BoxyCharm May 2018 Spoilers #3 and #4!

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We have more spoilers for the May 2018 Boxycharm thanks to Yosef on Boxy Baddies!

The May box will include:

Source: Instagram

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the April box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I ‘m not sure if I commented or not I hope I do not regret but I dropped my sub for Boxy today. I found primers just do not blur or work and add a extra layer to my dry skin and makes my fine lines stand out more.
    I just can not with black eyeliner I like colored eyeliner black washes me out
    I wish I could of just skipped a month and left Boxy a message that I didn’t like the products .If we could skip a month here and there when we do not like the products I would of skipped this month and kept the sub.

    • Same with me Misti, I am hoping I don’t regret it. I do love primers but am stocked up for the next year or more. It takes so little that it lasts forever. I don’t contour or like gel eyeliner and don’t need the brushes. Boxycharm is an amazing deal, but if the products sit in a box it is still wasted $$. Hope everyone who gets this month enjoys!!

    • Yeah I’m gonna cancel this month’s Boxycharm too. I’m overstocked on primers, good on brushes, overloaded on highlighters and eyeshadow palettes (which are worthless on my oily, hooded eyelids without an eyelid primer…an item that should be sent in every 4th Boxycharm box if you ask me).

      Glad to know my $20+ in Charms will still be there when I reactivate my account.

      I’d rather spend the $21 this month on earrings I’ve been eyeing.

  2. So happy to know that we’re getting a new Primer to try, I am Primer obsessed!!!!

  3. I saw somewhere were they have a P.U.R contour palette too as a spoiler. I have been with Boxy for many moons and I love them I love mostly everything except the so so many highlights which out of all the artist couture is the best one ever!

  4. I love boxycharm, and I couldn’t afford even half of the products I receive from them, but eye primer would be great for all these pallettes……

    • Ooooooo, I agree!!

    • I agree as well! I’ve bought a couple and none seem to work. It’d be nice to have a high end one to try to see if I’m missing out or not

  5. Does Boxy send out tracking information when their box ships or does it just show up? I subbed April 21st (which would still be for the April box, right?) and I was charged same day. Just trying to get an idea of when I should expect my box. =]

    • when you box is shipped, they send you a tracking number and/or a link to track your package 🙂

    • Boxes ship 5-10 days after your payment goes through and because you were billed in april you will get aprils box. Welcome to the boxyfam, I recomend getting the fedex app and you will be shipping even before boxy sends you the email.

      • Awesome, I was hoping for the April box! Thank you for the info Miranda!

    • I have been with Boxy for 4 1/2 years and they do send tracking but occasionally they dont.

  6. Really enjoyed the Tarte Highlighter!!

  7. I’ll trade my box for that Jack and his friend, good ole friend Jimmy Bean in apple please. Just waiting on my charm purchase and I’m out for now!

  8. There will be 6 items in the may’s box!!!!

    • I’m totally going with one of the items has to be LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette. In Yosefs update he stated at the end

      “of CURSE all on full size :)”

      We all know he leaves hints. And with the “ink” looking gel liner and “curse”…..

    • 6? where are you seeing this? im just counting the primer, eyeliner. a PUR item and the brushes.. thats only 4 so far… 6 would be great though!

      • Yosef said it in his Instagram story! Boxycharmbeauties posted about it on Instagram

        • I saw that too! That explains the $170+ value in next months box. So excited! Hoping for another spoiler.

        • this is great! thank you for telling us!

    • what if the three brushes are counted as individual items in the box, that would suck.

    • Yes we are getting 6 items in this BOX!!!! Yipee!!!

    • Based on the comments here and instagram this is my non factual guess:
      1) cover fx primer
      2) pretty vulgar eyeliner
      3) aesthetica brushset
      4) ace beauty eyelashes approx $30
      5) pur (probably going to be $20 lippie)
      6) deluxe sample approx $10 – no idea???

      • What about rhe Makeup For ever hinted in the picture?

        • @Mommy
          Did I miss something? Where did they hint Make up forever at in the picture? What picture did you mean?

          • @Danielle S, I seen someone repost it on Twitter from boxycharm and boxycharm liked it.. it was a hint and had the 👀emoji when they revealed we would have 6 items this month

      • Did I miss the eyelashes spoiler?

        • There was an Ace playing card clue. It might have actually been for the theme and not for a product. If it’s a product my shot in the dark is ace beauty and they do lots of lashes. For theme I have seen folks guess anything from Alice in Wonderland to Casino theme.

  9. I did payment on 19th april so is that possible that mu forst box will be april box?? I subscrived for may box only bt i got their mail today informing that your box has been shipped so is it may box or april box???

    • You will be getting the April Box. You must sign up May 1st to not get the April Box. You will be billed for May around the 1st, and it will ship when the rest of May’s boxes ship.

  10. This is kinda funny. I already have both the eyeliner and the primer. The eyeliner is good. If you like a gel liner, you’ll like this. Word to the wise…make sure you don’t leave this sitting open and make sure the lid is on good. This stuff will dry out pretty quickly if you don’t.
    The primer is meh. I didn’t notice any blurring and if it made any difference in the application or wear time of my makeup, it was marginal at best. I find this to be true of most face primers though, and some of them actually shorten the lifespan of your makeup. I feel like most face primers are a gimmick. Facial and eyelash primers don’t really do much and it’s an extra step for no real discernible difference. If you’re using a good foundation you don’t need a primer and primers and foundations don’t always play well together.
    Eyeshadow and lip primers are a different story. Eyeshadow primer evens lid discoloration and gives the powder something to grip onto so it stays on your lid. Please use an actual eyeshadow primer fo this. Not concealer, not foundation, not facial primer. None of this stuff is formulated to do what an eye primer does nor is it “eye safe”. Eye primer makes all the difference in payoff and wear time. Lip primers give you a nice smooth canvas and conceal your natural lip color so that you get a better application and a truer match to what’s in the tube. These two primers will change your life!

    If you’re looking for good eye and lip primers check out NYX. You don’t need to spend a lot of money here and their primers get the job done extremely well. Proof It! Waterproof is one of the best eye primers I’ve ever used, does a better job than Urban Decay Primer Potion, and it’s $7. The UD is, I believe, around $28. You need less of the NYX, it dries super quickly, and while you should always lay down a base shade, if you forget that step, this primer is a little more forgiving in that you can still blend it some. And it will make your shadows stay all day long without creasing or migrating. And isn’t that all we really want out of life some days? 😀

    1.The eyeliner is good, make sure you keep the lid tight
    2. The primer doesn’t really make any difference in your makeup
    3. Facial and lash primers aren’t crucial to your routine and in general don’t do much. Some can’t be used together.
    4. Eyeshadow and lip primers are something you should use, they really help
    5. You don’t need to spend a fortune on these items and NYX has some great ones for under $10

    • Does the NYX eyeshadow primer make your eyelids feel weird? That’s the issue I have with the Urban Decay and Elizabeth Mott ones I’ve tried – they feel hard and crinkly.

      • I just tried primers recently in my subscription boxes, and I must say, whatever the brand, they all smooth my skin and make my foundation go on smoother and stay more polished throughout the day. I never thought I “needed” a primer but I now think it makes all the difference!

      • I know what you mean about the urban decay. It looks and feels like you put Elmer’s glue on your lids. I’ve never had that problem with the NYX Proof It though. It just makes your eyelids a little tacky and evens out any discoloration. The’ll still look and feel like your eyelids, just stickier. I find with primers the cheaper ones feel better. Hope that helps.

      • The UD Primer makes my eyes burn. It takes a little bit after I have worn a little bit. About 15-20 min. It took me a few times to realize what it was making my eyes burn. But I figured out after a few tries. I like Milani. But never tried the Nyx will def try it out.

    • I disagree, I live in the desert and have somewhat dry skin. I find that using a good primer makes all the difference for me. it makes the foundation go on much smoother and more evenly. Sometimes I can get by with a tinted primer and a light dusting of powder. Either way I will not be without my primer.

      • I disagree as well. Primer makes all the difference under my foundation. I won’t go without it.

        • Same here, If you have oily skin primers are a must!

      • I disagree too. I use nothing but the Smashbox Primerizer and it is amazing and my makeup really does stay on SO much longer and looks smoother too. There are a lot of primers out there that do nothing though I agree on that. But Smashbox is well known for all their different types of primers. You just have to get the one that works best for you.

        • I agree. This is only true if you have a “normal” skin type. For me, with dry skin – Primerizer and the Ordinary HA Silicone primer are awesome, so matter which foundation I use. I can’t even apply stick foundation without something for it to glide over!

          I have a lot of hope for this primer because Cover FX is awesome. Put some on my hand in Sephora the other day and the feel is very nice. Like the Ordinary primer I already love

    • 100% disagree with your comment about facial primers. I have extremely dry skin and without a moisturizing primer my foundation cakes almost immediately.

      Also the only NYX primer i would recommend is the glitter one. That one is very comparable to Too Faced Glitter Glue which does help a lot with glitter eyeshadow.

      Just my two cents.

    • Primer is a must! Some like it, some don’t.

    • What is your suggestion for a lip primer? I always have problems with lipstick looking different once I apply it.

    • I definitely disagree with you on the eyelash primer. I would have no lashes to speak of without using a primer first . Just goes to show that old saying of different strokes for different folks still works

    • The Cover FX primer worked for me and did give me a good blurring effect. I was going to order another one when this spoiler came out, so I’m excited for this box!

    • Disagree on all points (sorry!) esp the *only use eye primer* there is a reason everyone raves about Mac Paint pots… they are incredible shadow bases. I need face primers during the summer to stop my foundation melting off. I also think regarding primers etc- you get what you pay for.

    • What is a Good Lip Primer? I have never tried one. I have heard that Laura Gellar has a Good one. But it’s kinda expensive for me. If Nyx has a Good one I would def be interested in that Price range.

      • I like the Ulta brand lip primer. Really inexpensive and works just as well as any higher end lip primer I’ve tried.

  11. Was so upset I got the tarte highliter instead of the Mac lip…i always get the opposite of what I would love to try…..with that said…sooooo excited for the eyeliner and brushes!!!!!! I have always wanted to try out this kind of eyeliner and I don’t own Any brushes to put it on!!! Sure hope we all are getting it.

    • I was not impressed with the Tarte Highlighter either until I saw someone use it on the eye lids. I love it like that .

      • Hmm, I might have to try that. I’ve never found a highliter that looks right with my skin because my cheeks has large poores and texture and it seems to put emphasis on what I am trying to cover up.

      • I take the smallest amount of the highlighter, dab it on my face with my fingers, and then tap it out. You have to work quickly because it sets so fast, but I think a very small amount makes a nice subtle highlight. I actually think it’s easier than working with powder.

  12. I could not be more thrilled. So far everything is cruelty free and everyday staple material. I’m guessing PUR will be a face or eye palette? Something with color? This box is already awesome.

  13. Will every box have a palette?

  14. Please no PUR shadow palette!!

    • Agreed 100%!!! PUR is a horrible brand and i am so over their products!

    • I absolutely LOVE my pur pallette , the colors are awesome… guess they cant please everyone lOl

  15. So is the PUR item most likely a palette? Wasn’t there to be a palette in every box this year? I did not care for the last one. Hoping it’s something else.

    • The last palette was colorpop…..suppose to be a palette of some sort in every box as far as i know.

      Pur actually makes nice palettes you just have to use a mixing medium.

  16. I’m actually wondering if this will be the first month without an eye palette because of the liner and tools?

    wondering if the Pur product might be a lip item. A Pur 3-piece lip kit or the Quick Pro Portables would be a dream!

  17. I almost bought primer at Ulta a few days ago. I am so glad I listened to my intuition and waited. Excited to a full size primer.

  18. Could the brushes BE the pur item?

    • No they are from aesthetica .. $45 bucks for just 3 brushes (very high end) 🤗🤗

  19. I’m so excited, I just resubbed at the beginning of April and waiting for my first box. They are definitely bringing it! I wonder when the first one will get here?!?

  20. I’m obviously missing something, but I’m only seeing three spoilers; eyeliner, primer, and brush set. What is the fourth? Thanks for the help! 😊

    • I think the 4th is that it is a Pur item, even though the item is unknown.

    • Pur cosmetic item

  21. Am I alone in enjoying the Pur items we’ve gotten? I’m looking forward to the spoiler!

    • I love the face palette we got from pur back in January. It looks too bright in the pan but is glowy and beautiful on the skin. I also love the lip exfoliator from them. I do have a little trouble with the eye palette from last month in that the pigment is not great in some of the shades. Overall I love the pur brand and look forward to trying more of their products.

      • I’m with you, I really loved that lip scrub. I got the three month deal (dec 2017-feb 2018) and this is only only box so far that I’m wishing I got.

    • Nope, not alone. I love PüR products and especially love how inexpensive we get them for through this sub!

    • I love Pur, they’re one of my favorite brands. I’ve never had a product I didn’t like from them and I have high end makeup that doesn’t perform near as well. Don’t understand why people rag on them.

      • After reading the comments on last month’s PUR palette, I was hesitant, but today I went back and tried the shimmer shades with some Mac fix plus, and it was really beautiful! Then I did the same with the Element of Surprise palette, great results again. I guess i now understand how this works! I will not dismiss pur so quickly in future!

        • You are almost always going to have to wet shimmers in any palette, otherwise they have a hard time sticking. You also should use a primer if you’re not already. It makes a huge difference. NYX makes a great one…the Proof It! Waterproof primer. It’s $7 and it will definitely do the job and make your shadow doesn’t budge til you want it to.

          • Thank you, I will check out the NYX store this week, I almost purchased the Benefit stay don’t stray yesterday, glad I did not! I will try the NYX one!

        • If you’re ever looking to try out a new foundation and are a full coverage kind of girl, their bare it all 4-in-1 is flipping amazing. It’s so light it feels like nothing is there and it doesn’t look cakey or feel greasy at all. And the coverage is 👍🏻. It doesn’t go patchy and it just sits on the skin beautifully.

          • Candace, what do u recommend for powder foundation? I like to carry one around in my bag at work. I hate cake face but need to touch up my chin and nose area after lunch. I was thinking about Wander Beauty or Benefit Hello Flawless. Would love ur opinion 😍😍

          • Candace, can u recommend a powder foundation? I hate cake face but like to carry around one in my bag at work for touch ups. I have heard that Wander Beauty and Benefit hello flawless is very good, but would love ur opinion 😍😍

  22. I haven’t likes any of the put items I’ve tried

  23. Looks like the PUR website has some items like the night face mask that are $49 but on sale. They also have a lot of my little pony themed items marked down like a $49 brush set (actually looks really cute) and some various lip glosses that are around $16 at full price… the only other expensive things are 3-5 piece kits. I lost the comment someone else made with the math so sorry for not responding directly!

    • This might sound lame but I’m really hoping that we get the PUR translucent powder. I haven’t tried it before but ya girl’s running looooww.

  24. I have a feeling everything has been so good lately (April and upcoming May) because Boxycharm has been having trouble getting subscribers.

    The reason they have no waitlist is because nobody is subscribing. I hope no one ever will because the outcome is great!!!

    Just wish they’d have better products when they had all the slots filled :-/

    • I am not sure about that. They seem to have expanded. I think without the waitlist, they can buy more product at a cheaper price. They may be in the big leagues now. My real life friends have now subscribed, and I didn’t know anyone I knew would ever try sub boxes (I didn’t even tell them about Boxy). That’s pretty exciting.

      • Awhile back I emailed them about when they have no waitlist and they said its when their box has a lot of empty slots.

        • I wonder if they increased the number of slots.

      • Yes boxy has a huge community. So I’m thinking that they are having no issues attracting new subscribers.

        • It’s not that they have issues attracting subs, it’s that at this time, they’re not in high demand. Sometimes of the year, boxy has a mega waitlist and other times they’re not in high demand and have no waitlist.

    • Lol are you kidding? Boxy is the quickest growing subscription!! They are the most unbelievable box for the money! 20$ for 150$ worth of product every month! I have not had to buy makeup in so long because of boxy!! And I have extra for gifts!! Boxy had to hire a huge amount of employees and expand so quickly because of demand!! People subscribe by the hundreds daily!!

      • I also want to point out that we can get texted when Boxy posts are published here, and I don’t think that is available for many boxes?
        Plus, MSA does an Instagram story whenever a Boxy post is made. There are more Boxy posts than any other box gets, and if you compare the number of comments Boxy posts get, it’s higher than other boxes.
        Boxy is doing fantastic!

        • Definitely!! They’re doing great. All I’m saying is that they have empty slots that they’re trying to fill so they’re advertising no waitlist and making really amazing boxes.

      • I’m not saying it’s not. I’m saying at times, a lot of people want to subscribe. And at other times the box isn’t in high demand.

    • I don’t think they’ve got any trouble at all with subscribers-I think they’ve just expanded and are able to handle the flow now. They’re definitely not suffering. If their sub rate was going down, big companies would be shying away. The fact that boxesare getting so much better with high end products tells me that they’re growing.

      • I’m not saying they’re suffering! I’m saying that they have a bunch of empty slots right now. That’s all.

        • I agree Em!

  25. Plzzz, no more Pur!!!!!

    • Here’s to hoping it’s not a palette! Especially a collab palette

      • I agree. We should receive serum or cleansers eye creams. I love Boxycharm but I’m not enjoying the palettes. Only because I don’t use eye shadow to the extreme

        • I am pretty sure a good 80% of people sign up for boxy because of the decent-to-high-mid palettes, other subs that send palettes all look like the ones from TJ Maxx. It is what sets it apart from the other subs. If you want other things there are plenty of boxes with those.

          • Lexana – Exactly!

      • Pur also has awesome high lighter palettes. I would love something like that.

  26. Umm…. Is no one else surprised by the $170?????? That’s crazy! I am so excited for the primer because I always need more primer!

    • I wish it was a Hydrating primer 🙁 all these Blurring primers dry out my skin and don’t actually Blur

  27. Ok, so if it is the Aesthetica brush set ($45), we are at $107.

    The most expensive thing Pur sells is for $42. (The three different $42 items are: Love Your Selfie II Pallet/Royalty 5 Piece Eye Polish Collection/Creator Eyeshadow and Face Pallet)

    That leaves $21 for item #5 or variant differences…

    If it is one of those three from PUR, I actually think I would want the Eye Polish kit. Pretty spring colors.

    • Ooo the PUR Royalty eye set looks fun! They have a Royalty lippie set that looks good too. I like PUR, I just hope there are nice colors and not all neutrals, seeing as we’re into spring and summer will soon be here.

      I am super excited to read that all Charmers will receive the liner pot!

    • I have been scouring the pur website, and I really hope it’s the Love Your Selfie II palette or the Visionary magnetic palette!!!! Both seem great for summer travels….

    • There are 6 items this time

  28. I do wonder, can the liner be used with the stamps like the Vamp Stamp? Hmmmm…

    • I don’t think so. It looks like the liner pot from maybelline. But I use 2 different liners for my vamp stamp anyways

  29. I’m so excited, as I am every month for this next box. On one of the Boxycharm groups I follow on FB, someone said they thought the brushes would be from Pur and they took a screenshot of some brushes from the Pur website, and they did look a lot like those that are pictured.

    • The bushes are asethica, I shared a link to them on the last spoiler post. That was one of the “possible spoilers” brands shown. They make a brush trio that is identical to the one shown.

      • Oh cool, I will have too look those up. I’m excited about brushes.

      • Have you tried their brushes?

      • Great… a tool to apply that gel liner with.

  30. Score. I definitely wanted a Cover FX primer.

  31. I think if they are including that eyeliner in every box, they will probably include the required for its application brush as well in every box.

    • Yes, that sounds right, if we get the brushes I will be very happy💖💖Everytime I plan to cancel due to excessive amount of makeup, boxycharm pulls me right back in.

      • I know right?! I’m so overloaded and canceled that month they had all the galaxy highlighters and then boom I’m back again every month! I’m thrilled with these spoilers. They may not be as exciting to everyone but super useful and great value as always!

  32. By the way the Jack Daniels would make a great item 🙂 🙂

    • Yes, it would lol

    • Agreed!! Hahaha

  33. I love pretty vulgar but I don’t use black/brown eyeliner at 54 it is way to harsh and unforgiving. The eye area I try not to draw a great deal of attention too. I was hoping it was the mascara they have. The primer with blur who would not love that. Looking forward to that. Pur I loved the lip scrub, the palettes not real crazy about. Overall I am pretty happy about this box so far. Not all things are going to be a hit!

    • 58 and wear a black eyeliner everyday instead of shadow. With mascara, my eyes pop. It truly depends on how you age but it actually does look very good on me. We all have different faces and skin tones and we all age differently and I respect that.

      • So true – my mom is in her 80’s and can wear liner. Not crepey around her eyes.

    • It makes my scarce eyelashes look fuller to line my top eyelid with brown/black. 57 and looking good! 🙂

      • Hi there ladies!! I’m 51 as of April 22nd!! I usually wear a navy blue gel liner from Maybelline, I have blue eyes and I’m just starting to try blacks and browns again bcuz they make my eyes really pop. I used to wear blacks and browns years ago so I’m venturing out to those colors again. I love the gel to it’s so easy to apply, you wouldn’t believe how many compliments on my eyes I get and how beautiful they are. That’s not me being stuck up either that’s from true people complimenting me!! I’m excited for this months box the blurring primer I can’t wait and I needed a new gel eye liner, I was actually going to buy it until I seen the spoilers and I took it out of my cart!! All the controversy over the primers I remember back when I started wearing makeup we didn’t have primers and I always used my concealer or foundation on my eye lids though and that was for the shadows and eye liner to attach itself to!! So excited for the May Boxycharm box a lot of gr8 products coming our way my friends!! I also have to say quickly I love the PÜR cosmetics products we’ve received in our boxes lately!! Thanx ladies and gentlemen have a wonderful evening!!!❤❤

    • Don’t write any makeup product off just yet. Maybe experiment with different types of product/applications? As we age, we usually need help with the contours of the face which loose their sharpness. I would think an eyeliner would be great for that. For myself, I find that as soon as I finally figure out the perfect product combo or technique, something in my face changes and I have to find a new and different way (eye shadow application, for example). But then once I figure it out, like how to do the perfect eye brow, or the perfect blush placement, it makes a huge difference. It’s all about playing and being creative with makeup with a satisfying end result (sometimes 🙂 ).

    • I have been told my eyes are my best feature and I am even trying wings! I am age 56

      • I have hooded eyes, and loose skin on my lid. I have found I can use eyeshadow as a liner, just not black or anything dark. My eyes use to be my best feature.

        • Awwww Shari…im sure your eyes are still gorgeous and absoulety beautiful!!!!

        • I have hooded eyes too, always have. They were called bedroom eyes and considered sexy but lately as I approach 40 I’ve noticed the hood puffing out/drooping slightly more. I’ve always had a hard time with eyeshadows which get hidden in the hood and creased/melted from my oily lids. Eyeshadow only works with a good eyelid primer and doing the sideways “V” techinique of shading out the hood and lifting it up with a straight (not curved) line application.

          Those of us with hooded eyes (think Kate Moss and Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone) can pull off a fantastic, unique, almost alien, ethereal, cat-like look by just lining our whole lash lines with eyeliner. That (and a Smokey eye) have always been easy looks for me to pull off. Eyeliner+hooded eyes= match made in heaven.

    • I agree. I’m 54 I wish I knew how to use an eye liner. But being more natural is best. I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be in my 20″s. I just want fresh hydrated skin.

      I love my mascara Bronzers lip color is a must. 😁😊 I’m over loaded with the eye shadow palettes. We need eye creams translucent power. Products that are necessary

      • Try searching ” how to apply eyeliner for mature eyes” on youtube…..lots of tutorials. I’m sure something will work for you.

    • I think you should try to line just the outside half (like not going past the pupil). It can make the eye look bigger without dragging it down.

  34. The primer makes this box work for me. It is a great one. I also struggle with the eyeshadow palettes, I may be a bit older than their target audience though. I give them to my 24 year old daughter and she loves them. This month I recieved the Element of Suprise palette and I am thinking it won’t work for me or my daughter because of our complexions. Browns are too orange and the pink would make us look like we have pink eye, lol. The PUR lip scrub they sent out I am in love with though. There are not many subscriptions in this price range that consistently send out full size products so it is a hit as far as I am concerned.

  35. I’m excited about the primer–I have large pores and lots to blur 😉 so I like to try different primers. I haven’t ever found one I just love, so I enjoy getting more to try.

    • Ugh me too with the huge pores. Did you like the dr. Brant from this month? What primer do you usually use? I’m struggling to find one…

    • I’ve found that the Laura Geller spackle primer works miracles for me. I have normal to kind of oily combo skin, but when I was younger I had terribly oily skin which gave me huge pore problems that I struggle with now. The only primer I’ve found that works on them is the Laura Geller spackle. I use the color correcting one bc of changes to my skin from pregnancy but I’ve heard all the formulas are good. It even fills in my forehead wrinkles pretty well. I bought mine on Haute Look for around $12 and next time it’s on there I’ll be stocking up!

  36. The primer makes the box worth it to me. I also struggle with the eyeshadow palettes. I recieved the Element of Suprise palette this month and with my complexion the browns are too orange and that bright pink would make me look like I had pink eye so that was a waste on me. I may be a bit over in the age group they are focusing on but I gift them to my 24 year old daughter and she loves them. This is a great subscription even with a few misses for me. I LOVE the PUR lip scrub they sent out so I like to be optimistic! Also there are very few subscriptions that send out full size products as the norm.

  37. FWIW, that blurring primer is great. I’d totally sign up for this box just to get it if I didn’t have a bumper crop of primer already.

    • Thank you for the tip. Down to samples and will hold out for this full size and stay out of Sephora and Ulta$$

    • Is it just me or do those brushes look like the $80 AEsthetica brush set that was spoiled a few months ago as a future possible spoiler?

      • Looked on their site and they are the, AESTHETICA PRO BRUSH SERIES: 3-PIECE EYELINER, BROW & SPOOLIE BRUSH SET $45.00

        • The set is on amazon for $5.99, and it is identical. Just sayin….

          • It’s sold by a third party, may or maybe not legit. I’m seeing a lot of that on that site anymore………

          • I looked at reviews for same brand brushes same third party seller saying they fall apart, so they are probably fake

          • Those are fake. I no longer shop on Amazon. Almost every beauty product is fake.

          • 99% of brand name beauty stuff on amazon is knockoffs.

            I wouldn’t touch it as far as I could throw it.

          • I think if Amazon is listed as the seller it’s fine but def not any 3rd party sellers.

        • It looks like they are on Groupon for 5.99 a piece under parenting dot calm/ AESTHETICA

  38. I wish we could skip, I’m not feeling this. I’m going to cancel, so I’m sure something will be amazing next month, and I’ll be waitlisted.

    • You can skip, change your payment method to a prepay card with no money on it…..tada skipping…I do it all the time

      • Woah that’s brilliant! How do you get a prepay card with no money on it though? And do they not flag your account or anything if you keep doing that lol??

  39. I don’t use gel eyeliner so honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it.
    And please, boxycharm, if you’re listening, if we’re getting another eyeshadow palette, can it be not so neutral?

    • The past couple of palettes I’ve gotten from them have been full of brights.

    • ??Most of those colorpop palettes were color filled pops.

    • I feel just the opposite. Been a subscriber since February and both the eyeshadow palates I’ve gotten I haven’t been able to use because I don’t use bright colors. The color pop palate was all shimmers and the pur palate was too orange for my skin tone. I am hoping for a palate with some neutral colors. Regardless I’m excited for this box. So far there has been at least 2 things in it that make it more than worth the $21 we pay.

  40. Thats a $60 value…so the PUR + brushes are $110? I cant imagine anything from pUR being over $50, so RV of those brushes is $20 each….yeah no. Or is there more items?

    • There are usually 5 items in a box so the retail value they are saying must include the other items.

  41. Is it just me or does the PV eyeliner in the new pic look like it might be brown? I’m happy with either black or brown, but I know a lot of you were hoping for brown. Maybe it’s your lucky month? Cheers to $170 worth of product for $21. I legit don’t know how they do it!

    • I would love brown:) Sub boxes rarely send brown.

      • If you click on the link it says the color is diary gray.

    • It could be any color, all the PV eyeliner pots are black regardless of product color.

      • I thought the label was different but looking again, I think it’s just the lighting that made them look different :-/

  42. Omg please tell me the PUR cosmetics is a variation! I’m so sick of them! They’ve been in almost every box

    • Isn’t that the truth! I didn’t like that last palette or the one with a highlighter, bronzer and blush. And the lip scrub stick!

    • Me too!

    • watch it be another PUR eyeshadow palette…………..

      • I sub for the palettes so I’m happy getting more. If you use a mixing medium their saturation is awesome, you can also turn them into colored eyeliner

    • Me too! Let’s get some translucent powder or spray mist to make our face hydrated. I just literally took all the eye palettes and put them away from my regular everyday beauty products that i use. The colors I have been receiving are brights colors. I like it but not for me. I’m 54. I like to keep things neutral. I love bronzers lip colors serums mascara

    • I LOVED the Pur pallette, the colors were fantastic …. I would love another pallette… eyeshadow or contour

  43. 170$$$ 😮😮😮

    • I wonder brow many subscribers BC has since they moved to bigger new offices??? I have purchased more than a few items on my own just because I discovered them from a sub box. Between BC and BF, I spend more and trying to get better with $$$ as I can see what is working for me. I’m addicted!

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