Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes Beauty Box Waitlist Is Open!

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Ricky's NYC Cult Crushes

Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes beauty box subscriptions are open!


About Cult Crushes:

The Box: Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes

The Cost: $11 per month + free shipping

The Products: Each month, subscribers receive a themed selection of handpicked products in cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fashion.

Ships to: US

Good to Know: As a subscriber, you also get 25% off all online purchases and free shipping on purchases of $50 or more when you shop with Ricky’s NYC.

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  1. In case anyone is interested I have the pinky rose and the OMFG palettes up for swap!

  2. Wow, how very nice of them to make it so simple to sign up now! I’d been on their wait list for about 2 weeks, I guess.
    I’m IN now, my first box is already charged.

    Mandy G.

  3. I signed up in Feb before the too much mouth video but it is just a lip mask So I was not too bummed. The weird thing is nobody talked about the free gift until THIS month even though it was advertised for March so weird. Maybe because there are so many new members. I am so jealous of the new members. I miss being excited about Cult Crushes. Now I am like man I hope we all get the same stuff next month, I hope I am not given some old stock and threatened to be put on a waitlist, I hope May is not crappy because they have so many members now they can only send samples. I guess I will have to see but not getting hopes up.

  4. I’ve been trying to sub this morning, but the website server is crashing – won’t take my payment. I’ve tried several times: 3 different browsers, on my phone, different credit cards. I tried calling the customer service line and it went straight to voicemail. Hope the website works for me before it’s sold out again!!!

    • I’ve been trying since yesterday too. Same as you. Im following the link from the email. Tried different devices. Credit cards. Crashes everytime. If you ever do get your order through pokee1, please update your post. Im beginning to accept its not meant to be.😭

  5. I joined in Feb the day before I saw Too much mouth YouTube video. But gift is lip mask so I was not super bummed about missing out. I thought it was only for March I wonder if people who put code in will actually find it in their box though?

  6. I don’t know enough about this sub, but I’m on sub makeup overload. Maybe some time in the future, but I’m happy for those who really wanted to sub. 🙂

  7. I subbed, and didn’t see the coupon code – which is fine, pretty sure I already have a few of the Grande Lips lying around that I haven’t gotten around to using – but I subbed betting the May box is not as crazy as the April box. Would not have been happy with the palette colors or the fake nails in April, but given those are out of the way…. ready for a great box!!!!

  8. I didn’t know about the free gift with code, but happy the I’m finally off the waitlist and can’t wait to receive this box!

    • Exactly. Super happy to get off the waitlist and seems they made spots for most people. Very awesome of them.

      I was half asleep and woke up early to make sure I subbed (been on waitlist since February) and was half asleep, ended up ordering 2 and adding crazy shipping. I can say I wouldn’t mind 2 subs, but never at the expense I could be taking a spot away from someone else. I can report that customer service fixed it right away when I sent an email and replied right away, so now I have 1 sub with regular shipping, and their customer service was fast, and helped me right away!!

  9. FYI I signed up today and they took my money right away.
    So maybe i’ll still get this month’s box?

    • Same thing here-put a hold on my money right now..but according to their FAQ–it is only a hold and the actual billing will happen at the beginning of the month when it ships. So watch it for a couple days and see if the hold falls off (which is what I’m thinking may happen).

    • Supposedly, if you sign up and pay before the 25th, you should receive the current months box. I’m not sure if that will be the case with them lifting the waitlist, but those are normally the rules. I just got mine for this month and I LOVE it, but I’ve been signed up since December. This is easily one of my fave boxes ever, though!

      • They have been sold out of April box since Feb the waitlist is lifted for May box. I signed up Feb 19th and got March box.

  10. Their customer service is top notch guys, you’ll be impressed too.

    • Are you joking? I had a terrible experience with them!

  11. Don’t forget, in discount code enter TOOMUCHMOUTH for free gift.

    • Aw man, wish I saw this before I signed up.

      • Someone else said the same thing, she signed up again and got it successfully. She did not say, but I’m assuming she canceled the first one.

      • Me too.

      • Me too…. Dang it! (><)

      • Me too. Ah well.

  12. I was on waiting list and didn’t get email. Go figure. I’ve tried twice and I keep getting that there was an issue.

    • I keep getting server error messages. I’m giving up.

    • Let me see if I can send you my email with link.

  13. Are they billing at sign up or waiting until May to bill?

    • It says that you will not get billed right away.

      • Did anybody put in discount code TOO MUCH MOUTH from the last girl that curated last month or this month box? When you type that in you get a free gift. I read it on one the emails I received from Cult Crushes. You have to enter code in at check out.

    • They usually bill me after my box ships, now they bill right before your box ships. Usually around the 8-15th of the month.

    • My card was billed, when I signed up just now.

      • I’m not sure then. I just know that on my confirmation it said I would be be billed later. I checked my card and nothing yet.

  14. So after signing up a month ago for the waitlist, I didn’t even get the email!!

    Thank goodness for MSA, because I completely forgot it was going to be opening up today!

    • Same here!!!

  15. I tried to sign up but it kept saying the servers were having a problem and try again. It never completed the order but charged my card 5 times.

  16. Oh man, the website is offline now…

    • Keep trying that’s what I did. First come, first serve, even though it says you have 3 days.

  17. The website kept timing out and never completed my order but charged my card 5 times.

  18. Great, it must have crashed because I’ve tried twice now and it keeps giving me an error message. I have that a Boxycharm special edition nightmare in my head all over again -_-

  19. Crap, the site is crashing hard lol

  20. So, I just ordered and got confirmation. I’m assuming they don’t charge your card until May for the May box or am I purchasing a box now and will get charged again in May? very confused.

    • All I saw it say was you will not be charged right away. We can leave that open to all types of interpretations, but my guess is they will charge before sending it out or after it’s sent out.

      • I signed up today and I was immediately billed for it so I have no idea lol

  21. I didn’t even wait for email link. I hovered at website like a stalker and signed up. I may have some issues. Lol

    • I did the same! Finally got through at 11:55am!! LOL

      • Yay!!! I have company. 😀. Once I calmed down I read the email that said the list would be open for three days which made wonder how many subscribers they have? I’m hoping for a extra fab box since this seems huge for them!!! Maybe they can Patrick Starr to curate a box … lol

        • You can’t really rely on you have 3 days. They will always have more people than subscriptions. It says first come first serve.

          • It’s on system overload. This subscription is all I have been hearing people talk about and when will the waitlist open. Good luck to everyone!

  22. I got in! Been waiting since late December.

    • They first activated a waitlist in mid to late Feb. Prior to then they never had a waitlist. They had sent the Chi Chi palettes out for Feb and that got them a lot of attention!

  23. Woohoo! I’m in!

  24. are there any active discount codes? Just went to check out and saw where there was a spot to insert one! Thank you 🙂

    • No, that’s for order from their store. Their subscription is super cheap with free shipping though.

      • No, that’s not true. TOOMUCHMOUTH gets you a free gift.

        • Thank you so much !!

          • Your welcome!

    • If you enter in TOOMUCHMOUTH, you get a sample size (I believe) of Grande Lips.

      • I saw this after I ordered, and wrote in asking if they could apply it to my order. I was told No. It was a promo for March and can no longer be used.

        I signed up with a different account, and was able to use it. So they may be pulling this promo soon.

        • It’s actually for these next 3 days. It was in one of their emails saying you can put TOOMUCHMOUTH in discount code to get a free gift.

          • Thank you for shopping at Ricky’s NYC !!!

            Unfortunately, that promo code was only for March boxes.

            It is no longer valid and cannot be used.

            Have a great day !

            They wouldn’t give it to me. I asked them to cancel my order, since they wouldn’t… they cancelled it.

            I subbed gain and added it myself. Makes no sense.

          • Like why would staff from Ricky’s come on here say that, you were able to cancel, subbed again and it lets you add the code. You would think she would have disabled it at least so there was no way to call her out on what she said. Well, I’m glad you subbed again so you could take advantage of the free gift.

          • *subbed again

      • Yes, that’s what I did too, it’s free if we put that in discount code.

    • Yes, Too Much Mouth, you will get a free gift. It’s from the past girl that curated a box.

  25. What month will this start as?

    • It starts in May.

    • It’s for you to use these next 3 days while the waitlist is open.

  26. Is this for this months? Or is this for next months?

    • It’s supposed to be for May.

  27. In! Yay!!!!!!

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