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Wonderful Objects “Hidden Door” Subscription Review + Coupon – March 2018

Anna Reilly
ByAnna ReillyApr 5, 2018 | 20 comments

wonderful objects box for march 2018 review and unboxing

Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company
2.2 overall rating
9 Ratings | 4 Reviews

Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company is a quarterly subscription service that brings imaginary adventures to life. This box is always full of unexpected, playful surprises. This time, the theme is "Hidden Door".

magic is here label on wonderful objects march 2018 box

Wonderful Objects offers mystery boxes for both Adults and Kids.

wonderful objects march 2018 subscription box unboxing and review

This box was sent to us at no cost to review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Whimsical Adult, $54 a quarter, box.

all items in march 2018 wonderful objects subscription box unboxing

About Wonderful Objects Immersive Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Wonderful Objects

The Cost: $54 per quarter with discounts available for longer subscription commitments

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $10 off any subscription!

The Products: Hand-picked items and custom-designed ephemera that bring an imaginary scenario, place, or story to life. You'll also get a teaser a few weeks before each box!

Ships to: United States is $9 per quarter and includes both teaser(s) and full mystery box. International shipping is $25 per quarter.

Wonderful Objects "Hidden Door" Subscription Box Unboxing and Review March 2018

open me first envelope

envelope with fancy seal

The box is topped with a gold-sealed envelope. The stamp is a human heart! OoooOOOooo... I'm already curious!

wonderful objects info card

wonderful objects project list

Inside, there's an info card presenting the prompt for the box, which is... "What if you found a hidden door?" They do such an awesome job cultivating a spirit of mystery in this box! That line "This day you are reborn a Keeper" gave me chills!

wonderful objects twine tied letter

Custom Ephemera

Next up is this bundle of documents tied with twine.

wonderful objects letter

wonderful objects letter back page

Oh my gosh. This letter! I feel like I'm a character in a fantasy novel—like Harry Potter getting his first letter from Hogwarts. My imagination is already running wild trying to wrap my head around who Helena is, what exactly the fate befalling her is, and why it's happening. Was it her fault? Did she do something wrong while in the room? Or is that just the fate of all Keepers?

wonderful objects mysterious notes

Okay, so here are a few of the notes mentioned by the letters. These are apparently notes from past Keepers. This first one talks about witnesses strange, unfathomable events, like a crystal functioning as a heart and garden clippings burning in water. I feel like the crow and butterfly doodles should signify something, but maybe they're just coincidental.

wonderful objects notes and drawings

On the back, there's a note in new handwriting. This one also talks about the garden and the various hybrids and experiments going on in it. The only curious thing about this page is the note at the bottom, which is written in different pen and handwriting.

wonderful objects blueprint

There's a map of a British museum, too. Is this where the room exists?

wonderful objects secret notes

Things get a little more desperate in this note. It's in the same handwriting as the first note talking about the crystal heart. It mentions wanting to open one of the Cartographer's bottles (was the map inside?) and then goes into the idea that the help bell had been removed. Was the urge to open the bottle a good thing (something that would've helped the writer, who I think is Helena) or was her curiosity at fault for the bad things going on around her?

wonderful objects scissors page

These notes are on the back of that harried note. It talks a bit about the Seamstress making her departure from the room (or the dimension where rooms exist? I'm not sure...) and then goes into talking about the "Keepers Coffer" which maybe has some significance beyond just protecting the key to the room...

wonderful objects design

wonderful objects mysterious illustration

Exaltatio V Essentiae Print

This card is an "alchemical drawing" according to the info card. I wonder if the portions of the ring shape are supposed to represent earth, water, fire, and air...

wonderful objects fancy box

wonderful objects gold box

Keeper's Coffer Box

Whew! I am in the middle of quite a story. And it seems the Keeper's Coffer is now in my possession! The lid of this wooden box is covered in metallic gold details and has an antique feel.

wonderful objects open box

Inside, there are more mysteries waiting for me.

wonderful objects letter with stamp

The first item? Another note, but few additional answers. It sounds like whatever happened to Helena was not at all planned. But what exactly is Ofelia searching for? I feel like there are things working under the surface that I want to know, but don't know quite yet. Let's see what else we've got.

wonderful objects scissors

wonderful objects crane scissors

Bird Scissors

These small sewing scissors were left by the seamstress before she "left" the room. They're so delicate and pretty. I don't know if there will be anything else in the box to use these with, but I can say for sure that if I don't think I'll be able to use these scissors for any task without feeling like a magic spell is about to be cast, hehe!

wonderful objects zenbunni chocolate

wonderful objects zenbunni chocolate packet

wonderful objects zenbunni chocolate bar

Zenbunni Lost Salt of Atlantic Chocolate, 0.32 oz. - Buy 5 for $15.00 here

This tiny two-bite chocolate bar looks as magical as it tastes. One of the notes mentioned how people in the "room" world eat chocolate instead of regular meals, so I guess this is my sustenance for this adventure!

wonderful objects salt cellar and spoon

wonderful objects stone salt cellar and spoon

wonderful objects white salt cellar

wonderful objects white salt cellar with small feet

wonderful objects gold spoon

Creative Co-Op Marble Salt Cellar and Gold Spoon - Retail Value $25.00

Next up is this 3" square marble salt bowl and gold spoon. Because of the little tag on the bottom of the jar, this was one of the few items I could actually find online. Wow, is it way more expensive than I would've guessed! I will say this small bowl is really hefty—it's legit stone, so it's way heavier than most salt cellars. The spoon is delicate and dainty in comparison with a great shine.

wonderful objects salt

wonderful objects salt sliding tin

Jacobsen Salt Co. Sea Salt Slide Tin - Retail Value $5.00

The first letter I opened mentioned salts from an island that sank into the sea. According to the letter, I'm to partake of them weekly. This tin of salts is so cute but looks even more magical when dumped into the marble salt bowl. Because it has a brand name on it, it was easy to find online. It looks like this company hand-harvests their sea salt in Oregon. Cool!

wonderful objects cream

wonderful objects jar of lotion

wonderful objects cream in open jar

Zolia Vera Chamomile and Aloe Vanishing Cream - Buy a 4 oz jar for $22.95 here

I'm not sure how much product is in this little jar, but it seems pretty small (in other words, it's probably not the 4 oz jar listed on the website). It's about 2" wide and 2" tall from the base of the jar to the top of the lid. The cream inside is really lovely—it's packed with natural ingredients that nourish and relax the skin. The site says it can be used as a moisturizer or a makeup primer (though I'm not sure the finish is as smooth as I'd like it to be for something like that). But the letter says to use it as a literal vanishing cream to help me disappear!

wonderful objects sealed vials

seals on wonderful objects vials\

Two Wax Sealed Vials

Last but not least, there are two sealed brown apothecary bottles. The card lists them as "Cartographer's Bottles". Each has a note inside!

wonderful objects blue sealed vial

This blue-topped bottle has a star pattern pressed into the wax and some mix of salt and what I think is rosemary sprinkled inside. The note in the bottle says "Let not daylight in lest the island of Atlas slips beyond the veil."

wonderful objects green sealed vial

This bottle has a snake pressed into the lid. Inside, there's a tiny sprig of what looks like some kind of seaside plant. The note reads "Stand not amazed as she rises from the ash."

The Verdict: The only thing that frustrates me about Wonderful Objects is also the very thing that makes it so much fun—there's no solid explanation for how all of the pieces in the box work together. The idea is that those open ends spark your imagination to fill in and continue the story how you see fit. It's not like an escape room where solving puzzles gets you to a particular end. This box is all about lighting up your curiosity and creativity with the items inside. And boy does it ever do that!

If you didn't notice, my box was missing the key that was listed on the info card. That was a bit of a bummer, but if that ever happens, just contact the Wonderful Objects folks to get a replacement sent out!

While the box may be on the pricey side, especially compared to the retail value of what you get. If I'd gotten all 10 of the items listed on the info card, the average price per item would've been about $5.40. UPDATE: Wonderful Objects started charging for shipping, meaning the price of the box if $63.00 total, and the average price for all 10 items would've been $6.30. (Or $7.00 for just the 9 items I actually received.) That feels a little high to me for some of the odds and ends, but the curation and the context that goes into this box? That makes it worth it to me. If you're in it just for the stuff, I wouldn't recommend this box. But if you're passionate about immersive experiences and storytelling, this should be a magical experience for you!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! This box is still available if you sign up now.

Coupon – Use code WONDERADDICT10 to save $10 off any subscription!

Value Breakdown: I paid $54 for this box, and received 9 items (the 10th item was missing). That means that the average price of each item is $6.00. UPDATE: It looks like Wonderful Objects no longer offers free shipping, so I actually paid about $63.00 for this box. That brings the average price of each item to $7.00.

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Designed to ignite your imagination, Wonder and Company presents Wonderful Objects : a quarterly subscription mystery box for the whimsical adult. Wonderful Objects is storytelling through physical objects. Interesting items for your home, wearable delights (from baubles to scents), limited editi... read more.
Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!

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The wait time was ridiculous … I too subscribed and was charged in September. Sent a teaser … after 3 months? Something about the vendors making the pieces were in the horrid CA fires? Well that made me give them more time, but now I’m looking at what is in this box and I don’t get it. When I finally got fed up and said I wanted out, they wanted to charge me $15 for the teaser. After more emails, they refunded in full. Side note: the label and bar code on the little square salt thing? The actually sent this out with that on it? You have to be kidding me.

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Here’s the keepsake box, retail value $35.

Also, I paid $72 for this box and was charged back in September for it! That’s how long it took to get out after charging – 6 months! They recently reduced the price. I guess I should contact them for a partial refund, since others paid $63 for the box. But the chances of them doing anything helpful are pretty slim.

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I think this is the keepsake box, retail value $35: https://matrboomie.com/collections/keepsake-boxes/products/golden-treasure-box-small

Also, I paid $72 for this box, not $63. They recently lowered the price.

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Anna: my key was in the “open me first” envelope with the description of items and was small. Maybe yours is still in your envelope?

Also, how did you get the cartographer’s bottles open?

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The makers of this subscription box put together a really nice product.

But I won’t be giving them business anymore. I agree with Anna that it’s pretty expensive for what you get, though I understand the price given the work that goes into creating the ephemera. But they have horrible customer service.

For the summer box I never received the teaser. I emailed them over and over, beginning back in August and was told (after weeks of delays) that they were sending one, that they had sent one and it didn’t arrive etc. They refused to send it with any tracking info. I last contacted them in February to give them a different address to try, with no response or confirmation that they were sending it. So either they’re dishonest and never sent it, or don’t actually care whether I get it, at least not enough to send it in a reliable way.

I’ve never contacted a subscription box company so many times without getting any resolution for an error.

This is either extreme incompetence or indifference. In one of the emails I got the response included sharing that their headquarters were impacted by two hurricanes. But they’ve now had 8 MONTHS to resolve this and have not.

Log of events:
-I first emailed on 8.25 that I never got a teaser. I did not get a response.
-I emailed again on 9.5 when the summer box shipped, asking if I would get a teaser. I got a response the same day stating that I would receive one, but it never came.
-I emailed again on 9.20 asking where the teaser was. No response.
-I emailed again on 9.23 asking where the teaser was, after seeing that I was already charged for the fall box. I got a response the same day saying that yes I would get a teaser but it still hadn’t been sent out yet.
-10.21 emailed them again asking what was going on.
-10.24 got a response saying sorry, we’re working on it. And was informed that they NEVER sent me a teaser! They said it was out of stock and they had to wait for the item to be back in stock before sending.
-10.31 I emailed them back saying I’ll get just one more box but am canceling. No response.
-2.21 emailed again saying where’s my teaser.
-2.22 claimed they sent it but it was sent back twice. (Not sure why they wouldn’t contact me the first time it was sent back). They asked for a different address.
-2.23 I wrote back providing a new address.

Nothing ever arrived.

Such a shame. It’s a cool box and they should have someone else manage customer service if they actually care about their customers.

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update: they sent a box with the teaser finally AND a bunch of other goodies with a hand written apology letter. the box had a whimsical handwritten Roald Dahl quote on the top. I’d say they made up for all the disappointment. if I start getting back into subscription boxes I will likely give them another try.

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I signed up March 8th and it was stated i’d receive thus box with a welcome letter with the teaser item a few weeks before the boxes were sent out at once. I haven’t reveived anything and no response from the emails I sent to them.

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Great review, Anna. As someone who has always loved collecting things (sometimes to my closets’ detriment), I think this box is awesome! It is so fun and inventive. Though I think creative grown-ups would like this, I imagine it is even more perfect for young adults with a little more time on their hands to fully indulge the mystery of it all.

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The key came in my spoiler envelope a couple of weeks before the box.

I love this box too, but it also frustrates me. I enjoy the experience but once it’s over, I feel like I’m left with items that are too pretty to discard, but aren’t actually practical or useful to me. (Having said that I do love the selenite lamp we got last quarter.)

It looks like the painted boxes will vary this month because mine is competely different than yours. I wish there had been more information on the print and box – mine looks hand painted. Also I didn’t know if I was supposed to open the bottles or not, so thank you for letting us know what the messages say!

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This is my first time receiving this sub and I was just wondering what you got as your spoiler? I JUST got my spoiler a few days ago, it came with a box of matches with a mermaid on either side, a piece of purple moss and then a print on some thick paper. You mentioned you got a key, was everything you received different? I haven’t gotten a shipping number yet,Just curious if my items will be the same listed here? (yes I’m a terrible person and looked at spoilers haha, I cant help myself).

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Something happened with the shipping on this box and it was months delayed. The key teaser came a looong time ago – for this box which was supposed to be the winter box. I just got my teaser for the Spring box which is the one you mentioned.

I’m hoping they are back on track now.

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Also, you will have your box before any reviews or other spoilers come out.

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Your spoiler is for the next box. Not the one reviewed today.

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It isn’t free shipping anymore. I was charged $36 for shipping for a year sub last week.

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Anna Reilly

Thanks for the heads up, Beccah! I went in and updated everything to accommodate for the extra cost. Unfortunately, that makes this box even pricier than it already was… I love the experience, but it can be tough to justify spending so much for such eccentric little items :/

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