The Spring 2018 Beauty Report Box – Available Now + Full Spoilers!

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The Spring Beauty Report Box from New Beauty is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Amber and Luna!)

The Box: Beauty Report Box

The Cost: $29.95

The Products: (Sizes unknown)

Are you grabbing a box? Want to see it reviewed?

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  1. Yay, I received my box today and it’s amazing! This is the first time I bought this box and it’s better than I thought it would be. I used the 10 curl leave in styler and my hair has never looked better. My hair is very thick and very curly and down to my butt… this really made my hair look healthy and the curls are the best they’ve looked. The coconut lotion is amazing and the scent it wonderful! I sprayed the pineapple hint sunscreen on my arm, just to smell it, it smells like sweet, fresh pineapples! It also left a slight glow, not glittery and not really noticeable but my skin looked healthy. I did was w the foaming face wash and used serum as well. I’m going on and on but since I received my box today it’s been a bit of a happy pampering day! I’m in love! I’m not sure to order another box or wait until the next box they have comes out ♥️

    • I got my box yesterday and have such regret that I didn’t order two! Lol mainly because of the Co2 lift- wow, can’t wait to use it.

      Has anyone had one of these treatments before? Please tell. Any hints on better usage.

      Thanks all.

    • I got mine two days ago and my only regret is I didn’t get two. They packed the box with so many items. It was well worth the price. I absolutely look forward to using everything. I can’t wait until the next box comes out.

  2. I got my box 2 days ago. It was so packed and full and fun to open.

    My variation had first kiss lipstick. Not a color I would wear. And pineapple sunblock.

    I’m tempted to make my own full review of everything because I’m excited.

    Of note- Somehow the packaging for the CO2Lift was very crushed, but I assume it will be fine.

    The Prolon is misleading. It doesn’t come with all the items for “Day 1” like it claims to and a huge part of the diet is the special solution that you drink, which is also not included.

    Perhaps I need to join the forum to chat about this one?

    Lots of new things to try! What are you most excited about?

    I’m excited about the skin care.

  3. Got mine which said no 3, it is amazing really wooooow , the hint spray is pear and my osmosis lipstick is vintage colour which is great on me

  4. I got grapefruit, pear and pineapple for the sunscreen. Passion and vintage for the lips.
    Not excited about the diet stuff and some drink mix but the rest is all good.

  5. ladies, i received both boxes this afternoon! everything as described and the box is amazing!!! for the hint sunscreen i have the scents i wanted, pineapple and pear! for the osmosis lipstick i have vintage and passion, both pretty colors! i already showered using the coffee scrub and the coconut lotion, both are really awesome! so excited and happy with these boxes, the best box yet, overall!!! 😀

    • Thanks for updating, mine will be here tomorrow can’t wait😁😁

    • I didn’t get to my PO Box yet. I’m hoping for pineapple in the sunscreen. Glad to hear there are different shades in the lipstick as one shown wasn’t for me. I hope I get variations as I sent one to my PO Box and one to bf House. I’m dying to try that new Purlisse scrub. It sounds delicious. Excited for the coconut body lotion as well. Now we wait for the New Beauty Awards Box next.

    • How exciting! Mine shipped Monday, due to arrive next week Tuesday. It’s quite a haul to California… It’s fun to hear how pleased you all are!

    • My box will be here today! 3.9lbs, Lol I don’t know what that tells you but I see people post the weight of boxes all the time. I’m excited to try the coffee body scrub…
      So, glad to hear no one is disappointed.

  6. I got mine today, and I like it even more than I initially thought I would. A very nice box filled to the brim with very usable goodies.
    Very happy with this one, money well spent.

    • I forgot to ask about the Prolon Box. Did it include the soups? Can you tell us the contents?

      • My first box came today. I am kinda bummed that the Prolon did not include the soups and only one nutbar for day one which they say you should have two of for day one. After reading and researching this diet I was excited to try the whole day one experience, but maybe I will just make a basic tomato or veggie soup like that ubiquitous cabbage diet soup?

        • Sorry, I didn’t answer your question completely. The Prolon box included a vitamin, two herbal teas-hibiscus and spearmint, one nutbar, one chococrisp pack or whatever they call it, a bag of kale crackers, a little bag of olives, and that was everything.

          For day one, you are supposed to breakfast on tea, nut bar, and algal oil(algal oil not included). Lunch is tomato soup, olives, kale crackers, and 2 vitamin tabs (I received one vitamin tab and no soup, but did receive crackers and olives). Afternoon snack is supposed to be tea and another nut bar( I only received one nut bar-so probably for breakfast?) Dinner is minestrone soup and the choco crisp bar( no soup in box). I hope this helps. I think I am going to take a close look at ingredients and try to follow their plan by substituting possibly Larabars or some other nut bar if I can find something similar and some watery veggie soups. I don’t know if I will be able to stick with it, but it might be worth a try. I think I read that their plan for five days was 300 dollars.

          • Thank you. Yes way too expensive I think. Funny I’ll spend it on beauty products but not a diet. I’m an old fashioned calorie counter I guess. I love olives and soup though lol. I love my Andrew Lessman supplements from HSN.

          • I read up on that diet, though, and I don’t understand: how is your body not recognizing this stuff as food – a good thing? When your body goes into fasting mode, it starts fighting for every fat cell it has.

        • Thank you Lynn for the info on the Prolon. I really wanted the whole one day experience as well. I noticed the photo showed extra tea so figured it might be different. Too bad because isn’t soup the star product? Can’t complain though cause this whole box looks great. They seem to always include really effective skincare at unbelievable price.

      • Sure! Lol, by popular demand 😉

        – Green pitted olives 0.7 oz
        – NR-1 vegetable powder with vitamins & minerals supplement 1 tablet
        – L-Bar Choco Crisp Bar 0.8 oz
        – Spearmint tea, one tea bag
        – Hibiscus tea, one tea bag
        – Kale crackers 1.2 oz
        – L-Bar Proprietary Nut-Based Bar 1.6 oz

        • Thank you. I’ll be picking my 2 boxes up today. Fingers crossed for Pineapple sunscreen and a decent lip color. Interesting food plan but very expensive.

    • These limited edition boxes are awesome. How often are they released?

  7. I got my box today and it was awesome. So glad I was able to pick one up. I got box 3 and it came with a pear scent hint sunscreen instead of the grapefuit one in the picture. Thats only difference notice.

    • Same like me, and my lipstick comes in vintage color. Box3 btw

  8. I got mine yesterday. I didn’t check to see what number box I got, but I think if there are variations, it may be with the lipstick? I got one in the shade First Kiss, and it’s a nude color. Not for me, boo. But I’m very happy with pretty much everything else! Used the leave-in spray on my daughter’s snarly hair this morning, and it was amazing.

  9. Box #3 for me too, 3.8 Lbs…due to be delivered by fedex by Thursday!!! Yeah!!!

    • Mine says box 3 and is the same weight. Can’t wait to get it!

  10. I just got a shipment confirmation for beauty box -3
    Interesting since I purchased it within a few hours of the deal going back
    If its anything like the A/CB/C stunt
    Last time I remember box C got a lot more different items and what I personally though was the shorter end of the stick
    My box is shipping through FedeX
    Kinda bummed with the “3” but let’s see 😐

    • Both of mine said 3 also and I shipped to 2 different addresses. I think we will get was was shown and that the 3 is because this is the third Beauty Report Box. Hopefully more people will post what their shipping states.

      • One is at my po box today! Other due Friday but no movement. Same weight. 2 different box sizes though.

      • mine said no 3 and same weight like you, so i believe like you said no 3 because the number of the boxes released

    • What do you mean? They’re not all the same box?? My email has a -3 also and I ordered the first day as well.

    • Mine says 3 too. Does anyone have a different number? It might just be how they labeled it but I didn’t think there was variations.

      • Mine says 3 as well. Not sure of release date, but I ordered the day MSA posted.

      • Yes it could be the labeling .. if anyone else has any other numbers please do post it 🙂

      • I think because this is the 3rd beauty report box that they released. There was one back in November and one many months before that…

    • Yes it could be the labeling .. if anyone else has any other numbers please do post it 🙂

      • Mine says BEAUTY REPORT BOX 3 and I ordered before the link was posted to MSA.

    • I just got my email and got 3 also but thought the same as you. I ordered towards the middle to end so it looks like they will be the same!

    • Mine also says Box 3 and I ordered it the day it was posted on here. It arrives Monday, I can’t wait!

  11. Sold Out! I don’t know how I missed this one!

    LOL I jumped on it right away because I was so worried about it selling out.
    Not that it makes a difference. I’m still glad I got one. It’s just funny. I have been out of touch for a couple of hours and missed some really good stuff before

  13. Do these ship from Fosdick in CT? I’m only expecting this, allure, and look fantastic this month, and I know allure ships from IL. Fosdick sounds familiar to me, I got the dermaflash box last year. Anyway, it looks like I have a shipping label in my FedEx tracker.

    • My FedEx tracking says: FEDEX SMARTPOST NORTHBOROUGH, MA

      And it’s gonna take 10 days…ugh…

  14. You ladies and your comments convinced me, ordered one! I loved the one my hubby got me for Christmas. I use the colligen powder every day in my smoothies and just ordered more bottles. The one lasted me over 3 months!

  15. I buy this box. Somebody know when will be shipped? I want to have it right now😂

    • it says that it starts shipping on the 10th… but who knows, really. the last few of these boxes took a while after ordering to arrive. well worth the wait though, it really is a fantastic box! i wish it would magically appear on my doorstep today! 🙂

      • Just got the email that both my boxes have shipped. They’re right on schedule this time. Can’t wait to get these.

      • Mine just shipped, too – but gonna take 8-10 days to get to me…ugh.

  16. This box is still AVAILABLE!

    • I know. I just ordered another one. I couldn’t stop myself. It seems like such a great deal, even though I won’t use most of the hair products. Now for the waiting. If I remember correctly, these boxes seem to take forever to ship.

      • I think the website said they ship April 20th

      • Shipping starts April 10th. I really think they wait til they sell out though. It’s worth the wait and they always make everything right. The best boxes and value. So excited. I hope the soups are included in the one day supply of the Prolon Diet. I don’t see them in the photo.

  17. I’m so intrigued by the smile line/crows feet patches that I ordered the box! Those cost $29.95 on Amazon all by themselves so everything else is bonus 😀

    (We’re all so good at justifying things we buy!)

    • It says the patches have 15 uses each. I thought it was a one time thing. 🤗

  18. Glad that nothing here is calling out my name because I have way, way, WAY too many products. I just have to make myself stop ordering all the great deals!

  19. This box is still available. Oh no! I’ve been trying to hold out and not buy one since I’m in overload and ordered two of the Target boxes next year. This looks so nice and a great value!

  20. Told myself I don’t need more beauty, saw it was lots of skincare and anti-aging… told myself no.

    And now I’m waiting eagerly for my order, because how could I not. 🙄

    At least we are all in this together! 😁

    So excited!

    • The struggle is real! Lol

    • Yes, I feel like I am in make-up box overload, but at least I am not getting another eyeliner, eyeshadow pallatte, lipgloss and skin moisturizer/hand cream. This box has very unique items I will try and could be useful – and stuff I might not always think of buying (or be able to afford). I am quite excited to see all the goodies in here!

  21. I was deciding between this box and BeautyFix but I just caved and ordered the box! :-O

  22. I needed some sunscreen and scar sheets. The rest was free!

  23. oh man, you guys, i had to order another!!! i couldn’t resist, the deal is so great!

    is anyone going to do a price break down for the products?
    sounds ridiculous, but i love to see what a great deal i’m getting, it makes me more excited. lol.

    i can’t wait to get the boxes, yay!!!!

    *does a happy dance*


    • I did the same thing!!!! Went back and ordered another one after I looked up the full size items. Awesome stuff – I’m excited and can’t wait.

      • Hi, do we know what sizes we are getting? Full-size vs. samples? Thanks!!

  24. I swear I only planned to get one box but somehow ended up ordering three!!! 🤪I’m sure I’ll enjoy it all!

    • You’re too funny Karen! I’d be shocked if you had only ordered just one! 😀 haha!

      • Hahaha! It’s a weakness. Thanks to you, I discovered Sophie Uliano and now I must have her boxes all the time. I received mine already and I am loving it!!!
        I am such a willing victim, it’s soooo wonderful! 💕

        • I wanted that Sophie box but by the time I saw Luna’s post it was already sold out. Glad you got one as it looks like a great one.

          • Connie, I skipped Barney’s and Space NK gift event since I still have products from the fall event. This freed up some more funds for unexpected surprises like Sophie Uliano. I am now following her on insta and signed up to her emails. Luna or I will sure be ringing the bell next time she comes it with another box. I just check MSA every hour because I have major FOMO!
            One thing I decide to do though is to only buy boxes that reveal its contents. No more surprises here, too much product overload to buy unknowns. The strategy is working so far, no disappointments so far this year.

        • I got my box yesterday too, and it was sooo nice! This was my first box of hers, but I guess she’s been doing them for a while, but only 2 or 3 times per year, and they sell out fast! (this one seemed to take a little longer to sell out… I wonder if it’s because she didn’t do a YT video announcing it… maybe she did, and I just missed it this time) I tried to get her last one, but it was already sold out by the time I looked at the email not too much later after it was sent. Her box prior to this one came out in January or early February, so I just assumed another one wouldn’t be coming until summer, so I’ve been quickly deleting her emails, but for some reason I decided to look at the subject this time around… it was fate I tell ya! ha! Now we’re going to have to watching her emails like a hawk for her next box. I wonder if she’ll do an April box, since this was labeled her “March Beauty Box”. Hmmm…

          • Luna, that box is a WINNER! I love everything. I nownonly subsrcibe to Beauty Heroes and New Beauty. I cancelled everything else. I now only buy if I know what’s in the box. No more surprises here. I think you have the best recommendations and never disappoint! 💕

          • Awww, thanks Karen! That is definitely a great strategy to have. 🙂

        • Hi Karen,
          Just went and signed of for the Sophie email so I won’t miss it next time. I also skipped the Space NK and Barneys as nothing really spoke to me. Just got an email from Luxe Provence and they are going to have a special candle in June so saving some funds for that.

  25. Just ordered 2. Argh! And I told my hubby I was going to start easing up on the 40 boxes I’ve been getting each month.

    • 40 boxes!?!? Grrrllll… you my new best friend. 😉 😀

    • Your poor mail man rofl!

  26. Actually I passed on this. No point in becoming overloaded with products again.

  27. Ugh, I got the email earlier and had decided not order, came on here saw all of the full sized items and everyone’s excitement and ended up ordering! Too much FOMO!

    • Don’t think of it as FOMO, think of it as a great bargain, and the best choice of the day! That’s how I’m looking at it.

      • Thanks, that sounds better! (and what I’ll tell my husband when he asks why I’m getting even more stuff than I already have!)

    • How do you know which (if any) are full size? it sizes unknown. Feel free to enable …

      • I see, in the comments. I am enabled now.

    • I did the exact same thing! Thought I’d pass and then thought I needed to give it a look after all the excitement! I was lucky last year and got the dermaflash but didn’t really like anything else in the box so I hope this will be much better! Also glad to see no variations.

  28. Please please review this!!!!

  29. *closes eyes* *orders two* can’ even with stash overload….I’m weak, soooo weak

    • Ditto.

      Know I shouldn’t have. Have too much stuff.


      No regrets.

  30. Ordered! I loved the last box I got from them. 🙂

  31. I am weak. I need help ordered one. Did I need it No

    • Same here, if it makes you feel any better, lol. Don’t need it but want it!

  32. I am SO product overload… but I got one. I also got 2 of the Target boxes and a few others… someone please cut up my credit cards….

    • LOL! I SO understand. I couldn’t resist this or 2 of the Target boxes. Add those to my 4 other subscriptions for this month & Ulta’s 21 days of beauty sale that is wrapping up & the Sephora VIB sale sometime in April & . . . . I think I’m going to put my cards in the freezer. 🙂

      • I don’t have any recurring subscriptions, but I order one time here and there… especially weak to skincare items…. I just remembered I ordered Peachy box from Gilt City deal and Vine Oh box….

        • I ordered the Peachy Box that was on gilt city too. That one doesn’t ship for a while, still.

      • That doesn’t help unless you freeze the card in a cube of ice. I’ve tried.

        • Good advice. I will keep that in mind. Otherwise, I could just take the card back out (although it would be really cold). 🙂

        • my info is saved…freezing or cutting up does nothing for me…i click one time, *bam*, all filled out…

          “convenience”, i said…”won’t have to look it up, every time”, i said…


      • I am with you 100 % on everything!!! I am at the point now I feel guilty ordering more boxes….now the question is which do I hate worse feeling guilty or fomo!!!

      • It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in all this!

    • Same here. So I surrendered my credit card to my husband and asked him to hide it someplace I will never discover. Will only order now using my debit card – which is like Cash – so it did out some sense in me. Btw, I still ordered lol!

  33. Ordered mine! I need to see if there is anything I haven’t used from the last box (was that in the fall?) which I really enjoyed! So worth the $30.

    • The grande lip product, SIO silicone eye patches and the scar sheets are repeats from the last box. I bought 3 of the last box and so I already have 3 of each of those products, but I still ordered 2 of these new ones anyway. I couldn’t help myself!

  34. What are the little snack thingys in the center of the picture?

    • I think hats the prolon diet item(s)

      • Cool. Thanks!

  35. What an insane deal! I grabbed one. ❤️

  36. From the email…
    1-Grande Cosmetics GrandeLIPS
    HydraPLUMP Liquid Lipstick (Color TBD)
    2-HASK Cactus Water 5-in-1 Leave-in Spray
    3-Hint Sunscreen
    4-IMAGE Skincare I MASK Biomolecular Anti-Aging Radiance Mask
    5-It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Defrizzing Curl Cream
    6-KOCOSTAR Long Hair Therapy
    7-CO2Lift by Lumisque
    8-NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash
    19-Osmosis Colour Lipstick (Color TBD)
    10-ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets
    11-SiO Beauty Silicone Eye & Smile Lift Patches.

    1-Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum 40
    2-Epicurean Discovery Kukui Coconut After Bath Moisturizer
    3-Jan Marini Skin Research C-ESTA Serum
    4-ProLon The Fasting Mimicking Diet (One Day Supply)
    5-Purlisse Beauty Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub (Product may not have launched yet)
    6-Sexy Hair Love Oil
    7-Sexy Hair fresh hair air dry styling mousse
    8-Neocell beauty infusion

    • Thank you very much, can’t wait to get it 🙂

      • I came her looking for someone to say “not worth it”, so I wouldn’t get one… got one.

        • Heather I came here to see the same comment. Needed to see it was terrible. I bought one, too. 🙂

    • Thank you! Crazy good deal. In for one but tempted to get more.

  37. Yah, got one!

  38. Ordered one 🙂

  39. If possible could someone list the sizes from their email? I signed up long ago but didn’t get an email yet. Of course I still ordered one though!!!

  40. I ordered. Looks like lots of great skincare!

  41. I want this! I am so overloaded so please talk me out of it.

    • I can’t, Tina, it is SO worth it!

    • I can’t. I am hopeless.

    • I’m so overloaded too but I couldn’t help myself. I HAD to have it!!

    • So glad they came out with this again this year. This has been the best $30 I’ve ever spent on a beauty box!

  42. Ordered! They usually sell out before I get a chance too. Very excited!

  43. Who needs Stanley Steemer to clean rugs. Look at the money I’d save and have for this if I did myself … lol

    • And a workout to boot! 😆

  44. Ordered 3. No self control. None. I can’t wait to get these!!!

  45. According to the email I got a few minutes before this post, it looks like about half the items are full size and the other half are deluxe. The expensive serums are deluxe, both lip products and the sunscreen and a couple of the hair products are deluxe. The grande lippie is French lilac.

    • Thank you for listing the item sizes! I’ve never tried this box before but it looks like a great collection of products….just picked one up.

      • Oops, I meant to say that the lips, sunscreen and some of the hair products are FULL SIZE!

    • How’d you find out the Grande color? French Lilac looks to be the best one for me.

      • it said it in the email

        • Thank you. I never got the pre-sale email but bought 2 anyway. So happy to get a wearable color from Grande. I’m hoping for Pineapple in the hint sunscreen. Excited to try the Purlisse scrub and Epicuren lotion. I think the Co2 mask may retail for $85. The one day fast has a video showing the products- you get snacks, tea, olives. This box is awesome.

  46. Been eager to order as the stated value seems quite impressive but now I am hesitant due to the sizes are still listed as unknown… That makes me a bit nervous…

    • Even sample sizes will be well worth $30! And the value of the box is at over 350.

    • And, when you sign up for the email for early ordering, they tell you the sizes. There are a total of 11 full size and 8 deluxe sized items. That’s awesome, if you ask me!

      • I signed up for the email for early ordering as soon as it was available. Did not get an email, but have been checking every hour until I could get in. Wish I’d bought two.

        • You still can, just ring up another one. I did that last time, two separate transactions…

  47. ordered two!

  48. I would pull the trigger, but the “sizes unknown” has me concerned. Does anyone have any insight on this company?

    • These are mainly clinical, higher-end or licensed only brands that are in the box, so it is worth it. You can search on this site for ‘Beauty Report’ or their other one-off box they do is call ‘Beauty Choice Awards Box” – to view past boxes.

    • You can also look up reviews on the New Beauty Test Tube subscription box. It’s the same company that puts out this box. NBTT sends both full size and deluxe sample sizes. The past Beauty Report boxes I’ve gotten contain both as well. It’s well worth the money, IMO.

  49. True addict here… I ended up getting this, and then I looked at the contents to see what I purchased. 😀

    • HAHAHA! Well, I ordered 2, I am really interested in a few things that cost more than 2 boxes, so why not? Just this once…..

    • Ha! I did the same, x2!! Now that I’m researching the listed items, I’m questioning whether to order even more- there are some great items in there!!!

      • Haha, I wondered about that, too, but was able to say no. There is a FabFitFun sale coming next week and I want to be able to purchase from that if there is something I “need” really badly…

        • Yikes! Good point.

    • Yeah, I pretty much did the same thing. To be fair to myself though, I did get a box from them around the holidays & I really enjoyed it. So, I thought I’d take a chance on another box from them. Turns out, this is a really great box. I will be happy with it. But, perhaps in the future, I should at least look at the spoilers first. I don’t know. 🙂

  50. ordered! <3

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