Subscriber Survey: What’s Your Longest Running Subscription?

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Sunday Subscriber Survey time! This week is all about what subscription box has kept you as a subscriber the longest!

What box have you subscribed to the longest and why?

For me, it’s Birchbox – I’ve been subscribing for over 5 years. It’s why I got hooked on subscription boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Julep! Had it since December 2013. Have never cancelled, just skipped a few boxes. I love their skip a box feature.

  2. Longest was Beauty Box 5, think started w them their first or second month, believe in 2011, but we all know what happened w them last Summer!😭😭 Luckily, I’d cancelled in July because I was moving and did get my last box and later removed my info from their site!👍🤞
    After that, a friend signed me up w Allure back when it was still Sample Society back in March or April of 2014, I believe! More came in the next year like Ipsy, Birchbox (cancelled Dec 2016), Julep, Glossybox (cancelled ’16/17 but have started bk getting some!), Elf Play Beautiful (think only 2), Boxycharm, Sephora Play and BeautyFix, and some K beauty like Mishibox, Miss Tutii bag (think about 6 months) and Beauteque Monthly. Tried out some others for few to long near year or more months…like Lip Monthly, TOM box, Lola, and Instacandy etc. Since moved on to Ricky’s and Macy’s but still have all the original ones except Mishibox! Also been getting Graze since December ’14 & Love w Food for two yrs i think now plus tried PSMH for 5 months bk in Feb ’14 when they had good Valentine’s box!

  3. I’ve been with HorrorPack about 18 months. I just canceled, not because I don’t like it, but I’m overloaded with horror movies so thought I’d take a break.
    I’ve been with Ipsy almost a year and a half & like it overall. I think because of the cost I’ll probably stay with it for another year

  4. I will have had Ipsy for 3 years in May. I’m usually very excited about at least one or more items in my bag every month now that it’s become better personalized to my preferences through my reviews. Plus the bags are always handy for so many uses and make great gifts :-).

  5. Birchbox, 2012. I’ve left a few times and subscribe now for sentimental reasons only.

  6. Last month it would’ve been Sephora, but I’ve canceled it. So now it’s Loot Wear for her

  7. Bulubox since 2012

  8. Birchbox, but not continuous. It’s the only one that doesn’t go completely away…mainly because I barely feel the 10.00. I use the samples for travel and have found some favorites.

  9. Boxycharm for almost 4 years followed by LookFantastic which I ave subscribed to since their first box out of the UK. About to cancel Boxy as I am palleted out. I could supply 20 people with makeup. They are still the best bang for the buck. LF has introduced me to more high end brands and their annual and LE boxes can’t be beat. I will stay with LF.

    • Thanks for the look fantastic info been on the fence but I am going to take the plunge

  10. Had Birchbox for over 3 years but canceled a while ago.
    I’ve had Beautyfix for almost 2 years and I love it for the skincare.
    I’ve also had Sisley Paris for about 2 years and their skincare is amazing!

  11. My longest running sub is Julep since June 2015. I thought it was Uppercase but that is from May 2016. Although I’ve never skipped a month of Uppercase and I have skipped many months of Julep. So, they might be close to even.

    I have stayed with Julep so long because I like their: products, rewards and customer service. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with nail polish or make up so in those instances I will skip a month.

    I initially assumed I was subbed to Uppercase longer (and maybe I am, just did a super quick check) because it is one of the first subs I discovered through MSA (before that I had subbed to Birch box and had canceled a long time ago) that I have continued to love.

    I have checked out a lot of other subs since coming to MSA and have tried some for a couple of months or broken up with and gotten back together with but Uppercase is one of the few that has never disappointed me. I think Lisa Parkin must be my spirit animal because I love all of her picks. This is hands down my most consistent quality sub. Which may be crazy to some because book subs aren’t known for their value. I sub to it not for it’s value but because I appreciate the service they provide.

    P.S. DID a quick check Pusheen is tied with Uppercase. Squee!!! Love Pusheen although it all falls under the do-I-need-this category but still brings me great joy. But even before Uppercase, but after Julep, is Loot Crate’s Firefly box which I have subbed to since their first box 2/16? I think I temporarily blocked that one from memory since Loot Crate is seriously messing up and is going to find itself with very few long term customers with their delays and random nonsense.

  12. Birchbox, October 2014 & still going……
    Followed shortly after by Popsugar Must Have – regular monthly box & short lived mini box (remember those?)

  13. Allure – 3.5 years non-stop and still going. I think it’s consistently the best at that price point.

  14. Julep Maven since Aug 2016, ipsy subscriber off and on since 2015

  15. BirchBox – tried for 1 yr. disappointed w small sample sizes and unknown type products.

    Love Sephora Play and Allure Beauty Box for 3-4 yrs now. Also love Target and Walmart Beauty Boxes for over 2 yrs. which are great size products and really a bargain.

  16. I started w 1yr of BirchBox, did not like the tiny unknown type samples and such small sizes, plus many repeats.. Got BirchBox-Men 1yr for my guy, it was much better

    I am now getting Sephora Play 3 yrs. and Allure Beauty Box 3 or 4 yrs. I like both their sizes and name products I can use.

  17. Macys, Boxycharm and Jewelbits……….sometimes Target………used to have Allure, Sephora and Wal-Mart but cancelled them…..

  18. Ipsy since September 2016. A friend gave me a 3 month subscription to Birchbox a number of years ago, but it wasn’t a good match. They have too many hair products for my liking. I signed up for Play! in February 2017, and BoxyCharm in October 2017. Then I added the Winter FabFitFun. I’ve been eyeballing BeautyFix, but will have to cancel other subscriptions first. There is only so much product one person can use!

  19. Ipsy and the Quarterly Lit and Ya boxes. I like the idea of three books in a box.

  20. BOXYCHARM for a couple of years now.

  21. I’ve been a Julep Maven since 2015. This is the best quality/value box I have found, and it is so easy to either customize or skip. I was utterly sold on their skincare line until I discovered I recently discovered Saranghae (more expensive, but it’s a miracle for my ageing skin). I will probably keep Julep for the rest of my life, though.

  22. Ipsy by far. For just $10 its always worth the value

  23. I just got into subscription boxes last year and right now Onyxbox is my longest running subscription. My subscription started in June 2017 and I can’t imagine dropping it any time soon. It’s great.

  24. I just recently made big cuts in my subs for financial reasons. Out of my original 3 from 2014 when I first started, only Ipsy has never come under fire. I am sad to see the ones I didn’t keep go, but no way am I letting go of Ipsy. It might not be my fave overall, but it’s the best on for 10 bucks and its rewards system is pretty clear cut. I do look forward to my bag, and I like that there’s a clear and easy way to review items and get rewards. Had Glossybox continued Glossydots where you work towards a free box, they probably would have made the cut too.

  25. IPSY ! & BOXYCHARM! Tied!

  26. None really. I never do annuals and am constantly cancelling boxes. Hello fresh is my longest, but I skip about 75% of the time. I skip bespoke most months too.

  27. Oui Please since Nov. 2016.

  28. 100% Boxycharm. I feel like I’ve had all of the beauty subs at some point in time. I only still have Allure and Sephora, along with BC. All of the others fall short for me in some way. Although I did just order the FFF with the bundle and $10 off because I love a few of the items. But I will cancel and not continue until I see another random one I might want.

  29. FabFitFun and BotM

  30. Ipsy and Play!

  31. Fabfitfun. It blew my freaking mind! 🤯. Now, I’m completely addicted! I’m anxiously awaiting the Margot Elena box. It should come today! ❤️

  32. As I read the responses Ipsy seemed to be the one to keep! I feel the same way. I used to have birchbox, allure and play as well. Got rid of those but love my ipsy. Recently, started FabFitFun- I have received an editors box and the spring box. It’s ok. I just subscribed to singles swag because I can get it for $30 a month. I’m back and forth on Popsugar because of the $75 a month. I think I will have to at least get the first box because I feel like they will try and win back some favour with a great first box after the recent mystery box debacles! Does anyone else feel the same?

  33. Been with Boxycharm for 8 months. I started with them in an attempt to build out my client kits on the cheap but a fair amount of the items make their way into my personal kit 😋.
    I’ve gotten the occasional BeautyFix box but I’ve never actually subbed with them. I just refuse to pay out my money for a box that is mostly tiny samples.
    I recently signed up for Tribe. It’s supposed to be geared towards MUAs so we shall see…

  34. Book of the Month and Birchbox were my 2 longest subscriptions.

  35. Beauty fix. 3 years.

  36. Gwynnie Bee I’ve kept for 4+ years. I’ve kept it for the convenience and because it changed my clothing shopping habits. It’s weird to realize I’ve spent over $2,000 a year for this sub for this long.

    • It’s easy to forget that I’ve had Allure & Rocksbox this whole time too, I’ve went over a year forgetting to mail Rocksbox packages back to them. Its $19 mo just low enough to forget it easily.

  37. I only found subscription addiction back in June and started getting stitch fix. I love stitch fix. They have some nice items in the boxes that they send me and if I don’t like the things I do not have to buy them of course which is nice. Before I found subscription addiction I did not even know there were subscription boxes.

    Since then I have tried a whole list of them and love them. I love this site to. Liz does a great job here.

  38. Graze for about 4 years now. Everything else I’m pretty fickle with and have cancelled and restarted, but Graze keeps delivering great snacks that keep me from eating candy bars from the vending machine every afternoon.

    Tho lately I have been skipping the regular box and ordering from their store some.

  39. Degustabox–it’s pretty consistent about being above the value and sending foods we will use. FabFitFun would be up there too if I could have afforded to renew when my yearly was up. I’m back with them now. I started with ipsy and Birchbox but dropped them. I’ve gone back and forth on Allure and BoxyCharm several times. I liked Sugarbash, but decided not to do the new structure. I had been getting the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome and enjoyed it for the most part, but the more I interacted with the company, the worse they seemed. They seem like used car salesmen from the 70s…always a gimmick, not quite truthful, and questionable customer service.

  40. Birchbox & Ipsy

  41. Ipsy – 5 years! Been with Boxy for 2 1/2 years but I did take 2 breaks with them.

  42. I’ve been with the Allure Beauty Box since it started.

  43. I guess mine would be My Texas Market.

  44. FabFItFun has been the longest.

  45. BoxyCharm- 5 years. I love them!

  46. Ipsy! It was my first ever and for 10 bucks I can’t for see ending it. Birchbox was always underwhelming for me, and Play has been lately as well.

  47. I started birchbox, ipsy & glossybox at the same time

  48. My longest has been RenttheRunway. I do go on hold a lot but the sub gives me an opportunity to try new styles or get clothes for fancy occasions. It’s no longer affordable so I don’t exactly recommend it. When they first started, they were only about 50 bucks!
    My longest consecutive have been Plated and Goodbeing.

  49. Fabfitfun, bark box, Planner Society and the most expensive one is Adidas Avenue A. I miss it so much! I wish they still continues, but because of the complaints they temporarily stopped.

  50. Boxycharm – going on two years. The value is outstanding. I can’t quit them.

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