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ThredUP Goody Box Review – March 2018

thred up goody box march 2018

Goody Boxes by online consignment shop ThredUP are new women’s fashion styling services featuring exclusively secondhand clothes.

thred up goody box unboxing march 2018

ThredUP’s mission is to help people explore fashion… sustainably! By recycling unwanted clothes that are still in fantastic condition, ThredUP hopes to lessen the waste produced and resources spent on manufacturing new clothing. Oh, and to save their customers some money on the designer labels they love, too!

This isn’t a recurring subscription, so whenever you want a box, you’ll just place an order on ThredUp. Fill out the ThredUP profile, set your ideal price point, and you’ll receive a box of all sorts of items to try in the comfort of your home. Keep what you like. Drop what you don’t want back in the box and pass it on to USPS within 7 days. (There’s a free return shipping label in your box.) You’ll only be charged for what you keep!

thred up goody box march 2018 unboxing and review

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

thred up goody box march 2018 review and unboxing used consignment clothing

thred up march 2018 goody box review and unboxing thrifted second hand clothing subscription box

About the Fancy Finds Goody Box by ThredUP

The Subscription Box: Fancy Finds Goody Box by ThredUp

The Cost: $20.00 non-refundable deposit to get your box of clothes. From there, you only pay for what you keep. The $20.00 deposit will be applied towards any purchases you make! Free US shipping and returns.

The Products: 12-15 secondhand styles picked specifically for you by one of ThredUP’s “Treasure Hunters”.

Ships to: the US and internationally

Fancy Finds Goody Box by ThredUP March 2018 Review

First, a quick note on timing. I ordered this Goody Box on February 21st, but I didn’t actually get my box until March 9. That’s about 16 days to process and receive my box. I know it was a late-in-the-month order, but I figured it felt more like a March box than a February one in the end!

thred up march 2018 envelope

Goody Boxes are one-time boxes that you order on-demand. When you place your order, you’ll give ThredUP your size and preferences. There’s even an opportunity to riff about your style, link to your Pinterest board, and go deeper on your body type. I mentioned that I’m pear-shaped, that I love minimalist colors and unique silhouettes, and that occasionally, I like using a bold color, texture, or finish to make an ordinary outfit feel special and bold.

thred up march 2018 invoice

You can also choose your price point. I chose the lowest level, so the items I got are priced between $7.99 and $48.99.

thred up march 2018 return label

The box also includes a return label, so that all I have to do to return my unwanted items is toss ’em back in the box, slap this label on, and send the box off with the mailman. Easy peasy.

thred up march 2018 teal dress

New York and Company Casual Dress, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $12.99

The first look is this teal green dress from New York & Co. The cut is flattering on me, and it’s pretty comfy, but the fabric (95% Rayon, 5% Spandex) is the sort of thing that clings/reveals every bump and dip and crease of my body, haha! I could make it work with a slip or something underneath it. The neckline is pretty and I like the color a lot. It’s simple, so I could see wearing it with booties and a motorcycle jacket on the weekends and a pair of cute flats and some classy earrings for special occasions.

thred up march 2018 cuffed jeans

thred up march 2018 back pocket of jeans

Old Navy Jeans, Size 10 – Cost to Keep $8.99

I was actually really impressed by the fit of these Old Navy jeans! They’re super flattering and the rolled hem is pretty cute. The weight of the 100% cotton fabric is nice, too—it’s on the thinner side, so they won’t be too stuffy during the summer months. The only downside is that they’re a lower rise than I typically wear. That didn’t impact how they look when I’m standing up, but when I sit or bend over, the back slides down more than I’d like, and my tummy tends to roll over the waistline. I can’t believe I spent so much time in middle and high school wriggling myself into low-rise jeans! My body shape just feels so much more comfortable in high-rise styles. These are flattering, though…

thred up march 2018 black and white embroidered top

thred up march 2018 black white embroidered knit top

thred up march 2018 black 3/4 sleeve top

J. Crew 3/4 Sleeve Top, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $14.99

This cotton top feels a little traditional for my taste, but it fits nicely and is in really nice condition. The white designs are embroidered across the front of the top for some added elegance. It’s about as thick as a light cardigan might be, so it’s nice for chilly days at the office. It’d look cute tucked into a cute skirt or with some khakis. It’s not bad with jeans, either, if that’s your style!

you me capri white tee

Milly You Me Capri T-Shirt, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $28.99

I love the fit of this t-shirt. It’s made by Milly, which is one of my favorite designers. The shirt is comfortable, flattering, and versatile. It’s also super sheer, as you can see, so mind that! I just don’t really love the Capri saying on the front. There’s nothing wrong with it—it just doesn’t fit me and my personality so much.

thred up march 2018 floral crop top

floral crop top

thred up floral crop top sleeve detail

River Island Short-Sleeve Button Down Shirt, Size 8 – Cost to Keep $9.99

Oh wow. Wow. This tropical shirt is totally different than what I wear on a day-to-day basis. However. There is something about it that I find VERY intriguing. I think it’s because it’s just the quirky kind of thing I would’ve grabbed at first glance during the peak of my high school/college thrifting days. (I was very go big or go home.) I might have to hang onto this springy number and see if I can make it work. My only hangup is that the sleeves are super narrow!

distressed thred up march 2018 jeans

thred up march 2018 distressed knees jeans

Treasure & Bond Distressed Jeans, Size 30 – Cost to Keep $10.99

These jeans were also on the low-rise side. I did the sit test with them and my hips did NOT want to stay put inside these jeans, hate to say. I love their shade of blue, and they’re super comfy through the legs (they’re 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex so they have a little give to them). I put in my profile that I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of 90s-style distressed mom jeans and that I’d love for some to turn up in this box. So far, the jeans I’ve gotten fit nicely, but they’re not that high-waisted style I asked for.

thred up march 2018 accessory box

thred up march 2018 gold pendant necklace

thred up gold necklace and lock pendant

thred up march 2018 necklace

Necklace – Cost to Keep $11.99

This is a cute necklace with a lock-shaped pendant that has a pyramid charm in the center. It’s a nice understated look. The charm is gold and the chain is silver, which is a unique contrast I don’t see often.

thred up march 2018 chambray top

thred up march 2018 chambray button down detail

Croft & Barrow Long-Sleeve Button Down Shirt, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $7.99

I’ve always assumed that Croft & Barrow was a bit too mature for my style, but I really like this top! It’s definitely on the traditional end of the style spectrum, but the chambray is a really pretty shade of blue, and the fit is great. It’s a 100% cotton top, so it’s breezy, comfortable, and has a soft sturdiness to it. The anchor print isn’t super me, but I might allow it for such a versatile top at such a good price!

thred up march 2018 leopard cardigan

thred up march 2018 leopard cardigan sweater from the side

thred up march 2018 leopard print cardigan from back

thred up march 2018 leopard print cardigan shoulder detail

New Directions Cardigan, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $22.99

Now this cardigan, I like. I’m wild about animal prints (mostly because my favorite animals are all big cats), so this leopard-print look is a lot of fun for me to wear. The neutral tones make the bold patterns super wearable and versatile. I could see throwing this soft, 100% acrylic cardigan over a casual tee and jeans or over a nice white blouse and pencil skirt for work.

thred up march 2018 pink sequin cardigan from american eagle

thred up march 2018 sequin rose gold top

American Eagle Outfitters Rose Gold Sequin Cardigan, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $26.99

This rose gold top is super pretty, but it feels like it may have been washed a few too many times. The shape is a little out of whack—there are places in the trim that feel like they’re pulling or are a little warped. For being such a busy design, I do really love it. I could see throwing this on over a white tank top and some wide-legged pants before a night out with friends. It’s kind of begging for some big gold statement earrings, don’t you think?

thred up march 2018 fossil bag bug print

Fossil Leather Crossbody Bug Print Bag – Cost to Keep $48.99

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a Fossil bag! I feel like they were all the rage when I was in high school. So this bag is giving off some nostalgic vibes for me. I like the quirky bug print, partially because it’s a cute design, but also because I like the mustard color. The bag has a bunch of pockets (one on the outside, a few inside, too…) plus a zip closure. The shoulder strap is adjustable, too.

thred up march 2018 silky military skirt

thred up march 2018 olive wrap skirt

Ann Taylor LOFT Casual Skirt, Size 8 – Cost to Keep $14.99

Oooo, I really like this skirt! Olive is one of my favorite colors to wear, though I don’t have nearly enough of it in my closet. This skirt is a wrap-style skirt with a hint of military flair. I’m digging the big pockets and the silky smooth 100% Rayon fabric. It also sits right where I like skirts to sit on my hips without being too loose or too tight. This is definitely a winner!

thred up march 2018 black A line dress

thred up march 2018 strapless aline dress

thred up march 2018 black dress from behind

Twenty8Twelve Casual Skirt, Size 10 – Cost to Keep $41.99

Okay. Yes, that says “Skirt”. And yes, that is me wearing this skirt as a dress. So, is it a skirt or a dress? I have no answers. HA! All I can say is that I tried it on as a skirt first and realized that it was way too big at the waist to fit me. Then I thought, oh wait, is this a dress? And when I shimmied it up around my torso, it fit much better. The full-length zipper also seems dress-like, right? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a long skirt that has a full-length zipper. Either way, it’s a breezy 100% cotton A-line look with a neat diagonal swirling pleat pattern. I can say that as a dress, it’s still a little loose. And it could use a waist, at least on me. (I’d probably belt it.) But hey, maybe it has no waist because it was intended to be a skirt! LOL, classic Anna move, y’all.

thred up march 2018 red shift dress

thred up march 2018 red dress with embroidered detail

thred up march 2018 red dress detail

Old Navy Casual Dress, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $14.99

I’m generally not a big fan of red, but when it’s this specific kind of red orange, I find it SUPER flattering. The aesthetic is a little too boho for my closet, but I do like how comfortable and dreamy this 100% cotton dress is to wear. This silhouette might not be the sexiest thing in the world, but it’s exactly the kind of shape I’d want to wear on a humid summer day!

thred up march 2018 pink lacy shirt with short sleeves

thred up march 2018 pink lace tiered top

thred up march 2018 zipper detail on pink top

Sabine Short-Sleeve Blouse, Size Medium – Cost to Keep $12.99

The color of this top is one of my faves. Blush pink has been a color that I’ve readily welcomed into my mostly neutral wardrobe. This top is more romantic than what I’d typically pick up in a store, but when I tried it on, I was surprised by how much I liked it. I might hang onto this 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester top for special occasions!

The Verdict: I really want to love this service, because I’m really passionate about sustainable and secondhand clothing. But this is my second box now where I’m kind of underwhelmed. I think that my style might be a little too particular to make this box work. I do love the price point—the pieces in this box were some of the most affordable items I’ve received in a clothing box, and though they’re secondhand, the quality was great across the majority of the looks in the box. But the style felt a little more mature/traditional than what I’m looking for right now. And across the two boxes I’ve gotten, I feel like there are some details in my preferences that get overlooked more than in other styling services. (For instance, had I put the bit about looking for some 90s mom jeans in a Trunk Club profile, I can almost guarantee that I’d end up with some high-waisted styles in my next box.)

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Every box is different and packed based on the customer’s tastes and what’s available at the time.

Value Breakdown: The price to keep each item I received is listed above. Resale prices are at least slightly less than what the items would’ve been valued at when they were sold new. The average price across all 15 items was $19.39.

Remember that the deposit on the box was $20.00, and that while it’s non-refundable, the deposit can be applied to whatever you keep. That means if I keep at least one $20.00-ish item from the box, I’ve made the box worth it.

And remember, when you request a box, you’ll be able to pick a price range you’d like to stick to for individual items.

What do you think about the Goody Box?

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (30)

  1. They just stopped putting clothes measurements on ThredUP. I’ve shopped via the site and app for a year using filters and have found a number of good things, heavily relying on measurements to try to avoid returns. But with all new listings they aren’t offering length, waist, or chest measurements anymore. This is so against the current e-commerce trend which is offering more sizing info, not less. So I will be slowing my time on ThredUP to a trickle — frustrating.

  2. I just received my first goody box and I was underwhelmed. First off I chose the lowest price point and most of my items were “new with tags” and averaged $25-30/each. However several of my items were Jcrew and had the same description and size so there was no way to tell how much the item actually cost? There were no thredup tags on the items with the item numbers that were listed on the order slip. I could not find a phone number to call to ask about the items, the “chat” was not really a chat it was a platform to ask a question which might be answered at a later date, I was very disappointed. There were a few items I considered keeping but chose to send the entire box back because I wasn’t sure of the cost or the return policy and the I only have 7 days to return the unwanted items. I have purchased several times through thredup and have been very happy with my purchases. Not sure if I will try a goody box again. Also I ordered a summer essentials box and while it did include several pairs of shorts it also included 2 sweater dresses and 4 of the shirts where 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve? Sadness all around.

  3. I find Fossil bags at Goodwill all the time and I love it. I have a purse problem and usually change put my purses weekly but I am still carrying the last Fossil I bought for $4.99 and it’s been 6 months. The leather just keeps getting softer and softer.

  4. I love the J Crew top and the fossil bag. I think I’m the one person who had a really good Thredup box experience – wearing a pair of pants I got from it right now.

  5. All the jeans fit you really nicely, and I like the animal print cardigan, the red peasant dress for summer, the army green skirt (so many styling possibilities) the blush pink blouse.

  6. The Sabine top and old navy jeans look really cute on you. I would say to keep the Croft and Barrow top too.

  7. River Island is a UK brand, which may explain the sizing issue with the arms. Is it labeled a size 8? UK size 8= US size 4.

  8. I don’t think I’d like this box. Seems to me they send out mostly items with no traction on the site with a couple good pieces thrown in.
    I DO like shopping on thredUp though, especially if there’s a code to save even more. It’s so much easier to look through the clothes on the site (using the filters makes it hella easy) as opposed to spending hours looking through everything on the racks in a thrift shop.

    • Shopping the site directly might be my move from here on in, Jessica! The prices and quality are decent enough, but the curation is a miss for me right now. Thanks so much for your suggestion!!!

    • I have also been shopping from the site for myself and have found really nice items with discount codes to bring the price down even more. I have been impressed with all the items I have received.

  9. That last top is so cute on you for spring-summer.

  10. Ripped jeans = “still in fantastic condition”???

    If you’re Kurt Cobain, I guess.

    This quilter wants to disassemble that tropical shirt and work it into a wall hanging. Cute fabric!

    • I can’t get behind the idea of paying for distressed jeans, either.

  11. I liked my last box and am planning another! I don’t fit into things well but found two things to keep. Twice what I normally find when I shop!

  12. Oh dear, it seems like someone combined day drinking with a trip to Goodwill. Just no. All of it is very bad.

    • Day drinking and a trip to goodwill sounds like a great time.

      • Count me in lol!!!

    • I have to agree. I would never pay more than 10 bus for anything from thrift shopping.
      Anna you are way to pretty to keep to ho hum nonsense like this. The teal ny&c dress is more expensive than brand new items in their store this weekend. I know because I have their credit card and I was there shopping. Being ripped off is just not your style. 😉

    • LOL, you described exactly what I was thinking but couldn’t find the words to say.

  13. I have unfortunately not had good experiences with this company at all, buying and selling. I cannot recommend them, but I know many others have had good experiences. Also, I have that “You Me Capri”’t shirt. It was a special collaboration Milly did with Kohl’s at least 3-4 years ago and the new retail price was about 19.99 so the pricing they gave you is totally incorrect, especially if it’s used!

    • I honestly have yet to see a single good review from a seller’s standpoint except for those people that purely wanted to throw out thousands of dollars worth of clothing including ones with tags so were shocked and thrilled to receive $70 for it after the first $12 goes to thredup as a service fee.

  14. I’m liking the price points on this so much more than others, even though the clothing is used. You get a LOT to try on as well, so surely something will fit or work enough to use your $20 credit to. Debating whether or not to try it!

    • And then I looked at the past reviews–and particularly remembered the horrid office box. Saving my $20!

      • Hahaha, and they keep trying to get me to order another box. I’m like, no thanks. Not after those crop tops skirts slit all the way up my thigh.

      • Oh Lordy Ragan…they’ve lost their minds LOL.

  15. Hmm. I think there are a few pieces that look great on you and you liked 2 pieces. Seems like a win box. I got 2 pieces from both of my boxes and I consider this sub a success.

    • Thanks! I’m curious to see how the products/curation changes with higher price points (remember, you can note how much you’re willing to pay per piece). I might try one more box that’s a tick or two higher up the pricing scale just to see what that gets me…

      • I don’t think the curation is better at higher price points. I think my upper limit for the office box was $75…

  16. I really like several of these pieces on you, and I’m on the fence for signing up and trying something like this. I guess as long as you keep something worth $20 it’s a pretty low-cost trial.

    The Old Navy jeans, and the 2 print tops are really cute on you though!

  17. I’m always conflicted about the “sustainable” claims, when they’re shipping and using so much box/packaging all the time. On the other hand, unlike other clothing services, at least you use the same box (which hopefully they reuse or something when they receive it), instead of a whole other plastic thing for returning, while you are left with this box at home that piles up after a while :-\

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