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Allure Beauty Swag Limited Edition Box – Available Now!

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Allure Beauty Thrills has been rebranded to Beauty Swag with several Conde Nast magazines! The first box will be with Allure, second July box with Brides and third box with Glamour in September.

Pre-Sale is available now. You can buy all 3 boxes (May, July, September) for $149.96.

Here’s the Allure, May Beauty Swag Box:


  • CERAVE® Ultra-Light Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen
  • CHAPSTICK® Total Hydration Vitamin Enriched Lip Oil
  • DEGREE WOMEN® Dry Spray Antiperspirant In Shower Clean
  • DOVE Refresh + Care Volume + Fullness Dry Shampoo
  • FREEMAN BEAUTY Feeling Beautiful Glacier Water + Pink Peony Gel Cream Mask
  • THE GRANDPA SOAP CO. Thylox Acne Treatment Soap
  • HASK Charcoal Purifying Dry Shampoo
  • INVISIBOBBLE® Original – The Traceless Hair Ring
  • LE CHAT*** Dare to Wear Nail Lacquer
  • LOBE MIRACLE Ear Lobe Support Patches
  • MILANI® Amore Shine Liquid Lip Color in Delight, Tenderness, and Crush
  • NEXXUS Keraphix Damage Healing Hair Reconstructing Treatment
  • NEXXUS Keraphix Damage Healing Masque
  • OGX Smoothing + Shea Sleek Humidity Blocking Hairspray
  • TOM’S OF MAINE® Orange Blossom Natural Beauty Bar
  • WET N WILD Glo™ Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter
  • WEN BY CHAZ DEAN Mandarin Italian Fig Cleansing Conditioner
  • WEN BY CHAZ DEAN Saw-Cut Shower Comb
  • WEN BY CHAZ DEAN SIXTHIRTEEN Daily Cleansing Treatment

FYI – thiss box is separate from Allure’s monthly subscription box – check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews for more info.

Are you going to grab a box? Want to see it reviewed?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I love this box and ordered them ! I like Wen .

  2. Will these be for sale separately?

    • They usually sell separately.

  3. I would like to order these boxes. I used to do the preorder but after the disappointment of some of the products aka fake nails in several boxes. I decided not to preorder but instead buy the boxes I was interested in. So I purchased the December box from 2017. I was charged feb 24. Still no box. I have called several times and finally just asked for a refund two weeks ago. Still no refund. This is terrible customer service. If they would have handled my problem I may have purchased but I will not give them more of my money with this issue unresolved. So good luck ladies. I hope your purchase goes well.

  4. I used to absolutely love the beauty thrills boxes up until the past few years, they have become such a disappointment. Last year was the worst. Payed for the year in advance. I felt lthat we were so overcharged and some items were either missing or damaged when I received the box. Allure couldn’t replace them because they did not have anymore of the items so I was out of luck on those two products . I will pass. I don’t want anymore drugstore items.

  5. I was all set to pull the trigger. I’ve done the prebuy for a few years now but I think I’m going to pass this time. It always bugged me that they didn’t give a discount for prebuying all three boxes. Then they started discounting them when they didn’t seel

    I also looked at the items again, and my stash, and there’s just nothing in this box that I need or really have to try.

    I do miss the old boxes with all the higher end products. Hope the next box is nicer.

    • Jayne, I completely agree with you. And I’ve seen others share the same opinion over the last couple years. I can’t help but wonder if Allure just doesn’t care about our feedback or if they’re too tied down to the existing brand relationships they have and no longer want to seek out new brands to include. I feel it has to be the latter since they continue to feature the same brands/products despite the tanking popularity of this box.

    • When can we buy just the May box?

    • Same here. There’s only one item in the box that I would actually use.

  6. By far, the most appealing thing to me in this first box is the Degree deodorant, so I guess that’s a hard pass!

    • Oh my gosh yes!! I am just going to buy myself that deodorant.. And stop looking at this box..

  7. What is the ear lobe thing??? I used to anxiously and eagerly await these and have Phone in hand, browser on site for the launch. I don’t know if I’ve just been a beauty box sub head for so long that it takes more to excite me, or if these have truly become underwhelming. I feel like they used to include more high end stuff, so it was luxe and practical and easier to justify the purchase.

  8. I’ve been buying these boxes for the last 7+ years since they were the allure beauty box and advertised in their magazines. Back when you had to sign up for one because they were sold out in 5 min flat. I just can’t do it this year. I always looked forward to them and when they started doing the yearly subscriptions was one of the first to sign up. Despite them turning from awesome high end discoveries to toothpaste, I’ve always been a buyer. However, this is a low. I wanted to love the wen from the October breast cancer awareness box. So much so, I stuck it out through 2 whole bottles. It has ruined my hair. I now have frizzy regrowth from all the hair loss I experienced using that product. I’m saddened to see such an awesome beauty surprise filled box turn into this, but it’s time I say goodbye to these boxes…

  9. Man, I would LOVE to get this…but I’m currently working on using up a lot of products like these from past beauty thrills boxes….obviously these are brand new but…they’d end up sitting around for 6 months while I use up everything I have!! But man I’m so torn. I’ve always loved these boxes, I DO have a lot but 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve got lots of friends and family who love to get nice little presents from boxes if I get something I don’t need….problem is I just signed up for Bomibox because I love Korean skincare and that box is so dang amazing!! I think I’m going to wait on this….I may be kicking myself later but I don’t think so. Honestly I’m scared about purchasing all 3 boxes at once; I did that with their Allure x Rue La La boxes because the first one looked so amazing but ended up disappointed with the second box (half the products were duplicates I’d just received so I ended up giving those away), and by the third box I was just Pissed Off. I used three samples from that box and the rest of it is just sitting in a closet I was so disgusted with the size and quality of the items I can’t even bring myself to give them away cuz I don’t want to be giving someone something that doesn’t work or that they aren’t going to like. I’m reluctant to purchase all 3 at once cuz I don’t want the same thing to happen this time. Have the first box be fun and cool and the last two be so-so….idk. Need some help figuring out what to do guys; take the jump and just get it cuz I know it’s a good deal and I’m going to use everything? Or save the money and pay full price for some specifics I’m missing?

  10. This would be an excellent buy for someone just starting out in this beauty box addiction world, but most of us are on product overload. I would love to buy this for the sake of buying it, but I just don’t have room for… well… any of it

    • Oh my gosh, you sound just like me…. I would love to get this as everything would be very useful in my household, but I just don’t have the room anymore!

      • Me three! Exactly.

    • Me four! The story of my life.

    • It was easy for me not to even think twice on this one. Many of the items are things you can find at Target. You could get the Target box every month and still have money leftover for a good lunch rather than buy this!

      • Can you buy all of these things for $60? The last box I got from allure thrills, I paid the same price. When it was delivered, using the booklet they included and the net, I added all the products. It came to over $325. You could buy all these products, but they’d cost a lot more. I’d buy this if I didn’t buy the last few. I only have 1 face to wash, 1 head to shampoo, I’m drowning in overload.

        • It’s actually cheaper this year. Price with shipping comes to $50 a box compared to last years $60

          • Yeah but isn’t there a lot less items and value?

  11. No way would I buy this without knowing what type of products the other two boxes will contain. The products in the Allure Box are just meh….I don’t know what happened to Allure their Beauty Thrills boxes use to be awesome. I haven’t purchased one in about three years. If they release more information on the other boxes I may reconsider but for now with them being a mystery I will pass on this offer.

    • Right! I feel like ALL of Allures boxes have gone downhill!! It’s different products but the same brands and they’re nothing special in my opinion. Needs more NEW products, and a semblance of order maybe? Like shampoo and conditioner, body wash, One dry shampoo, a face wash, toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and THEN add in some extras like tools or whatever, that would be nice…. This box is pretty random I like the drunk WalMart spree comment, made me laugh out loud and nod because that’s what I thought at first too 😂

  12. First time I’ve seen a box with two dry shampoos in it ( full size, I’m sure).

    Takes it completely off the table without even reading the rest!

    Are they only going to sell the boxes in unseen bundles now?

    I might be interested in Brides or Glamour curation but this is just NOT me.

  13. Why don’t people like wen?

    • Lol

    • Someone paid to have their products tested and they were found to contain asbestos.

      • I’ve been using Wen for years and have not had any issues with hair loss or scalp issues; I didn’t even have any issues from the Taxotere claims when I went through Chemo – hair grew back & this time curly which was nice.
        Would love to get this one also, but I am in the process of scaling down at this point. So I am being very selective on what I keep these days.

      • The asbestos claims were about Claire’s stores eyeshadow and makeup. I haven’t read anything about asbestos in wen products, just the widespread claims of hair loss from their cleansing conditioner.

    • Look up Wen reviews. There are many users that claim the product has done terrible damage to their hair and scalp. Large volume hair loss is not an uncommon claim.

    • And there were tons of complaints about the hair products making people’s hair fall out. There was a class action law suit that Wen settled for $26 million.

    • It is making people go bald…google it

    • I was one of the people who lost all my hair and it hasn’t gotten back to normal. I received a settlement

    • I am a dedicated WEN user, I have not shampooed my hair in over a year and my hair is better than it has ever been. 🙂

    • apparently some ppls hair fell out from using it. Ive used it before and LOVE it. I assumed it was bs but who knows .Im assuming some ppl are allergic to one or more ingredients used in it.. it suppost to be natural ingr and there seems to be a lot of exotic oils in there. Im not sure what would make ones hair fall out unless they had an allergic reation to something. which could happen with any product. im allergic to wheat am I going to sue wonder bread? no. lol

  14. I still want to try the wen sixthirteen if anyone gets it and wants a swap 😊

    • I tried the Wen SixThirteen Ultra Nourishing Intensive Body Treatment (from a previous beauty thrills box) all over my body. Got dressed for a dinner and wore a dark blue camisole under a shirt. SOMEHOW the lotion took the dye out of my cami and I had a blue back 😳 it was really weird. I couldn’t figure out anything that could’ve caused it, nothing I’d done differently except use this lotion. The camisole is a dark color but it’s been washed multiple times and I’ve NEVER had that happen before. I didn’t notice any problems or bad things about this lotion before that, and had used it multiple times….but after that I quit using it. In my mind, if it could pull the color out of my shirt what could it be doing to my skin that I’m not noticing yet? I don’t know, maybe there is a perfectly good explanation; I just wanted to give anyone reading a heads up that this happened.

      • Yes I’ve had that happen several times with lotions. The lotions oils adhere to the dye pigment molecules if it hasn’t fully absorbed. Nothing to worry about though. 🙂

        • Thank you for the information!! The color came off easily with a wet wipe, not like it stained my skin, just wanted to be cautious. I’ve tried tons of products over the years; both natural and chemical loaded (back before I learned to read a label and not just trust the statements made lol) and had never had anything like this happen before….BUT as I said this was a Very dark blue color. Thank you for letting me know that it’s just a problem with the lotion and shirt, because I haven’t had any skin reactions to it. It is a nice, long lasting body cream, different texture, nice smell, I’d be willing to try more from this line. I’ve never had a Big problem with any Chaz Dean products.

    • I’ve been using 613 for over 5yrs and have had no problems with hair weirdness or hair loss. I do wash and condition my hair twice a month so that probly saved me from the sebum build up other people were having issues with. 613 is the only thing i have found to help my psoriasis(of the scalp), works better then anything from the doctor even for me.

      In short…..i am very keen on swapping for 613!

  15. I’m tempted and use to always do these boxes. Just not seeing enough there that I would use so this one is easy to pass up.

  16. TWO cans of dry shampoo? I believe I’ll pass as it is very harsh on my fragile hair. WEN, on the other hand, is mild, fragrant, and makes my hair like silk.

    I might buy one of the other boxes, but not 3 without any info on the other two. I think they are disingenuous in trying to offload 3 of these drugstore boxes at once after RENAMING them.

    • They do this preorder every Spring for all the boxes. The only difference this year is the name/collaborations.

  17. I’m tempted but no! I was so happy with the recent Beauty Report box which was only $30 with so many great products. Way cheaper than Allure! If you haven’t tried Beauty Report, I highly recommend it!

    • I agree! The Beauty Report Box was awesome! This box looks like I drank a few glasses of wine and went shopping at Walmart…BR introduced me to new products and had a lot to offer.

    • My thoughts exactly I was actually excited to see Allure has a special box.after looking at products what a let down the quality is not there for $119.00 and they value it at $750.00 well I amLOL
      The Beauty Report beats this Allure hands down.This is more like a bunch of companies want new customers and using the Allure brand to promote Just not high end products IMO .others may see it diff tho

      • They’re valuing 3 boxes of mostly, if not all, full size items. The box shown above is only 1 of the 3.

        • The supposed $750 retail value, though, could very well turn out to be total junk to YOU if it’s stuff you don’t use.

          I think it would take a true addict to spend this much on boxes sight unseen.

          • LOL I guess I’m a true addict.

    • These ‘THRILLS’ now Beauty Swag boxes are ALL full size though (they come out every few months each year). I order Beauty Report too -which is mainly deluxe and samples of clinical or spa grade items that I do prefer. These Allure boxes are drugstore brands with a few spa grade items thrown in. It is a crazy deal for all full size products. I love these boxes too…even though i prefer Beauty Fix or Beauty Report brands for skin care. Wanted to clarify for ya…

  18. I really, really would like to see the Bride and Glamour boxes before I commit. I’m not excited about the Allure box, but there are some useful items in there. $150 is a lot, especially since I can’t see 2/3’s of it.

  19. Easy pass for me.. I already have most of that stuff, plus, I’m so overloaded with even more stuff, that I probably won’t even get to most of it before it expires. At $149.96 for 3 boxes, that makes each box $50 a piece, for $250 worth of drug store stuff. I’m just too spoiled.. I mean, after the Beauty Report box that cost only $29.99 for over $350 worth of higher end stuff, I just can’t pay that much for drug store stuff anymore..

  20. It’s funny how Wen is such a polarizing product! I tried it for a couple of weeks after my friend who loves it gave me some to try. Too much build-up for me, but her hair always looks great.

    • Haha, I’m not a fan. I tried it a few years ago and was totally disappointed. It left my hair dull looking and unmoisturized. I did not get the hype.

    • I adore Wen! It’s all I’ve used for about 5 years and my hair is healthy as can be. I’m always trolling for it on swaps if anyone wants to unload theirs!

      • I lost more than 50% of my hair in 2015 after using wen. I was one of the people in class action lawsuit that received a settlement. I had to wear a wig for over a year. My hair hasn’t gotten back to normal either. It is very thin and brittle and I still have bald spots.

        • Gosh, I hope that settlement was substantial…

          I can’t even imagine what I would do if I lost my hair…

        • Sorry you went through that. Questions; do you know what caused the hair loss? And was Wen products or their cheaper brands? I hear lots of different things.

      • Me too!!! I’ve only been using it for a year but I love it and have a stockpile and I am always looking for swaps!

  21. No way, easy pass lol

  22. Well the first one is no bueno but I got it because Allure has surprised me in the past, maybe the other two will be awesome!

  23. on their link it says *Plus $9.99 shipping and handling per box

  24. Definitely a pass! Even at $20 I would pass on this box.

    • Totally agree with you, nothing interesting in it

  25. $50 for all this drugstore stuff? Nope.

    • $60 with shipping!

  26. Usually they say “full size” products, but I’m not seeing that. Does anyone know if the products be full sized? The Nexxus mask (I think that is what it is) is in a pouch. Not sure if it is different in stores, but that’s the one making me wonder. Also the Dove dry shampoo looks kind of small too.

    • If it’s like their last boxes, yes. The boxes are big, and really heavy, crammed full of full sized products.

  27. If I wasn’t on so much product overload, this would be interesting to me. I’d use the Wen and a few other things. But, I since I have a Wen subscription and have bought a lot of Julep polishes lately, it isn’t worth $50 to me. Has anyone used the Lobe ear lobe support patches?

    • Cyndi, what Wen subscription do you have? I use wen product and I really like it. Despite all the horror stories, I did not have any issues and love how my hair feels after using Wen. I would be interested in their subscription

      • Hi Svetlana – I’ve been using the sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner for nearly 3 years. I have fine – medium textured hair and find that it has made my hair feel thicker, have more body and holds up better in humid conditions. Sometimes, I will take a break for a week or so and use something else and I really notice the difference. I’ll probably continue using it for a long time to come – it works really well for me!

      • BTW- I have a quarterly subscription which includes 3 bottles. They bill monthly about $26

  28. If you click the link it says you can get all 3 boxes for 119.00 I believe.

    • I was wondering about that. Allure’s advertisement shows $119, but MSA’s post says $149. I was wondering if that included $10 shipping per box or something. I guess I could click the link to find out, but I’m passing on this so I’m not gonna. haha

      • They are every year now.

        Check last year’s for how not amused people who prepaid were after they’d been released a while.

  29. I can’t BELIEVE they are sending Wen products in these boxes! After all the lawsuits and awful things their products do to people, I’m shocked Allure would partner with them! I will definitely not be getting this box.

    • I’ve seen wen in a few other sub boxes as well.. it’s always made me go “wtf”

      • They have had Wen in a lot of these boxes.

  30. At least there aren’t any press-on nails this time 😂 (I’m mostly kidding, I know some people liked those). I always patiently await the release of these Allure Beauty Thrills boxes, but I’ve passed on the last 4. Too many repeats of the same brands and/or products.

    Surprised to see three Wen items since that was so controversial the last time around (again, totally get that there are Wen fans who do love it). Not sure Allure cares about the customer feedback on these boxes since they never seem to adjust the contents. Will be interesting if the other mag brands curate a different assortment or stick with the same old, same old.

  31. Eh, easy pass for me, this is too much like Allure Thrills which I don’t care for at all, especially when we are talking serious money.

  32. I really like the Tom’s orange blossom soap, but that’s about it from those pictures, and since it’s only like $5 and at my local Target, no, I won’t be getting a box. LOL.

  33. Don’t mind me – I’m just here for the comments! 🙂

    • Yes! As soon as I saw all the Wen products I was like, WHERE IS MY POPCORN?! *thisisgoingtobeawesome*

      • Haha SAME, Ann!!! 😆

  34. Tempting, but I don’t like Wen. It ruined my hair.

    • Wen gave me the first on only back acne I ever had. Obviously not for me!

  35. I WAS excited about this when I read the headline, but this first box is heavy on “drugstore” and/or other brands I’m just not a fan of, so I’ll skip this one. I’m still patiently waiting for my April Allure Box – they charged me but I haven’t gotten an email with shipping information, boo!

    • Same here. Looks like they charged me on the 11th, so a little later this month.

      • I was also charged on the 11th, just got notice today that my box was shipped!

        • Awesome, hopefully I’ll get notice soon as well! I started seeing stuff from the month’s box up on the swap site, so I know some people are getting theirs and I’m jealous 🙂

      • I was charged on the 17th…West Coast…

        Not sure if it was shipped…

        • It shipped today.

    • My allure box was also billed on the 11th; it shipped yesterday (the 19th).

    • Just got mine today. It was the terrible #1 box. Real let down, especially since I paid full price. I must say, these items don’t look much better. Was hoping for more since it’s their first reintroduction of this box. Oh well can’t win em all!

  36. Do you get all six nail polishes and all three Milani lip colors, or just one of each, luck of the draw? I’m new to this box. Thank you!

    • It says (on the site) only one of the nail polishes. I would guess it is the same with the Milani, but it doesn’t read like that.

    • It says you get all 3 Milani lip colors but only 1 nail polish

  37. Does anyone know if you are billed $119.99 or $149.96? I see the higher amount in the checkout information section.

    • It’s the $149 after shipping. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks, Liz for posting the TRUE price! A lot of people wouldn’t know.

    • $10 shipping each box total $149.99

  38. What! That is NOT worth$700 😣

    • Oh..opps, misread, sorry

    • I think that’s the price for the 3 boxes and the value for all 3 put together

    • I think it’s $700 for all THREE boxes 🙂

    • I thought the same, Lin! I went to see if there was more information on the site (because the promo picture didn’t seem sensible). I was sent to a place that seemed to want to charge me $149.96 for pre-sale prices, but I didn’t want to enter my credit card info in order to find the $119.99 section.

      • That’s how much all 3 are with shipping.

        Normally they go on sale after they’re for sale. They used to sell out in minutes. It’s sad.

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