CAUSEBOX Spring 2018 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the Spring 2018 CAUSEBOX! (Thanks Joanne!)

Use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your subscription!

Each box will include:


What do you think of the spoilers?

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  1. For everyone asking questions about this box, Anna has a full review on MSA. The earrings look beautiful! The kimono isn’t really my style but I’d take it over the RZ duster any day!

  2. Is the kimono dry clean? Just looked on the Symbology website, and one rayon kimono dress was dry clean. This is what is stopping me from subscribing for the very first time.

    • It says Hand Wash in Cold Water. 🙂

      • Thanks, Jen!

  3. Those first four items listed are making it really hard for me to not re-sub to this box. The earrings look super elegant and super sturdy. I love that kimono. That looks like a really nice diffuser. And those tea towels! They’re killing me. I just have to keep imagining them with spaghetti stains, oil spots, crumbs of dried food, dog hair, etc. because that IS what my husband will do to them. To be single again… (sigh)…

    • LOL I can so relate to this!!

      • Ditto! My boyfriend is a chef and makes amazing food, but mops everything up with my white printed towels. I gave up and started buying dark towels.

  4. I might need to get this.

  5. From the comments, it sounds like the kimono is one size? Is that right? Will it fit plus size ladies? I hope if it fits, I can get this box before it sells out.

    • One size, yes, but I think the style will allow it to fit many different sizes.

  6. Getting this as my birthday gift most excited about the kimono!

  7. Really solid box…the best I’ve seen I think. I canceled before the winter box but just resubbed for this one since I am excited about each and every item!

  8. I dislike when jewelry is described as “silver” and it’s not silver. It’s silver in color, but misleading when they never specify that it’s chromium-plated brass.

    Heads up to those of you with sensitivities to different metals.

    • Thank you for pointing this out! I was diagnosed with a pretty severe gold allergy, and I’m still sorting out a lot of jewelry to donate. My wallet and some of my purses also have gold color on them, and I’m navigating customer service for so many companies trying to determine if its “gold plate” or “gold-colored plate.”

      Honestly, if anyone reading this goes through allergy testing and gets a positive for a metal or chemical (rubber hardeners, in my case), you’re probably going to end up unsubscribing from most boxes until you can get everything under control because customer service at most boxes does sometimes just get it wrong. In addition, many companies just don’t have the information you need immediately. They’ll have to route requests to provisioning or production, and you can always resub when you’re more confident.

      • Kyn- I have had metal allergies for a long time, I also had metal poisoning from the titanium alloy rod in my left tibia and had to do chelation therapy for 3 months. Anyways, I hope you see this because you can paint most things with clear fingernail polish. I did that with a belt buckle, amongst other things, and that saved me from throwing away a lot of things.

        • Thank you, AH! I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve gone through. Mine is rashes that look/feel like chicken pox, so not nearly so dangerous. 🙁

          But, nail polish was my plan for small things like the wallet accents. I’m also debating if I can do that with my favorite pair of earrings…

    • Thanks, I made the mistake of assuming sterling silver and subscribed, mostly because I loved the earrings. Just tried to cancel and couldn’t so I guess I will have to swap the item i liked most. Very disappointed.

      • If you like the other stuff, it’s still worth it. People are clamoring over the earrings on the swap site.

  9. Just signed up. I’ve wanted the earrings and the towels are nice too; the rest is just a bonus. Always love Juice Beauty so I’m excited for that as well!

  10. I just signed up! I’ve been eyeing those earrings anyway, and with $10, that’s worth the cost of the box to me 🙂 Everything else looks so fun, can’t wait!!

    • I meant “$10 off”, oops

  11. I’m going to be swapping the kimono. Will there be an RV listed? I can’t find any kimonos by that brand.

    • I would definitely be interested in the kimono if you do end up swapping!

  12. Just opened my box today and I love it! I’ve been subscribed to CauseBox since the first box and never regret it – and this is one of the best they’ve sent out. <3

    • Jen, can you tell us what the kimono is like?

      • Answered a couple questions below but not sure if you’re looking for other info?

        • Perfect, thanks for your help!

    • for those who have their boxes, what material is the kimono? If it’s cotton I’m jumping on this!

      • The kimono is 100% rayon. Made in India.

        • Nice!

    • Is the kimono long? Did you get a pink one? Or are their different colors?

      • Not super long but not short. Covers the butt but doesn’t hit the knees.

        I think there’s only one design. I got the same one as this and it’s says it’s an exclusive for this box.

        • Jen, does it say what the RV is?

          • No, Causebox never puts prices on items.

          • After Causebox reveals the contents they will put the RV on their website, in the “Look Inside” section.

        • Jen: Thank you. I just subbed again. Glad to know its peachy and not to long. Sounds like its the perfect length.

      • Also, it is pink but I’d say it’s on the peachy side of pink (as opposed to heading towards a bubblegum or something).

        • Thank you – I am not fond of pinky pink yet peachy pink is a nice shade especially since summer will soon be here

  13. This box looks awesome! Can’t wait to get mine. It’ll probably be my favorite CauseBox ever.

  14. Liz: Any idea what length this is? Looks very long? Is there any color variation?

  15. This is a great box. Looking forward to it. I just wish I had pierced ears…gotta try to make those beauties work somehow!

  16. Love love love Causebox!

  17. OMG this is one of the best Causeboxes I’ve gotten so far. My #1 sub!

    • You’re right – this box is fabulous! 😍

  18. WOWZA. I’ve never gotten one of these boxes but I’m definitely thinking about it. This looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see the kimono – that’ll be the deciding factor for me.

    • Hope we get to see if before the box sells out!

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