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Peachy Box Gilt City Mystery Box – FULL Spoilers!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the Gilt City Mystery Peachy Box! This box is still available. This is a one-time purchase box and will not start a subscription.

The Peachy Box Mystery Box includes:

  • Spongelle: Zodiac Sponges (randomly assorted scents)

The Box: Peachy Box Mystery Box

Peachy Box is part of Gilt City’s exclusive showcase of inspiring female-led brands. In honor of Women’s Month, 5% of the proceeds from the collection (up to $5K) will benefit Girls Who Code—a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young women in technology.

The Cost: $26

The Products:

  • Akar Skin: Rose Quartz Massager
  • Vana Body: Babydoll Face Mask
  • Tarte Cosmetics: Maneater Eyeliner
  • Spongelle: Zodiac Sponges (randomly assorted scents)
  • Tea Forte: Sipscriptions Kati Steeping Cup & Infuser

Good to know: Boxes are scheduled to start shipping the week of April 20th, possibly even sooner.

Use coupon code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your Gilt City purchase – FYI – you may need to make a new Gilt City account to use this.


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  1. Received a shipping notice on Friday but it hasn’t shipped yet. Has anyone received their box?

  2. Did anyone receive this or a shipping label yet? I’m still waiting for my TWO boxes (impatiently)…

    • I was JUST coming here to ask the same… so obviously I haven’t heard anything either! 😕 It was supposed to be by today *or earlier*….?

      • Just got my box is shipped email today, coming from Georgia via USPS.

        • Yes I got a shipping notification on 4/20.

    • Shipping labels were generated today!

  3. I would love to swap for the Spongelle and tea set.

  4. Has anyone received this yet? Does it say when it will be shipped?

    • I just searched their website (because I’m impatient) and it said the box will ship the week of April 19….waiting…

    • I emailed and have an answer to my own question. –
      These boxes ship April 20th.
      I’m sure that was noted somewhere prominetly so that we could all see it. NOT!
      Nonetheless, it’s still nice and I will enjoy it.

      • Yay! It’s going to start shipping next week. I can’t wait. Thank you to all who inquired about the actual ship date!

        • Yes thanks! I’ve been wondering about this so I thought I’d come back and look at this post and I’m glad I did cause I got my shipping answer thanks to the nice readers here at MSA!

      • They printed the labels on the 20th but haven’t shipped my box yet…they said it would be shipped by Friday.
        I would never buy a Peachy Box again…horrible shipping times.

  5. Bummed that AKAR Skincare item is a face massager. These rose quartz massagers are cheap!!! You can buy a set of 3 for about $10. on Amazon. They’re called Guasha tools. They import them from China. I got this box hoping we’d get a lovely skincare item from AKAR. Can’t understand why they’d choose this to include. I mean why is anyone going to buy more of their high priced skincare if they don’t include a product to try?

    • Lisa, I’d love to swap you for the massager!

      • Hi Blondie! If Lisa does want to, I’ll swap with you! You can email me lacyann 1985 @ gmail . com

        • Lacy, email sent! 🙂

      • Sure Iggy’srock.

    • I was thinking the same thing…glad it’s not just me.

  6. I’m really excited about this box for $20. I’ve been wanting a facial stone, so everything else is really just a bonus. I’m thinking of getting another to split up as gifts for Xmas.

  7. So glad i ordered this. I ordered before spoilers but I didn’t want to miss out. Only thing I would change is the design on the Tea Forte cup. To me it’s the only design i would not pick. Rose quartz massager is what I’m super excited about and the face mask looks amazing. Black eyeliner i will use and spongelle is nice depending on the scent. Super excited overall for the price.

  8. I’m reaaaalllly glad I decided to treat myself to this box for $18. So worth it!

    • I may also be in the minority about the steeping cup…but I drink a lot of tea. And my bf is a pharmacist lol.

      • Anybody know if this actually comes with the loose tea?!?

  9. I can’t get any code to work. I opened a new account but it takes me straight to where you put your payment method in.

    • Same here

  10. The code FBCITY30 worked for me and so I got this for $18.20. A super deal!

    • Worked for me as well. Thank you

    • Worked for me too! I was going to purchase the box anyway, but this just sweetened the pot.
      Thank you bunches!

    • Thank you! Thank you!! It worked for me! It maybe the easiest decision that I make today! lol

    • THANK YOU! 🙂

  11. oh no! i can’t add it on my car, no option to edit quantity? does it mean sold out? cause it doesn’t say so on the page

  12. Just ordered one! I love spongelle and am excited for the tarte eyeliner. 🙂

  13. What is a quartz massager? It just looks like a heart shaped piece of quartz. How does it work? What is it for?

    • Hi Zo,

      It’s a facial massager. If you check on youtube there’s a lot of how to videos on stone facial massagers and the benefits as well as differences between stone types.

    • I too was confused when I saw that item. Apparently the stone is used to promote blood flow and circulation in the face. It is supposed to help smooth the skin and prevent fine lines. I watched an informative video on how to use it (it was kind of long but helpful in the end!). A quick google search of “how to use a quartz stone massager” provided the video. Personally, I’m excited to try it!

    • I found these instructions on a different website for a very similar product:

      To Use: Apply a balm or serum to create a surface for the Rose Quartz to easily glide without pulling skin. Use the edge of the stone with a medium touch to stroke upwards and outwards, stimulating blood flow + promoting product absorption. Feel the stone begin to heat up as you massage, increasing its benefits.

      • In other words, mumbo-jumbo, and any smooth object would reap the same benefits (if there are any).

        • Exactly! 😆

    • I found these directions on a different website for a similar product:

      To Use: Apply a balm or serum to create a surface for the Rose Quartz to easily glide without pulling skin. Use the edge of the stone with a medium touch to stroke upwards and outwards, stimulating blood flow + promoting product absorption. Feel the stone begin to heat up as you massage, increasing its benefits.

  14. This looks great! Just ordered. Thanks for the spoilers and so glad it was still available!

  15. YAY!! So glad I ordered this box now!

  16. I actually received a coupon for gilt city for 40% off so I definitely scored with this box!! So excited!!

  17. Really nice box! I just bought one because I absolutely love the steeping cup, which is worth $20 alone. Can always use automatic pencil eyeliner, Spongelles and face masks, too.

    Wondering how to use the massager, though – the Akar website has no information whatsoever besides the price (RV $35) and no customer reviews.

    • These things can be bought for $5. in chinatown. I’m bummed this is what they are offering for their item. I was hoping for some kind of lovely skincare. I already have a set of these that cost me $15. The only difference is they aren’t “branded”.

  18. Thank you Liz!!! I wasn’t sure at first but after seen the full spoilers I bought it. I’m waiting for my voucher and can’t wait to redeem!

  19. I don’t like the design of this Tea Forte item…the one on their Instagram was much nicer!

    • I agree. I was much more excited about it, than the one spoiled. I assumed it was going to be the one we were getting, so kind of bummed. It was much more versatile. This will have to be gifted. :/

  20. FYI, when you go to redeem the voucher on the Peachy Box site, even though you put in your voucher number and the total owed goes to $0, you are also forced to put in a credit card number! (And forced to create an account)

  21. Are these spoilers 100%? In the picture on their IG that announced the box, it had all of the same items, except the Tea Forte spoiler that has been confirmed by their IG. The other item was an actual tumbler and thought to be the Tea Forte item before they announced on IG that it’s the one pictured above.

    • These spoilers are directly from Peachy box. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you! 🙂

  22. I hope I can swap the tea mug/loose tea set, otherwise I like the rest of the items.

    • don’t think the loose tea is included?

    • I might be interested in it.

      • I’m not sure how to post my swapping link here but when I list it you can find me on the swap page.

  23. This is a nice assortment of items. In fact, this is what I want Cosmobox (or another ongoing box around this price point) to be.

  24. Really happy with this for the price. I love that all the brands were spoiled first so I had a good idea of roughly what to expect. I figured Tea Forte would be tea so I’m excited it’s a cup and steeper. Hoping for the Fire (Spiced Neroli) Spongelle!

  25. I don’t like tea (and I don’t have anyone in mind that would want that set either), have to try to swap that but the shipping will be a pain. Other items look pretty good though.

  26. Although I was really hoping for tea (not a tea infuser), the rose quartz massager makes this a worthwhile purchase for me. I’m slightly bummed that I still won’t have the opportunity to try out Akar Skin skincare products yet though…

  27. Love everything in this box!! 🙂

  28. I’m happy with this box for $26. Thanks MSA!

    • Does it come with the loose leaf tea?

      • No, it comes with the mug/infuser as Liz stated in her review

        • oh thanks! I missed that there was a review,

  29. I’m pleased with this for $20.

  30. Score. So happy with this box. =)

  31. I like! Glad I accidentally got two!!

    • I’ve been putting together a box of treasures for my beautiful mother’s 70th birthday, this box is going to provide some awesome additions!!!

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