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We have the FULL spoilers for the Discover The Deal Box thanks to BitsofWhimsy on the forum! This box is currently sold out.

Each box includes:


Throughout the year, Tory Johnson and her dedicated team spend their days attending trade shows, reviewing pitches, testing products, researching brands and listening to viewer feedback to assemble an impressive line up of weekly GMA Deals & Steals with one clear goal: to save you money on great stuff.

Trying new products is often singled out as an exciting part of the behind-the-scenes action. This box is designed to give you the same joy of trying new things and discovering your favorites.

It’s a bonus when we get to shine the light on the good people behind the products we know and love.

The Box: GMA Discover The Deal Box

The Cost: $36.99 + free shipping

The Products:

  • Every box includes 10 FULL-SIZE PRODUCTS from these popular brands
  • Plus: a FULL-SIZE BONUS product that celebrates the power of being a woman!
  • Product categories include:
    • BEAUTY
  • All full-size items. No samples.

Good to Know: Limit 3 boxes per order.

What do you think of the Discover The Deal Box spoilers?

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  1. I’m pretty “meh” about the whole box.
    I already own poopouri and it’s a 10. Like both but don’t use either often enough to need more waiting in the wings.
    Both my bracelet and nail polish came in a pretty lavender color so I am happy about that. The hand treatment was nice but my hands felt pretty much the way they usually do an hour later. I’d never pay $30+ for them.
    The little makeup sponge things work pretty well but nothing a qtip wouldn’t do. They feel dollar store to me.
    I really don’t need a kitchen sponge to tell me when it’s time to toss it and I won’t pay a premium for that feature. Other than that….it’s just a sponge.
    The cosmetic bag went in the pile with the 50 other bags I have waiting for their ultimate fate. I’m not all that impressed with the print and the zipper sticks a bit.
    The sunglasses will go in my car as an emergency spare.
    The magnet is currently on my fridge. Meh.
    The key ring is ugly and I wouldn’t use it for anything other than spare keys that stay home. It was tossed in the box where all my spare keys are for use at some point.
    I definitely don’t feel like I got my money’s worth out of this box and next time around, won’t buy it unless there is a spoiler that is worth the cost of the box alone to me. I hate getting a box of what feels like leftovers or junky promotional items.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Disappointed with it all.

  2. Id like to sell my box or will piece it out. Let me know if interested.

  3. I think, to add a bit of insult to injury, the very bland and boring retro bathing beauty holding dandelions print TokyoMilk makeup bag shown is D/C’d. The one like ” Oceania”, which some people did get, is still for sale on the ME website.

    The Poo-pourri spray in the Tropical Hibiscus scent which I received smells strongly of Lemongrass, so if you or a S.O. has a sensitivity, forewarned. I’ve never used any of the product before, and it’s not in my friends’ bathrooms either. I’m ordering a purse size from Amazon today LOL. It works when used exactly as directed, and I like it.

    I use the It’s a 10 spray when I remember, as the bottles are so small in my hair care stash, and think it’s a great product.

    This weekend, I’m going to try the Para- Silk hand treatment.

    I truly hate the other products. Win some, lose some, but it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. I found a new personal care grail product- the Poo- pourri, as indelicate as saying that seems to me.

    • The View featured the bracelet on their Friday deals. A set of 3 was $18. This was actually one of the items I was feeling ok with. I got a pretty jade one. But now I think it would look prettier as part of a set. Wow! The way we torture our selves.

  4. I received my boxes today. I ordered two. I’m honestly not sure if I would purchase them again.

    I’ll gladly use the sunglasses & toilet spray. I’ll use the make-up sponges though I don’t necessarily need those since I have the larger version and it works fine.

    I will use one set of gloves and gift another to my mom in her mother’s day box.

    One of the boxes had a pink bracelet that was too small to get onto my wrist. Way too small. So that will go to my niece. The other had a gorgeous gold/silver/ivory color way which will be gifted to my sister.

    The hair spray was a pass for me. The Julep was okay and was a neutral color. That will be gifted as well.

    The sponge was a pass as we use a sponge with a handle. The cosmetic bag was cute but will be gifted to my niece. The magnet and key chain were passes.

    Overall I think it was a decent box and I’m happy with the items I’ll keep and have some gifts. I get others being upset with the Tokyo Milk not being an actual product since it seems like this would be a free gift included with a purchase.

  5. Love this box. The sunglasses and the parasilk were worth the price alone. The poo-pouri is amazing too. Most of the boxes I buy are themes or specific to a need, and I liked this one because it was just fun.

  6. Got mine today. Obsessed!! I’m a loyal GMA deals & steals shopper and I love this. It’s empowering with daily reminders to take time for me. I’m about to try the gLove treatment. I feel proud wearing the Aid Through Trade bracelet. I really love it all.

  7. Oh, I’m back and forth! All I was going to do is purchase some Margot Elena soaps and I came across that 30% discount code. But there were so many beautiful items in the spring box. Now, I’m having that argument with myself. You know the one- it goes like this, I would pay $15 for some soap when I can get an entire box for $38. Oh, and think about the Christmas and birthday gifts! Lol oh, I am so weak.

  8. I am so pathetic. This has nothing to do with this box except I used the 30% off code on the Margot Elena website and purchased the yr subscription to their box. It’s currently on sale for $179.99 then 30% off I couldn’t resist. Total after shipping and taxes I am paying $153 for four boxes. That’s ~$38 a box. I am so weak! The two boxes they have created are awesome lets hope it doesn’t take a noise dive since I signed up, living jinx here. 🙂

  9. I was burned after the fall mystery box, so I am really glad I skipped this one! My gut just didn’t have a good feeling about it, and this is worse than I thought it would be.

  10. I have attempted to post this twice already. Third times the charm…
    I’m going to word it a bit different. If you zoom in on the card there is a code for Margot Elena that works on the Summer box. I hope this is a silver lining for those of us who were not happy about the cosmetic bag.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It works for the annual also! But you still have to pay for shipping. So for 4 boxes it’s $179.99 – $53.99 + $27.80 = $153.80/4 = $38.45 each. I’m doing it because if I buy this now, then when Christmas comes I will have a large chunk of shopping done. Thanks again Margie!!

      • I am so happy that you were able to use it and purchase the annual subscription. Margot Elena hardly ever has discounts. I received one of the hand creams in a Singles Swag box- the packaging alone is gorgeous. I have wanted to try some of her soaps. This is where the discount code came in and I thought to try it. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled with the GMA discover the deals box either. It’s just ok. But this discount does make it better. The code is pictured right in this review so anyone could take advantage of it. Margot Elena for all!!

      • Thank You! I caved on the annual. The coupon was too good. My brain is justifying it because I canceled Play! and Birchbox in December.

        The GMA box was ok but I’m not falling for it again. Julep could have put a pretty spring color in. Putty beige?

    • Great, thank you for the information!

  11. Seriously does anyone actually use toilet spray????? WTF????

    • Yes a lot of people do. It comes in use when you are in a public restroom or just don’t want to stink up your bathroom. You spray some in the toilet before you use it and it block most of the smell (it coats the top of the water to create a barrier) or you can just use it to spray the bathroom, it’s all natural. I think it’s awesome. I carry one with me in my purse and there is one on the shelf in the bathroom at all times.

    • Uhm yes…

      This brand in particular has been around since at least the mid 2000s. I bring it with me when I am sharing a hotel room…like right now at this moment. I love my husband but prefer neither one of us has to smell each other’s business. But you do you.

    • Hell yes!!!

    • yes

  12. I got the Oceanic Dreams cosmetic bag, Anna-Boho Glam Julep polish and Lizard Vibes Aid Through Trade bracelet.

    • I would be SO SO SO happy with that combination!

  13. I got the Oveanic Dreams cosmetic bag, Anna-Boho Glam Julep polish and Lizard Vibes Aid Through Trade bracelet.

  14. I got one box, and I’ll get over it. Thought Julep could have sent a less boring, lame color. Was this one on clearance? I got the same one as above. BORING.

  15. So, I’ve got to say, I’m really disappointed. It looks like they did close to the absolute minimum cost item from each brand. For example, as far as I can see, Skura Style doesn’t even sell single sponges, only sets, and yet we get a single sponge. Boxes like FabFitFun that always deliver such huge value for the money spent that I can’t believe this is what a nearly $40 box looks like. If this was a $25 box, I would have been happy. I’ve been wanting to try the roll on bracelets, TokyoMilk, Julep and Poo-Pourri, and I love It’s A Ten, but I really did expect more.

    It is my fault for assuming that there would be more surprises in store than explicitly stated (even though the magnet is pretty ridiculous as a “full size product”) GMA is giving exactly what they said they would, it is just that I am used to more in the subscription box world and I am really disappointed with myself that I feel victim to FOMO and spent money that could have paid for most of that Summer Margot Elena box I have my eye on. Live and learn, right? Sigh.

    • I hope you saw Margie’s comment above. 30% off on the margotelena site – including boxes! I had to do it – makes it waaaaay more affordable in my opinion.

  16. Wow, that’s…not great. Glad I “missed out” on this one.

  17. I’m not gonna lie, I got sucked in for the TokyoMilk, but not because they make fabulous make up bags. I guess full sized is in the eye of the beholder or curator. Lesson learned.

  18. Ok, wait just a minute. Did they forget a product? It says ten full sized products plus a full sized bonus product. That means 11 and I’m only counting 10. What am I missing?

    • I think the “make today better than yesterday” is a magnet, and #10, and then the keychain is the extra. Bummer overall :/

      • Oh. I thought the thing on the keyring was the magnet. Very disappointing indeed.

  19. The hand treatment alone retails for $32.95 so although its a rather simple box I find it practical and worth more than I paid. I’ll find homes for whatever I can’t use myself.

  20. Where is the “discovery” in any of this stuff?? How is a makeup bag, magnet, cheap bracelet, keychain, etc any sort of new product? We were scammed.

  21. I didn’t get this, but looking at the items, I would have been pretty happy with about half of it…then I saw the price tag! No way, especially, like others have said, you can’t say “Tokyomilk included” and then included a makeup bag. 🙁 For anyone who got this and hasn’t tried Poopouri… give it a shot! It does a great job in our powder room downstairs, which tends to leak smells into the living room if this isn’t used.

  22. Not sure where this is mailing from, but I hope it’s the East Coast with the snow storms, and that mine’s lost and gone forever.

    This is pure junk.

    I remember when I thought the PSMH ” Today Show” box was so lame. Wish I had those days back.

  23. The more I think about this, the angrier I get. This was only $10 less than my Pusheen box and FFF. Seriously??? Extremely unhappy. I *really* want to dispute the charge on my card…

    • LOL….what would the explanation be to your card company?
      Could you imagine if card companies allowed disputes because of buyer’s remorse.
      It was hard enough for me to dispute the Little Lace Box charge when they went under.

      • Sorry – I guess I should have said “I really wish I could dispute the charge though I know I can’t.”

  24. Ugh, not only did I purchase this…. I purchased 2 -_-

  25. I am so disappointed. I got mine a few minutes ago and it feels like a $15 box. Even then I’d still feel pretty upset. I mean, promising Tokyo Milk and it’s a pouch?! What?!?!?! And a sponge… and a wacky keychain and magnet. Nope.

    • I hate feeling scammed. Full size Tokyo milk product is a pouch….are they for real? A full size magnet? What do they make travel size magnets? I hate when companies mistake us for fools…we just won’t be back to purchase their garbage again.

      • Absolutely. I will never purchase this box again, and I’ll make sure to tell everyone I know not to purchase one, as well. I’m so angry. It’s not even a particularly nice pouch.

        • This pouch was included in the very first Margot Elena Discovery box. It’s not my style, but can be gifted…

          • It’s not particularly sturdy, nor is it waterproof, so I don’t have much use for it. And it’s fine for it to come in the Margot Elena box, but we were promised a full size Tokyo Milk product and this feels like a really bad bait and switch. Also, the gifting mentality is not one I can always get behind because if I won’t use a product based on quality, I shouldn’t expect my friends or family to appreciate it.

  26. Ugh. What was I thinking!? What a waste of $40. I’m not happy. At. All. I’ve used the Julep with Oxygen before and it completely destroyed my nails. A makeup bag? Like any of us don’t already have 1000 from other subs.

    This box is a hot mess. I wish I could return it for a refund. I am so mad at myself for getting this. And mad at them for passing this off as some awesome deal.

  27. I don’t understand the complaints. I’m still excited about getting my box. I need sunglasses. Everyone will not get the same color bracelet, but I dont even mind the one shown. A nice brand of nail polish and a hand treatment. I will say the toyko milk thing is a surprise. They’re not known for their cosmetic bags. The other items are all things I can use. Its not a bad box.

    • I agree….this is my first time getting one of the boxes and for the price and items in it, seems like a good deal to me. Then again, I’m not drowning in sub box products either.
      I’m hoping for a different variation of the bag though.

      • I did not receive this box, but when I looked at the full spoiler my first impression was; rip-off. I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for this hodge podge of cr*p. LOL. Some of the items are ok, but by looking at them and ignoring the RV these items are not worth the cost of the box. It’s great that you like what you received, but it seems the general consensus is disappointment.

  28. This is just a shameful box.

  29. Thankfully there are some practical items: sponge, sunglasses, toilet spray, miracle 10, hand stuff. What is disappointing is the make up bag, bracelet, keychain, magnet, and boring nail polish.

    Fool me once, shame on them…fool me twice…heck, I just won’t do mystery boxes anymore…or should I call them scam boxes from all the negative posts I see on here…

  30. Got mine today and I definitely felt a bit duped by the pouch! Not what I was expecting from TokyoMilk. That said – the items are…ok overall. Here are some other observations.
    – There are variations in colors on some items, it seems. I got a red Julep polish and a pretty teal, raspberry and white pattern bracelet – both of which I like a lot and more than what was pictured above (sorry OP!).
    – I strongly dislike the keychain message as well and that will be donated or tossed.
    – I was surprised that was the full size of the It’s a 10 spray.
    – I would have felt better if this cost closer to $20. Without a “real” TokyoMilk product, it just doesn’t feel like the value is there.

    • Agreed! Wish I’d skipped this one.

  31. Whew- glad I did a big ol’ nope when I saw the bracelet was going to be in there from the first promo. That screamed overpriced junk.

  32. I got mine in today. Not gonna lie, I feel like I just wasted my money. It’s just as underwhelming in person as it looks here…

  33. Bullet dodged, had a bad feeling about this box. So glad I listened to myself. The full size Tokyomilk almost had me….

    • Same here!

  34. That box is weak. That key ring, aside from the issue I have with the actual message, is cheaper looking than a promo item. I’d be livid if I’d bought this box. Full size Toykomilk item does not make me think “golly I hope I get a pouch!”

    • Lauren, I’m so glad that another woman has an issue with the message portrayed through the keychain. Men and women alike can be phenomenal human beings, gender regardless.

      • I’m with you! I think we can all take a break from proving that women are worthy humans and start living it. Men don’t try to constantly prove it, they don’t need to. We could just accept that we are all good people.

        • Yes!!! I’m sick of it too!!

  35. Are all these items considered Full-Size? Some look pretty small.

  36. Pass. I’m sick of this woman power crap. So patronizing in my opinion. I do not need a key ring to let people know how strong I am.

    • Ditto! See my other comment here. Total agreement.

  37. I thought I ordered this but I never got a confirmation email or any shipping info. It said my order was processed and didn’t go to the sorry we shut down orders page so I’m not even sure if I’m getting it. Does anyone know if they sent confirmation or shipping emails and what address the emails came from?

    • I definitely received an order confirmation to both my email and cell (I added that as an option)

      [email protected]

      • Dang, I did get it. Oh well. I will use the It’s a 10, the bracelet as long as it’s a neutral or light color, and the sunnies.

  38. What a nice looking box!! The makeup bag is so cute and I love that they included the bracelet to support the women in Nepal. I wish I had ordered one now. I have a phobia of smelly sponges so I would have really enjoyed trying the sponge.

    • Katy. I will trade you my entire box.

  39. I was expecting something more, considering the previous box with the same price tag… but maybe I will feel better when I actually have the items in front of me. 🙂

    • Let’s hope! What I see is not making me very happy…

  40. Glad I skipped this one.

    • Wish I had! If the TokyoMilk product had been a hand lotion or perfume, with the PooPourri (been wanting to try that!), that would have been enough for me. Oh, well. Once burned, etc.

  41. Ehhhhh….a magnet? Regular nail polish? Handmade bracelet? Make up bag? I feel robbed 🙁

  42. I love Poo-Pourri, stuff rocks!

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