GlossyBox Limited Edition Mother’s Day 2018 Box – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the Limited Edition Mother’s Day 2018 GlossyBox!

Each box will include:

More on this box:

The Box: Glossybox Limited Edition Mother’s Day Box

The Cost: $40 (subscribers can use coupon code GLOSSYMUM5 to save $5, but this coupon doesn’t appear to be working yet.

The Products: Featured brands: Lancome, Flowerbomb Victor & Rolf, Mamonde, Lauren B Beauty, Skinn, Invisibobble, The Beauty Crop. (There is no text explaining the sunglasses offer in the email, so I wouldn’t buy this if you are buying it for the sunglasses.)

Are you going to grab a box? 

*This Limited Edition box is available only for GLOSSYBOX subscribers today and will go on sale for everyone else on April 10th, 2018. Pre-order now, or latest on May 1st, to receive your box until May 13th, 2018. While supply lasts. Limited quantity available. Due to potential unforeseen shipping delays, we cannot guarantee any shipping/delivery dates.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This box is great! I’m glad I was able to order it. Hope I get the sunglasses but probably wasn’t in the first 500 to purchase.

  2. Does’t look good to me at all…gonna have to Pass on this one.

  3. I just added the Lancome Moisturizer to the swap site, if someone is interested 🙂

  4. I gave in, I’m dying to try that lancome and I have a feeling we may not see many on the swap site and if there are any I won’t be able to swap for it:/ Also the last time I waited for the limited edition box to lower in price it sold out, it was the one with the sundey riley and candle so I just had to do it hehe. Happy with this box, def up my alley<3(also hoping to get the sunglasses as stated in email, although no details were shared it said pre-order to receive so here hoping)

  5. I jumped on it a few hours before the spoilers and I am happy with it. I knew there will be nail polish and hair ties which I don’t care for much, but big ticket items are good for me. I hope I get the sunglasses.

    • I think “on top of your box” means that it won’t be mentioned in the box literature or placed within the seal so you would have to break the seal to get them out. I think they are saying that we can keep the glasses and gift the box, without it being obvious.

  6. Liz,

    Would you please expand on your comment about the lack of text regarding the sunglasses? Do you know anything additional?

    I thought it was so strange that Glossybox would lead with a header advertising, but then nothing about this shown literally anywhere else. It was written as follows: “FREE PAIR OF VELVET EYEWEAR SUNGLASSES”, “on top of your Mother’s Day box”, “$55 value”. This is the exact verbiage and caps in their email. (I would’ve included a pic, but I’m not sure if we can do this or how😂)

    Of course, we would probably all love it if they are actually included in the box, or “on top” of the Mother’s Day box as stated! The sunglasses shown are really cool!

    As always Liz, thanks for all you do! You and your team are appreciated!

    • I can reach out to GlossyBox to see if I can get info. Basically, from what I’ve seen from other GlossyBox GWPs that don’t require coupon codes to redeem, they may be first come first serve, and there’s no known quantity of how many sunglasses they are giving away.
      So my comment was just to make sure no one saw that and signed up thinking they would definitely get the sunglasses. Hope that makes sense!

      • Thanks Liz! I emailed them too, but haven’t heard back yet. I can’t wait to find out what their response is to you!

    • I’m guessing that “on top of the box” means that they aren’t on the literature card or packaged inside of the box, so we can keep the glasses and gift the box without getting caught. 🙂

    • Glossybox emailed me back and said the glasses were for the first 500 customers that ordered.

      • I wonder which day the 500 limit was reached.

        • I don’t have a clue. I asked how can we know if we’re one of the 1st? I’ll just wait and see what they reply.

          • I’m thinking no one got them. I ordered the box only a few hours after it was posted for sale and before spoilers came out and didn’t get anything regarding free glasses in my box.

          • I would love to hear if anyone gets them.

  7. I almost purchased but glad I held out for spoilers. I am interested in the Lancome, but that’s pretty much it. I like masks but am on overload. Soap intrigues me, but we don’t use bar soap. I wouldn’t mind displaying it for its appearance and scent. Hair thing is useless to me, I don’t use lip products much past balm, and don’t care for the smell of flowers. But for the Lancome I still considered buying it, I’m not but thought about it.

  8. I’m so glad you posted this spoiler – hours after I bought the box – so I was still able to cancel. whew. I am not a fan of rose so this is not for me.

  9. I’m not a fan of Glossybox customer service but I do like this box. It’s very different from all the boxes & the rose concept I love. I will buy because it is my mother’s day gift to myself. Thank you Liz & Glossy

  10. I love this box, it is right up my alley! The Lancôme gets great reviews, so I am excited to try it. For those who don’t use bar soap (I don’t either) but love Flowerbomb, just toss it in your lingerie drawer to still enjoy the scent. Fingers crossed there are no issues and that Glossybox is getting back on track!

  11. Did a bunch of little product reviews for credits, used the discount code ( THANK YOU, LIZ) and got the box for $5.00 and some change. Also, used PayPal just in case they don’t fulfill the specified contents correctly.

    I love some of Lancome’s skin care, and this cream looks fairly nice. The rest will just be little fun things. I bought it for the Resilience’ cream for myself, as I have no children on this side of the world to celebrate Mother’s Day with.

    • Isn’t it a shame that we think a head about problems with GlossyBox customer service and decide to use our paypal in case we have an issue!
      Come on GlossyBox get it together!

  12. Looks good!

    I’ll wait until they lower the price like they usually do😉

  13. I don’t currently subscribe to Glossybox, but I want to order just this box for my mom; if I order this box, will I automatically be subscribed to Glossybox in the future?

    • You buy this box as one time purchase so no subscription begins with purchase.

  14. I’m glad I preordered this box. I used my credits so I paid $16.75. That’s worth it to me and they better send the sunglasses they promised too, LOL.

  15. My mom will love the Lancome! Purchased with code and it worked.

  16. I took a risk buying before the spoilers and I’m very happy I did! Finally a box with fresh items not already in all other boxes, all look full size and beautifully curated around the Rose theme. The value looks over $200 advertised, great for the $35 I paid. The unboxing video on Insta shows 4 masks and 2 RF boxes (soap and perfume sample?).

  17. So it’s a box with 4 masks inside plus it mentions everything in the box is full size… the Lancôme itself is $79!!!! 🤗

  18. It’s actually 4 masks and ”a little extra” from Victor & Rolf… looks like a perfume sample.

  19. I got my first monthly and even though I see spoilers aren’t revealed early, I’m going try another month and see. Back to budget after that,

  20. Does anyone else think the box itself looks kinda creepy with the black drippings and 3-D Rose.

    • I do, although technically the drippings are pink on black.

    • I love the box. It is kind of of gothic but romantic at the same time. Will look great on my vanity. Going to use it for make up brushes.

  21. So a new Instagram post shows 4 masks and 2 Viktor & Rolf boxes in the box. Hope this is true.

  22. Sight unseen, I ordered one for my mom, one for my mom-in-law and another either to keep or give to my sister. At first glance of the spoilers, I was a bit underwhelmed and considered canceling but after checking out the items in detail I think my mums will be happy and I’m excited to be getting the last box whether I keep it or give it to my sister. All in all, it is a lovely curation and a sweet deal. The Lancome moisturizer likely pays for the box and the other items are like an awesome gift with purchase. Last year I procrastinated buying gifts and ended up tired, running around last minute and spending way more. I’m happy!! Thanks, Glossy! 🙂

  23. Yeah not for me either. Holiday would be hard to come close. Everything is pink except a thing or two. It seems like more of a Valentine’s box if you ask me! Nice box but not for me.

  24. Well thank you for the spoilers.. which I almost didn’t look at cause I wanted to be surprised. I’m glad I caved and looked. Very disappointed in this box. I cancelled my order also. Their previous limited edition boxes were much nicer in my opinion.

  25. I am pleased. I bought the box this morning and have no regrets. The nail polish and invisibobbles are no surprise based on the brand reveals. The Lancome looks very nice based on reviews, and I will always take a new lippie. I don’t really care about the soap, maybe I’ll try to sell that. Now if glossybox sends those sunglasses, I will be super happy about this box!!

  26. Glossybox did a great job with curation.

    i signed up a few hours ago, with a great deal of reluctance since at that time no spoilers.

    I am glad i signed up the Mamonde Hydrating Beauty Water is organic, looks full size and has very good reviews, i only use Invisibobbles and am happy to see them in any box those 2 items alone = close to $32. So for $35 i am happy 🙂 – The soap does not not seem like it would be good for sensitive skin so i’ll be swapping it. Value on that is surprisingly $28. The nail polish i wont use and i dont need, i’ll also place the mask up for swap and maybe the lipgloss depending on the color.

    What i am most curious about is the size of Lancome Renergie Multi Glow Rosy-Tinted Moisturizer —- Has very good reviews, i am hoping its full size

  27. Do we know what the deal was with the sunglasses? If we’re still getting that than I won’t cancel

  28. I am actually quite pleased with the box. I ordered this morning and have no regrets. I like the reviews of the lancome product. I don’t know what other products invisibobble makes, so the hair band is not a surprise. I love me some lippies, so I’m excited about that one. Now if glossybox sends those sunglasses, I will be super pleased with this.

  29. Thank you for this post! I bought this box and then canceled after I saw the spoilers. Love Lancome makeup, but their skincare is not for me. Secondly, I cook constantly, so any nail polish is totally useless to me. Finally, while I LOVE the scent of Flowerbomb perfume, I prefer liquid hand soap and body wash. Haven’t used bar soap in a long time! Disappointed – thought this was going to be a great box! Nice brands, but I don’t like the products!

  30. My email from them included this: “Due to potential unforeseen shipping delays, we cannot guarantee any shipping/delivery dates.”

    At least they are being honest, they might not get it to you on time. That’s is a step forward, I guess. But it makes me say a very solid, “No thanks!”

  31. Anyone know the size of the items and if it’s a set of masks or just 1?

    • It says “single use mask”, I’m assuming 1.

      • It says single use masks. On insta, it looks like a box of them in the stills, and the unboxing shows 4.

  32. At first I was, eh, and was tempted to cancel as I just placed the order about an hour ago but it’s growing on me. Any idea the size of the Estee Lauder?

    • What Estee Lauder?

      • I meant to write “Lancome”.

    • Where do you see Estee Lauder?

  33. Nice items, just not anything I’m super interested in. I’ll go empty my cart now.

  34. I am very happy my order is in !! Love it all !!

  35. I just canceled, it’s not for me. I’m on overload with face products, have short hair, wish it was perfume and not soap. Oh well, I hope their holiday box is as awesome as last years.

  36. Saved by the spoilers. It’s just not for me. Thanks Liz!

  37. So happy I waited for spoilers.. this box is awful!

  38. Very nice… I’m very happy with the spoilers. I love high end bar soaps, so the FlowerBomb item is very exciting. I took advantage of the $5.00 off Glossybox offered it’s current subscribers, plus I applied my LookFantastic credits towards the purchase of the L.E. box and only paid $20.52, out of pocket.

    • I just tried it and it didn’t work…..says not applicable. What code did you use?

      • The $5 off code is GLOSSYMUM5. When I first tried it yesterday it also said not applicable/not a valid code and the item in my cart didn’t meet the required purchase even though I’m a current subscriber and was signed into my account, but today it worked fine for me.

  39. Wow, I had just succumbed to the brand spoilers. Not for me, hope my cancellation request works. Thanks for the full spoilers!

    • Worked, phew.

  40. I love Mother’s Day boxes in theory, but why are they always “pink pink pink roses pink flowers pink hearts flowers pink pink pink.” Gag. It’s like they think all our mothers turn into Victorian schoolgirls one day a year.

    • Priceless! You said what I was thinking inside..So funny,thank you! Yes it’s more of a Vday box right?

  41. Disappointed that the Flowerbomb is a bar of soap and not perfume.

  42. If it was something else other than the invisibobble…..

    • That’s the only thing I’d want from this box LOL I love those things

  43. Well I jumped to pre-order since I had credits, I’m not sure how I feel about this box. On one hand I’ve never tried any of these products so that right there makes me excited then on the other hand I’ve never tried any of these products! Lol guess I won’t know what I really think till I get it, talk about a long wait!! Ergh!

  44. Unfortunately a miss for me. Patience paid off 🙂

  45. Do we know what size the flowerbomb perfume is?

    • It’s not a perfume, it’s a soap.

  46. I kind of like it for my mother-in-law. She’s into Lancome.

  47. Why couldn’t I wait few hours before pre-ordering one?? !!!

    • Is it too late to cancel your order? I’ve been able to cancel LE boxes from Glossybox before by going into my account.

    • I was able to cancel mine – it’s a great box but I really don’t need anything right now – pure greed and addiction took over this morning…. 🙂 ….. click on the photo of the box that is shown as processing – there is an edit or cancel button below it…..

    • I am so glad that I couldn’t decide. I would be so disappointed right now.

  48. Pretty box! Looks like it would smell like roses too!

  49. So glad I didn’t jump to pre-order.

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