BoxyCharm April 2018 Box Confirmed SPOILER!

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Yosef has confirmed this April 2018 Boxycharm spoiler on Boxycharm Beauties!

All subscribers will receive:

One of the Colourpop Eyeshadow Palettes!

What do you think of the spoiler?

If you sign up now, the March box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Golden State of Mind Please 🙋🏻‍♀️ All the palettes are amezing . I can’t wait to see what is next….

    • I hope I get the same!!!

  2. I’ve been wanting to try their eyeshadow for ages. I’d be pretty happy with any of them, though I’m hoping for a more colorful one. April is already looking to be a good month, I can’t wait to see what else the month has!

  3. Hmm I had written a comment and it never posted.

    Anywho, in case you missed it on Tuesday at 3 pm they will announce more of what to come this year and have a tour of the new boxy HQs.

    Also after their GRWM and Youtube video, I am pretty sure we are getting a Tarte Liquid Highlighter in this months box.

  4. I’m hoping for Semi Precious, since I tend to never do just to the larger palettes in terms of using all the colors. But honestly, they all look beautiful and Golden State of Mind would probably be amazing for blue eyes.

    • It is! I’ve got blue eyes & golden state of mind is amazing!! Glittery gorgeous colors. Like mlp pallete but different, more glittery

    • Def great with blue eyes! I also have the golden state of mind and love it with my blue eyes! Hoping for another one of the pallets to try since i have the golden. Tons of shimmer though. Super fun! Has become a go to of mine.

    • I have Semi-Precious, and it’s amazing! All colorful neutrals, if that makes sense.

      I’m hoping for Element of Surprise 😊

  5. Does the Boxycharm have eyeshadow palettes every month? I have had the February/March box and i see the main item is that – eyeshadow palettes. So this spoiler confirms again another eyeshadow palette. I don’t know that i need this many. Hoping that we don’t get these every month but three months in a row….. I’ve gone from Birchbox to Ipsy to Sephora Play and so far my fav is play – beginning to think I should cancel since i don’t want the same kind of thing in every box- 🙁

    • Boxy has been unusually palette-heavy the past few months. Palettes are some of the most-loved items (not to mention how much value they offer).

    • I think Boxy runs in spurts on palettes. Before I joined (Feb 2017) there had been a run of palettes and then it went dry for awhile and people were complaining about the lack of palettes (and the over abundance of highlighters). It’s just feast or famine on different products, so just hold out and eventually you’ll be missing the eye shadow palettes.

      • I cancelled for now. I’m going to try Allure since they have more skin care products. I like makeup but not for every box the same kind of makeup.

        • Im here to tell you worst experience of any subscription bix I have ecer had was with Allure, just cancelled with them after missing products the worst customer service of all times, and primise after promise with horrible shipping dates and no tracking you just get it when you get it usually two days before the end of the month. Ew def not an allure fan

          • how is glossybox or whatever it is called. i liked what i saw of them in their recent boxes.

          • I would say that glossybox has one of the worst customer service when it comes to sub boxes

          • I think don’t generally think it’s the same with every person. I’ve had glossybox for the last year and LOVE it. We get a lot of mixutre. Skin products, hair products and makeup. I have never had one issue with their CS and I have even had months where I get an extra box. So I guess it just depends on the person and what exactly your experience is to determine if their CS is of use or not. I personaly and I know other’s in the same boat as me and those that have had bad experiences.

          • Glossybox is HORRIBLE!!! I tried sticking it out with them for over a year+. Customer service is terrible!!! They’ve over billed me on several occasions due to glitches with they’re system. Received many broken items that they refuse to replace or credit. Products are becoming subpar. They’re sister site lookfantastic is ok, but too many skin care products and not many makeup items. Ive subscribe to many different ones and I must say Boxycharm is my fave. Ipsy 2nd. Good bang for your buck in both!!!

          • Only going to give a one warning about Glossybox, then it’s buy at your own risk. Glossybox charged me for 2 boxes, refused to refund me, but sent 1 box out for free to “make up for it” but they charged me for it instead! I never got that one either. 3 boxes paid for, none received, and no refund. They blamed the post office. Post office has proof it was GB, not them. Only response you ever get back is if you bash them on a social media platform. Even then, you’ll only get a generic response saying they’ll email you, but that never happens. I’ve seen a TON of people who have been suscribed for years without issue until one day, it happens to them. They used to be good, but have been having serious problems since the middle of 2017 from what I’ve gathered. Please weigh the risks before subbing to them.

    • I feel the same way. I too, was thinking of play, they seem to send variety.

  6. Incase anyone missed it.Boxy is having a live q&a next Tuesday at 3pm Eastern Gaby announced it in their Instagram live. The CEO and Gaby are suppose to talk about some of the items that will be featured the rest of the year and show their new HQs.

    Now this is just a guess but from their live GRWM and now a new YouTube video… It seems to me we maybe be getting a Tarte liquid highlighter in this months box. It is an item Gaby used in the GRWM and the video tutorial, and they did say she used an item in the GRWM that’s a sneak peak for this month. The Tarte item makes the most sense.

    We shall see.

  7. I already have ALL of these, but there’s no way Boxy could be expected to know that. So I’m super excited to see what else is in the box, and to make someone’s day when I give them one of these beautiful palettes! I know just the friend who will LOVE this.

    • omg I can’t wait for this! I don’t own a single colourpop palette and would love to!! hope it’s as good as everyone says. I’ve loved almost every single palette in Boxycharm. Eyeshadow lover’s dream sub!

    • Same here! I’ve been a Colourpop collector since they launched and have all other their palettes but I’m hoping for one the neutral ones to give to my sister for her birthday which happens to be in April!

  8. No, I’ve been subbed since June ’17 and have never seen a coupon offered with a subscription.

  9. I almost just bought the Golden State Of Mind palette… So glad I didn’t! I got the Kathleen Lights Dream St palette instead. I love it! I love Colour Pop shadows. I know the Super Shock Shadows get all the attention, but their pressed shadows are just as impressive. Thank you Boxycharm! I can’t wait!

    • Agreed completely!
      I also almost bought the Golden State of Mind but I bought the Dream St. instead last week. Haha
      I don’t believe colourpop gets enough credit. Everyone hates on them, but they’re my FAVORITE out of any other brand. I find their palettes to be so pigmented, and their Lipsticks are out of this world! And you cannot beat their pricing for the quality. I can’t stop buying from them, I’m so worried they’ll finally get the recognition they truly deserve and their prices will raise. Lol

  10. FINALLY! An eyeshadow palette not made in China. Damn BC knows how to get me for another 3 months. Im excited.

  11. I am SO excited about this! I love Colourpop’s palettes. I’m really hoping I don’t get the My Little Pony one since I already have it, but I’d love any of the other ones.

    • if you get the MLP one and I get a different one, ill swap with you. I don’t have any of these palettes and I’m happy with whatever one I get! 🙂

  12. Even though I am a firm opponent of nudes/neutrals due to the overload of such colors in sub boxes and palettes around the world… I would be thrilled to receive any of these palettes. I was disappointed Sephora had only the palettes. I didn’t purchase any because I wasn’t going to spend money to have more unwanted nudes BUT if I acquire one from Boxy then I’ll give it a try. I’ve bought individual colors from CP directly and love them.

    Boxy is still my favorite subscription.

  13. Excited! I love Colourpop and have been really wanting to get some of their shadows but I always just want to buy them all and can’t narrow it down so I just end up not ordering. I’d prefer not to get the Golden State of Mind palette cause I’d rather not get a palette with all shimmers. I can’t really do a look on its own with that, and I like doing one palette looks. However, this would probably compliment a lot of palettes. I’d really like to get one of the last 3 but I’ll still probably be happy with any of them! I’d love to see them include some lashes or something in a box!

  14. I think I like the furthest 2 to the right. They are all gorgeous though! That MLP palette is so adorbs.

  15. Question: Does this sub usually have coupons?

    • Coupons for the sub itself? No, I’ve never seen any. The boxes will sometimes include coupons to included brands (off the top of my head, usually if there’s a Tarte product you’ll get a coupon for so much % off a Tarte purchase), but I don’t think it’s every month.

      • Thank you everyone for your responses. 🙂

    • No. They never have coupons or sales.

    • No, I’ve been subbed since June ’17 and have never seen a coupon offered with a subscription.

    • When I started my sub in 2016 they offered vintage blush or highlighter as a bonus, but no, never coupon.

    • Over the last year I haven’t seen any coupons

    • A couple years ago they had a Black Friday special but thats all I can think off.

  16. I don’t want to sound like a 13 yr old girl, BUT I AM GOING TO SOUND LIKE A 13 YR OLD GIRL…I TOTALLY WANT THE MY LITTLE PONY ONE!!

    • Lol! Me too girl it’s my birthday in April so it will be like 13 going on I want the My little pony. .we need color!!!

      • I def want the My Little Pony! Lol! I’m old enough that I played with the originals;)

        • Ha…I’m too old to have played with the originals.

      • Best comment ever 🙂

  17. I haven’t even received any of my 2 boxy subscriptions for this month and I’m already anxious for April. I already want to see another spoiler.👍👍👍👍

  18. I want the Pony one because it has ponies on it. So cute.

  19. Yay for colourpop!!! I cant wait… sooo pumped!!

  20. It sounds like the first one may be plentiful. I hope so, I’d love to swap for it!!!

  21. I’m super excited for April! I only own ColourPop singles so a palette is awesome! Yay Boxy!

  22. Hum… I have the MLP and it’s awesome. I was just looking up swatches of the others because none of them ‘seemed’ interesting. But the swatches look good! I think colourpop has a problem with not photographing well in the palette, because the colors look so much more interesting on the skin. I think I’s like to get element of surprise (because it’s the most colorful after MLP), but any of them would be fun!

    • I was thinking the same thing. I have the My Little Pony and Fem Rosa palettes, and I only bought them because of Youtube reviews. The pics on Colourpop’s website didn’t lure me in at all.

  23. I’m excited that I don’t have any of the palettes shown! I do own three of their palettes and they are awesome, great color payoff

  24. I’ve been wanting to try their pressed shadows! Hoping for the My Little Pony!

  25. This excites me!!!! You absolutely can’t beat spending $21.00 a month to receive this box. They never disappoint me . Even if I don’t enjoy every item sent it’s still well worth the cost.

  26. I pray it’s the You Had Me At Hello palette!!

  27. I would bet money that we are getting one of the first two palettes pictured. Those palettes got horrible reviews and I can imagine Colourpop would give boxycharm a good deal on a bulk order in order to include them in our boxes. This is how boxycharm makes money on this subscription. And since the first two palettes were originally Sephora exclusives I’m sure Colourpop made a massive amount thinking they would sell. That being said I would be ok with getting the precious gems pallet if they are sending us those but I wouldn’t go and purchase it in my own.

    • Did you see my comment? Colourpop was giving out Golden State of Mind as a free gift with purchase for a long time, then it was on Ulta’s website as a free gift too lol. Boxycharm probably got a million of those for free as long as they paid for like a hundred of the others. So i’m guessing there will be like 4 variations with Golden State palette, then one variation of each other

      • Ugh y’all. This Golden State of Mind palette is terrible. I bought it from sephora and have such regret. If they put this crap in the box it would infuriate me! I don’t know about the others tho :/

    • I agree bc recently colourpop is going from Sephora to Ulta. So I think they’ll want to get rid of any “collab” they had with Sephora. Personally I’d love one of the last 3 but I don’t own any of Colourpop eyeshadow palettes so I’m happy! April is my birthday mth & I love colourpop so I’m pretty damn excited! This will be my 4th box in April. For $21 you just can’t beat that. Even if you don’t like a product or 2 it’s usually worth the $21 & if you hate everything you can trade or sell. I love boxy so much!

  28. I just bought the MLP bundle. If I get doubles on it it’s cool. I figured I’d get the set since I have a 1 in 5 chance of getting it through boxy. Colourpop isn’t restocking it so if you don’t get it in the box and you really want it don’t sleep on it.

  29. I’m so thrilled about this!
    Colourpop is my obsession, eyeshadows and lippies. Shockingly, I don’t have any of those palettes. I have every other one they have, but none of these…YET! Almost ordered them, and I’m so glad I didn’t. Cannot wait to see which one I get next month!
    Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for this month’s box and it’s been sitting in TX for a WEEK now, not moving. I’m in NY. And FedEx only told me “oh yea that happens sometimes.” Uh thanks?
    Hopefully soon, and hopefully next month isn’t an issue like this month!

    • Lol mines stuck in wy. 1st time I’ve seen my box go to wy but it’s been stuck for 5 days now

      • Mine has been stuck in NJ since the 9th. Only today I got an update that it finally is in NY.

        • Mine FINALLY moved to Virginia. LOL
          Hoping by tomorrow to see it in NY and being transferred to USPS. Fingers crossed. Lol

      • So weird!
        After I complained to FedEx yesterday, suddenly last night it moved! It went from GA to TX…sat for 7 days, and last night went from TX to AL! Back to where it started from🤦🏻‍♀️
        But it finally moved to VA overnight. Fingers crossed I see it in NY by tomorrow!

  30. I only have the MLP palette and absolutely love it..I really wanted more Colourpop most of these palettes are on my wish list!

  31. Yay for ColourPop pallete! I don’t have any of those so whichever I get, I’ll be happy. Thanks Boxycharm!

  32. Fingers crossed for the My Little Pony pallette!!! I have never tried Colourpop so I’m super excited!

  33. I have, I’m almost positive, all but one of these already lol They had a pretty good sale a few months ago and these were super cheap! I’m not complaining though, this is one of my favorite subs!!! 🙂

    • I also have all of those except element of surprise. I picked up the holiday onrs when they went on sale! If I don’t get the one i dont already have I’ll just gift it to my sister.

  34. I have golden state of mind, my little pony, & element of surprise. All great palletes!! I hope I get something different but if I don’t oh well I’ll be happy with any

  35. Sweeeet!!! I don’t have any of those palettes in the pic, I only have the ‘Yes Please’ palette. So super excited for any of these 😃

  36. Yeeeesssssss!!! I don’t have any of them 😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 crossing fingers for the semi precious palette 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  37. I hope I get Golden State of Mind or Semi-Precious – least favorite is Hello.

  38. I already have # 3, 4 & 5. I’d love to have #1 or #2. But I’d STILL be happy with any of them. I love me some Colourpop. Eyeshadow palettes are easier to play with than a lip product in colors you don’t like or know you’d never use.
    I’ve been using alot of my palettes on my cheeks & as lip powder too. There’s always a use for an eyeshadow palette. This is one of my favorite boxes. I already got rid of 1 subscription box after 1 year of lip products that I ended up giving away.
    Can’t wait!!!!

  39. This is so great! I have bought many single Colourpop pans and of course super shock shadows, and I really really wanted to buy a full palette recently, I just couldn’t decide on which one. So this is absolute perfection for me!!!

  40. Lol I just found out I’m pregnant and was going to cancel some of my subscriptions till after the baby comes to save a little but I can’t with one of these pallets coming my way. Time to off some of my other subs though. I’ll be happy with any of these palettes

    • Congratulations!

    • Congratulations !!!!!

    • Just wait until you start buying mom and baby boxes they’re so addicting too. Ecocentric mom is great and some of the baby boxes are great too.

      • I’ll have to look into them! MSA has turned me into a sub addict lol, it’s horrible 😂 and baby sub boxes I am all in. Thank you all for the congrats!!!

    • Congrats!!!!!!!!!

  41. Yay! I’ve been wanting to try Colourpop shadows!

  42. Pass. Too many shimmery shades. I need mattes.

  43. I can never have enough eyeshadow palettes!! I’m hoping for the purple one on the far right!

  44. Bummer. I was hoping there wouldn’t be such variety on palettes. 🙁 I want them all. haha I think I’d be happy with any except the hello (burgundy box)

  45. The palettes wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t just eyeshadow. Lip gloss, lip liner sets, concealer/color correct palettes, brow powder with tweezers would all be good choices. I, for one, would love to see a skincare set: cleanser, toner, exfoliater, moisture/sunscreen. I subscribed to Boxycharm for my daughter…but even my teen makeup junkie got overloaded with eyeshadows.

    • I’m in TOTAL 💯 agreement with you Jennifer❣️I am 54 and 3/4’s lol and would be over joyed if there was an awesome skincare product in each box…..even in EVERY OTHER BOX….
      I need 1 of everything,as in 1 brow pencil/1 highlighter/1 blush,etc etc and if they each lasted until the rest of my days,I wouldn’t be surprised!
      I wish BC catered to ALL ages and I bet if they started putting a skincare product(no more cleansers please)even every now and then like they did years ago,their customer base would definitely grow❣️❣️❣️

      • It’s funny because I subscribe to boxycharm because there aren’t skincare products! 😛 I have a set skincare routine but am open to a lot of makeup and most other subscription boxes do makeup and skincare. That’s why I love boxycharm. Lol

        • I agree 💯 that’s why I subscribe also

        • I agree savi…i have other boxes for skin care, and then other boxes that are mixed, but mostly skin care…i am THRILLED boxy is makeup. It seems the only one out here that is.

        • Agreed. I have a giant bag full of skincare samples from ipsy that I haven’t gotten around to using because I’m worried it’ll mess up my skin that I finally got under control. I’ll use things like a scrub/mask, but moisturizers/ cleansers/etc just go into travel bags. I like getting mostly makeup from boxy, I pretty much always use it, and it’s easier to give away to friends if I won’t.

      • I am subscriber for BC for 1.5 years and they always position themselves as make up box. For skin care Beautyfix is an excellent box.

      • I subscribe to Beautyfix for my skin care ideas. Allure does a nice mix of skin and makeup. I live these brand lip pies but no idea of how their palette are. I’ll see soon!

        • The eyeshadow palettes are awesome. I have three of them but luckily not any listed.

      • Glossy box is a great way to get skincare. I think it is $21 also and they include mostly skincare and haircare with a little makeup. Also, birch box, even though they have sample sizes, usually gives you 4 skincare/haircare and 1 makeup product. Birch box also does a personalization survey. Ipsy does too.

    • I would like a bigger mix as well – to be fair this month we are getting the lip masks but I definitely love the months where 1 higher value item is skin care like when we got dr. jart!!! Would love to see some face or hair masks or cleansers for sure!

      I actually would really like if they mixed that in instead of more brushes because i’m definitely on overload – these are like the 3rd set of eyeshadow brushes in the last couple of months

      • Kim, this is not the right box to look for the mix of make up and skin care. It is make up subscription. They throw one item of skin care in mix, but their main focus is make up and doubt they will change that.

  46. Bwhahaha , I thought you were saying we would all get ALL the pallettes in one box!! I was like wowzers didn’t see that one coming jamey!!! Then I kept reading….hahha

    I am thrilled!!! April is my birthday month, so this is something good to look forward too!!

    • justmissjamey: Happy Birthday girlie girl! ~ Fingers crossed that you will enjoy all that you may need and want ~

      • bmcd3713,

        Thank you !!!! I appericate the early birthday wishes!!!

        I will be thrilled with ANY of these. I put off getting them on sephora and the one I was looking for was sold out..haha, but I’m happy with any of these. I only have 1 color pop shadow and really like it.

  47. YAY! Its another palette. – Ugh

    Does anyone know if boxycharm will be having palettes each month? I want to resub yet i dont want or need another palette.

    • I do believe I read here on MSA that Boxy Charm was going to have a palette each month but I think it was months ago and meant until the end of the year….boy I am a huge help…right,lol?
      Anyways….each one of us is literally sitting on a load of extra $$$ money for Spring Break,shoes,clothes,vacation,etc etc
      Put those eye shadow palettes on eBay sweetie and I bet they get scooped up real quick. Or trade here for other products…again….they’ll go very quick❣️

      • You read my mind lol!! List them on Ebay, Mercari, or Poshmark and they will definitely sell(especially if you offer free shipping) and you’ll almost recoup the cost of the BC box. I have every pallet shown already, but I cant complain. Being able to try so many different brands without bankrupting my bank acct. is great! I either gift or sell anything that i cant use. People will always buy makeup and skin care items. Got the golden State for free with purchase on CP site a few months ago and love it!! Yes, I admit it, I just got into makeup last year and between sub boxes, Christmas gifts and my love of shopping, I’ve quickly gotten product overload!! LOL, but I LOVE it!

    • i just posted the same thing! I signed up and had feb/mar and now april another palette! What?

  48. so excited! I’ve been wanting to try one but haven’t pulled the trigger.

  49. CP must be DESPERATE to unload that Golden State of Mind palette- it was free with purchase on CP’s website for a long time!

    • Golden State of mind is a great pallete! Tons of glitter & shimmer

  50. I have the MLP one already and I love it!

    • I have the MLP palette as well. I hope I get something different!

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