disputing the charge, contacting the BBB and then I’m going to take to social media with all of this $#!+!!!!! I’m fed up! She was a real peach about it. She put me on hold but before she hit the hold button, I did hear her tell someone it’s another bitch calling to bitch. WHAT?!
      Supervisor gets on the line and starts to kiss up to which I’m just like can you please stop that and just talk to me like an normal adult? I tell her all of that and she asks me which past box would I like a second one of for my troubles? I couldn’t think of one so considering the fact that this is falsely advertised, I can’t seem to get a shipping email, your company charges me local taxes not state taxes and now when I call, it takes 3 calls and I get called a bitch?! Please get someone higher up to handle this because I can actually hear the CSR that called me a bitch telling you what to say.
      The next day, someone did call me back. WHAT?! I thought this was a good thing… First, she had gone over calls and heard it all! She wasn’t happy either. She promised to refund the box, never happened. She had decided to send me a gift as well. She said she was sending me The Best Of Beauty Box. Neither happened. I did not ask for a refund or a gift. But at this point, I am expecting that refund. From what I’ve read so far, I’ll never see any gift box from Allure. It took 5 months to get my sign up gift. So, please, don’t hold your breath waiting….

  4. I was also disappointed with the contents of box 1 this month, but it definitely helped that Allure also sent me a full-sized Marc Jacobs lip gloss.

    • That lip gloss is AMAZING! They gave. E 2 last year to come back, I just used it the other day for the first time and, wow, I really love it. Moisturizing on my!

  5. Wow, I am so disappointed in this months box. I got #1 and it isn’t even the makeup eraser mini its a swatch!! I really want to hold out for June!! But geez la weez they are making it hard!!

    • I only got the lip pencil and make-up remover scrap. Not sure what happened, but very disappointed. I emailed no response, emailed again and still nothing. Finally I called and said they will send another box. I will be interested to see what I get. (Especially since the website says the box is sold out.)

      • Both my March and April box were sent to the wrong address. I’ve been told MULTIPLE times that they sent out replacements and it has been a month now and I have not received either. I got them to credit me back for March but April they insisted was being sent out but It’s been 4 weeks and they said they still don’t have available tracking info. I cancelled my subscription. $16 and nothing to show for it. Hope you actually receive your replacement.

  6. Being in my mid 40’s, my skincare needs have changed some. Let’s face it, it’s a hormonal, ever changing mess. So I prefer to have several different types of products on hand including primers. Can’t wait to try the First Aide one in May. I’m no too sure about The Stellar primer. Yes, I did want to try it. Didn’t like it with IT Cosmetics CC cream. I’m going to try this again with a BB cream next.

  7. I was disappointed with how little content there is in the rahua shampoo/conditioner. I hate when the container makes it look like there’s more than there is. That, plus the makeup eraser that’s not really a “mini” size makes this month a bust. That tiny scrap of fabric should not have counted as a box item. Hoping for a better Allure box next mo th.

    • agreed. I would have much preferred the skin care set. the price differences between the boxes are pretty substantial.

      • Not according to the rude customer service rep that I spoke with today. He yelled at me and told me that all the box values are the same and that that’s a $50 box. I asked why all the older subscribers are getting variation one, the more undesirable box, and he told me that thousands of other subscribers were perfectly happy with that. I said that I’m on the Reddit forum and read this website as well and nobody’s happy about variation one. And everyone that I’ve come across that has been subscribed for more than four months has received variation one. I told him that it would make sense to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe in a month or two because then I’ll hopefully get the better variations.

    • I was super disappointed in the magic eraser size too. Why would they send that out 🙁

  8. Allure box is of great value, in my opinion. It’s worth the money for sure.

    • definitely not this month. received box 1. shampoo and conditioner very small, the cloth very small. the replacement for correct foundation not included as promised. definitely not a good box.

      • Agree Beatye. I cancelled after this month 😔 My budget for sub boxes is low and I am not going to spend 15$ to be disappointed. The makeup eraser, shampoo.. I felt ripped off.

  9. I’m just realizing that the makeup eraser literally comes with a card saying that the edges will fray. So essentially they sent us a sample guaranteed to fall apart to convince us to buy the real thing? not impressed and not convincing me to give these people my coin. NEXT

    • That frayed sample is a freebie on make up erasers website. So disappointed with allure this month.

      • I am so disappointed. Did ANYONE get skinfix or drunk elephant? I was hoping for one of those so badly and got shampoo. I don’t use random shampoos because of my hair type. Argh 😤

        • The Skinfix and Drunk Elephant are old samples from last years boxes. All of us who have been subscribing for a while have already received them. And yes, there have been several receivers of boxes 2 & 3. The Skinfix is a nice clay cleanser and available at many drugstores, Ulta, and Target. But I couldn’t use either Drunk Elephant items on my face at all…they are heavy and broke out my face. I did use them on my body and they were both just OK. Sephora has cute little Drunk Elephant travel sets on their website, if your interested in trying their products. On the bright side, Allure’s May Box is sure to be better.

        • I got box 3 but it was my first box it also included my new customer freebie which was a cuticle oil with the cap broken, not complaining though, it was free. I think the best thing in the box was the Lip Pencil. But both the moisturizers are really nice but small…maybe two weeks worth of product in each? I hate that so many got boxes they were unhappy with, the definitely should make them more even!

        • I got the drunken elephant and I loved it

      • agreed. I would have much preferred the skin care set. the price differences between the boxes are pretty substantial.

      • Thank you! Just sent for mine.

  10. I am definitely giving them a call about the lip crayon and fabric swatch. Box 1 has a value of $30. That’s way less than what I get from Ipsy every month and for only $10.00 even. Allure charges me state and local taxes making it a $16.48 box for me. Still waiting for them to explain why they are collecting local taxes without offices here???

    • Dawn, I commented below, but you need to sharpen the nudestix.

    • I was curious how you calculated the box value as 30? The nudestix is 24 and the Korres is half size with a full size price of 34. So the nudestix and Korres together are 40. Then add in shampoo, conditioner and highlighter. I agree it’s not allure best box but I’m really confused on how you got your value.

    • I wondered that about the taxes as well I live in Sherman, Tx

  11. Got mine today. Box #1. Unlike others, I’m not disliking the shampoo/conditioner, but it would’ve been nice to try a Drunk Elephant product. I’ll just throw this primer in my box of gazillion other primers I’ve gotten in boxes. I do like the Nudestix.

    • I am so glad you said this. definite price difference between the boxes.

  12. Please correct these. We received a tiny cut sample of the cloth sold for free on their site in the April box, not the $12 mini. You are misinforming everyone. Allure made no attempt to correct MSA, and MSA has not addressed any comments about the incorrect product. Very shady.

    • Who was shady? MSA or Allure? I don’t feel Allure was in the wrong. Until they are a paid advertiser, they have no obligation to make corrections and MSA even states the opinions are their own (which, in my opinion, would include the contents of the boxes).

      We also don’t know what went on behind the scenes are far as communication is concerned.

      Just my thoughts.

  13. I just ordered a second Allure sub through Amazon last night and it has already shipped! Any ideas what I’ll be getting?

    • I got a box from Amazon earlier. It was Box 2 with one exception, instead of the makeup eraser I received a pink folding wet brush. I saw someone else post that theirs was the same. I just got my box from Allure and it’s box 1… not my preference.

  14. And just like that! My April box showed up! Just got the shipping email. I got box version #1 which would’ve been my 1st choice simply because of what I don’t want. I’ve tried rahua and korres products before and I really wanted to try the Stellar primer. QUESTION: What’s with the NUDESTIX? It looks like it’s full size but there isn’t much there. It doesn’t twist up. So do we sharpen it? What’s the deal??? Speaking of what’s the deal… more like wth?! This tiny pink fabric swatch? Are they joking? What a total waste of A LOT. The fabric swatch, the ziplock pouch and cardboard inserts, it’s all just wasteful in my opinion. Dear Future Customer! MA! I’m really confused as to why Allure would put this in a box. April Fools? Lol! But seriously, I thought it was supposed to be a travel size and the lip crayon was supposed to be full size but it’s not.

  15. Wow, I just picked up my mail and I received a sample of Make Up For Ever foundation, in the color I actually requested. Was this from the February or March box? Either way, thank you Allure, what a wonderful surprise!

    • I am so glad you said this. definite price difference between the boxes.still waiting for the correct shade o requested to be sent.

  16. When did everyone get their boxes? Mine still hasn’t arrived yet?

    • Hi Lean, I haven’t received mine yet either? Nor have I received the shipping info?

    • Mine arrived today. Box 1. Was hoping for box 2. I was charged April 4 which seems unusually slow.

      • I received box 1. The one I really did not want!!! Has anyone receive box 2 or 3 ? It seems like there are a lot of boxes 1. The same happened last month when almost all of us got the dark shade if foundation regardless of what our choice was.Shady!!!!

        • Is your lip crayon just a sampling in a full size thing? It doesn’t twist up & the makeup eraser isn’t a travel size. It’s a swatch of fabric. So the 1 full size product isn’t. It’s basically worthless and the pink fabric swatch definitely is. I did the math and this box is worth about $30 retail if any of were sizable enough to sell trade. I like the rahua brand and the korres so I don’t mind getting this box except for the lippy and fabric swatch. WTH?!

          • The nudestix require sharpening. The full packaging for them is a metal box and includes a sharpener.

        • I got #2

        • I’m a fair skinned lady and really get disappointed when (despite my profiles saying I have fair skin) I receive foundation/concealer in shades waaay too dark to use on my skin. While I don’t mine giving some stuff away, I had actually wanted to try it…in a shade appropriate to my skin!

    • Mine just came today (Monday). Of course, I got the one variation I didn’t want, with the primer and Korres moisturizer, but at least I got my box. Anyone who got one of the other two variations want to trade with me??

  17. Ok. Sooooo…. Obviously Allure is going through some changes and it’s crap! That’s MY opinion and I am not alone. PLEASE CALL THEM!!! 1-800-274-1603
    You will be given the option to hold or leave an email. HOLD!!! Talk to someone! THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM US!!! If they are not answering emails, flood them with phone calls! Get pissy! After all I’ve read and said, I’m calling back and getting pissy! Still no box! Still no shipping info! Been subscribed, should come 1st but new subscribers are getting 1st & best and loyals are getting the last of the bunch.
    There’s no reason to complain here if nobody is going to call and complain to them.

    • Thanks for this, I’m glad it’s not just me. It’s a huge bummer, and last months was too. This is awful!! I won’t use any of this ☹️

    • good advice. I just called in my dissapointment with the “shampoo box”. I waited on hold along time – told them what I wanted and got it, along with my advise re adding multiple boxes after the origninals come out.

      One thing though – I traveled weekly for 20 years, and learned long ago that “getting pissy” doesn’t work. The person on the other end (whether they are an airlines agent, hotel clerk or whatever) didn’t make the mistake – far better to be sweet and nice and explain that you know they didn’t make the mistake, but that it is the company’s. Then tell them that you are dissapointed, why, how long you’ve been a subscriber, etc, and what you want to make up for the mistake.
      The same really goes for any service person – being nice will make you stand out and they will bend over backwards trying to help you.
      These poor people listen to so many complaints every day – not trying to make you feel bad – I understand your frustration – as these boxes get worse the more subscribers they have and they plan quantities long before they know how many subscribers they will have.

      The gentlemen I spoke with at Allure couldn’t have been nicer, and I called late on a Friday night. I wasn’t interested in a cheaper subscription, just the products I expected. Generally, this is a very good box at $15.00.

      • This is excellent advice. I worked in customer service and you are dead-on. The “pissy” people got the bare minimum while the nice people got above and beyond service.

      • I also called and spoke with a very nice person. I didn’t Think to request a different box. maybe I need to call back?

        • I think you need to ask for what will make you a happy customer! I really wanted the Biossance and D.E. Someone just mentioned a $5.00 Biossance sample of 2 – awesome deal! You may want to look at that if that’s what you’re interested in -I bought all of their products at Christmastime because I was so impressed with earlier samples. These samples are worth around $30. Great Deal! Squalane is one of the best and most expensive skin care products. And you have a choice of a Duo!

          Good Luck

  18. I got box #1 and am incredibly disappointed. They don’t even show it as an option on their website, just the biossance and drunk elephant variations. I feel cheated. I don’t like variations, that’s why I liked this box. The makeup eraser is a scrap of fabric and the rest of the stuff is meh. Shampoo and conditioner are the worst samples to get.

  19. I got Box #1 today…the one I wanted. All new products I haven’t tried yet. Thrilled to try a Stellar product! Will use everything in the box. Very curious to see if the Make Up Eraser actually works. I know its quite small and a bit silly, but its just a SAMPLE and IS reusable. No complaints here. The May Box looks totally AWESOME! 🙂

    • Jill- I tried the Make up Eraser and it is fantastic! I was patient with my eyes but it only took just a few times before all the mascara was gone. I am super impressed and feel like it totally surpassed my expectations. I plan to order one today or tomorrow.

  20. this is the worst box yet! I received box 1, and the lippy was extremely DRY, the primer was cakey, and the shampoo not only stunk, it was nearly empty!
    no way would I have paid $15 dollars for this box, if I saw it as is, in a store.
    I do feel cheated. time to cancel Allure. Tiny, dry, scant samples and drug store
    items are NOT WORTH my $15 dollars a month.

    • The lippie is full size, just without its tin and sharpener that you’d get if you bought it from the brand.

  21. first of all for 15 dollars a month this is well worth it. I don’t see how people are complaining. if you are looking for a next to nothing sample you can go to sephora and get the samples you pay for every month for FREE. With allure you get full and Deluxe size. Editors choice lovely products. I got box 3 and I am in love best box sub i ever had! Good job Allure keep it up. If you are into Skin care Makeup and Hair care this provides Just that. I have a feeling that people that subscribe think its gonna be all make up. I am not personally into those crappy samples from birchbox, ipsy,play ect… I do not want all makeup for a one time use. it is a complete waste of money for what? to give it away or be stuck with most shades i don’t wear. multiple black eyeliners, mascaras off the wall shades of lipstick!! Nahhh I am good!!!I put my money in the right place with allure!!!!!!

    • Wow. You must be one of those perfect people. You’re obviously aloud your opinion as it’s all right there how you feel about allure and other subs. Funny how you’re aloud your negative opinion about other subs but we aren’t aloud our negative opinions about Allure?

      • lol. Every one is entitled to their opinions. You know what they say Opinions are like??

      • Lol I feel great about every box it’s so wonderful to subscribe to allure. Have a wonderful day. Love always, mindyaown

    • I can’t help but notice that you received box 3 while most people complaining received box 1.

      • I was prepared to get box 1!! in my opinion all the boxes were fine for me. Whatever one I received. It’s just a matter of opinion. I like that there is atleast One full size product. I feel as long as there is something worth more than 15 bucks I don’t feel cheated. And if I personally felt a certain way negative about this box I would cancel. I wouldn’t give a company a negative review based on a box I don’t like. I have gotten boxes in the past that were not as good as others. I still used at least 2 products in the box. Thanks allure. Great products!!!

      • Would’ve been happy with 1 also!! No complaints here I’m a happy customer regardless!!!

        • you may be happy regardless, but it doesn’t mean in any way that the complaints aren’t only valid, but need to be expressed as you certainly appear to be in the minority.

          • Express/complain away. loll If the shoe fits, go right ahead ahead and wear it darling!! Everyone has opinions and Opinions are like……. well you know 😉 you giving me your opinion/ complaint isn’t fixing your issue. Call allure they get paid hourly to listen to negativity. I respect and pray for you wonderful CSR!! May God bless you and Give you patience everyday!! To deal with “VALID NEGATIVITY” Xoxo

    • dee, I’m totally with you. I haven’t received my box yet, but I’m not as upset as some seem to be about the timing or potential contents. I’m sure it will get here. It’s not like it contains life-saving medication or fresh seafood or anything else that could be considered time sensitive. What is the big deal with not having received the April box yet? I also don’t expect the box to contain the hope diamond or a gram of cocaine or multiple orgasms … it’s $15, it’s not going to change my life one way or the other. I’m guessing I’ll like the Nudestix which is worth more than the cost of the box (and it’s a gel, so I don’t see how it could be dry like another poster claimed; their matte lippies are dry, their gels are moist, I currently have multiples of each). Whatever else I get will be fine, I’m sure. Geez.

    • I subscribed from the make up eraser mini that MSA has been posting for over over a month, so I’m disappointed. Allure should have corrected them stating we would receive a sample, not a mini. MSA still hasn’t made a product correction or addressed any of the comments about this. I was happy with past boxes, but I can’t rely on accurate spoilers anymore, so I’m over it.

      • It’s not MSA’s fault about the spoilers and sub boxes are supposed to be a mystery anyway. The fact that we get spoilers is just a bonus.

        • I don’t agree and feel differently about it. MSA still hasn’t corrected that the spoiler is incorrect. They are misleading everyone. MSA receives the spoiler information from Allure, so his was also poor business practice on Allure’s part.

          • Why do you think they get spoilers directly from Allure? (Genuinely asking) So far, they’ve been posting spoilers after I get them in my email as a subscriber. I thought they were getting the info from social media, other people, etc

      • I’d be somewhat happy, too if I’d gotten box 3 😒. Most of us got box 1 and it’s awful. I won’t use one item so that’s definitely not worth 15$ a month. I’m glad you’re happy but don’t down US for getting a subpar product

        • Last time I checked, I wasn’t putting anyone down. I was stating my opinion about allure and others boxes. That’s it!!! The comment sections are for exactly that. I have gotten items in past boxes that were not great. The good boxes out way the bad in my opinion. Throwing some positivity out there isn’t putting anyone down. IMO lol l!! Great job allure!! I love the value and products you offer for a low monthly cost. Xoxo

    • Sorry Dee, I don’t live by a sephora, so I can’t just “walk in and get samples for free” and I depend on my sub boxes to introduce me to things that not only interest me, but things that work and items I will use, because If something works, I place an order online for the full size of it. Some of us aren’t able to “walk in there” and maybe some are disabled, not have extra time, or maybe too shy to go in and ask for them….
      My allure sub is close to 17.00 with taxes. I understand there maybe some products that don’t interest me (the July isn’t looking good, last month was awful) there has been a change of editors to curate the box, and its kinda not as amazing as it has been before. Not sure if she’s not making connections with brands like others did or maybe her tastes are so different then the last editor that’s why the drastic change…not sure. But I hope that whatever it is, allure figures it out soon because this box used to be one of the top ones that introduced me to new products that worked for me and I still buy….but since February the boxes have been meh.

      • You do you!! !! Out of all the boxes I have tried I l like allure and boxycharm the best. ….“For value”…..Everyone has opinions. That is what the comment sections are for. Dee

  22. I got box 1 (boo) but got an additional primer as a 6th sample. I have no idea why.

  23. I got box #1, when of course I really wanted #2 or #3. I’ve been a loyal Allure subscriber for almost 4 years, but I’m close to cancelling. I do NOT want any shampoo/conditioner samples, period. And I hate box variations. I never, and I mean NEVER, get the box I want. Allure- please get your act together again. You used to be so good. (I do love the Nudestix though, thankfully!)

    • I highly suggest calling them. At least twice. After reading some here, I called myself because I get zero response to any emails and as a loyal subscriber ( I don’t unsubscribe and resubscribe for the rewards and/or not wanting a box.), I’m not one bit happy with the variations. I’m not sure why yet but I see I am not the only one being charged very high tax rates. Plus, I still don’t have a box or shipping info. After reading someone’s comments about new subscribers coming 1st and loyal subscribers coming last, I had to call and ask some questions. Yes, indeed! All new subscribers were sent their boxes 1st and the rest of us get what is left over!

    • I agree with you totally! I love Allure because they don’t do variations and yet the selections this month weren’t that great.

  24. Ok why are people receiving samples of the MakeUp eraser? It was supposed to be a mini, not a sample!

    • Has anybody received the travel size? I haven’t gotten mine yet.

      • Not that I’ve seen, they’re all samples so far. Cut pieces of fabric, not the mini version.

        • Wow… I’m still waiting on my box. I wonder how they’re going to deal with the fallout of this one.

  25. My box arrived today. It’s Box #1, my least favorite. I’m never happy getting shampoo & conditioner and the Korres is for oily skin where mine is dry. But I love the Nudestix and the Stellar primer and will enjoy trying the brands which are all new to me. I was really hoping to try some Drunk Elephant. So far, I’m liking Allure.

    • Exactly. I’m not a happy camper. Can’t use shampoo and conditioner chemical sensitivity. I got the korres gel for oily skin. I’m 51 with dry skin. Wanted to get the retinol lotion. I think they just don’t care anymore.
      I hate the variation boxes.
      One of the reasons I liked allure.
      Now not sure if I want to keep my subscription. I’m always getting the cheapest box with stuff I can’t use

    • same box 1. this month’s box is so bad! At first there was this smell coming out of it and so i threw out the box. Later on i kept smelling it and realized it was the shampoo and conditioner! yuck

  26. I am very upset and disappointed not only for the fact that i still have not received my April box and it still has not shipped and also for not ever receiving any emails from Allure each month as confirmation of my box shipping or billing or anything from them since I signed up in January, but mostly so angry about the fact that I signed up with them on January 6th and even called they to confirm my January subscription and specifically saying i want the jan box because I really wanted to try the Sunday Riley serum!!! And the cs lady said i would for sure receive it but Blatantly Lied to me and i still have not received my January box or the Sunday Riley serum!!! How Shady and unprofessional for a company like Allure to stoop this low and lie ,Trick or Deceive a customer in to signing up with them with no intention of sending them what they ordered and requested via phone call!!! I am CANCELING!!! So unprofessional and just all together bad shady businesses! I hope they read my comment here but regardless i will be calling them tomorrow to cancel and give them a piece of my mind!!!! I wish Liz can inquire about this with Allure although i don’t expect her to do so as it is something i need to take care of with them, but if she did, then i feel like them would take this business of theirs more seriously and hopefully won’t do this to another customer again in the future!!! I would never want anyone else to be tricked like i was! Sorry about the long comment and for going on a tangent ladies! Just very upset and disappointed because I really like this company and wanted to stay a loyal customer but they made it difficult to do so.

  27. No box yet. I called late this afternoon. Guess what?! I just got the shipping email. Shipping label created on the 16th but no movement. They obviously don’t care too much for their loyal customers.

  28. I just called to cancel and they offered me “$12.00 for the next few months” so the $10 offer might be over.

    • I just cancel and was offered NOTHING.

      • I’ve cancelled Allure twice in the past 8 months. The first time they offered me 4 months for $12 (I didn’t take it), and then they second time I wasn’t offered anything. It may depend partially on the mood of whoever answers the phone.

        • Same. Got offered $12 the first time, nothing this time.
          My friend did get offered $10. I think it def depends on the person.

  29. I am completely cancelling Allure. The customer service is so rude! I finally found 1 woman that was nice and tried to help, she said they would send me two free different boxes last month and throw in a few extras. Nope got two boxes the exact same of crap! I called last week to cancel a different person told me I was already billed box was in Warehouse. I put money on my prepaid debit card to pay for something totally different and Bam got hit with a 15.00 payment for Allure. The first box I got a few months ago was amazing. Great sizes and awesome products. Now it’s just crap! So done. I subscribed to Ricky’s Cult Crush and I am getting two of those. Forget Allure! I now have Ricky’s Cult Crush, Lola box, Ipsy, BirchBox, Sephora Play, Glamour Dolls, Yesohyas, Book of the month, Boxycharm. I am happy with those!

    • What is Ricky’s cult crush??

  30. Do you have to call to cancel.

    • You can email

      • They definitely don’t respond to emails, I’ve tried to cancel twice through email.

  31. Am I the only one holding out hoping for another full size Sunday Riley product? I love the vitamin c we got!! And KVD next month sounds amazing! I tried to cancel and I’m getting the 4 for 10$ deal. It’s WAY better than my Sephora play that I canceled to get this sub.

  32. Box 1. I have short hair but a lot so I am hoping to get two washes out of it. Also, I will try thismakeup eraser (it’s a sample size) a little larger than my palm but a 25% off coupon for full size so maybe if I likee…The lip/cheek is that shade similar to the Kat Von D sample and Makeup Forever sample that is going around. I won’t open since one of my friends will get that. Keeping the primer, shampoo (Full size retails for $36!) and the moisturizer sampler for trips. Not the best but not bad. It’s not a waste of my $15 not that I NEED any of this stuff. LOL.

  33. I logged into my account and it has a tracking number! No email and I’ve never seen tracking on my account page before. It started moving today. My favorite is variation 2 so fingers crossed

  34. Another damn variation box! Still no April box! I’m just about done with Allure!

    • Same and same! If I get box #1 with no Drunk Elephant or Skin Fix stuff, I’m over it!!

  35. Is there anyone besides me that hasn’t received their April box? Mine hasn’t even shipped.

    • I was charged April 4 and haven’t heard a word since. Of course, I didn’t receive February and March until April 6 at which time they promised superior service moving forward. It is time for me to sub through Amazon

    • Mine hasn’t shipped yet! Argh Allure is so frustrating!

    • I usually have mine by now so this is really unusual, at least in my experience.

    • I haven’t received mine either, no email or shipping notification. Just waiting…I hate waiting. 😁

    • mine just shipped today

    • Allegedly, mine is out for delivery.

    • I got mine today! I got the variation with the Korres moisturizer.

    • Nope. No box here yet.

  36. I just got my box yesterday and I got box number 1, which I was afraid of. That’s the one box I really didn’t want, so of course that’s the one I got. I really hope Allure stops doing variations. I dropped most of my other boxes with variations because it seemed like I always got the version I didn’t want, and I got tired of being disappointed. I can see Allure heading in the same direction, so my fingers are crossed that the variations stop soon. I thought they were the one box I’d keep no matter what, but now I’m not so sure.

    • I haven’t gotten mine yet, but I really WANT box 1!

    • Hi Tanya 🙂 I better start calling myself Tanya M… lol. I don’t want v1 either but will try to be happy with the rest of the box sans lip/ cheek… which I don’t think will work for me. Stocking stuffers or maybe I will try the shampoo. I wont go though ‘cause Allure kicked the CEO Sunday Riley so I got love for the brand! Plus my original sub box … still looking forward to box on my porch. We shall see. It is still worth my $15. Hope everyone else gets box of their dreams.

  37. FYI – just got off of (the general one, with different articles,) and found that the May and June boxes shown here, on MSA, appear to be bogus. Towards the bottom of the page, there is usually a video. For the heck of it I watched it – it said it was about someone doing 9 things they hadn’t done before. After this video, they went directly into one about May Beauty Box Contents, and then June Beauty Box contents. According to these, anyone who thinks they will be getting anything shown in the above May and June boxes will be in shock – more items but terrible junk. Let’s just say if you don’t like Birchbox, or Ipsy you will be very upset. It appears there is a lot of bait-and-switch going on with the advertising off this box. I hope some of you will check the site and verify this. I am definitely cancelling. I’ve had it – there is only one thing to do with a box that was formerly good, and no longer is. Unsubscribe. They never improve again. 4 months for $10 is not a deal for these boxes.

    • Can you provide the link and/or any specific product info? All the info in this post is from Allure.

      • Liz, I have checked this the last 3 days, but it changed today. Here is how to find the area I am talking about – they seem to have replaced the videos for May and June, with March and April. Seems odd that happened since I posted my comment. I am going to keep checking.

        Here’s how I found it. Go to the website. Page down until you get to the video (there were 2 today, but only one most of the time.) After watching the video they went on to show the upcoming May and June boxes and they were very different, i.e. no Kat. D. Today when I tried it those videos were replaced with March and April box reviews. Just remember, you have to go threw the “listed” video – today it was about hair breakage. Next time I see the different boxes, I will copy what they say will be in them and I will send the whole list to you.

        Thanks for keeping such close track of what is going on.

    • I got the same “spoilers” that are shown above in an email from allure like a month and a half/ 2 months ago. I can co firm that what has been posted here was exactly what was sent to me as well, so not sure where the link or whatever saying it isn’t so.

    • I tried to look and find what is being talked about on and couldn’t find the video.

    • Are you sure those aren’t boxes from last year?

      I’ve also gotten emails from Allure with the same spoilers that are on this site.

    • They were probably last year’s boxes.

  38. My April box just arrived and I am furious. I received the box with the Rahua shampoo & conditioner. This is the 5th time I have received a variation box that is heavy with hair care products. I have repeated requested to opt out of the hair care box since I cannot use most of the products due to my hair type and allergies. Well, today’s request was via a phone call and it was extremely unpleasant. The agent I spoke to was very negative about ALL my concerns. He refused to note my preferences stating that this cannot be done. When I expressed my observations about being “randomly” selected to get the lower-value box, he stated that the boxes are assigned at “random” when shipped out and you get what you get. Needless to say I was not happy with that crappy answer.

    My last observation with this agent was this. I am so tired of receiving boxes that feature hair care. Often these boxes are of lesser value (i.e. hair care) than other variations. In the end, I debated with Allure for more than 30 minutes. While my request for a refund or replacement box was rejected, customer service is sending me the drunk elephant and the biossance samples. This whole experience was horrible.

    Although I have already been billed for the May box, I am not continuing with this subscription box beyond May 2018. My love affair with this box is over!

    • Are you sure you’ve already been billed for May? They usually bill after the start of the month.

  39. I updated my payment card with it’s new expiration date after receiving an email from Allure. I emailed them back and said that I updated it and I received another email saying thank you and a second email saying they are sending me an extra box full of five Marc Jacobs products. Nice! I like your style Allure!

    • That is soo nice!!

  40. FYI I tried to cancel for this month and got the 4 for 10 deal but also this: “Your upcoming boxes will include our favorite picks from brands including:

    Wander Beauty

    • That’s the same list of upcoming products I got in the same email 3 months ago so I’m guessing it doesn’t mean much because I have yet to see even half of those brands in the past 3 months

  41. Do you get a gift for signing up? I never got anything a few months ago when i signed up.

    • I didn’t receive a “gift” until 2 weeks ago. I received another sample of the THE ONE by Frederic Fekka dry texturizing spray. Highly disappointing as they said it was a $10+ gift and this sample is a $2 gift. 🙄

  42. Anybody else waiting for April to end? Signing up in May!

  43. Just got an email that I’m getting a special gift, a Marc Jacobs Beauty set for being a loyal member. Looks like a mascara, 2 eye pencils and 2 lippies or maybe those are the 5 options. Super cool!

    • My email says they are sending me two Paula’s Choice products: looks like “resist” and “sun 365.” I wonder how they decide what to send to who, because I have no need for self-tanner. But free is free. 🙂

      • The email I got today stated they are sending me a Foreo, looks like the mini they sent before in a box but I’m not complaining 🙂

      • Looks like they are sending me a small Foreo, like the one they included in a previous box but I’m not complaining though I would prefer the Marc Jacobs.

    • I am getting something from FOREO.

    • Nothing special for me.

      • I feel your pain…. nothing again….

      • Nothing special for me, either. I wonder how they decide which customers get the special “surprises”?

        • Last year I got a full size Marc Jacobs mascara and eyeliner, so maybe they rotate through the list?

    • same! i was so surprised they do this! 😍 excited

    • I’ve been a subscriber for 5 years, since they were Sample Society, and I NEVER get these extra-gift-for-“loyal-member” packages. Never.

  44. I as well think i might be done with Allure. It’s sad. I loved this box but once they started the variations in boxes it’s gone down hill. It was great to get the Sunday Riley product but I also ended up with two items not in the book. They felt like bottom of the drawer items because they didn’t have enough stuff for everyone. When I called anoutnit I was told I would be sent two new items. One never arrived and they other wasn’t what i was told I would be sent

    I skipped March because I didn’t like it. I resubbed for April partly to try the makeup eraser which was billed as a mini. Not a piece of scrap fabric as reported. Not thrilled with what I am seeing for May either.

    I will certainly be called with my disappointment if this April box is a dud. And clearly I am not the only one with this opinion.

    • I tried to skip march and signed up for April and then they charged me twice in April and never updated my address as I requested. Pretty shady if you ask me… I didn’t sub for March so why do they think it’s okay to charge me $30 in one month when I signed up for once a month? I’m calling to cancel once I get my two boxes sorted out… since they sent them to the wrong address……… aggravating. Glad you were able to skip March. I should have never updated my account and just left it inactive.

    • How do you skip a month? I’m trying putting a fake credit card in the “update payment” section and hoping that does the trick?

      • I just called customer service at march end to tell them i don’t want April box and to skip it. They were happy to do that. Also i very nicely complained that i never received my first subsciber gift. Next day i received an email that they are sending me a limited edition box. That was at march end and i am still waiting for that box.

      • I didn’t actually “skip” it. My credit card expired and I didn’t realized and my box was suspended right before the sunday riley box. 🙁 I was pretty disappointed that I wasn’t notified that my account was suspended and missed this box. So, I left my account as suspended and I never updated my credit card. I waited until April to update it because I wanted the makeup eraser and I was charged for March and April. Never received either box, they went to the wrong address. It’s a mess.

  45. I’m feeling very good about cancelling in March. The once unbeatable Allure box is gone. 🙁

    • I did the same thing and am not feeling like I missed anything😊🙏👍 I’ll probably re sub in June or July depending on full Spoilers!!!

  46. This is a REALLY good box. That FAB primer is fantastic! Elnett hairspray is the best. I’m really looking forward to the CLE lip powder and the rest of the products are new to me so I’m excited to try! Good job, Allure! Looking forward to the next few months!

  47. Wait…two hairsprays?

  48. I wasn’t too into the May box so I emailed to cancel even tho I am still on the last month of a 4 month at $10 deal. They responded with another 4 months at $10 each deal, so I couldn’t resist, looking forward to some of the already spoiled items!

    • What is the customer service #? Can’t find it

      • 800-274-1603

        • Thank you

    • Last time I cancelled, I was thinking they may come back with that offer since I have seen others mention it. Nope…sorry to see me go was all I got… 🙂

      • When I tried to cancel they didn’t offer me the $10 deal but instead offered me my choice of a past box. I took it.

      • I was surprised they offered it since I already had gotten it before. Maybe it has to do with the mood of the CS person. Or maybe they look into how long you’ve been with them, or credit rating?

        • How long have you been a subscriber? I was told they weren’t offering that deal anymore. 🤔

          • They offered me the 4 boxes for $10 each deal when I cancelled. I’d been a subscriber for 3 years nonstop. I didn’t accept the offer.

          • I’ve been with them over a year. I tried to cancel in Jan and they gave me the 4 month deal. I’ve had a couple of small issues here and there and their CS has always come through. And pretty silly, but I do love the red boxes for organizing.

          • I’ve been a subscriber for maybe 6-7 months, and was just offered the 4 month/$10 deal a couple of weeks ago.

        • I’ll have you gals cancel for me next time… 🙂 Maybe I’ll get a “deal” then. I have been a subscriber off and on for a year…

    • Do you think this deal is still going on? I’d love to try for 10$ a month…

  49. I’ve seen some April boxes posted on Reddit and the Makeup Eraser is a *sample* not an actual mini. It’s a mini of the mini!!

    • Saw it too. Such a bummer.

    • Yes, it’s a raw-edged scrap of fabric that is pretty much useless.

      • That little scrap of cloth took my makeup off… I just bought the full sized.. LOL..

    • Is it that little tiny finger one?

      • Someone posted a picture of it on the forum, and it’s just slightly larger than the packaging of what a tea bag comes in.

    • WHAT?! That make up eraser is the only good thing in this month’s box! Even the next couple months don’t look very exciting to me. What a crock!

    • Oh man, I just signed up for the first time in two years based on that spoiler. Allure, you got me again… 😞

    • I just received my box today. And yes it is a small scrap of fabric. The makeup eraser was a main reason I wanted the April box. It was being billed as a mini makeup eraser that is sold and is pretty big size and what we got was a sample!!!

  50. Allure is the one box I will never quit

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