PUR Minerals Mystery Grab Bag Review + Coupon – February 2018

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Pur cosmetics mystery grab bag March 2018 outer packaging

PUR Minerals periodically releases a mystery grab bag of full sized products, and this version promises a value of $95! These mystery grab bags are typically composed of older stock. Check out our reviews of previous mystery bags to see what you can expect.

FYI – this box is now sold out.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About The Box

The Box: PUR Minerals Mystery Grab Bag

The Cost: $20 + $6.95 shipping

Coupon: Use code mascaratrifecta to get a free mascara set!

The Products: Six full-size items. “The best surprises are the ones we give ourselves! We took your feedback into consideration and have created another fabulous Mystery Bag! Each bag includes two or more HOT 2017 releases and one of Instagram’s all-time favorite highlight palettes! Overall, 6 full-size products – a $95 value for only $20!”

Ships to: US, Canada, and International

Pur Cosmetics Mystery Grab Bag February 2018 Review

Before delving into the product descriptions, I believe it is important to note that this was the photo Pur Cosmetics used to market the mystery grab bag. As you can see from the photos above, the products included in this mystery bag did not match up to the photo used for marketing.

Pur cosmetics mystery grab bag March 2018 review

Pur Cosmetics x My Little Pony Glitter Lip Topper in Rarity, 0.11 oz. full size – Retail Value $16

Pur Cosmetics x My Little Pony Glitter Lip Topper in Applejack, 0.11 oz. full size – Retail Value $16

Pur Cosmetics x My Little Pony Glitter Lip Topper in Fluttershy, 0.11 oz. full size – Retail Value $16

Pur Cosmetics x My Little Pony Glitter Lip Topper in Pinkie Pie, 0.11 oz. full size – Retail Value $16

Pur Cosmetics x My Little Pony Glitter Lip Topper in Twilight Sparkle, 0.11 oz. full size – Retail Value $16

Of the six promised items in this bag, five of them were glitter lip toppers from the Pur Cosmetics My Little Pony Collection. From left to right, above the colors are Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle. The formulas themselves were not bad— not too sticky, a good tint of color. However, it is hard to truly appreciate the products on their own when you were expecting something else based on the photos Pur chose to market the mystery grab bag.

Here are the swatches. From top to bottom we have Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle.

Pur Cosmetics Elevation Highlighter Palette with Fan Brush

Pur Cosmetics Elevation Highlighter Palette with Fan Brush, Full size – Retail Value $15

The sixth item in the mystery grab bag matches the marketing photo Pur used. This small highlighter palette definitely pushes the boundaries of being “full sized,” but honestly I am just glad I didn’t get a sixth glitter lip topper to really be fussed. The highlighters were a creamy powder and easy to pick up using the included fan brush. I did need to go in and blend out the highlighter after applying it though— I am not sure if that is user error or way the fan brush naturally deposits the product. I like that all three shades aren’t too over the top. I may also use this palette for eyeshadow when I don’t want too much eye makeup but want to add something. However, maybe I am just jaded, but I can’t really see what makes this highlighter “one of Instagram’s all-time favorite highlight palettes.”

Here is the highlighter palette swatched below the lip glosses. From top to bottom we have Boost, Altitude, and Upgrade.

Here is what the lip glosses looked like when the sun went down and there was no natural lighting. You can really see the punch of sparkle these lip glosses pack.

Here I am wearing the Altitude highlighter on my nose and cheekbones, as well as Pinkie Pie on my lips (and my Clarins Mascara and Julep eyeliner on my lower rim).

The Verdict: I am disappointed in this PUR Minerals Mystery Grab Bag. It feels like Pur was being intentionally deceptive by using a marketing photo that did not accurately reflect what the box would contain. I haven’t seen them, but according to the comments on our spoiler posts, it seems that some people got an assortment of items, and some most people got five glitter lip glosses. The value does meet the promised $95, but this does not feel like a $95 bag of makeup.

The Wrap Up:

Can You still get this box if you sign up today? No, this is sold out on the website.

Coupon – Use code mascaratrifecta to get a free mascara set!

Value Breakdown: For $26.95 ($20+ $6.95 shipping), this bag has a value of $95. That means for each lip gloss you are paying approximately $4.54 and for the highlighter palette you are paying $4.25.

What did you think of the PUR Minerals Mystery Grab Bag?

Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t go on pizza and when I’m not studying for law school I’m relaxing at home with my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like!

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  1. The only reason I ordered this was because of MLP:) so I’m glad I got the toppers. Now to find Rainbow Dash

  2. This mystery bag seriously pissed me off, especially bc I ordered 3 & they were all identical.

    I HATE LIP GLOSS!! I would have literally been fine with ANYTHING else but now I currently have 15 lip glosses I won’t wear & 3 identical mini palettes. I ALSO DON’T BELIEVE THIS SHOULD BE CALLED A PALETTE WHEN IT’S SMALLER THAN THE PALM OF MY HAND!!


    • Would you consider selling or trading 1or 2 of the palattes?

  3. I ordered this with the coupon so I got it for like $17 I think. I received the two piece on the go lipstick and eyeshadow palette, the pure 4-1 Volume Vixen mascara, a lipgloss topper in Rainbow Dash, a blending crease brush and a hello Bright Eyes eye pencil photos will be on my ig shortly ~ Glamorous Grandma ~

    • Omg you got Rainbow Bash! I’m jelly 🙂

  4. I’m disappointed in what I got but only because I ordered 3 bags hoping they’d all be different and drumroll…they were identical. On point Eyeliner in black, Contour Diaries Palette, Big Look Mascara, blending brush, primer. I got the stated value worth of makeup however, so not angry and gave my friends the extra products I don’t need.

  5. I ordered this specifically for the MLP toppers, which I always wanted, but of course I got the other variation with the portable lip/eyes palette, blending brush, bright eyes, and mascara. If anyone wants to swap, please let me know. I’ve been looking on the site for the MLP, but I’m not sure where people are listing them. I haven’t been able to find them.

  6. I received the lip toppers and highlighter also. Do I want to keep any of these no but am I upset no. It’s a mystery bag so I had no expectations. This is my least favorite mystery bag but I will just use these items as gifts.

    • Hi wanna trade?

  7. #SCmani #contest @influenster @Sinfulcolors_official

    • I didn’t mean to post that! I mean to say my bag is still up for trade for the mlp bag!

  8. Ladies I received a completely different bag! I got a blending crease brush, a pur quick pro portables 2 piece on the go lipstick & eye shadow palettes, pur minerals eye pencil with smudger, volume vixen 4 in one mascara & only 1 mlp lip topper! Someone please trade me this bag for the highlighter & lip toppers bag! Please! Id like to keep this lip topper & replace with something else. Let me know!

    • LOL. We complained to no end about our bag and you want it and don’t want the one most of us probably would have liked. I am sure you will have no problem trading. I don’t want mine but hate dealing with the shipping process.

    • I’ll trade. You want the 5 lip toppers and the highlighter right?

      • Yes i sure do!

        • Let’s do it. What’s the easiest way for you?

          • However is the best way to do it. We can go to the post office & ship each other our packages at the same time. They have the if it fits it ships plastic bags for like $7.

          • Can you find me on fb?

    • I got the same thing, I really wanted the toppers. Errgggggg. I tell you, why, just why?

    • Now should I complain it doesn’t match the spoiler picture? Desicions….their going to think I’m crazy lol since everyone didn’t want the lip toppers x5.

      • They were trying to make people happy and changed it up. Happy they did. Too bad I got the stupid toppers.

        • Do you want to trade?

          • Sorry, I already gave some away.

    • I could trade, I got 5 lip toppers. I also got mini highlighter that I would like to keep. Maybe we could work something out. Send me a message on facebook. Kim (Hunsicker) Abersold if you would like to.

  9. Thanks to this I now have to watch some My Little Pony! Haven’t watched it in awhile, but this thread helped be a proud adult fan 😉
    Would be a nice comfort show while being bombarded by lots of homework and finals for college classwork

  10. I would of loved this and kicked myself for not getting it if it also included the my little pony pallet lol! I’m dying for that pallet and the brushes. They can keep the lip toppers they are pretty and would look nice in my collection but I probably would not use them

  11. I was disappointed with this box as well but, as a couple of others have pointed out, 5 of the six items DO match the products in the picture. Only difference is that the pot and small brush were not in this box. Does it suck? Yeah. But it’s a mystery bag. I don’t think PUR should be practically boycotted for something like this. If I had ordered 6 mascaras and got 6 glosses, that’s a reason to be upset. What fun is a mystery if you know exactly what you’re getting in advance? I’m not a die hard fan of PUR but their mystery boxes are usually pretty good. This one just missed the mark.

  12. You can’t expect a mystery box to match up with a marketing image, particularly if it’s just a silhouette. Sometimes these surprise grab bags are gtreat, sometimes they’re not. All part of the risk & fun.

    • People were upset by more than than fact that it didn’t match the silhouette. It’s the fact that we received 5 lips glosses and My Little Pony lip glosses. I am 37yrs old, lol. Who would want 5 of the same items in a mystery bag. I would have been upset if I received 5 highlighter pallets. They will go bad before I could ever get through them. I hope these hold out until Christmas so I can gift them to a foster girl in our family. She’ll love them. I think they knew they were being shady, they had to know that not too many people would want 5 MLP lip products.

  13. I was very disappointed when this arrived. I also received the five lip toppers and was expecting more of an assortment of products. My teenager is allergic to aloe so we have to READ every label. I hoped for an assortment of products for her to try. I think I will call PUR also.

    • I got a completely different mystery bag. It has a liner 2 mini pallets one eyeshadow & the other lipsticks a crease brush a mascara and only one lip topper! I hate it! I really wanted the mlp set! Ugh anyone wants this I’ll trade!

  14. At first I was a bit irritated. This is my 3rd mystery bag from Pur and I have always been happy. However I own no lip toppers in my collection and the quality of these are just amazing! On their own they make my lips feel super hydrated and the colors are gorgeous!! The mystery is part of the fun and I never expect anything to amazing…..this ended up being a super nice surprise especially because these toppers are something I never would have tried!!!

  15. I didn’t jump on this one, however looking at the silhouette I’m confused as to how it doesn’t match up with what was sent. The picture actually shows four silhouettes that match the lipgloss a silhouette that matches the highlighter and the silhouette is glitter. The only thing that doesn’t match up is the little eyeshadow brush however there are 4 lipstick silhouettes and they sent five.

    • There is also a little pot of something – could have been a face mask or lip scrub or mineral powder, etc.

  16. I ordered this for my daughter. I received a call today telling me it was out of stock. I could pick between a berry or nude item and they would send me that instead. I picked nude and assume it’s the 3 piece pro kit. If anyone would want to trade for it let me know. You would think with so many unhappy people they could have traded them that and got me what I wanted. I will say the rep was very nice and apologetic.

  17. I’d have loved this box. I’m honestly sitting here, it’s 11 at night, kids are long asleep, and I’m watching the Myself Little Pony Movie. I’m a huge MLP fan!!

  18. Oh man, I would have been sooo disappointed if I’d gotten this. Really hope I can swap for Twilight Sparkle, though — I take librarian representation how I can get it!

  19. I just got my box in today and I love it! I love the different glosses and the colors are actually pretty amazing. I think when I first saw My Little Pony I did a second take thinking it was supposed to be for elementary school kids, but I love the pigment and color. I really like the highlighter. My last box had the same mascara you see come up a lot so I like the variety.

  20. I was one of the few people that actually liked this box and ordered AFTER seeing the spoilers. They shipped today. I hope I get all the lip toppers lol

  21. They should give people an option to mail these back for free. Not just get a refund but actually return the bags if they are that discusted.

    • I offered to return it

      • That’s not cool What people did. If you dont like it, return it. Names are going to be flagged now

        • Flagged for what? I expressed my dislike of my bag and offered to return it to them. They gave me a refund and didn’t ask for items back. Though they are welcome to have them back. I have no use for most of them.

          • I called and expressed dislike for the bag too…they want me to resend it to them for a refund. I will only get 20 dollars back and not the 6.95 that I paid for shipping and I will probably end up paying 6.95 more for the shipment…I am so disappointed in their customer service. I am debating if I should even go through the hassle of returning now!

  22. Thanks for the honest review, Jessica! I wish there was more in this mystery bag, but Pinkie Pie looks pretty on you!

  23. I’m glad I passed on this. I would be upset also at this grab bag for $20. Plus shipping.

    How much lip gloss can you use really that’s alot of lip gloss.

    I don’t know I would email them and demand a replacement bag and or refund now.

  24. I know a lot of people are upset but I honestly feel that mystery bags are mystery and usually a way of getting rid of older stock and hardly ever do the pictures add up to the actual items. That’s how I feel and I am not to disappointed. I would have expected more of a variety and I can also appreciate having a full set of something at such a discount. I received mine and I love the applejack! One last thing and I am sorry to come off as judgey, but I think that when posting a review it’s best to come from a neutral perspective as to not influence the readers on anything more than the quality of the products. That is one of the reasons why I love this blog. I have received some really crappy mystery bags but Pur didn’t disappoint they have a great quality and I get items I wouldn’t buy on my own and have discovered some favs this way. Jessica the pinkie pie looks really cute on you!

    • I totally agree. If you are not up to the “mystery” part of a box then skip it!! I can’t believe how people complain about the dumbest of things especially knowing you are getting left over, older stock (it says it right on msa posts!) I’d take those lip toppers any day for $26.

      • snowwhitetwin I’ll sell you the 5 lip toppers for $20 since you like them – a real bargain. I’ll even cover shipping. 😉

        • Did she want them? I’ll take them for $20 shipped!!!

        • OH and I’m profile 34185 if you want to contact me on the swap site! otherwise you can reply to this comment – i just forgot to have the OTHER comment notify me of follow ups by email!

          • I have them too if you’re not having luck. I’m on the swap site but have never used it so I’m not sure how to find you.

        • Did you get your mlp set traded yet?

    • I disagree. I appreciate the honesty. Some of the reviews read more like sponsored advertisements where they love everything and it’s annoying. Thank you for the honest review! I would have been pissed to receive this “mystery” bag of crap.

      • Yes, I agree with you – it’s a real pain when everything sounds like sunshine and roses when there is a real problem with a box. Just be honest and upfront about the issues, which is why I almost want this box bc I know about the discrepancy it’s not glossed over(no pun intended)
        I have seen some posts say a one liner about possible issues and even just that is good! I come here as I want to see the boxes reviewed, that includes any problems/issues/fixes – I want all of it. Would hate to of ordered it without knowing!

    • Are you serious? She is the only honest reviewer that is on this blog. Most of them give OVER THE TOP compliments about almost every single box and every single items in the box, when half of the time the box in questioning is definitely not that great for that month.

    • I think it is important to mention concerns like the products not matching the marketing photo. Leaving that out wouldn’t be neutral, just sweeping a major concern under the rug.

  25. I am so jealous! I would love to have these!

    • You can have mine!

      • I’m interested if she isn’t!

        • Ok, are you on swap page? Or what’s the best way to?

          • Yes I’m profile 34185 on the swap page – I’d be ok with swapping for it (if you see something) not necessarily at RV (sorry!) or I’d buy em for $20!

      • Have you got rid of your mlp set? I fit a totally different bag if you want to trade!

  26. So here’s the thing… I really was pretty happy about this, but I have got this group of glosses from three different brands now. Like, the exact same shades (excluding Apple Jack, but including the Rainbow Dash). My first set was from Jordana Cosmetics. I picked the whole set up at Walgreens, then bought several more of each. I love them! I then bought all of the Milani Stellar Lights (two of each of a couple of them) and when I put them next to my Jordana holographics in my lipgloss organizer, I realized they were not only similar but literally the Exact. Same. Glosses. Same consistency, wear, color, glitter, everything.

    So being that I’m this kind of gloss girl, I was happy to see these…. only to realize, with the exclusion of Apple Jack, these were again the exact same glosses I’ve been stocking up on in other brands. Price points: Jordana: $5, though I got a lot of them for $2. Milani: $11 PUR: Idk what they originally were?

    So anyone who might still want these, buy the Jordana holographics. Much cheaper, exact same product in a different tube.

    I’m thinking I’ll do a youtube video comparison. Cause this is crazy.

    • Thanks for the information!

  27. I was furious with this “mystery bag”. (It should have been marketed as a My Little Pony grab bag) I emailed them and basically was told “too bad, so sad”

    I will never order anything from this company again, and have removed myself from their marketing emails.

    Read that several people had their money refunded. Good for them.

    • I got something complety different! Want to trade if you got the mlp bag? I got a mascara a liner a crease brush 2 mini pallets and only one mlp lip topper but I’d like to keep it

  28. I mean… five lip toppers is ridiculous but they are pretty darn cool and you are adorable! The lip topper looks fantastic on you. Do you have it on alone, or over another lip color?

    • Hi Anne!
      Thanks for your kindness. I am wearing the lip topper on its own in that photo. The quality of the lip toppers themselves was good, it’s just hard to truly appreciate them when that was essentially all you were sent in a mystery box. Plus, it’s hard to find places where wearing glitter lipgloss is appropriate (I definitely wouldn’t want to wear it to the law office where I work, and that’s where I spend a lot of my time). I think if only one or two of the glitter lip toppers were included I wouldn’t be so disappointed.

      • I feel you! Thanks for the honest review!

  29. I know I am in the minority but I love them! I wear lip gloss all the time and would rather receive these than 5 black eyeliners or mascaras. It’s not what I was expecting either but not disappointed. I had the extra mascara code also so not bad for $20.

  30. I really wanted this collection. I hope I get this one. I don’t mind the Lip toppers.

  31. “Hey guys, we have a ton of these leftover My Little Pony lip glosses. What are we gonna do?!”


    • I would have been furious if I’d gotten this box. It screams “dump old product that didn’t sell.”

  32. I’m glad I didn’t order. I can’t believe reading how many refunds they are handing out. PUR lost so much money on this.

    • I was one of them. Man was I hot!

  33. Disappointed, but resigned to make the best of a mystery deal.

  34. Those lip glosses are actually pretty darn fantastic, I was surprised by how much I loved them! I actually ordered a second grab bag after I gave most of my first batch to my granddaughters……..yes, I’m over 50 and ended up loving these!

    • I received my 2nd grab bag yesterday and didn’t get the toppers this time, wah 😞😞

  35. I’ve gotten a couple mystery bags from Pur before and was happy….BUT the benefit of those bags was that you could usually guess what was in them prior to purchase thanks to the marketing silhouettes. And what I got matched. I also avoided some others because the clues and silhouettes weren’t things I was interested in. I didn’t need another highligher so I didn’t get this one. But I never would have guessed the 4 “tubes” would all be the same kind of lipgloss (let alone that there would actually be 5 of them)! Pretty disappointing that it doesn’t seem like the pictures are going to be a reliable clue now. I’m glad that some are getting refunds for the false advertising but it doesn’t sit right with me that others are only getting a small credit for a future purchase.

    • I originally emailed them and was given a generic reply and a $10 store credit. It seems that others have gotten the same response but some others had actually gotten complete refund. I called back today and spoke to someone and she gave me a full refund. She tried to say that the picture does not represent what is supposed to be in the box. Whatever, as long as I got my money back I’m not as angry.

      • Interesting. The picture always matched contents before….they should probably add a disclaimer if that’s no longer the case (I’m assuming they didn’t).

  36. Not user error, Jessica! Fan brushes are not the greatest invention in the universe. And we pale girls with pink undertones have a hard time blending these highlighters anyway…

  37. Ack! My little pony? So happy I avoided this.

  38. Thank you for your honest review of this mystery grab bag!
    I purchased one because I had heard so many good things about PUR products and was excited to try some of them. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. In fact I’m angry and yesterday I emailed PUR and asked/demanded a refund. I will not purchase from this company again.

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