POPSUGAR Must Have Box Summer 2018 SPOILER #1

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We have the theme for the Summer 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box!

It’s all about self-care!

And here is the first spoiler:

Eberjey Wrap Robe – Retail Value $88


Wrap yourself in a pretty pink robe that’s perfect for a DIY spa day or lazy weekend. The ultra-soft jersey feels luxurious and will keep you cool and comfortable.

This robe is available in S/M (up to size 8) and L/XL (Size 10-18) and XXL (Size 20 and up). The fabric is 100% Rayon, and very soft. Here it is on:

(I’m wearing the S/M)

The robe has an inner tie to keep it in place, too:

As you can tell from the pictures, this fabric is somewhat sheer. Perfect for a summer weather robe!

What do you think of the first Summer 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? Let me know if you have any questions about this spoiler that I can answer!

And here are the Add-Ons for this month:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box! (Your first box will be the Summer box.)

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am a true size 12 with a large bust size….is the l/xl going to be big enough?

  2. Did anyone see the most recent Popsugar email about choosing your robe size? I think there could be another visible spoiler or two in the promo photos. I spy a compact travel razor by Sphynx and some type of beauty jar (maybe an exfolliator?). Or maybe those products aren’t in the box at all! They do like to keep us guessing. 🤣

  3. I had written to PS about the Sold Out XXL sizes and they just got back to me today that the company will be making more available. They instructed me to go to my account where I would be able to make the XXL selection and I did. They did say that it will not ship with my Summer Box but separately a bit later. It’s worth a try if anyone missed out on that size before but I don’t know if they are still available.

  4. I’m seriously pissed off about them running out of the largest size so quickly! I logged on to the site to pick my size only TWO HOURS after they sent the first email. And it was already sold out! I emailed and they said they didn’t anticipate such demand and are working with the vendor to get more but I’m not holding my breath.

    What am I supposed to do with a bathrobe that’s too small? I’m tired of swapping more than what I’m keeping from my boxes.

    • Liz posted an update they have more size XXL in stock, I know a lot of people couldn’t pick a size before so I thought I’d post here too in case someone misses the new post about the robes.

  5. Another Spoiler Pretty Please !!

  6. It would have been nice if popsugar had gotten their act together for this box. A minuscule number of robes in popular sizes? And that’s 1/3 the value of the box? They’ve been selling boxes for years and they can’t even communicate with their customers.

    • AGREED

  7. Remember how fast the Jan. 2018 Sold Out and it really was not a Great Box could not believed it sold out that fast I did not get one in Jan. They were all gone

  8. Ok I’m one of those waiting for them to get back on me for an xxl robe. unfortunately I cannot move forward to the add ons before I choose a size. Hopefully they won’t sell out.

    • You can Choose a size then change it later.

    • Check back now.

  9. Is the box sold out yet ?

    • yes

  10. I love my robe from Happy Rebel so this is an easy pass. I just looked at their site and they still have 2X AND 3X in stock! Way to go HR!

  11. I would like to receive that pretty pink cup with some tea It is so nice Maybe it will be in the Popsugar Box. I hope we will still be getting a food item in our Quarterly Popsugar Must Have

  12. I just cancelled my Subscription I’m a 20 so I tried to customize XXL and it says sold out!

  13. Sold out!!

  14. PS began its new cycle of quarterly boxes in a nice way! Inclusive sizes for all the subscribers and that’s a plus! If the the smaller o bigger or medium size is sold out is not a shame – obviously it’s until stock lasts.

    It’s the first time — and my first subscription box– in which I can choose the size of X product and I think that they’re doing their best. And if the PS subscription box were so bad, I would not be sold out for the summer… in March!!!

    • The problem is the sizes sold out within an hour. No survey was given to current subscribers about sizes they would like or need. With this likely being the hero item many customers are left with the option of ordering something that doesn’t fit or cancelling.

      • AGREED! I tried to choose less than 2 hours after the first email and it was already sold out. It’s always better to order a robe that’s larger rather than smaller. So even if you’re not a size 20+ ladies might have larger. Meaning that’s the size they should have stocked the most of!

  15. I love Eberjay!! But not crazy about this robe because of the color. If it were in a more fun summery color or had some interesting lace or print I would’ve gotten the box, so I guess I’m happy I don’t like it 🙂

  16. Heads up – I just ordered and wasn’t able to get the summer box. It says my first box will be Fall.

  17. Hopefully, what comes from this is that PS (and BOS, etc) realize plus size girls like subscription boxes. I’m thrilled that PS offered sizing. I’m tired of one size fits most and hats. Excited for this new quarterly box!

  18. Bummer. I’m getting a much nicer pinky peach robe through causebox. Also, (if the sleuths are correct) I just got a couple S. Riley CEOs from Allure.

    • Cause box included a kimono in their Spring box. I guess technically if you’re under 5 feet you could use as a short robe if you could find a way to close it.

  19. Love this, and love that they included more inclusive sizing! Unfortunately, being very petite, and looking at the brand sizing chart, I am DEFINITELY an XS… which is not offered 🙁 Wish PopSugar understood that girls of all size, shapes, and body types subscribe!

    • I would not go by brand sizing. What would be nice would be if PS had listed true measurements instead of generic sizing. Some companies cut a size 8 like a size 6 and others cut a size 8 like a size 1O.

      The sizing on these is crazy! What a huge span The span of 10 to 18 is way too much for a L/XL. I would have liked a M/L choice because I like roomy robes.

      I don’t know why there isn’t a S/M, M/L and L/Xl then 1X, 2X and 3X. I am beginning to have reservations.

      The S/M looks a bit tight and short on Liz and she is thin. I would like to see different people in the robe like sometimes happens here. I like my robes roomy but the fit spans are insane! I am not going to be happy if the robe does not fit.

      • Agreed. Would be great if PS had included true measurements and a larger selection of sizes. Fingers crossed we both get one that fits!

      • I don’t think it looks tight or short on Liz, she said she chose that size to have it be more fitted.

        • I was not implying anything about Liz who is as thin as a model. It is just all the sizing discrepancies have me concerned. I like very loose robes but I am afraid a L/XL would drag to my knees because I am 5 feet tall. I think Liz is 5 ft 7 in. I would like to see both sizes modeled. I don’t usually like to robes to be fitted like the one Liz is modelingl

          The size variations are strange and not like the usual Eberjay sizing. I am at a loss as to what size to get. I guess the S//M. The RZ duster closes in the front on me so I guess I am a S/M. I will be upset if I choose a robe that is too small for me.

          • I didn’t think you meant that, I think knowing she sized down to have it more fitted is important. I’m 5’3 and have a robe this length that hits right below my knees. I too like robes to be larger and sized up because too big isn’t a problem with a robe but too small for me is. I wear a 38F bra and have to size up for boobs in everything I wear.

  20. I’m so excited for this box, and over the moon with being able to select the size! PS should have added a personalization thing to our accounts, that may have helped them order a more accurate amount of robes in various sides. I know the Pusheen sub box has you list your clothing/shoe size, and Rachel Zoe does as well (but I don’t think that company pays any attention to that anyway). It is a bummer some people can’t get their correct size. The robe looks fantastic and I can’t wait to have a lightweight one for the summer months!

  21. I have never gotten a PSMH box before, so I am not quite sure how choosing a size for the robe works. I just tried to subscribe and got all the way to the place order page without being asked which size robe I would like. I want to know that I will get a robe in my size before I pay, but maybe that’s not possible. Is it like FFF where you log in to your account to make selections after you are already subscribed?

    • Yep, you need to subscribe first, I believe. The XXL is out of stock at the moment.

  22. I love the robe. I finally subscribed yesterday. My reasoning- I feel like this first box needs to be really amazing – you know to get us hooked! Seriously though after reading all the comments I’m worried I may need a larger robe as well. At first I thought the L/XL would be fine but now I’m worried and I would rather it be to big than to small.

  23. Not sure what to do with the robe sizing issue.
    I’m a size 10 on top, smaller bottom. The chart says the L/XL ( combo size??) fits up to a size 18.

    Why are some of you who are size 6 sizing up to the large? That’s kind of worrying me about the sizing.

    I paid for this box 2 months ago and I STILL don’t have any email from them about choosing a size. If not for this site, I guess I’d never known?
    Thanks for posting this, Liz.

    • Liz posted that she’s a size Large at Forever 21 and she’s in the SM robe so I think you should be good.

    • Here’s her exact comment copied and pasted here
      “Liz Cadman March 20, 2018 at 5:38 pm
      For reference, I’m 5’7″ and a size large at Forever 21. I found the S/M to fit well (more fitted), and the L/XL fit well too – just a bit more fabric. I would recommend sizing up if you are between sizes. The fabric is thin and light, so it won’t add bulk.”

    • I told PS I was a size 6 petite and they recommended the S/M for me. They said they are not super oversized but still recommended the S/M. I am not really busty so IDK what somebody with a larger bust would wear. I am a 36 B. I wear a size M at Forever 21.

  24. Heavy sigh. Guess I’m too fat for the new fancy Popsugar subscription. 4 years as a subscriber, but I’ve been sized out. I don’t need a fancy robe. I just liked my reasonably priced must haves each month. This spoiler actually makes me feel bad about myself.

    • Marybeth, I caught myself feeling the same way. We purchase these boxes as a treat. For me personally, I bought this subscription to help myself feel better. All this has done is cause us all to obsess over our bodies! At first I was sure a L/XL would fit. Now I’m in a panic! I say NO MORE! Let’s hang in there. Everyone, not only the ones that need a different size should send a nice email to PSMH explaining this. Let’s have faith. I see beautiful women of all sizes relaxing in a pretty pink $88 Robe. Lol
      PSMH really doesn’t want a bunch of unhappy Curvy women upset this early in the game.

  25. The robe looks great but I already have a similar one. I do hope they can get the sizing figured out – they shouldn’t force anyone to buy a box with the wrong size!

  26. I’m so upset my size is sold out that I’m just going to cancel ☹️ And Popsugar is my first abd favorite box. Maybe they have enough time to get in touch with the vendor to add more sizes. They have months……

    Popsugar if you’re out there, please add more xxl robes!

    • Liz emailed and Popsugar said to email them if your size wasn’t in stock I guess so they can find out what they need and their reaching out to manufacturer.

      • Thank you! I emailed them and they said they’ll try to work with the vendor 😊

  27. I got the SM robe, bracelet and the shower cap. I am so excited for this box! I love lightweight robes in the summer. It gets into the upper 80 and even the high 90s wheree I live. I wear a warm robe about one month a year. I live in a temperate climate.

    Surely there will be a restock of the larger robes! I can’t believe how fast they went!

  28. I just tried to sign-up for this box, and it says my first box will be fall. Are they sold out already?

    • @Liz Can you find out if they’ve sold out?
      when I sign in it still says get the summer box beforehand.

      • It says that on mine too, but when I went to my account information it says that my first box is fall. I’m pretty bummed!

      • ETA: I emailed PopSugar & they’ve fixed it. I’m now getting the summer box.

  29. I used my BOS one this summer (I must’ve been the only one who liked it), and just got the kimono from Causebox, so I def don’t need another summer robe & this might be overkill but I sure do want it….🤣

    • Looks like we’re getting a wick oil burner too from the picture.

      • Where was the wick oil burner?

      • Are your sure that’s not an essential oil diffuser?

  30. I’m really digging the shower cap, I use Vivids hair color and don’t wash daily the shower cap is $28 on Amazon too.

  31. I love that we could pick our sizes. I dropped BOS as their clothing is so tiny and does not fit me. Even FFF Styled Box does not cater to sizes above XL.
    I’m so appreciative that PSMH did this. Impressed.

  32. So is that it for add ons? I’ve never received their box and I’m used to the bountiful you find in fff.

    • The add ons for FFF are the exception. PS and Rachel Zoe’s add ons are far more limited. Hope this helps!

  33. Liz are these oversized? I am a size 6 petite and want to make sure it will be large enough

  34. Are the AddOns an indication of what brands will be in the box?

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