Julep Maven April 2018 Selection Time + Free Box Coupon!

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It’s selection time for the Julep Maven April collection! Here are the items you can pick from:

There’s joy to be found in indulgence, and the April collection goes all in on the “treat yourself” mode of self-care. Because who doesn’t love—and deserve—a little sweetness every now and then?

One of our favorite yummy creations is back with a new & improved recipe. It’s Way Butter. Really! And it’s a real treat.

Our super sweet new polishes are sure to push some candy buttons too.

So go for a sugar spin this month because indulging in something sweet doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure.

Here are all the new polish colors:

And here are the new beauty items:

The best treats are as nourishing as they are delicious. Our delightful Way ButterHydrating Lip Sheer marries color and care in a creamy dream of a tinted lip butter in 8 mouthwatering shades.

Packed with softening Shea Butter and a delectable blend of emollient, antioxidant-rich oils, Way Butter is a treat that treats. With moisturizing Broccoli Seed Oil, collagen-promoting Black Currant Seed Oil, and protective Kahai Oil, it’s like a superfood for your lips—a vanilla-flavored one!

Looking good and feeling good is just a smooth swipe of sheer color away.

Candy Coating

A drizzle of caramel, a dunk in melted chocolate, a strawberry glaze—an extra coating of sugar can tie a whole dessert together. These new polishes make any mani extra sweet.
Flat White Nail Tape

Build a layer cake with Shenae (It Girl) and Maribel (Wonder Maven).

Which Julep Maven items are you getting this month? 

If you haven’t signed up for Julep Maven yet:

Julep is offering a 12-piece nail polish FREE set with a new subscription! 

Use this link and coupon code POLISHGIFT at checkout to add the 12 piece Polish Set to your cart. 

This box is $24.99 with a monthly subscription or $19.99 with a 3-month subscription. Check out our Julep Maven reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

Details: All Maven plans automatically renew, and you may cancel anytime. Billing occurs on the 27th of each month. Once you join, you’ll be able to customize your monthly Maven box with your favorite nail colors & beauty products from a brand new Julep collection (or wait for a surprise). Your free welcome gift includes three nail polishes and one beauty product.

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  1. I just wanted to thank the person who said she wipes out all the products before swapping in what she wants in her box. It’s my first box and I swapped out one item at a time and wasn’t getting any skincare, but once I removed everything then I got all the skincare. I really wanted to try their new complexion perfector and the moisturizing balm, so those 2 items make the box totally worth it for me!

  2. I like being a “Julepee” 😉

    I usually skip, but last month they got me with Pressed Serum Daily Moisturizer and this month it’s the new Way Butters <3

    The colors are so gorgeous I feel like I want them all, but this time I settled for only 3 (Macaroon, Primrose, and Bellini). I wanted some of the colors, but some were already sold out! I want to try these and then maybe next month pick up the rest!

    Nothing says SPRING like Julep's colors and they are so beautiful and vibrant this month! I chose Cadance, Primrose and of course, Maribel!

    This month was prepaid and I have enough Julep points to get three free extra add-ons (plus the free gift!). Can't be more thrilled about not spending money.

  3. Picking up the new lip butter in Plumeria. Then the violet eye shimmer stick. And the Julep signature color. Guess I’m feeling purple. I have the 3 month’s at a time sub, but I’m thinking of ending my sub soon. After a year of Julep I have so many nail polishes. Plus a bunch of lip products, and skin care items.

  4. I’m a new Julep (Julepee?) and was wondering what the free gift usually is if you do 3 add-ons?

    • hahahah Julep calls its subscription service/subscribers “Mavens”

    • Yikes I didn’t answer the question. hit reply too fast — usually a mystery polish of their choice is the gift with three add-ons. It might have been a beauty product in the past, but at least for the last year or so, it’s consistently been a mystery polish of their choice. Same polish for everyone, but no one knows until they get their box.

      • Thanks Kyuu. I figured it might be a polish!

        • I’ve been given nail stickers. Last month, I got gold shamrocks.

  5. i’ve been eyeing this sub for a while and am wondering if you have to get nail polishes every month?

    • No! You swap out any items you dont want and can curate the box to exactly what you would like! This month I picked two of the new lip butters and then a polish from last month as well but I could have swapped it out for a koniac sponge, nail decals or tools, etc etc. I also skipped this last months box because i didnt need anything new but the month before that I picked out two sunscreens to restock my stash that ran out.

    • Nope. The great thing about Julep is that your box is completely customizable, and you can skip a month whenever you like. (But you have to log in to skip within a 4 day window). I first subscribed to Julep for polishes, but I have come to really like their skincare items.

    • This is my first month on a 3 mo sub. I signed up for skin care/makeup only. Instead of the 2 eyeliners and lip butter they chose for me, I swapped out for an eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lip crayon, but couldn’t resist adding on a $5 mystery nail polish just for fun.

    • No, it’s 100% customizable. You choose which items you want to receive. You can choose from different skincare, makeup or nail polish. Their makeup and skincare, imo, is better than their polish, so I usually go that route. My favorite sub, easily. Their lip mouse (liquid lipstick) is insanely good. You can select add ons at a discount to go with your box, and the polishes are usually marked down to $5 there, so if I ever get polish from them, it’s with that, not the sub box itself, since the makeup and skincare is more expensive

    • Thank you ladies! I was so confused since all I saw were nail polishes in the reviews.

    • Sam, no, I felt the same way. I have enough nail polish for years, and only want makeup and skin care items. This is my first month, and my “curated” box was one of the new lip colors plus two polishes. I swapped out the polishes for other makeup, and now my box will contain (at no extra cost), the one new lip color plus an eyeshadow stick and an eyeliner. I’m very happy with those selections.

      • You can actually call CS and tell them your preference is for makeup and skincare and they’ll make sure the default box chosen for you is the one with those items and not the nail polish.

        You can still ALWAYS customize your box, but this feature saved me a couple of times when I forgot to login and customize my box that month!

        • Yeah, when I filled out my original survey, I checked that I ONLY wanted makeup and skin care, so I was surprised that my curated box contained two polishes.

          • I did the same on the survey, and my curated box was 2 eyeliners and a lip sheer, so you might call them and I’m sure they’ll fix it. I was surprised it’s all makeup, no skincare but maybe they switch off months: skincare vs. makeup?

        • Well, I emailed CS and told them I only want makeup & skin care, since my curated box had two polishes and I see another curated box with no polishes. Their reply was basically, “Too bad. Change it if you don’t like what’s in the box.” WEIRD!

  6. Anyone have any tips for removing those glitter polishes? It always takes me over an hour of scrubbing and my nails feel so brittle afterwards, its almost not worth it.

    • The key is to soak a cotton ball/square in remover and then keep it on your nail for a good 3-4 minutes so it soaks down to the bottom and pulls up the whole piece of polish. You can buy a kit that has little clamps to keep each cotton piece in place on your fingertips (Julep sells them), but you can also use tin foil or anything else that works. The polish comes off in one piece like MAGIC!

    • I wear the glitter polishes often and I never have much trouble removing them with the Sephora nail polish remover wipes. It does take more of the wipes to remove the glitter than the non-glitter polishes but it’s still pretty easy.

      I do wear a base coat & a top coat so I don’t know if that also helps.

      I have found the wipes to be more effective than cotton because the cotton snags on the glitter and the wipes don’t.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

    • I use a peelable base coat under glitter polishes, and then the polish just peels off easily. If some of the polish is stubborn and doesn’t peel off, Sephora sells a glitter removal that’s in a little jar that you put your nail in and rotate it around — no cotton ball necessary,

    • Julep makes (made?) some polish remover specifically to remove glitter polishes. I have it, and it works really well.

    • I can’t say they’ve ever been tricky to remove for me. Make sure you are using a thick enough layer of base coat or even add a top coat before the glitter. But it might be as simple as your nail polish remover isn’t strong enough, so you might want to pick up a new bottle

    • Use regular acetone polish remover and you won’t have any trouble.

    • 100% acetone will get it off without scrubbing much at all.

    • Look up the Sephora instant nail polish remover (I think there are plenty of similar items available elsewhere). It is a round plastic jar with a sponge soaked in acetone inside. You just rub your nail up against the sponge (there is a hole in the middle) and it is not bad at taking off glitter (from the fingers, anyway, this doesn’t work on the toes) in much less time.

  7. This is probably my favorite sub of all!! The add ons are always fun and you get a free gift if you add on more than 3, I think it is 3. The remover works like a charm better than most on the market so I stocked up this time.

  8. Julep is my monthly splurge for myself… sooo here’s what I selected:
    – Shanae (didn’t they have this color in the past? new formula maybe?)
    – Maureen (I loved both of the teals, but decided I didn’t need two teals and picked the iridescent over the chrome)
    – Danielle
    – Primrose, and
    – Aloha

    I liked the color of that textured pink one, but I knew I would get cottonball-fluffy-rage when I tried to remove it so it was a pass for me. I added on Tanya and Norah since I regretted not getting those when they were initially released, and I added Paula since I managed to drop my bottle on concrete recently and I really missed that color!!

  9. Heads Up Mavens! I selected two Way Butters (Sangria and Crimson) and was able to add a polish for the basic box configuration. Not bad for 19.99. Of course, I need more lipsticks about as much as I need more holes in my head but what else is new?

    • I’m not even a big nail polish fan (but LOVE Julep) and was thrilled to see that when I added two of the new lippies I was able to add a konjac sponge too! There were alot of 3rd item options left!! I’m used to just being left with a sheet of stickers or small emory board. I’m locked into the $16.66 price a box (by buying a 6 month prepaid sub over a year ago and renewing) and you just can’t beat that for $52 worth of product. Then I added 3 of the eyeshadow duos (to get my free gift) and had enough Jules to get one of those for free too! So I’m getting 2 of the new lip sheers, a konjac, 3 eyeshadow duos and my free gift for a total of $19.98 (plus my prepaid $16.66 box). Awesome!!

  10. I chose the textured pink, textured(?) silver, and blue. I know the textured polishes will be a pain in the butt to take off, but they’re so pretty!

    • I took all the polishes. Never mind that I have a couple hundred already and my nails are peeling so I’m doing treatments and not wearing polish at the moment…

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