Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Review – January 2018

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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box is a subscription box that sends you therapeutic grade essential oils paired with ingredients, bottles, and extras to make 5-6 natural recipes. Simply Earth offers a monthly or quarterly subscription option.

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box laying down

This is a review of the $35 monthly recipe box. According to the Simply Earth site:

Every month, we’ll send 4 full size 100% pure essential oils + 1 -2 extra + bottles to make 5-6 recipes. So you’ll have everything you need. Each month is a new theme. Plus, you’ll get more ideas and recipes on how to use the oils inside your box outside of the recipes included.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Review - Box Contents

About Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

The Subscription Box: Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

The Cost: $39.00/month + free US shipping or $45/every 3 months + free US shipping

DEAL – Use coupon code SIMPLYFREE to get a bonus essential oil with your first box.

The Products: 4 full-size 100% pure essential oils + 1 -2 extra + bottles to make 5-6 recipes around each month’s theme. Simply Earth donates 13% of profits to fight human trafficking.

Ships to: US free shipping + Canada ($9.99 shipping)

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box January 2018 Review

Bergamot Essential Oil box Bergamot Essential Oil box Open Bergamot Essential Oil bottle Bergamot Essential Oil bottle with the lid off

Bergamot Essential Oil, 15ml – Retail Value $13.99

Bergamot oil is extracted from the peel/rind of an inedible fruit cultivated and sourced in Italy. It has a savory citrus aroma. Bergamot oil is said to help soothe the nerves and reduce stress. I like to use this oil in my oil diffuser, but you can also dilute it with a carrier oil and then apply directly to the skin. Some people like to rub Bergamot mixed with a carrier oil on their feet before bedtime to help them relax.

Angelica root essential oil box Angelica root essential oil box open

Angelica root essential oil bottle

Angelica root essential oil bottle with lid off

Angelica Root Essential Oil, 5ml – Retail Value $11.99

This Angelica Root oil has a peppery, earthy smell and is thicker than any oils I’ve used before. It sank right to the bottom of my diffuser while other oils usually float on the top. The Simply Earth website says:

The Chinese employ at least ten kinds of angelica, well known for promoting fertility, fortifying the spirit, and for treating female disorders generally.

I really liked this oil blended with Geranium Oil in my diffuser as recommended on one of the included recipe cards.

Geranium Essential Oil Box

Geranium Essential Oil Box open

Geranium Essential Oil Bottle

Geranium Essential Oil, 15ml – Retail Value $13.99

Geranium Essential oil has a very sweet and floral scent. This oil is often used to even out skin tone or add vibrancy – just always remember to use a carrier oil to dilute! It is also said to help add a healthy glow to your hair, just add a few drops to your shampoo and/or conditioner. Used aromatically, Geranium can have a grounding effect. I found the sweet aroma a bit overpowering on its own but really liked it blended with the Angelica Root oil.

Curb Hunger Essential Oil Box Curb Hunger Essential Oil Box open

Curb Hunger Essential Oil Bottle Curb Hunger Essential Oil Bottle open

Fit (Curb Hunger) Essential Oil Blend, 15ml – Retail Value $11.99

This fresh and sweet smelling oil blend is a mix of grapefruit, spearmint, and lavender essential oils. The Fit blend is designed to help curb hunger. I love the smell of this blend, I prefer to diffuse oil blends that have a mint oil to them as they’re so refreshing and make a room smell instantly clean. This recipe box included the supplies to turn this into a craving curbing roll-on.

Bottle of Camellia Seed Carrier Oil Camellia Seed Carrier Oil Suggested Use Information

Camellia Seed Oil, 4fl oz – Retail Value $9.99

It’s always smart to have a good carrier oil on hand when you start using essential oils. You can mix essential oils with a carrier oil as you go to apply them to your skin or use them to make your own roll-ons. The camellia seed oil is said to be great for aging skin to reduce fine lines. This oil is 100% pure and full of antioxidants. I noticed only a faint oil aroma that doesn’t mask any of the essential oil scents.

Bentonite Clay Powder

Bentonite Clay – Buy a 1lb jar for $6.65

Bentonite Clay is a common ingredient in many face masks and is made of volcanic ash. It is used to remove toxins and purify the skin. Some people also like to ingest bentonite clay to help settle an upset stomach.

Set of 3 roll on bottles and one oil bottle

Set of 3 10ml Glass Roll-On Bottles and 1 5ml Oil Bottle – Buy a set of 12 roll-ons for $12.99, $11.99 for a set of 12 5ml bottles

This box also included amber glass bottles so I could make my own roll-ons and small oil blend with the ingredients and recipes included. I like that the bottles are a dark amber glass so to prevent excess light exposure which can harm the oils.

roller ball bottle detail

Here’s a look at the roller bottle with the lid off.

roll on bottle disassembled

The roll-ball topper pops off so you can fill the bottle with your custom essential oil blend and carrier oil.

Small empty essential oil bottle

This small 5ml bottle is great for mixing oils and creating your own blends.

essential oil bottle with the lid off

There is a small plastic piece that helps the oil come out in drops rather than pouring out.

empty essential oil bottle disassembled

All the pieces come apart so it’s easy to pour your oils into the bottle.

Mud Mask Recipe Card

Mud Mask Recipe Card

I mixed up this mask using local honey we already had on hand. It took a bit of work to get a paste going with the sticky honey and powdery clay but things got easier once I added water and the oils. The mask mixed up to a gray-green color and smelled really good with the sweet honey scent and oils.  I put it on my face as quickly as possible, trying to follow the “immediately apply to face” instructions. I have pretty sensitive skin so I only left this mask on for about 8 or 9 minutes before removing with a washcloth. I would definitely advise using hot water on the washcloth because it’s a sticky mask and hard to remove. Afterward, my skin was a little unhappy with how I had to scrub at it to get the mask off (I couldn’t get my water hot enough in time and was worried about leaving the mask on too long) but calmed down after I put on some lotion. Overall, my skin was slightly smoother after using but this isn’t something that will become part of my regular routine.

Bye Bye Eye Bag Roll On Recipe Card

Bye Bye Eye Bags Roll On Recipe Card

It was very easy to mix this recipe up in the little roll-on bottle. I put in 6 drops each of the Geranium and Bergamot oils and then filled the rest of the bottle with the Camellia Seed oil. The essential oils smell great together and are easy to roll onto the skin. I’m always worried about trying new products on my face, especially close to my eyes but this blend didn’t irritate my skin at all. I don’t typically have issues with under eye bags, just dark circles, but this will be good to have on hand for when puffy eyes strike!

Grounding and Energizing Blend

Grounding and Energizing Blend Recipe Card

I really like the way the peppery, earthy scent of the angelica root oil mellows out the sweet and floral fragrance of the geranium oil. I liked having this in my diffuser at work to help boost my energy and keep me focused. I did find that if I had it too close to me on my desk, the geranium fragrance was a little too strong, but it worked well farther away, dispersing through the whole room.

Fit Roll On

Fit Roll On Recipe Card

This recipe takes the Fit oil blend and makes it usable on the skin. I put 12 drops of oil in the empty bottle and filled the rest with the camellia seed carrier oil. I always get snacky around 3:00 in the afternoon at work and appreciated having this around to roll onto the back of my neck to curb my cravings. I’m not sure if the behavior was a good distraction to stave off cravings or if the oil worked magic, but either way, I’ll take less snacking by any means!

Wrinkle Away Roll On

Wrinkles Away Roll On

Like the other roll-ons, this was easy to make. I really enjoyed mixing these, it reminded me of chemistry class in high school!  I used this roll-on on my forehead where I have one prominent wrinkle growing. The effects were not immediate, and like most things, would probably take several uses over time to work. I did like the extra hydration from the oil, and the scent of the bergamot and angelica root oils together is really nice.

Oatmeal Milk Bath Recipe

Oatmeal Milk Bath Recipe

I wasn’t able to try this oatmeal bath because it calls for whole fat dried milk and I avoid dairy products.

labels for bottles


The box also included small labels printed on kraft paper so I can label each of my roll-ons and blends.

Verdict: I think this is a great box for anyone who is looking to get into essential oils or anyone who wants to expand the ways they use them. Before trying this box, I had only used oils aromatically in a diffuser or just taking a few sniffs straight from the bottle. I am pleased with the quality of these oils and appreciated being encouraged to try something new. The carrier oil is a great size with lots left over to use with other oils in my collection. This box is a great value – I got 4 oils (plus extras) for the price I’m used to paying for a single oil blend. Plus, I feel very good about the fact that each 13% of the profits from these oils go toward helping to end human trafficking.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No. If you subscribe today, you’ll receive the March box.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $39.00 (with free shipping) so you’re paying roughly $3.54 per item. 

Keep track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription box list or wishlist!

What did you think of this month’s Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box?

Written by Emily Cosnotti

Emily Cosnotti

Emily is a design enthusiast who loves beautiful objects. She’s really into vegan snacks, corgis, home goods, and minimalist makeup. She is currently fostering a healthy subscription addiction.

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  1. I have fond memories of oatmeal baths – but not like the recipe calls for, I believe it was just oatmeal in a cheese cloth (non instant, not cooked)
    The oatmeal oozes out all milky like but without getting oatmeal pieces everywhere!
    Perfect for little kids with all over sunburns, and even head lice I believe – 2 things I sadly got quite a bit as a kid especially the former being a very pale fair haired water loving kid!

    My mother made them for me so I don’t remember all the details, just that it was very relaxing and soothing – would probably be great with a few drops of essential oils added in once it the oatmeal got everything all milky!

    Man, now I am missing baths – no bathtub 🙁

    • Awww! I have memories of oatmeal baths to soothe poison ivy rashes. We have a bathtub but the plumbing is old and only the hot water works!

  2. Have you tried using dried coconut milk instead of dried whole fat milk? Native Forest makes a great one. It may work. I avoid dairy as well. 🙂

    • I have not! I was wondering if there was a way to sub in a coconut milk product instead because I figured it had the right kind of fat to replace whole milk. I haven’t used a dried version of coconut milk before though, thanks for the tip!

  3. Just remember that if you put bergamot oil on your skin you could sunburn more easily.

    • Oo that’s a great note – I’m very fair and avoid the sun most of the time so this is so important for me to know. Thank you!

  4. This looks awesome!!!!!

  5. The coupon code doesn’t work. It states invalid coupon code even with the diffuser added to the cart.

    • Sorry about that! I just updated the post with a working coupon code.

      • So is it not a free diffuser with purchase anymore?

        • I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with that coupon. I’ll update if it starts working again. Sorry!

  6. This box looks awesome! I’m curious about the Angelica Root- what, exactly, is a “female disorder?” 😂 PMS? The vapors? “Hysteria?” Inquiring minds want to know!!!

    • Female disorder = rampant desire to eat all the chocolate and buy all the things? That’s my best guess anyways.

      • This made me laugh!😄

    • Laugh. Out. Loud.

    • Ha!

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