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How To Be A Redhead Subscription Box Review – February 2018


H2BAR Box February 2018 Box

How to be a Redhead (H2BAR) is a monthly subscription box that was started by two redheaded sisters, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti. Their goal was to empower all redheads to feel confident in their looks by providing products at are “Redhead Friendly.” This means all items are free of heavy chemicals and complement red hair.

H2BAR Box February 2018 box Open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

H2BAR Box February 2018 box inside

About How To Be A Redhead

The Subscription Box: How To Be A Redhead

The Cost: $18.98 a month + shipping. Save with 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions.

The Products: Sample and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe between the 1st and 3rd of each month

How To Be A Redhead February 2018 Review

H2BAR Box February 2018 information card

Included is an Valentine’s Day themed greeting card that has details on the products on the back and retail values.

H2BAR Box February 2018 information card back

On the back of the card is a handy listing with information about  the products and their values.

H2BAR Box February 2018 coupon

Included as well is information on the importance of using oils for skincare and how to use the one included in this month’s box.

H2BAR Box February 2018 coupon 2 H2BAR Box February 2018 coupon 3

This month’s box includes Homestead Body’s Pure Love  face oil, but also provides a coupon for free shipping on first order.

H2BAR Box February 2018 coupon 4 H2BAR Box February 2018 coupon 5

A coupon for Madison Reed Color reviving gloss is also included for 10% off and free shipping. Not too shabby!

H2BAR Box February 2018 makeup bag H2BAR Box February 2018 makeup bag 2 H2BAR Box February 2018 makeup bag 3

Red Hair Flowing Cosmetic Bag – Retail Value $29.89

I am terrible when it comes to lugging my make up around. I have vintage makeup train cases for photo shoots, performances, and storage purposes when I am not on the go. I also have a few cutesy cosmetic bags that I have accumulated over time. Somehow, I destroy said bags, either by spilling product in them or filling them beyond capacity and busting the zipper. I have resorted to using freezer bags to carry around much of my makeup. That makes great sense for traveling, but on a regular day maybe not? So, needless to say, I was rather pleased to get a new makeup bag in this month’s box. I absolutely love the design and the size of the bag is able to fit full size items! The material is made of durable canvas, so this bag will take a licking and keep on kicking! That all being said, I am still stunned by the price of this bag— seems a tad steep! Then again, this is coming from a girl that carries her makeup in a freezer bag!

H2BAR Box February 2018 palette H2BAR Box February 2018 palette open

Nue Laritzy Eyeshadow Palette – Retail Value $48

I love bright blue and green shadows, but as I have aged I am a sucker for a good nude shadow palette. Especially since lately I have been wearing darker and bolder lips.  My go to lately is a Copper set by Morphe Brushes, but I am always excited to expand my collection of warm neutral shades. I like this palette, but the matte colors included are a bit chalky. The shimmery shades are far more pigmented. I definitely would suggest using a primer and applying with a damp brush for a bolder look. Otherwise, the colors in this set are fantastic. We all need a little warmth here at the Tundra, and these shades provide just that!

H2BAR Box February 2018 oil H2BAR Box February 2018 oil 2

Homestead Pure Love Face Oil, .30 oz. – Retail Value $12 

Now that I am in my mid-thirties, skincare has become a bit of an obsession. I use a few oils and serums to keep my skin in check and I am always eager to try new products. This is the Love face oil from Homestead Pure’s line. It contains argan oil, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. Often people get deterred to use oil, I know I was due to my combination skin that can get rather oily, but the oil regulates the skin and helps it produce less oil. This oil left my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

H2BAR Box February 2018 hair H2BAR Box February 2018 hair 2

Madison Reed Color Reviving Hair Gloss, 4fl oz. – Retail Value $29.95

Maintaining dyed red hair can be tedious at best. Red hair fades so easily, so getting glosses and color depositing conditioner helps! I typically use Overtone brand masks or get a gloss at the salon between visits. There were two variants of this gloss being sent in February’s H2BAR pack and I got the Canella shade, which adds copper, gold tones to the hair. The other shade was a more vivid cherry red. I prefer my hair to be more on the orange side, so I am excited to try this product!

H2BAR Box February 2018 hemp seed H2BAR Box February 2018 hemp seed 2

Earthly Body Lavender Hand Lotion, 1 fl oz. – Listed Value $1.99 (Buy a 7 fl oz. bottle for $10.99)

This is my favorite item in this month’s H2BAR box! My hands are constantly dry and patchy and this lotion makes them incredibly smooth without feeling greasy. Plus, the lavender and hemp smell is so pleasing. It has this spicy yet relaxing scent I cannot get enough of. If this tells you something, I have already managed to use this entire sample size up in less than a month! I think it is time for me to get myself the big girl tube.

H2BAR Box February 2018 product H2BAR Box February 2018 product 2 H2BAR Box February 2018 product 3

Amanda Blakely Cleanser, 6.26 fl oz. – List Value $44.99 (currently sold out)

Like I said prior, I am on a killer skincare kick, so I was excited to see this cleanser being included. The texture is a bit thicker, almost like a grittier sunscreen. I usually use Philosophy’s Purity, so the consistency and texture were way different in comparison. This face wash left my skin feeling soft and clean. Thumbs up!

Verdict: H2BAR constantly and consistently slays! I am immensely impressed by the selections for this month’s box in terms of quality and cost. The majority of the products sent this month were full sizes like the Amanda Blakely cleanser, the Madison Reed hair gloss, and the Laritzy eyeshadow palette! I also was pleased to see so many brands I wasn’t familiarized with to try out. H2BAR is definitely a box I look forward to getting every month! This box cost me $18.98 including free shipping, and I got $166.82 worth of products. Keep in mind as well that this bundle included THREE full sized products and a decently sized cosmetics bag. The eyeshadow alone is retailed at $48—what an incredible value!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? This box is currently sold out, but order by 18th of each month and your box will ship on the 1st of the following month.

Value Breakdown: At $18.98 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Cosmetic Bag: $3.40
  • Palette: $5.46
  • Love Face Oil: $1.37
  • Hair Gloss: $3.41
  • Lavender Lotion: $0.23
  • Cleanser: $5.12

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How To Be A Redhead

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Written by Nicole Rieder

Nicole Rieder

Nicole Rieder is a self-proclaimed clothing fiend and is new to the subscription box world. She loves boxes like Gwynnie Bee because she can play around with styles she may not have before!

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Comments (37)

  1. I got the canella shade of the Madison Reed gloss. If anyone got the barolo and would like to swap, please let me know! That is much more my shade.

  2. They are having a sale, today only!

    Code: LUCKY, 20% all off H2BAR Boxes in honor of being so lucky to have red hair.

  3. I’ve thought about getting this box for my naturally redheaded daughter (that gorgeous fiery red-orange that people turn their heads to stare at – it’s actually helped me as a mom find her quickly if she gets separated from me because it stands out that much as well as her getting into any trouble at school because no one ever forgets her because of that hair) but I’ve seen great boxes like this one (she would have killed for that palette) and then previous boxes from months past where the stuff seemed a bit generic (that cow lotion that you can get at the dollar store, for example).

    She’s been super happy with her 2 subs, Ipsy & Ricky’s Cult Faves, which provide a great variety and together come to approximately the same cost as this one. So I’m torn still. When do coupons drop? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them for this one.

    • I have the palette for swap if you’re looking for it, I don’t swap based on RV strictly, if you have any items I’m looking for etc.

    • Sara, natural redheads are gorgeous! One of my college best friends had hair that was naturally close to what my dyed hair is and it was stunning and so thick!

      The last three boxes they have sent have been pretty amazing. I still am working on the March one (I was sick all last week, so I am bit delayed). The boxes you already have her subscribed to are pretty great. I also love the Allure box myself. Redhed36 mentioned something about coupons below, but I will have to see if the site has any. The price for the box is $18+, but the last few boxes have had full size items that are well worth the monthly cost. Hope that helps!

      • Zara, I am sorry, my phone autocorrected your name to Sara.

  4. Did not receive a bag, why don’t they ask what your hair color is, I’m strawberry blonde, not copper…🤪

    • I would message them to see about the bag. And I agree that would be great if they had a survey to determine which items should go to which subscribers box. Especially when it comes to color depositing items.

  5. That cleanser is almost close to expiring and do red heads really need their own subscription box? I’m super fair but have dark hair….the reviewer dyes her hair red…..not sure I’m getting this subscription.

    • Redheads have a mutated gene (MC1R), so they are made up slightly different than other people. Not everyone that carries this gene are redheads, but may have a lot of similar features (freckles, burn easily, etc…). Generally speaking our skin is different, our hair is different, stuff like that. Redheads have been known to need more anesthesia than the average person. My aunt was conscious during a surgery and repeated everything the doctor talked about afterwards b/c they didn’t believe her. Our pain tolerances are known to be different. When a redhead turns gray our hair usually turns a purple color. Products for sensitive skin, high SPF’s, products designed to enhance our hair and to nourish it, and makeup that flatters pale freckled covered skin is what you will see in this box. I am surprised to see so many products for hair dyed red. Not that big of a deal as I have natural red and highlight it darker read and blonde so those products would be good for me. For me this box makes me feel empowered, unique, and awesome. After years of childhood torture the tables have turned and we are desired and our unique body makeup is recognized. yay!
      For me this box should contain as few red lip products as possible. I also like to see neutral colors like browns in my eye pallets. There are just some colors that don’t look good on me and blue is one. I love my redhead box and show it off proudly.
      As for the reviewer I found it odd that they don’t have a redhead review the products, but maybe they couldn’t find one. Plus these products are not exclusively for redheads. she does well. Hope that helps.

      • I am not a redhead. But I am fair, burn easily, have dark brown hair, almost black. Nonetheless, I have been eyeing this sub for the last few months. It is a really good value and most of the products I could use. I’m seriously considering getting it!

      • You should. Watch for coupons. It’s not exclusively for redheads. If you don’t like it you can always drop it. LOL

      • The skin products are generally really great, plus they focus on more natural products as much as possible. If you want the full spoilers for this month, I have them, but I believe this month sold out already. I’d say go for it. A lot of the hair products are also focused on being color safe for dyed hair or UV protection.

      • I agree with Redhead36…. keep an eye out for coupons. They seem to have them fairly frequently (but maybe not so much now(?) since it seems (based on comments on MSA) this box is growing a bit in popularity), and that’s how I got my 3-month subscription to try them out. We have the same hair color (dark brown, almost black), and I’ve loved the two boxes I’ve received in my subscription so far. I feel they cover the whole realm of beauty… skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, and nails (did I miss any?). I can’t recall if they’ve done a fragrance yet.

      • As far as a natural redhead reviewing, I have sent emails offering to review it awhile back. However the box still caters to natural and dyed red hair, or those with sensitive skin issues.

    • I never even looked at this box thinking it would have a rather narrowly targeted product selection – hair products for people with red hair. Now I see this may not be the case. More temptation …

      • Yes, It definitely offers great products for sensitive skin on addition to color depositing items which I love to maintain my hair color between visits to my hairdresser. I am naturally super pale and have sensitive skin, so I love this box for those purposes as well!

    • Coupon for today only. Use code LUCKY for 20% off.

  6. My Feb box arrived late and they threw in an extra hand cream. Yay for me.
    I received March box last week. Things are going good. Like this sub.

    • Glad they gave you the extra lotion and that you are enjoying the box so far! 😊

  7. You do performances? 🙂 Let me guess: musician? Love your reviews 🙂

    • Nope, but I have done performance art pieces. More on the comedic side.

  8. I love that cleanser too. The bag is to cute. It’s my favorite bag. I’m enjoying these products and just received the March box. I love the Mermaid nail polish
    And everything else in the March box.

    • I loved that mermaid polish too! I made sure to keep it out were I could see it because I really want to wear it this month. 🙂

    • Bella01, I am glad you are enjoying H2BAR as well! I just got my box for March too— I can’t wait to see what is in it!

      • Hi Nicole, This is Adrienne & Stephanie from H2BAR! We saw this review and loved it so much. We will share on our social networks. Thank you for spending the time to review each item. We’re so excited to deliver H2BAR Boxes monthly and can’t wait for everyone to see the great items in future boxes!! XOXO

  9. Just received my first box (March) I would have LOVED to get that cute makeup bag in the February box….

    • Hey Maggie!

      It was a fun box. The make up bag is on the site too! It is great sized bag.

  10. Nice Products wish I was a Redhead!

    • I’m not a redhead (dark brown, almost black, hair), and I love this box! Don’t let the name of the box hold you back if you like its contents. 🙂 I’ve been eyeing this box since it launched last year, and I finally decided to take the plunge this year with a 3-month subscription. This was my first box, and I’ve already received March’s box, and so far I’ve enjoyed everything. The only things I’ll be giving away to a co-worker (or whoever will take it) is the hair gloss in this month’s box and a root touch up marker in the March box. There was a color depositing/enhancing/maintaining (sorry, I can’t remember which one) shampoo, but I’m going to use that and hope it gives me a bit of red highlights. 🙂 There was also a brow pencil in March’s box, but it’s dark enough to still fill in my brows but not make them look like I put red coloring in them. haha

      • Yes! Luna is right, Shari! The box is a heck of a deal and has plenty of things I feel that non-redheads can use too! they have great skin care and hair items. For the price it is worth it!

    • You should try it out! Some months are heavier on hair products than others, but the full size hair products we’ve received recently tend to lean more towards dyed or non-red hair and work for everyone (the full size shampoo and conditioner from Bedhead that smells like toffee, the set of 3 full size styling products from Paul Mitchell).

      Last July was a set of Paul Mitchell redhead hair products, the gloss in February, and this month’s March box has a stick for root touch ups for red dyed hair and a gloss type shampoo product.

      Check out their Instagram for all the past boxes, if you like natural skin products, have sensitive skin, need sun protection etc it’s a good option for a beauty box.

  11. The Feb box looks nice with the bag, palette and face oil. Though I don’t like that the cleanser included was manufactured in 2015 and expires next month 4/18. Seems like that was clearing stock. I just started with March and already received my box and I like the products included.

    • I felt the same way about the cleanser. That will definitely be the next full-sized cleanser I use. I also got the March box, and really liked it. The amount of products in the March box almost felt never ending. 🙂

      • I enjoyed trying all the different products in March too. I really liked the cream eye shadow – I think it works well as a primer and adding shimmer neutrals on top to stand out more.

    • Nicole, you are observant! I didn’t notice that it had and expiration on that cleanser! Wow!

      • I always check sunscreens for expiration dates but I’m surprised the cleanser had a date. Thanks for a great review of the box!

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