POPSUGAR Must Have Box Summer 2018 SPOILER #2

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We have a spoiler for the Summer 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box! (Thanks for the heads up, Madeline!)

This box is now sold out. If you sign up now, your first box will be the Fall box.

The theme for the Summer box is:

It’s all about self-care!

And here is the second spoiler:

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum – Retail Value $85


Unveil a brighter complexion thanks to this vitamin C-packed serum. The superior formula contains ingredients like antioxidants and phytosterols to reveal brighter, clearer, less irritated skin.

In case you missed it, here is the first spoiler:

Eberjey Wrap Robe – Retail Value $88


Wrap yourself in a pretty pink robe that’s perfect for a DIY spa day or lazy weekend. The ultra-soft jersey feels luxurious and will keep you cool and comfortable.

This robe is available in S/M (up to size 8) and L/XL (Size 10-18) and XXL (Size 20 and up). The fabric is 100% Rayon, and very soft. Here it is on:

(I’m wearing the S/M)

The robe has an inner tie to keep it in place, too:

As you can tell from the pictures, this fabric is somewhat sheer. Perfect for a summer weather robe!

What do you think of the second Summer 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? Let me know if you have any questions about the spoilers that I can answer!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box! (Your first box will be the Fall box.)

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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  1. Since this box is sold out, why not go ahead and give us a 3rd and 4th spoiler!!!

    • Would next week be the first week of May? Or because it starts April 30th no? And even if they have released the best spoilers, I am happy I treated myself. Mail or tell.. .lol

    • Right!!!! I agree! Come on PS!!!

      • (For 3rd and 4th spoiler)

  2. @Liz

    I just received an email from PSMH listing the value of the serum as $44. Is it a smaller size or something?

    • @Mattie – I’m willing to bet it’s their email that has the typo!! Have never seen this offered in any size but full –

    • Just heard from POPSUGAR – that $44 was an error. It is the full size $85 version!

      • It’s official … box has already paid for itself … everything else in is just an all teeth smile !!!!🤗

      • Thanks for confirming!

    • I was just wondering that !!! The box in that pic above makes it seem full size but the email from them gives impression it is half size ??? Oh well, I’m still happy! More iin budget for other goodies 😎

  3. I have not ever tried the Sunday Riley serum so do not say everybody has it!

    I don’t subscribe to many boxes though.

    • I have tried the Serum and loved it – I swapped a Pehr Throw for the Sunday Riley Serum and Murad. It’s really good! I am using it daily. Hope you’ll like it too.

  4. Soft pink robe for spring summer… great serum……looking good – can’t wait!!!! ❤️😎👍🏻

  5. I use Dr Dennis Gross’ Vit C serum (& used Drunk Elephant’s for six months in-between) and I am happy to give Sunday Riley’s a try next. I think the robe looks fabulous and perfect for summertime use.

  6. I am so looking forward to this box! PS was my favorite monthly box and FFF my favorite quarterly box. I believe they will be tied soon! Spoilers have me on the edge of my seat waiting for the rest!

  7. This is going to be such a nice box Popsugar cannot wait to get it in my hands love everything so far Popsugar Thank- you

  8. First a see-through horrible colored robe, and now a product that’s been in a couple other boxes (that I have and don’t even like really)…. this box is turning out to be the worst. If it’s actually sold out, who wants mine?

    • As far as I know Ps hasn’t billed for this box so you should be able to cancel still and free up a box for someone that wants it and maybe you can find another quarterly box you’re more interested in.

      • I was signed up for 2 boxes and just canceled one.

    • I’d love to buy it from you! I’m on the swap site…I love that SR serum.

    • I would like it. I don’t think I can put my e mail on here. I swap – maybe you can find me that way. I have the Zoe box Harlow earrings listed and then you’ll see my name and we can converse.

    • On never mind my other comment (if it shows up), I thought this box was 49 not 75. I’ll pass.

    • I would love this box and it sold out before I could sign up!

    • This is not a Horrible Box ! This is a Great! Box people complain about everything they want everyone else feel miserable

  9. I need a robe and have not tried this product or brand. This was my monthly treat so I look forward to it coming soon! Could not afford these luxury items other wise

  10. Personally speaking, I don’t get the hype. At all.

    Yes, it’s a nice product. I’m not bashing it at all. I use it as well. But it’s certainly not the best product ever made in the entire known universe. When mine is empty, there won’t be a mad dash to buy another at full price. The market is sooooo oversaturated with it right now. Everyone has it! The novelty is wearing off for sure.
    That said, I agree with whoever thought Drunk Elephant might take the lead. 😃
    It was fantastic that we were able to receive the CEO in the Allure boxes. But in a 75.00 box? Not impressive.

    • I bet it’d be more impressive here if it hadn’t been in Allure lol

    • Fullsize Kat Von D products will be in June’s Allure box. Something to think about…

      • Does that mean no one will want Kat Von D products to appear in any box that is over $20 month?

        I’m surprised at how Allure managing to pull a Hail Mary and put a luxe product in a box somehow cheapens it.

        • What you said…. 😀

        • Exactly. Ridiculous.

    • I Do Not have it maybe you should not say everyone has IT!

      • Yes, we know. You’ve ranted about it several times. Chill.

  11. Dear PopSugar, I hope you don’t disappoint all of these good people; you lost my trust a long time ago. I hope you are able to get the volume discounts like FabFitFun, and I also hope you fired whoever was curating your previous boxes (that should free-up at least $45K to be put into the “new” boxes. I no longer trust your company, and because of that I have no FOMO (that is very sad, as that is the strongest motivation to subscribe to a box).

    • You hope people were fired…over a box?

    • Wow Rosemary,
      What happened? PopSugar must have really upset your apple cart. I understand because I have very strong feeling towards GlossyBox. – just thinking about them makes me squirm. Lol

      • Don’t get me started on GB, that’s the only sub box my bf knows the name of because he has heard me complain about them so much lol

    • lol, you do realize that with like 30,000 subscribers, and 4 boxes a year, that would be like .35 cents per box.

    • Lol. It’s really not this serious. Really.

  12. Totes stoked for this box! I was so glad they made the robe size inclusive and reached out to the company to get more when the largest size sold out! I love the Sunday Riley-received full size in Allure a few months ago and have fallen in love! Thanks PS, I wasn’t happy about it going quarterly but this looks great so far!

  13. I am very happy to receive another bottle of CEO. A few weeks ago I was looking at my skin and couldn’t get over how “glowy” looking it looked and how my foundation use was decreasing and the only change was using CEO.
    Happy with the robe too. Glad I signed up.

  14. Awh I wish this box wasn’t sold out. Would be very interested. Oh well, probably better for my bank account anyway!

  15. I’m so stoked Sunday Riley CEO is wonderful and it made my brail like complexion very smooth.

  16. The email reminder from Popsugar for the robe size also has a picture of Indie Lee coconut citrus body scrub in it.

    • There was also a dry brush. These are all items that have been featured in articles on Popsugar about self care some in the 2018 self care challenge. They also mention aromatherapy and diffusers. Baths are a large part of it too, I foresee a nice women’s razor and maybe even a Pehr towel.

      • And an adjustable bamboo bathtub caddy/tray.

        • I’ve been wondering if the palm leaf is indicative of a squalane. product? I’d love to receive that bathtub tray.

          I’ve read a lot of the self care things on PS and they’ve all listed great products for the bath like scrubs and bath bombs.

      • I love good sub sleuthing … someone guessed correct abiutbSinday Riley …. knowing does not make me less thrilled but agree a little element of surprise is nice. Very happy with my treat!!!

    • On Instagram, they told me that scrub was from a past box when I asked about it. So, unfortunately, I don’t think we’re getting that!

    • Ooh, one can hope! I love everything Indie Lee.

  17. We are so getting a mug, plant and wooden bath caddy!!

    • I wouldn’t mind a nice bath caddy. Even a nice luxurious bar of soap.

  18. Summer box is sold out. When you go on the web site it says pre-order Fall box now!

    • You may want to check back. I went from fall being my first box to summer all of a sudden

      • How do you know you are getting the summer box? Did you get an email about it or did you have to keep checking your account? I just subscribed and am really hoping a summer box becomes available for me!

        • I signed up an hour late and it said fall box. After I read these threads yesterday or the day before I checked my account and it said summer and to choose a robe size!! I didn’t receive an email so keep checking!!

        • Same here! No email. I went on the site to make sure fall was still my first box and it said summer/pick a robe. Just keep checking. I truly think summer will be available for whomever wants it

  19. I’m loving these spoilers! Now I just need the box to have the bathtub caddy and this will be my favorite box ever!

    • If it has that bathtub caddy, I’ll be in love! I’m looking forward to both spoilers, but that caddy would be the best of all.

  20. I’m struggling on robe size. By no means am I a small but I do wear a large or an 8 in tops so would the sm/md work or be too small. What do you all think?? Thank you!!

    • I would go with the L/XL if you usually wear an 8 or large. I find that bigger is always better with robes. Better to be comfortable than feel the robe is small. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Airian-Thank you!! I agree, I’ve changed it to Lg!!

  21. YES!!

  22. This is a great deal for those who can use it. I received the CEO in the GB Holiday box and found it to be too oily/greasy for my combination/oily skin. I like the robe but a summer robe would have been better with short sleeves. I’m anxious to see the rest of the box!

    • Are you getting this box? I’d be interested in purchasing the CEO from you if you are

      • I’ll be swapping mine (skin doesn’t like it for whatever reason), I’m sure there will be plenty up on the swap site when this box goes out.

  23. I’m happy for spoilers. Even if I don’t care for them or don’t sub! Addicts love spoilers 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.. on another note, when does this ship again? 8 supposed items in this first “new” box, correct?

    • They said “more than eight”. So, at least nine it seems.

  24. Box is no longer “sold out”. I signed up after the sold out for fall box, just checked and it said I’m getting summer box/asked me to pick robe size

    • It may have been the second spoiler that made some people run. It’s a hit or miss type item. I love it, but some people break out from it.

      • I’m totally fine with it, I’ve never tired Sunday Riley so nothing to lose. There are going to be hits and misses in every box

        • *tried

      • I break out sadly but lots of people love it so it’s very swappable 🙂 I’m happy if it’s not something I can use that I can pass it on to someone who will enjoy it.

  25. I’m happy, This will be my first bottle of Sunday Riley. I really like the robe. In a perfect world it would have short sleeves. Lol
    But, we can’t have it all! I think this is going to be a GREAT box. So, looking forward to this treat.

  26. Ciate Nail Polish – Palm Tree (135) 13.5ml/0.46oz or possibly a palm tree towel. Really hoping the bath caddy is in this box. Might even be palm tree jewelry or some really luxe rich body lotion! 😊😊

    • Would love the caddy, luxe lotion and a really great (large size) smelling candle (no coconut). That is what I could relax with, along with a nice glass of wine

    • Donna,where you the sleuth who saw Sunday Riley in the pic… you are good… I like your clueing… lol

      • No… someone else did the sleuthing on the C.E O. SR product.

  27. One of the Youtube reviewers for Glossybox April 2018 said her pamplet said she was among 1 milllion Glossies… so I wonder how many millions PSMH has on their sub list. I’m guessing Sunday Riley made a small bundle even with deep discount. Personally I love her product and it works for me. It’ s not Skinceuticals but I ain’t looking for that price point right now. I’m very pleased and can’t wait for more spoilers…

    • I’d assume that number includes their subs in other countries too.

  28. No complaints here. I got this in the Holiday Glossybox, and have been liking it. This will come right around the time I use up the one I have, so perfect timing.

  29. Now I get the reference to the oranges. The product smells like them. It didn’t like my skin so I will have to swap this. I already have one bottle up for swap.

    • I’d be willing to purchase from you, I’m no longer using the swap site

  30. Love this box already never tried any Sunday Riley products before I like serums The only boxes I get is Popsugar Must Have and Zoe box of style would not bother me at all if I would get another one in my Summer Box of Style

  31. Yay! I recieved a sample in a sub box and received a full size in my Allure, now I’m getting another full size. So happy. Can’t wait for more spoilers.

    • I am right there with you… I love the Sunday Riley and it works well as my morning serum.. nice to know I’m covered for summer since i still am using the Allure bottle. I am so happy that eagle eye sub sleuth (can’t recall name) called it right on this. Happy Dance.. box just paid for itself for me… and I could use a new robe, so what the heck..

  32. Lol Why is sold out? The robe looks cheap & paper thin! The Sunday Riley is great but let’s go back point #1….

    • Apparently there’s lots of people that don’t feel the same as you. Why assume everyone should think like you? Kinda pretentious, eh?

    • It’s by a luxury brand, and they have other robes like it that sell at fancy places for over $100.

    • This comment is kind of insulting to those who love the robe…..everyone is different so no need to ridicule those that like it.

    • I’m excited to receive this robe. I don’t think it looks cheap. Agree with another poster that it may be “skimpy “. But that’s ok-I can do “skimpy “!😉😂😁

    • Would you prefer a thick fleece robe?? Then all the complainers would be complaining “a thick robe for summer?!?!? What are they thinking?!?” It is always something…

  33. There’s so much more that could be offered with the theme of “self care” than just another “Home spa in a box!” variation.

  34. Woah, I just realized I can’t spell “PSMH” without smh.

    shaking. my. head.


  35. Yep. I figured.

  36. So far it’s looking like my box will be up for sale…sigh.

    • Why? You can still cancel.

    • Why even buy it?? Just cancel so someone who wants it can sub!

    • I would be interested…im on the swap site.

  37. But….I’m also surprised they released another spoiler since this box is already sold out. It’s not like you need to release another spoiler to get people to buy the box.

    • Hey haven’t billed seasonal subscribers yet (I think it’s set to bill April 15). So I’d expect more summer boxes may become available as existing subscribers opt in or out.

      • They are available again 🙂

        • I just signed up and it’s still saying fall… .I do hope more come available!!

  38. Mine will be up for swap. Again.

  39. Again??
    1st in the Glossybox holiday box
    2nd in Allure
    Now Ps?

    • I don’t get any of those boxes, so this is my first time! YAY!

      • Me too! Really like it.

      • Me too, this will be a treat for me.

      • I’m definitely excited to try it out too! This will be only the 2nd psmh box I’ve received

    • Yeah, I have a full sized one and deluxe from them as well. And now they put this in a fancy box, but it’s still the same product, same size, lol. I mean it’s good if you need one and use it, but I haven’t even opened my second bottle of Sunday Riley yet.

      • It makes a nice gift then with the box. My sister will like my second!

    • I’m on the swap site and really want this box! Maybe we could talk?

  40. No Fomo here. The robe is skimpy and boring and something I would never choose to buy -though it is better than the hideous house coat in BOS. I have 2 full size Sunday Riley from other subs that were a lot less $$ – PSMH isn’t very unique.

    • I’m digging the “skimpy” robe myself!😉

      • I’ll use my Sunday Riley when wearing my skimpy cheap looking robe and I can even wear it to open my Slutbox. Lol

        • I love your idea!!! Too funny!😂

  41. I don’t hate, it but I wish we were getting a product that didn’t just show up in 2 other boxes. I expected something new and fresh especially since their price point increased.

  42. I got the CEO in the Allure box and love it…so I’m excited to be getting another one. The robe & CEO is already making this a great box for $75 because i would have bought another CEO at full price once I ran out of the one from Allure.

    • Same here! I love the CEO so much i actually swapped my Pehr Throw to get another one plus a Murad Moisturizer. So excited to get another one!!’

    • I’m still using my Allure stash.. perfect timing..

  43. Why does everyone on here find a reason to complain about everything? It’s an expensive $85 skincare product in a $75 box that’s one of many items. Even though I won’t use it, I think it’s a nice product and fits in well with the theme.

  44. Were the ones you received in the allure box full sized too? Just curious.

    • Yes it was full sized in Allure. Still have mine. Smells fresh like oranges in a good way.
      SR really must have made hundreds of thousands of them to have them in several sub boxes.

      • Well…..glad it seems to be a great product and I’ll be receiving it. However, kinda disappointing that it was available in a $15 box and I’m getting it in a $75 box though. I may have to check out the allure box myself!

        • Lol, but, they tried to make it look more luxe in this one by putting it in a nice box!

    • Yes they were. The only difference was they didn’t come in a box.

      • They did in the Glossybox LE Holiday Box.

      • Guess Allure deep discount didn’t include the box… I noticed that with a Dr. Brandt item as well. Not a large budget like Boxy on PSMH who can afford the box. My guess is if Glossybox has over a million Glossies. then PSMH has over a million as well. Sunday Riley is making a bundle cutting out the middle man like Sephora…. and enjoying every time. Probably making more… I predict Boxycharm is next if Drunken Elephant doesn’t take heed and make a full size product deal with someone.

        • There were around 250k PSMH subscribers under the old pricing, and last I heard 700k for FFF. I imagine GB has less than FFF.

  45. I’m glad for this, because I didn’t get the January Allure.

  46. I would have been excited for this if we didn’t just get it in the Allure. I know there are a lot of people who really like this product so I am sure they are excited. I am looking forward to the rest of this box.

    • I got this in the Allure box too and can’t use it. I don’t need a see-thru white robe either. I hope this gets better since I’m an annual customer!

      • The Eberje robe is actually a blush pink with blue piping.

  47. They must have a plethora!!! I hope I get off the waitlist and get the summer box!

  48. Ehhh….just received this in a $15 box.

  49. Isn’t this the same Sunday Riley that came in the $15 allure box? Or is it a different product from the CEO line

  50. Sunday Riley must have a warehouse full of CEO that they are trying to get rid of.

    • I’m thinking the same thing too.

    • Yup. And this month it’s the samples of their Tidal allegedly-brightening product that’s in both ipsy and Beautyfix.

      • Except that Tidal is awesome and generally loved by most of the people who use it. The CEO serum has received mixed reviews.

        • The Tidal is good, and since I have learned never to expect anything that says it’s “brightening” to actually work (lol) I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t try the CEO because it got hammered in some reviews for ingredients as well.

          • If you’ve not tried the CEO based on negative reviews you may be pleasantly surprised if you tried a sample of it. You may also hate it but I wouldn’t let other people’s opinions of a product keep me from trying it.

          • Kate,
            If you are worried try applying to the upper part of your inner arm. That area is sensitive like the face and is a good testing area.

    • It is highly suspicious

      • Yes very suspicious of a company to market their new product to an audience of beauty enthusiasts.

        • 😭😭😭

        • It’s total insanity that some people enjoy these suspicious skin care products enough to purchase the boxes that always include them.

        • I’m suspicious too, I think Sunday Riley is conspiring to get lots of women to try her products.

    • I think that they are just marketing & exposing people to their products in the hope that people will enjoy them & buy more.

      • And some people do fall for it, and will actually spend $85 on a moisturizer. Hey, more power to Sunday Riley.

        • Or maybe people buy it because it works. I don’t know about CEO, but Good Genes is the only thing that expensive I’ve actually bought (with 20% off). It’s the only thing I’ve found that truly brightens my skin, and I actually end up saving money because I don’t buy a whole bunch of less expensive things that don’t do nearly as good of a job together as that one thing does by itself.

        • Or maybe they buy it because it works. I don’t know about CEO, but Good Genes is the only thing that expensive that I buy (at 20% off) because it’s the only thing that brightens my skin. And I end up actually saving money because I don’t buy a whole bunch of things that don’t do nearly as good of a job together as that one thing does by itself.

      • Yep, it’s not very suspicious. It’s marketing. It’s why brands get their stuff in boxes.

      • Instead they’ve oversaturated the market with their product.

        If you can’t sell it, you give it away.

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