BoxyCharm May 2018 Possible Spoiler!

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First, let’s start with the confirmed May 2018 Boxycharm spoilers!

The May box will include:

Source: Instagram

Now, here’s the new info we have:

  1. There will be 6 items total!
  2. Next, thanks to MSA reader and super sleuth Rebeca, we have a pretty good idea of what the Pur item might be. Not sure if this will be a variant, or in a future box instead of the May box, but according to Pur Cosmetics, this will be in a future Boxycharm box:

Pur Cosmetics Sculptor Highlight & Contour Palette – Retail Value $30

What do you think of the latest spoiler info? Do you think this palette will be in the May Box?

If you sign up now, the April box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Is anyone else unhappy with the spoiler photo of a whisky bottle and a straw behind it? Not sure how whiskey relates to makeup… maybe I’m just too far out of the age loop to understand.

    • No you are not alone. I thought it was tacky myself and in poor taste. And I am in their target demographic. It’s not cool at all to me.

    • Considering the CEO posts spoilers willingly and because he wants to, he’s allowed to have whatever he wants in those photos. They’re usually spur of the moment

      • I’m really not phased by whatever is in the photo, all I care about is the spoiler, at least we even get spoilers lol

  2. Just Cancelled my subscription. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and the spoilers for this box finally decided me. I hate eye liners, the brushes don’t look at all nice (is that a mascara brush I see? Am I supposed to wash it out every time I use it?).
    I was disappointed in the quality of the last Pur palette (so much fallout, very little pigment).

    Also, in the last box I got the two things I asked not to get – yet another nude liquid lipstick (yuck) and yet another liquid highlighter (can’t use). BoxyCharm asks for personal info when you join, but they don’t customize, so it just feels unnecessary and invasive.

    I want to try some of the natural product beauty boxes, so this is my opportunity to branch out.

    • Not a mascara brush lol its a spoolie brush, for your eyebrows. As for the fallout, try dampening your brush with mac fix+, it’ll help the shadow adhere better. I think the reason why they ask you to fill out your info and preferences is so that they can see, as a majority of what people use and like. But I definitely feel you on the liquid highlighters, or highlighters in general. I have enough highlighters to last me a millennial.

      • “Not a mascara brush lol its a spoolie brush, for your eyebrows.”
        LOL. OK, that makes a lot more sense.

        Thanks for the tip about mac fix+, Dee.

  3. HEY GUYS PUR HAS A BUY ONE E GET ON FREE RIGHT NOW I GOT 2 foundations FOR $39 instead of one. CAUSE I GET A TAD OF A TAN SO I HOT MY COLOR PLUS ONE COLOR UP. THATS A DAMN GOOD PRICE AND IT HAS ALMOST A 5 ⭐️ rating. They have other things to choose from to. Really check it out. Their products really are amazing.


    • What?? And I’m medium dark and I received the pinkest blush there could possibly be. That was annoying.

    • I’d love a good finishing or banana powder 😍

  5. I’m happy with the spoilers , but it’s nothing that’s really getting me excited. I’m real happy about the primer and that’s about it so far. Really wanted the pretty vulgar mascara or mascara primer since my April boxy mascara was a fluke “bellapierre”. But hopefully the sixth item will really wow me lol

    • Happy (?) to see I’m not the only one that’s not really excited about the spoilers… Pur have a new blush palette that looks really cool! I wish THAT was coming in my May box instead of the contour palette…

      • Agreed.

    • The blush palette is awesome! I love it! Doesn’t take much and the swipe across with the mix of colors is just so pretty on.

  6. Really not a fan of this contour pallet, not because I don’t contour but with these pallets its really a hit or miss with everyones skin tones. This is definitely not going to work for my ultra porcelain face, and really won’t help my darker skinned beauties. The highlight is fine, but it seems nearly every month we get a highlighter. Overall though I do love this box, especially this month because the liner (never used gel before and I’m out of my stila pen), I appreciate the brush set because it goes hand in hand with the liner, and the primer because who doesnt need a primer???

    I would really love to see some strip lashes, blush pallets, beauty blenders and maybe some pink lippies??

    • Ultra porcelain face here too and contour just makes my face look dirty. I am thinking that it may make nice eyeshadow though.

      • I’m right there with you on the porcelain skin. I was thinking the same, maybe it will work for a shadow 🙂

      • The best contour for pasty porcelain skin like ours is Hoola Lite by Benefit. It’s amazing.

        • A really good cruelty free bronzer that’s a little shimmery and works for porcelain skin is the Tarte Amazonian Clay waterproof bronzer in Park Ave Princess. It’s my go to and it lasts all day.

        • That is my sister’s favorite bronzer. I haven’t tried it but I plan to “borrow” it on our film festival girls day next week. 🙂

      • You can contour with it if you have really fair skin, it just takes a really light hand and a lot of blending. I just recently learned how to do it as I am white as a ghost. I current use the too faced chocolate solei bronzer and it took quite a bit of practice but it works. Use the fluffyist brush you can find and lightly dust. I am hoping to go to makeup school in the future and you can make products work. Also applying a translucent power like coty airspun will cancel out some of the darkness if you go to heavy.

    • Blush sets and lippies pleas!

      • Yes!!

      • Would love to get blush

    • Add me to red listicks….and berry colors….light, medium, dark etc. I seem to get the ugly brown, the light pink mauve, (not the amazing 90s berry mauve either…..i would be THRILLED come to think of it with a “grandmother mauve ” everyone in my area called it back in the 90s……but I also get the pink GREY mauve….like how is THAT even possible?!?! It’s crazy. I read everyone else getting these amazing reds, and I’m super jealous because as many boxes as I sub too, I NEVER EVER get red or berry or even close to that. Lolol

  7. Am I the only one that said out loud….ANOTHER BRUSH SET!!! How many brush sets does a gal need!?!

    • What would you rather get more of?

      Personally, I love getting new brushes. There are a lot of variations in density, material and shape. Also, more brushes = less brush laundry days. ;P

      • I know I’d like some translucent setting powder and now that we’re going into the summer months, possibly some primer with SPF.

        • Yes to both of these please!

        • Me to amen. Give me some Laura mercier

      • I have 500 brushes from m subscribing to 20 different boxes a month. I wand a luxury brand.

      • Yes please!!!! Us ladies and gents and in between ALWAYS needs brushes!!! I’d LOVE a big fluffy kabookie brush, or big iconic fluffy blush/powder/ buffing brush…..a good foundation brush…..etc. I’m super excited to get this liner and they are thoughtful enough to send the tools to slap it on!! Hahaha. I don’t have either and haven’t been looking at gel liners like this fornyears, but always nervous because people complain about them drying up!!


      • Exactly! !!! I’ve collected so many from subscription boxes that I don’t have to wash so often

    • omg ikr. I have way too many. I havent even started using the brushes from the last 3 boxes

    • Still love getting new brushes. Maybe after I have been a subscriber for a year or more I will feel differently but I started out with very few and happy to add to a now growing collection.

  8. My concern is if they will send out pallets according to skin tone indicated on our profile? Because I know this one in the promo photo will not work on my dark skin…

    • I don’t know if this is helpful at all, but I don’t contour my face and used the last pallette they sent as my transition shades on my eyelids. I don’t know if they would still be too light for your skin tone though. Just another idea 🙂

    • They use that profile to find statistics of their subscribers as a whole. The box is not personalized. Hope that helps.

      Also, the highlight may work for you. And, if it’s powder it will probably be good eyeshadow.

      I’m sorry it doesn’t work that well for your skin tone. Me neither.

    • I feel the exact same way. I have half a mind to ring up C.S. and ask if they actually have my skintone preferences on file. Frustrating getting colors that don’t match my English Rose skin tone. Yikes! What is a girl to do?

      • They have always got mine wrong for 2 years. I called they say it’s random.

    • At this time boxycharm doesn’t go by our profiles. That means like last month I got blonde brow gel for my nearly black brows and in May if this palette comes I’ll never use it bc it’ll make me look like a potato.

    • Well hell they missed it last moth for me I am very fair and got the ugly blush for deeper skin tones I don’t think they go off it.

  9. Any idea if the Pur palette is safe to use as eyeshadow? I don’t contour, but those shades look like they’d make a nice daytime smoky eye.

    • Same with me, Bee. I would love these for eye shades. I never bother with contouring.

    • Should be it’s cruelty free. I use contour all the time as eyeshadow. They recommend you not use lipstick on your eyes.

  10. Very excited to try the liner, I’ve been wanting to try out and find a good one since I don’t own any gel liners. Very excited for this coming month, Hopefully the pur palette wont be as disappointing as their eyeshadow was. It wasn’t a fail, but compared to my other shadows it just didn’t do it for me

    • Me to very excited

    • Wow I look bed the eyeshadow palette. I have used it a lot.

  11. A primer, eyeliner, brushes, & contour palette for $21!!? That’s a great deal already. I’m so excited for the month of May. 👍👍👍

    • I agree Liz. I think this is already an awesome box for $21 🙂

      I am concerned at how dark the contour palette looks, but I’ve been surprised before at how well some of the other products actually worked on my light skin once I tried them. I start out with a small amount on the brush and add more if needed.

      Very excited for this box to get here!

    • Me too!!! I don’t mind getting, at times, things I cannot use. My friends and family are more than happy to take them. They are also great gift filler ideas as well as a nice way to try something I’d otherwise not think about buying. Good way to build a make up bag as well.

  12. I did get the brow product last month in my shade.
    Make sure you guys have filled out your beauty profile!

    • You got lucky. They don’t use the profiles yet, at all. They’ve said hopefully by the end of the year, but we’ll see. I received the wrong brow shade but was able to swap with someone!

      • If anyone still wants to swap for the brown 02 and has the light let me know.

        • I have the light and need the brown…. if yours is closed with the plastic wrap I will trade!

        • Nicole,

          I received one of the light colors. I didn’t pay much attention since I have dark hair and just realized that it wasn’t close to a match. I would love to trade. I will see what color I have when I get home.

        • I have the light and need the brown 02!

        • Email me nicolesimon2008 at hotmail. I have brown 02 in the wrapper.

    • The profiles aren’t in use. It’s all randomly packed at this time. Call boxy and ask. They’ll tell you. They’ll also tell you on IG, via email or any way you like.

  13. I will be glad when they match our skin types and tones. I’m sick of Pur products but am happy for those needing this palette. Mine will be play makeup for my nieces.

  14. Yay!!! Another item that can’t be used by darker skin tones! I just LOVE IT! 😩

    • Or lighter skin tones. I’m a redhead, and those colors look WAY too dark for me to ever touch.

      So really, who is the target audience for this product? Sometimes Boxy has AMAZING stuff, which is why I haven’t cancelled my sub. The value is usually there overall, but a lot of the time it seems like companies like Pur and Colourpop use Boxy to get rid of their ugl-ycolored items that no one buys, just to clear out their inventory.

      I wonder what percentage of people really know how to contour? It seems like a process that only serious, heavy makeup users use. And yet this will be the 2nd or 3rd contour palette Boxy has sent out in the last 6 months or so.

      • Redhead here, too. 😵

      • My thoughts exactly! Hated all of the ugly brown lippies we have rec’d so far from boxy in the last two years. Who buys these colors?? 😥But I would rather get PUR palettes anytime than the Real Her makeup!

        • Agreed! I haven’t been able to use one of the lippies we have received, I would look like a clown!

      • I agree only serious makeup people like celebs, and men contour for the most part…same with highlites…not many people use those either…mostly YouTubers for the cameras since their lighting doesn’t pick up every poorer, nook and cranny…

        Also put is better by far then the real her or that Bella pierre junk.

        It would be cool if they maybe did more pallettes and makeup that is good quality and made in the USA, France (hear their makeup is phemonal and skin care stuff) just to get to try out makeup from places other then c hina and or inventory companies need to dump because no One wants it otherwise.

        • Interesting! I’m addicted to hthe highlighters and contours and I’m no beauty expert lol

          • Here in Indiana people just don’t use them. You can go out in public and “people watch” and see. Also, I remember watching a recent jeffree starr video where it talked about him and his partner Nathan bought and remodeled a home in Michigan for them to stay at weeks at a time to go visit Nates family, and he said he was absoulety shocked when they went to the malls, and out shopping and eating because he didn’t not see 1 person that had on highlite or contour in the whole year or so they have been going there to fix up and find their home.
            I think if you find any using it in the Midwest, it is going to be the younger kids, and “YouTube beauty guru ” type generation.

        • Well I’m not a celebrity or a man or a youtuber and I like to contour and LOOOVE a good blinding highlight. I guess it all comes down to personal preference 💁

    • Tiffany, I was about to say the same thing. It is a shame how many items I can’t use from subscription boxes because they are not intended for darker skinned people. quite sad

      • It is. They say they won’t do skin tone specific yet they continuously provide colors that at least show up on fairer skind people. Irks me. I’ve been a subscriber for 3 years and I never thought I’d say this, but boxy is getting old with me bc of this.

    • I really hope that changes when they start using our profiles! Due to my super pale skin I can understand the frustration to a point, but I have many more options. Yosef pays attention to comments on these posts so keep speaking up and be heard!

      • Thanks Crystal… Hopefully they’ll finally hear us.

    • Same here. I saw this and immediately knew it was too light for my skin. Oh well. 🙁

    • You can use it as an eyeshadow…

      • They’ve sent me enough brown shadows to last a lifetime.

      • Only if it’s eye safe…

  15. You know I love you @boxycharm and MSA for always keeping me up to date on all my subscription boxes. I always come to you in search of the spoilers and the what’s new. Thank you 😊 from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  16. So tired of contour palettes. I just use them as blush. My face is way too pale

  17. Omg I’m so happy I signed up in April lol I’m loving this…I need a bronzer palette sooo bad, I have one that just doesn’t work lol so this would be awesome, plus I don’t own any of the other spoilers so all of these would be new to me!

  18. I’m overloaded on everything but still love these palettes. It’s nice to have a bunch of different tones of bronzer to work with even if you don’t highlight and contour regularly. You can always try as shadows and liners if you just can’t with the contour or have a darker skin tone. I still reach for that pur highlight palette we got recently. It looks like a Barbie kids palette in the pan but looks really lovely on.

  19. not bad so far, want to see how this all adds up to 170+

    • The contour is $30. The 3 brushes alone are $45. The primer is $38, liner is $24 which is $137. . That’s 2 items and about $33 short of a full box for May , maybe lashes and a lipstick

  20. I know exactly whom I would gift . I could throw in a brush! Voila! Happy Birthday , kiddo.

  21. Super excited about getting this palette…i hope it is the item. I only have one contour/hightlight palette and honestly it’s junk, so a replacement would be nice. My current palette has cream contour and a very orangy powder contour and both are hard to work with.

    I like Pur products, the colors are good. I would take Pur over another neutral colored eye shadow palette, how many shades of brown/tan and light pink does a person need? The secret to a lot of eyeshadw pallets Pur included is using something like Fix+ or a mixing medium. Those really let you pack on color and keep it from turning muddy or transferring. Anyone with hooded or mature eyes should try out a mixing medium….literally changed my entire make-up life.

    So the 4 items so far are
    PV Eyeliner
    CoverFX primer
    Atheistica Brush Trio
    Pur Highlight/Contour Palette(?)

    That means there are 2 more items still in May’s box. So excited!!


  23. I am super excited for this I hope we all get it then. I really can use this . I got Boxycharm just for beauty products like this I can use and i will this the other stuff no interest .
    My teen is excited for the eyeliner she saw that and squealed lol

  24. I feel kinda “meh” about this box so far. I have more contour palettes than I can handle. The last few boxes have been awesome. I know they can’t all be awesome. I will use the eyeliner, brushes, and primer though.

    • 100% agree. I’m not feeling this box at all, except maybe for the primer.

    • Same. Considered cancelling for May, but I do like the primer & brushes.

  25. Dana: the complaints were mainly from the last Boxycharm/PUR collaboration, many felt the shadows didn’t go on and/or blend well. That said, prior to that collab, there was a PUR palette called “Soiree” which was pretty darn good. It’s now one of my go-to’s.

    • How is the pigmentation of the PUR shadows, and do they have a lot of fallout?

      My ColourPop “Golden State of Mind” palette from the April box has some fallout even when I apply with setting sprays etc., but fortunately the colors are pretty neutral so it’s not a bid deal. I can pretty much brush it off/blend it out/cover it up with concealer.

      • Hi Dana-I love their eyeshadows. Just bought another palette during their Bogo sale last week. Super buttery and pigmented and blend really well but there is fallout with their glitter/shimmer shadows when applying but once on I haven’t experienced any more fallout during the day. I just use tape or lots of baking powder under my eyes when applying and then brush or rip off (gently).

        • Thanks for the additional info!

  26. I’m psyched abt the primer, liner and Aesthetica brushes. The 3 brushes alone are $45. The primer is $38, liner is $24 which is $107. Even if the PUR item is this palette that I likely wont be able to use (looks way too warm for my skin tone) this brings the total to 4 items and $137. That’s 2 items and about $33 short of a full box for May so I’m still hopefully that this box will be EPIC!!!

  27. Oooh I sure hope not…..i don’t do the whole highlite and contour thing. Makes me look funny and I have texture on my cheeks …plus every time I’ve tried I look like a clown. Heck, the last contour pallette boxy sent months ago I still have untouched and unopened…the real her one I believe?!?! Ugh. Happy thoughts this isn’t it…..

    Maybe a nice blush pallette?!?! Lol

  28. Would be happy to get a contour palette, always on the lookout for new cool tone shades!

  29. It’s one of those things I’d never buy, but might be fun to play around with.
    So I guess no Jack Daniels then lol.

    • Haha! I’m hoping for a variation and getting vodka! 😜

      I’m wondering if the brush set that many thought were by Pur and this contour might be variants…

    • bummer! 😛

  30. I’m kind of hoping not. I don’t contour, and this doesn’t look like it’d suit my very fair/cool toned skin much at all. :-/ Still liking the other spoilers, so it won’t be a loss as long as it isn’t the hero item!

  31. I hope everyone gets a liner brush. Of all the things I don’t need more of, I’d like to get a blush or a powder.

  32. Well since Gaby did a contour and highlight video for YouTube today I’m betting this is probably a May spoiler!

  33. The only PUR product I’ve tried so far is their Miracle Mist Hydrating Spray. I just picked it up during the Ulta spring sale and I really like it. (Plus the bottle looks so pretty on my vanity — bonus.) I’ve read that earlier Boxy subscribers weren’t happy with the PUR shadow palette received in a previous box. I haven’t tried their shadows, but base on my experience with the Miracle Mist, I’m open to trying out more from this brand.

    • I honestly wasn’t expecting to like the eye shadow palette we just got from Pur (I’m not an eyeshadow junkie) but I actually really love it!

    • Oooh I just looked that mist up….that bottle is pretty, I wish sub boxes would send things like this and setting powder etc ….but I might have to buy it and try that out.

      • I got an email last night that right now Pur Cosmetics has a BIGO SALE. So you can buy that spray you want with the pretty bottle you can get 2 for the price of one. Check it out. Hope you get the sale!!!

        • BOGO ***

      • I probably should have added that the bottle is plastic (just in case that bothers someone), but it is still very pretty. And the spray is refreshing. Ulta had it for $10 throughout their spring sale.

  34. want… so want! I have always had good look with the Pur items I have received

    • Just checked the email. The BOGO SALE ends Sunday. Add 2 items to your cart that are the same price and at check out, use the promo code ” BOGO18″ . I might buy something else today. lol. You can ONLY add 2 items of the same price per transaction, but shipping was free for me, and id only spent $26.00. Now go get your pretty bottle!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. I love boxy but I’m not excited about getting anything from pur!! Still a great value 😊❤️

    • I absolutely love Pur mascaras, more than Lancome, UD, Tarte, Mac, Dior, Tom Ford… I’ve used it for years. Love the brand.

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